when ur really happy ur group won yet another award but u have to give the 597 speech and you think of all the award shows that are coming up and all the speeches you have to prepare and ur still a single mum of 8, not knowing if ur chinese sons are ok or watching this on their tvs or if your ex husband even cares and you wonder what u should cook for ur children that night and also wonder if you left the stove on and-

Monsta X as plumbers
  • Shownu: is the company's most trusted plumber, always able to carry all the heavy stuff. Blushes when he has to repair something in a female's bathroom because he feels like he's not even allowed in there.
  • Wonho: comes into your house wearing a low cut tank top that makes you think all the porn vids with plumbers make sense now. Winks at cute customers and ends up taking his shirt off while fixing the sink even if it's cold.
  • Kihyun: will actually make disgusted faces when he sees that there's stains on the sink or the toilet. Will also lecture you that he's not here to clean your shit and that you'll have to pay more if he has to repair a dirty sink.
  • Minhyuk: sits down at your kitchen table and asks for a coffee and cookies. Will start work after you've been talking to him for about 1 hour. Keeps talking to you. Runs after all your pets.
  • Hyungwon: looks cute and motivated at first glance. When you check up on him after 30 mins to ask how it's going, he's actually fallen asleep under the sink.
  • Jooheon: looks tough and intimidating at first but he just ends up talking to you the entire time while he's doing the repairs and he gets scared when a pipe suddenly starts leaking water. You have to comfort him.
  • I.M: arrives at your house in a leopard jacket instead of his working clothes. Performs PPAP. Leaves. Still sends you an expensive bill for fixing your heating system.