ben: sees a piece of cardboard
ben: [claps his hands gayly, in a gay voice] the spanking paddles of awakedness
me: why are you, this way

Alex Karev Imagine 41

Alex Karev Imagine 41
173 Words
Suggestions: Reader’s Death
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“(Y/n),” Alex muttered, holding your head in his lap.

“Uh-huh,” You whispered, feeling someone hold something against your stomach.

“You’re going to be fine, stay with me.”

“I’ll try,” You whispered.

You arrived at the hospital as you rushed into a trauma room. You were flatlining. You’ve survived a couple of scrapes and bruises, but having your intestines hanging out of your stomach was overdoing it. Some guy just had to slice your stomach to prove a point huh? Always some guy.

“She’s flatlining!”

They placed paddles on your chest.

“Charge to 150… CLEAR!”

The shock erupted throughout your entire body, but nothing. You didn’t move. It had been minutes before they called it. You didn’t move anymore. You lost too much blood, and you’ve been exposed for far too long. You were gone.

“Alex,” Meredith murmured.

He shook his head.

“No, no,” He whispered.

“Alex, she’s gone.”

Alex looked away, covering his eyes with one hand as he sat down. He started shaking.

“Damnit (Y/n)… I told you to stay,” He whimpered.

2006 aesthetic
  • skinny weeaboo girl who sits like L while eating anything
  • anything to do with death note
  • yaoi paddles
  • every pairing has a ‘every time we touch’ amv on youtube
  • cutting thumb holes in your hoodies
  • having a million stickers on your deviantart
  • roleplaying your favourite characters on neopets, but moving the racy rps to msn messenger
  • kingdom hearts everywhere
  • snapesnogger’s naga art dominating the deviantart most popular
  • harry potter ship wars
  • :3 nyoro~n
  • leekspin meme
  • the dance from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or Lucky Star
  • advice memes
  • the amazing atheist
  • lolcats
  • fml and mlia
  • _____ the abridged series
  • epic fail compilations
  • phoenix wright parodies
  • we’re going to candy mountain charrrlliieee~
  • still using
  • one hundred thousand sonic webcomics using sprites and gamer humour
  • have you seen amv hell 0?