So you want some solitude? Hear that? No?  That’s the point. Camp on seven of the most secluded islands in the Lower Wisconsin Waterway!

The BLM manages about 500 islands in Wisconsin and northeastern Minnesota. This unique island habitat and wildlife provide endless opportunities for paddling, camping, nature photography and birdwatching, from the boat or shore. Find a quiet fishing spot on a smaller island; then camp overnight for a stunning sunrise over the water. The perfect off-the-grid adventure!

For this week’s #mypubliclandsroadtrip, check out our favorite paddling routes along those waterways. BLM Natural Resources Specialist Katherine Kassander describes the paddle route as “by far one of the most beautiful, secluded stretch of river I have paddled in Wisconsin.” The route is neighbored by Wyalusing State Park, which offers additional scenic trails and canoe/boat rentals.


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Today we had an adventure! We went out with Dave’s cousins and decided to hire a paddle boat, and cruise around to a place known at Coral Cove. Our journey started off fine enough until we started to get closer and the sea was getting rougher and the swell was getting bigger. we decided to turn around and head to a nearby beach, rather than risk trying to get to the cove by sea. However when we tried to turn around we realised that the steering wasn’t working and we couldn’t turn, so we kept heading towards the rocks. We kept trying to get away from the rocks, but with no steering and the strong swell we were going nowhere fast. We tried to call for help from some nearby boats and jet skis, and luckily a boat came to help us. They threw us a rope and managed to tow us away from the rocks. Whilst trying to tow us though, our paddle boat kept nose diving and we almost went under a few times! We eventually got far enough away from the rocks and headed back to the bay. It was quite an adventure, but we were all fine, sharing a celebratory drink and vowing never to step foot on a paddle boat again! Afterwards we drove up to the Coral Cove and viewed it from the top instead!

ASYMMETRIC LOVE NUMBER 2 by Addie Wagenkneckt is about duality of function. It is a reflection of our current digital infrastructure, as the knowledge and ability to monitor others is defining the hieratic of power. ASYMMETRIC LOVE NUMBER 2 was intended to mimic an iconic baroque chandelier. It attempts to be perceived as something familiar in memory by the audience so that the details of the CCTV cameras recording them is overlooked. In that regard the surveillance is not perceived as a direct threat, which becomes the biggest threat of all.

Addie Wagenknecht is an American artist and researcher living in New York City and Austria. Her work deals primarily with pop culture, feminist theory, new media and open source software and hardware.


YURI PATTISONchelyabinsk eBay extrusions <three>, 2013
.925 silver, 316L stainless steel, titanium, .STL files

When the Chelyabinsk meteor entered Russia in 2013, Yuri Pattison watched as meteorite fragments were instantly commodified on eBay. Fascinated by the market, the perceived spirituality or superstitious quality of the fragments, looming questions of authenticity, and how meticulously the fragments were photographed, Pattison saved hundreds of images onto his computer. He started to think about how he could materialize and heighten the question of supply and demand, seeing as how reports on the size of the meteorite varied greatly and the actual supply of fragments was unknown.

“The interesting thing about working digitally, especially with 3D printing,” he wrote, “is that the information that’s contained and conveyed through the work is of primary importance. The value isn’t necessarily based on whether the piece is a copy or an original.” Ultimately, Pattison reverse engineered the images back into physical form as 3D printed objects in silver, stainless steel, and titanium, returning the meteorite fragments, layered with new meaning, to the realm from which they emerged. (Text by Paddles ON! curator Lindsay Howard)

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