paddle art

Please look at my good birb boy who’s replacing my other dnd character, his name is Miki and he’s a bird bard ( aarakocra bard ) who keeps junk in his hat and mainly uses intimidation and deception to get what he wants~ He also dislikes violence, but will use cloud of daggers if anyone threatens him or his friends, and then promptly blame the daggers for the murder

You might have seen this from the 2016 Sterek Valentine’s exchange, but this was mine for Lorna. Happy Valentines Day! 

P.S. Stiles’ butt was actually glowing a bit when I did the original colouring because of the yellow highlights, and I had to go back and reshade it. My mom may or may not have walked in when I was asking my sister if his butt was glowing.

In a world where the fire never happened, Derek is the Alpha of a small pack of teenagers. Being a subsidiary of the original Hale pack means he doesn’t need an emissary, but he might want one. Enter Stiles, a powerful mage who has just moved to Beacon Hills, whose number one hobby is sassing Derek.

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Wouldn't it be funny (and fitting) if Atem's pactio item was some kind of children's game or toy? Then enemies are like aww lookit the prince with his kiddy toy-OHMYGOD I'M DYING. Like surprise motherfuckers I'm a total juggernaut with my adorable weapon of mass destruction. - very merry thoughts about pactios

They have to admit that they were expecting something a little more…sophisticated? But it does the work