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2 Very Easy DIY Binders

1: The classic tights/leggings binder

2: Deconstructed sports bra

You may have seen people recommending layering up sports bras to bind your chest, however this gets lumpy, heavy and very uncomfortable after a while. Here is how to make the more user-friendly alternative.

1: Get yourself a padded sports bra. These usually cost around £5 from a supermarket. 

They look something like this:

2: Turn it inside out

3: On the inside of the ‘cup’, cut a small hole in the places marked red. The holes do not need to be any bigger than the top of your thumb.

4: Inside each cup is a triangle of padding which looks like this

Very carefully remove the padding through the holes you have made

This step is easier than it looks - I promise

5: you can sew up the holes afterwards if you want to, but it’s not necessary

6: Wear your binder back-to-front for the best results!

BTS Reaction to you not wearing a bra to sleep


Jin would be pretty flustered, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it. He would go to put his arm around you and feel a little squish. He would blush, ears turning bright red, but he’d be smirking none the less. “Hm…? What’s this, jagi? No bra?”

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Yoongi would know it’s normal for most girls to not wear bras to bed. On the night that you didn’t, he would love it though. He’d notice that your usual bra was on the floor and knew that only meant one thing. Yoongi laid down beside you, and gently put his hand up your shirt, cupping your breast. “What? My hands are cold. They’re warm.”

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Hoseok wouldn’t hold back with saying how much he liked it. He liked that you let them breath and let them be for a while. Hobi loved that you took care of them. Not to mention the fact he loved that they were easier for him to squish. He’d just plop down in bed then give you a sly smirk. “Soooooo~~ Why aren’t you wearing a bra, baby~?” He’d say, slowly moving to grab one.

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To him, that would be nothing but a tease. He’d notice right away you didn’t have a bra on. Namjoon would lick his lips and get a grin on his face. “No bra tonight? Do you like to tease me?” He’d growl, rolling you over in the bed so he could look down on you.

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He would enjoy it to say the least. He’d roll over and accidentally brush against your breast. Once he felt the squish, he would blush a bit. He was pretty used to the firmness of the padding in your bras so this was a real treat for him. “You should sleep like this more often, baby. I like it.” He’d mumble, licking his lips, never moving his hand away from your chest.

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Tae wouldn’t make a big deal about it. He’d enjoy it, but knew it was a pretty normal thing. He’d “accidentally” touch them and poke them with a bit of a smirk. He’d then pull you into his chest, your breasts squished up against him. “That’s better!” Tae would smile, trying to be innocent.

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This baby bun would be so embarrassed but would really love it. He’d pull you close to him to feel an abnormal squish against his body. “A-are you not wearing a bra?” Jungkook would ask shyly. Once you said yes, his face would turn a bit red but he’d give a tiny grin. “Mmmm…. okay…”

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instant gratification 2.5 (m)

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➾ 10.6k 

➾warnings: smut, pregnancy mention (as applies to IG2)

➾jk’s POV of IG2 as heavily requested!

instant gratification 01 | 02

This party sucks. 

His phone screen is dark and it mocks him even as he pastes on a smile for the girl currently cuddling into his side. What was her name again? Ye Eun? Eunha? 

Fuck if he knows.

All he knows is that you’re not replying to his texts, and he needs to get drunk asap before he does something stupid like call you. The girl he currently has his arm around beckons to her friend from a distance away, and Jeongguk tries his best to keep his eyes off her tits in her low cut tube dress as she approaches with a giggle.

“Jeongguk, right?” Girl number 2 sidles up to his unoccupied side and he immediately feels her breasts against his arm. They’re firm to the touch, which either means that they’re entirely fake, or that there’s enough padding in her bra for it to be a bulletproof vest.

Either way, yours feel a million times better.

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you can find fashion advice on how to make things more visually manageable and more comfortable, but for bigger guys some of those tips don’t apply and some issues will come up anyway. here’s some stuff I could’ve stood to know last year.

  • if you feel the need to layer or wear something thick, sleeveless hoodies exist. they can save you a bit of heat.
  • take off layers when you can. wash carefully in the folds of your skin, dab moisture away occasionally during the day, and wash your binders OFTEN.
  • fungal infections: for bigger guys, these can happen between and under breasts. if you notice a vinegary smell when you unbind, that’s what that is. afaik there’s no massive health risk from this kind of thing on your skin, but still try to keep those areas dry and clean.
  • you might get some pimples on your chest, which is fine.
  • you might also get sebaceous cysts. LEAVE THEM ALONE. do not try to pop them yourself, it increases risk of infection. they’ll probably go away on their own; if one becomes inflamed, see a doctor.
  • in the heat, your binder will stick to your skin more and the shoulder straps will dig into your skin. don’t wait until you’re bleeding - if it feels raw at all, pad your straps. you can get bra strap pads online, or just make your own with whatever you have handy.
  • lastly: drink a lot of water. you’re wearing layers, and binders are skintight. you will sweat more.

