In the span of 93 days, Chris Bertish crossed more than 4,050 nautical miles of Atlantic Ocean — and he conquered this lonely crossing standing up. When the South African surfer entered English Harbour on the island of Antigua on Thursday, he was riding the same massive stand-up paddleboard that bore him from Morocco’s Agadir Marina roughly three months ago.

Still, if Bertish’s equipment wasn’t much different from when he started, his place in the record books now certainly is: On Thursday, Bertish became the first person in history to make a solo trans-Atlantic journey on a stand-up paddleboard.

In An International First, Surfer Conquers The Atlantic Alone On A Paddleboard

Image: Courtesy of Brian Overfelt for The SUP Crossing


Good morning!

“I am very busy.”

Yep. I think this is why I bite my nails at night. It’s an unconscious thing, but usually happens when I’m spinning too many plates in my life. That’s ok! Life is for living and switching nail polish every three days is a great problem to have💗

In other news, it looks like I’m doing Toughest Mudder in March in L.A. That’s a five mile Tough Mudder loop that starts at midnight and ends at 8am. This incidentally qualifies you to run World’s Toughest Mudder… The best part is that I’ll be running on a team for the first time (With Anna and Channing, if you’re up-to-date on my girlfriends who run) and doing a snapchat takeover for Obstacle Racing Media if you want to check out a night race with me💃🏼

Happy Thursday.