paddle balls

Seven Hells

m/f (or m/m) couples game • ballbusting

You will need:

- 1 or 2 six-sided dice
- paddle or something similar (water bottle, back of hairbrush, etc)
- bondage rope (optional)
- timer (optional)


- agree to a safeword
- male partner is restrained to bed (optional), female partner in position of her choosing
- use 1 six-sided dice for regular play, 2 six-sided dice for intense play

How to play:

- The female partner rolls the dice each round for seven rounds. Every time the dice is rolled, an action is performed based on the result.

- If the male partner can survive all seven consecutive rounds without giving in or using his safeword, he is permitted to fuck her/cum. Failure to complete all seven rounds means only she is given pleasure.

Rounds and their actions:

Roll #1: Slap

Male partner receives a number of slaps to the balls equal to the dice roll.

Roll #2: Punch

Male partner receives a number of punches to the balls equal to the dice roll.

Roll #3: Squeeze

With thumb and forefinger on each testicle, male partner’s balls are squeezed for a duration equal to 10 seconds multiplied by the dice roll.
(for example, 1 = 10 seconds, 2 = 20 seconds, 3 = 30 seconds, etc.)

Roll #4: Respite

Male partner’s balls are massaged and dick sucked for a duration equal to 10 seconds multiplied by the dice roll.
(for example, 1 = 10 seconds, 2 = 20 seconds, 3 = 30 seconds, etc.)

Roll #5: Squeeze

Same as Roll #3.

Roll #6: Punch

Same as Roll #2.

Roll #7: Paddle

Male partner receives a number of paddles to the balls equal to the dice roll. If no paddle, use kicks or knees.

Have fun!

Relationships Part 1 Our!Ciel

There’s something I’ve been thinking about since the big reveal in Chapter 129 (warning Spoilers ahead). A lot of people have been speculating about the relationship between the two boys, and yet I’ve not seen a lot on exactly how their relationship to Lizzy differs and how that’s going to effect the story as a whole.  For the purpose of this piece, I’m going to refer to the Ciel we know as Ciel (or if I have to for clarification Our!Ciel) and the boy that appears to be the actual Ciel as The Twin, Twin  (or if I have to for clarification Real!Ciel). That being said let’s dive into this.

I want to bring up something quickly: I have to agree with @thedarkestcrow, @midnight-in-town in regard to the fact that several of the adults, outside of the Servants, know that Ciel is not the Twin, but rather the child that was kept in the house. This includes Takana, Aunt Frances, Uncle Alexis (So weird that he’s got the same name as the loon from Godchild, but anyway), and the late Aunt Ann. There is also the chance that Dee also knows it, since he was with Vincent a lot and probably knew the differences in the twins.


Let me start with the twin that we know best. We’ve learned throughout the story a bit about Ciel, though it’s limited to his memories, but they do show quite a bit about who he was before the events in the story take place. And it’s an interesting situation that I’ve noticed and have to wonder about.

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Season 13 Opening Scene

I know a lot of people are expecting a huge Destiel moment at the beginning of next season, but what if instead, after Sam goes back to Dean after seeing the nephlim, Dean is just sitting there with like a yo-yo or a paddle ball next to Cas.

Then Sam will be like, “Dean, what are you doing?”

And Dean will say plain and simple, “Waiting for Cas to come back.” Sam looks confused and Dean shakes his head explaining, “You’ve died and come back 6 times. I’ve done it 8 times. Cas has already done it twice. Trust me, he’ll be back.”

Then he just goes back to his paddle ball and waits for Cas

Y’all, I don’t think I’ll ever get this close to feeling like I’ve been training with amazons again

What They Do In Their Freetime

Mulligan: *sitting on a chair playing with paddle ball*

Lafayette: *fixes hair and puts little bows in it*

Hamilton: *writes down date ideas*

Laurens: *singing heavy metal in the shower*

[No one asked for this but I did it anyway]

pancakemix1985  asked:

I bought a fidget spinner for 7 bucks at 7-11. I don't have anxiety, I don't need it to relieve stress, I just like making it spin. Can confirm that they're neat. Dunno what's up with the hate. People acting like they never played with dumb shit as a kid.

We’re still the same humans that got into yo-yos. Or that whole paddle with ball-on-string thing. Or pogs.

I’d probably be a bit more into a fidget cube than a spinner, but I don’t know. I bought one of those crazy spinning wrist ball things a few years back and that thing was rad.

