A gif of a swimming bat! Although there is little scientific data on the subject, observations by naturalists in the field seem to support the fact that some bats swim in stressful situations but that it is not normally part of their ordinary behavior patterns. 

For example, flying foxes, often island inhabitants, may have to fly long distances to obtain food. A forced landing or a foray over water to collect fruit which has dropped and floated there may necessitate an unexpected swim. Photographs of the flying fox, Pteropus giganteus, show the animal actually swimming, using its wings and feet to reach land rather than floating or paddling. (Source)

I went canoeing with my parents and sister last week and I couldn’t stop imagining Derek and Stiles in a canoe together, bickering about going the right way and just:

“Damn it, Derek, you’re not supposed to push that hard!”

“You weren’t complaing about me pushing hard last night.”  

“What- that’s not-" 

"Shut up and paddle, Stiles." 


"God, I am regretting my life choices right now." 

"You love me.”

“No, I don’t." 


"Oh my god, you look like a wet puppy!" 

"Stop the dog jokes, Stiles." 


And then Stiles overbalances and they fall into the water together and Derek’s glaring at Stiles, who’s just laughing and then he pushes Derek against the side and says, “Don’t be such a sourwolf.”

And then he kisses him.

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I’m just saying while country clubs are definitely a thing in LA—really all of Southern California—the Thing to be a member of are really beach clubs? Like I can name 4 prestigious beach clubs in LA but only 1 country club. They’re more of an east coast thing. And country clubs have tennis courts yes, but beach clubs have paddle tennis, which really is Huge Thing at them. Like there are tournaments and everything and it’s slightly different than tennis? Same rules but you have paddles instead of rackets and the court is smaller so it’s a different dynamic. Beach clubs also have r big pools. So I’m just saying why have a country club au when you could have a beach club au and a beach club au will have much more scenes involving water nudge nudge wink wink


Short rest day run in my new shoes. Same type as my old ones but a different, apparently unpopular, color. They were only $30! I bought them to celebrate day 125. 

Had some company on my swim today, a woman stopped by with a huge Irish Wolfhound type dog. She asked if I minded if they joined me, and then the dog got in and paddled around a bit. Always love making new puppy friends.

Run streak day 130, 232.87 miles


BLUE LAGOON by SwaloPhoto
Via Flickr: 

I paddled in there as a bairn. 

North Berwick, East Lothian. The azure tones in the sea and swimming pool created a magical ambience to anyone looking out towards the Bass Rock. Have not seen the sea this colour before. Over-exposed each frame by +1EV. No filters or photoshoppery other than auto stitching 3 overlapping frames.

Red magic swirls about her fingertips, tingling, leaving behind heat where it comes in contact with skin. She’s only done this twice before. Once as a small girl, she set her granny’s prized apple tree ablaze; she’d received a sharp paddling on her rear end for that, although the prospect of going years without her granny’s apple crisps was punishment enough for the little thing.

After she had flowered, a young man from her classes had loved her dearly, and had courted her for some time. She had warned him of the fire, but he had been brazen and foolish. He’d crept up behind her one day, and threw his arms around her, laughingly raucously. The startled girl had shrieked, and he no longer laughed around her.

She had languished for years, afraid of the warmth she would sometimes feel creep up her back like a snake, fearful to let herself feel, in case the fiery tongues whipped their way out of her again. At first, her family had looked at her with abject terror in their eyes, refusing to speak for fear of what she might do to them. Now, they barely gave her a passing glance on most days, quietly ignoring the stranger in their home.

When he first appeared to her, she had thought the isolation had driven her mad, that he was a phantom borne from her own mind to haunt her. But try as she might, she could not rationalize him into inexistence, and he was better company than anyone else, so she let him stay.

He called himself Rainer.

Rainer had talked with her about her self-enforced captivity, listening as she vented, cautious at first, but with slowly-growing passion. He had been a patient ear where there were none, and she could almost feel the walls around her heart crumbling and collapsing beneath their own weight. She began to think of Rainer as a brother, or as a guardian angel of sorts. And all this time, she was never exactly sure how he snuck into her room without her family seeing him.

One day, he touched on her ability. ‘You know that it’s not your fault.’ It certainly felt like it was her fault. If it wasn’t, than what was fair or just about her pariah status?

In answer, he had lifted a calloused hand in front of his dark face. As she watched, flames sprung up between his fingers, dancing and leaping, like carnival performers that lived within his skin. The fire never ventured outside of his control, and when he closed his palm, it vanished without a single trace.

Her eyes wide, she had begged him to show her how to control it. 'Are you sure, young one? The price is not cheap.’ Yes, oh yes sir, please. She was tired of living as an outcast, living so that others may fear her. 'You will remain an outcast. Your family will never accept you. But you will never hurt anyone that you do not wish harm upon ever again. And you will have me as your companion for all eternity.’

It wasn’t a very hard decision, in retrospect.

She stands outside, in the woods near what used to be her home. Rainer stands to her side, shrouded in shadows. In front of her is a pile of kindling. She can feel electricity in the air, the hair on her arms stand at attention. She glances at Rainer once, and he nods ever so slightly. 'Even the smallest spark can set the world ablaze.’

A second later, a campfire is smoldering in the dark. The air no longer threatens to combust around her. She sighs contentedly, and smiles gratefully at the Arsonist at her side. 'Very good, my beloved. Now let’s try for something a bit larger.’

ASYMMETRIC LOVE NUMBER 2 by Addie Wagenkneckt is about duality of function. It is a reflection of our current digital infrastructure, as the knowledge and ability to monitor others is defining the hieratic of power. ASYMMETRIC LOVE NUMBER 2 was intended to mimic an iconic baroque chandelier. It attempts to be perceived as something familiar in memory by the audience so that the details of the CCTV cameras recording them is overlooked. In that regard the surveillance is not perceived as a direct threat, which becomes the biggest threat of all.

Addie Wagenknecht is an American artist and researcher living in New York City and Austria. Her work deals primarily with pop culture, feminist theory, new media and open source software and hardware.