• <p><b><p></b> <b>Guy on tinder:</b> so what you up to tonight?<p/><b>The truth:</b> going to eat an entire artichoke and watch a film about Paddington Bear<p/><b>What I say:</b> not much haha, might see some friends<p/></p><p/></p>

What I wouldn’t give for Liam and Zayn doing a duet of Singin’ in the rain’ by the way.  Just inspired by his twitter bio.  

Incidentally the words in that song ‘what a glorious feeling I’m happy again’ have made me happy.

The video concept.  WET. ZIAM.  Liam jumping off lamp-posts cos well he has form.

And wet zayn

And wet Liam

And smart clothes and a brolly

And the dancing, the sweet dancing

Bring it lads.  It may even knock Paddington Bear’s version of it off my favourite renditions of the song.

(gifs and pics not mine, overwrought imagination all mine)


Some time during Hedwig tonight, on the other side of the planet, my darling dog Paddington was euthanised. He was almost 19 and he’d been with me for most of my life. He was given to me by a favorite aunt and together we trained him and taught him all the best games. But he was also, certainly, the family dog to my parents and sisters. And he was the best. Laid-back but playful and healthy all the way up until the end. Other than that time he fell out of the tree and got the very in-vogue complete knee reconstruction. He slowed down but never stopped eating or bossing his multiple baby brothers and sisters around. He is unquestionably the thing I have missed most about moving to New York. And now he won’t be there when I get home.

So I will just keep missing him and wishing he was here to be my unwaveringly loyal friend, to curl up with at night, and to always make me feel like I’m at home.