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Wouldn't it be funny (and fitting) if Atem's pactio item was some kind of children's game or toy? Then enemies are like aww lookit the prince with his kiddy toy-OHMYGOD I'M DYING. Like surprise motherfuckers I'm a total juggernaut with my adorable weapon of mass destruction. - very merry thoughts about pactios

They have to admit that they were expecting something a little more…sophisticated? But it does the work


Well, I just got back home from vacation last night and I already made another prop!(2 actually) Haha! One is the Electrified Paddle Ball from the trailer of the new Fallout 4 add on Nuka World. I used foam core poster board for the paddle, a ping pong ball, a vga cord braided insulation, some old scrap electronics, a nut, a clear light up shoe string, steel sealing wire, Christmas light wire and a MF cell I did a while back that came out like poopie. I also made a miniature Cappy from a bottle cap, mighty putty(for the hands and feet), thin craft foam(for his face), thick wire and a googly eye for his nose. I started on a third but, that will be finished tonight.

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Are Doc and his wife like honorary grandparents to Grace?

Hi anon! Thanks so much for writing to me! 

Yes, Doc and Dot are, essentially, Grace’s paternal grandparents (on the maternal side is, of course, Carlist Rieekan). They’ve become surrogate parents to Han before Grace is even thought of– as much as anyone can truly “parent” Han Solo, who has raised himself and will forever get a little prickly at sudden emotional movements– so they fit quite naturally into that role. They always wanted children themselves but it never happened; while they don’t make a habit of adopting people because of this, and they’re very happy together as their own unit, both Doc and Dot feel an organic early affection for Han that of course extends to Leia (who wouldn’t love Leia?!) and to their eventual daughter too. 

Dot is an accomplished knitter, a winner of fair blue ribbons, and over the years she knits for Grace incredible blankets, boots, hats, mittens, cardigans with ducks and bumblebees. These are not embarrassing creations– Dot has taste, masterful skill and keeps up with fashion. For Grace’s first grade picture, she chooses a soft yellow sweater set Dot knitted for her; Dot keeps that picture in a frame on her bureau. 

Well into her eighties Dot is still at it and knits Grace a mauve silk-yarn wrap dress that she sends to her via Han at Juilliard (Grace also has better leg-warmers than anyone in school, in endless colors, and fingerless gloves, too). Grace wears the dress when she and Poe and his arty friends go out dancing (teasingly she tells her Dad that she and Poe go out to church and only church and Han grins as they walk down the city street together eating vendor hot dogs, says that tonight they can take a break from worshippin’ to hit a real pool hall with her old man and kick some wallets in the ass. Wallets have asses? muses Poe.). The dress is airy and flares out when Grace moves on the dance floor, catches the lights, and  people try to buy it off her back. Grace smiles as she refuses, polite as her mother even in a grubby East Village club bathroom; Dot always sews in an embroidered tag with Grace’s initials on it, and a tiny heart. You can’t possibly sell things like that.

Doc spoils Grace terribly. When she is a toddler Han brings her along to meetings with his boss at Chewie’s diner while Leia is at work, and she sits in a booster seat next to her Daddy and daintily sips her tiny strawberry milkshake while Han and Doc plan shipping routes. Actually, as Han frowns happily down at his maps and works with one of his ruthless pencils, Doc passes Grace nickels for the miniature jukebox affixed to the wall of their booth–play me a little George Jones, Gracie–and then clutches his heart when, Grace punching buttons at random, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” boils out instead. Whose barn what barn my barn Han mutters absently, ruler between his teeth, as Doc lifts Grace out to the aisle of the diner, where she uncontrollably bounces around the tile floor to everyone’s laughter. 

Doc always has a little gift for Grace from his sales trips– a paddle-ball on a string, a red yo-yo embedded with sparkles (Han loves this gadget so much that he gets one too, and the long-fingered, co-ordinated pair get absurdly good with them, especially after Leia sends away for a pamphlet of tricks from the back of a box of Cheerios), Matchbox cars and trucks that she rolls across the floor and chases when she is learning to walk. When she is a newborn Doc buys a mobile of glinting aluminum planes that Grace hangs from a plant-hook in her first city apartment. Doc loves when Han brings Grace to the hangar, carries her around proudly to show her all the big planes. One day Han surfaces from a thorny engine problem to discover the pair have been sitting by the long window facing the runway for two hours, watching landings and take offs and sharing a vending machine bag of potato chips.

The only problem Han and Leia ever have with Dottie and Doc arises when Grace is a toddler; the older couple cannot believe that Grace can ever be anything other than a perfect angel, and rise to the child’s indignant– almost panicked– defense whenever she faces consequences for her own behavior. Once, at an Endor Park barbecue after far too much sugar, the nearly three-year-old Grace slaps her mother’s hand, hard. Doc and Dottie are almost in tears; they relax when Leia explains, calmly, that no one hits Grace, ever. No switching (Doc was switched as a child), no spanking, and Han as a result of his upbringing is outraged at the popular measure of depriving a child of supper for misbehavior. All Grace faces is being taken home and put to bed with a stern lecture. And Leia also points out how charmed Dottie and Doc are by Grace’s good manners, and that this is a direct result of consistent discipline, so to please support them. Leia, in her Leia way, manages to set limits so gracefully that it actually brings people closer. 

So, yeah. Hope all this answers your question, anon. Thanks a million for your interest!

bailey-skyway  asked:

GoM+Kagami+Kiyoshi+Sakurai playing the sport their s/o plays (not basketball lol😂)


As expected from the emperor he was better then you, you two were playing 1v1 in a match of football, he had scored 5 goals in the last 30 minutes while you only scored 1. Sighing, you wiped the sweat from your forehead. “You should keep up y/n-san. ..or should I help you with your own sport?” He smirked as he pulled you closer kissing you softly. You huffed pouting “don’t need it…” you mumbled.


“This is lame” He grumbled as he hit the ball back to you. “Are you sad because you’re losing?” You smirked at him , laughing. Hitting the tennis ball back. “Don’t get cocky! The only one that can beat me is me!!"He shot the ball back glaring at you and then smirked as he got another point,getting the two of you tied.


"Cmon tetsuya!!” You giggled as you ran, you two were practising your sport which was track and kuroko had fallen behind in the last 30 minutes. After an hour you two were panting heavily both drinking a whole water bottle. “Not bad!” You smiled at him.


He glared at the tiny ball as he hit it with the paddle. “Why is the ball so tiny?!” He complained “it’s ping pong Kagami…” you sighed hitting it back watching as it slipped out the table and roll on the floor. He huffed and got another ball hitting it hard and scored a point finally.


“Y/ncchiii golf is boring~ let’s play basketball now!” Kise hit the ball, stretching his arms “no! You said you wanted to play my sport” you huffed pouting “fine fine” He chuckled and watched you hit the ball.


You ran with the ball in hand and was prepared for a touchdown until kiyoshi gently pushed you down on the grass and laughed softly. “Kiyoshiiii let me score” you mumbled and he smiled getting up and helped you, letting you spam the ball on the ground


Midorima sighed “this is lame y/n!” The carrot grumpeld as he put his goggles on and waited for you to dive first. “Come on midorin!! Swimming is fun! ” You laughed and dived in the water happily swimming away while he followed after you enjoying the sight of you so happy


Atsushi sighed as he spiked your ball again “/nchinnn I’m really hungry now can we go?” He frowned at you from behind the net. “Not until. ..I get a proper point!” You huffed jumping up to hit the volleyball into murasakibara’s side which failed making you huff and give up


“I’m sorry y/n-san!"He panicked when he accidentally hit you with ball ” it’s fine Sakurai! Baseball is like that sometimes! That’s why we wear helmets! !“ You smiled cheerfully.


A moment on the Stan o’ War II, post-finale, where one of those better-left-buried memories of Stan's rears its ugly head. Luckily, Ford’s well-versed enough by now to handle it. Brotherly fluff with a touch of hurt/comfort because I can’t resist.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Ford paused in sketching out the ship’s course for the following day’s journey, fingers curling around his feather pen. He had a knack for drowning out background noise whenever he became intent on his writing, a habit picked up from working in rowdy New Jersey classrooms and then even rowdier community colleges.

Certainly, if he could study for his doctorate during the week leading to spring break, he could ignore his brother’s attempts at breaking his admittedly impressive paddle ball record.

After another ten minutes of continuous tapping, however, Stanford began to suspect that he’d overestimated his abilities.

He groaned. “Stanley, would you please stop that incessant racket?”

“What?” said Stan innocently. “I’m entertaining myself. No harm, no foul.”

Staking his head, Ford asked tartly, “Where did you even get that toy?”

“Found it,” Stan replied, shrugging.

Which basically translated to, “You stole it.”

His brother smirked, utterly unabashed. Ford snorted.

“Better not bring the Coast Guard down on our heads again, knucklehead.” Or as his brother so fondly called them, the Ocean Police.

“For what, aggravated paddle ball theft?”

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Paddles and Handcuffs

Anon: Hi admin… hehe urm…. can you do a bondage scenario of jimin x oc………? thank you… //blushes and runs away to hide//

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Jimin (BTS)/ OC

Word Count: 1,318

Summary: Jimin has a kink and Kat is nervous to try it with him. Don’t worry, she’s in good hands. 

“Are you sure you’re okay with doing this?” Jimin ask quietly, gentlyplacing his hand on my shoulder. I stared down at the box of things in my lab. Blindfolds, handcuffs, a fur covered paddle, a ball gag and a couple other toys that I didn’t recognize. “I know this is your first time doing something like this, and I won’t force you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. I bit my lip before nodding.

“Yes. As long as we stick to what you and I agreed on, I think I’ll be fine.” I smiled up at him. “I trust you.” Jimin smiled at me, eyes full of excitement before kissing me on the cheek.

“Thank you babe. I promise, I’ll take good care of you. And we’ll only do what we agreed on. Remember what your safe word is?” I nodded.

“Cantaloupe.” He smiled at me, kissing me on the lips this time.

“Good. Let’s get started.”

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