I know everything is gross + miserable but hang in there and take care of yourself.

The Bet (Grayson)


You rubbed the sleep from your eyes as you trudged along the cool tile of the Dolan household kitchen. You opened up the fridge and grabbed the carton of orange juice, careful not to make too much noise. You hadn’t got much sleep the night prior and Grayson was the only one to blame. He had woken you up in the middle of the night, hornier than ever, and you had no choice but to give in knowing that he would keep bugging you until you caved. You ended up fucking for hours with so many orgasms you could hardly breathe afterwards.

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silver-feather  asked:

Since you posted the Samus photo I have a question that I've kind of been too awkward to ask until now :P With costumes that are so form-fitting like Samus, Mara Jade, and Asuka, what do you wear underneath so that lines don't show through?

This is a GREAT question because I wish someone would have told me what to wear under my bodysuits years ago. 

Shapewear is a wonderful tool and I recommend it to people of all sizes. Not only does this prevent panty lines from showing, it smooths out all your shapes and keeps potential food babies in check. The “wear your own bra” style is extra great and versatile. Body suits tend to compress your chest, so lots of cosplayers (including me) choose to wear padded push-up bras with them to balance the figure and create a more flattering silhouette.

The shapewear acts like a lining that can be washed frequently, so that the whole bodysuit doesn’t have to be. Unless you’re sweating A LOT or something, the bodysuit stays relatively clean.

Here’s the brand/style I actually use:

On a related note, here is a very important bodysuit undergarment PSA that can’t be shared enough: If you have a penis and you’re wearing a bodysuit, PLEASE wear a dance belt for the love of god. No one wants to see the sad outline of your flaccid wiener. A dance belt is designed to keep your dick under wraps. Google it if you need to.

Good luck with your bodysuit adventures.

I started thinking about the beauty procedures and products that had seemed normal to me growing up - padded bras, control tights, anti-wrinkle this and that, fake tan, make-up, shaving. Every time my friends and I bought these products we received a free gift at no extra cost: insecurity. We learned that without fake tan our skin was the wrong colour, without padding our breasts were the wrong size, without shaving our legs were unfeminine and without control tights our tummies were too big. We learned, in short, that our bodies needed fixing. 

- Emer O’Toole, Girls Will Be Girls

The Signs as Things I’ve Said at Parties

Aries: Attention please! The life of the party needs attention!

Taurus: I mean the thing with this dress is it makes my ass look great but my boobs look so-so so like I only wear it at parties where all guests have seen me in a v neck.

Gemini: Honestly though I’m not that drunk I’m just letting everyone think I am so I can get away with normally unacceptable behaviors.

Cancer: I know it looks like I’m crying because of dogs but I’m actually crying because you’re a bitch.

Leo: We’ve all considered committing insurance fraud okay? Like we’ve ALL been there.

Virgo: Is everyone here registered to vote? I brought some registration forms but I think you have to be sober to sign contracts.

Libra: You know what they say- once a virgin, always a virgin.

Scorpio: There’s so much effing padding in my bra right now someone could stab me in the tit and I wouldn’t feel it.

Sagittarius: Robbing banks isn’t even that hard like listen to a podcast.

Capricorn: Our movie choices are Clueless or this documentary I found about a lesbian country singer.

Aquarius: If I was a duck I’d be king duck.

Pisces: I feel like I’m always doing an imitation of myself like I’m such a cliche person.

A sort-of sequel to this

“That character can’t be trans, because ____”

“They have a higher/lower pitched voice!”
Voice pitch doesn’t indicate gender. Some boys/men have higher pitched voices and some women have lower pitched voices, whether or not they’re trans. Trans people, usually adults, can also go through vocal training to make their voices higher/lower. Another thing to consider is that for younger characters, all voices are pretty high pitched. Young boys can often sing soprano in choirs and there’s a reason young cartoon boys are often voiced by teenage girls.

“We’ve seen them shirtless/in a bra!”
Shirtless trans boys: If they are younger, puberty might not have kicked in yet, so they have a flat chest. For older boys who would have gone through/are going through puberty, they could just have small breasts, took/are taking puberty blockers, or are taking T. Any boy who is 18+ may have gotten top surgery.
Trans girls with bras: This mostly applies to teenage/adult characters. They could be wearing a water bra/stuffed a bra/bra with padding. Again, they could also be taking hormones or have had top surgery done.

“They’re too young/too old to be trans!”
You are never the wrong age to realize you’re trans. Young kids can know as soon as they are developed enough to actually think/process things. For older people, they might have not realized what they were feeling was something significant/not just a random thought or that it is okay to be trans until recently. It could also be that they transitioned some time before, maybe when they were young, maybe not. This is a really weak argument.

“The creator said they weren’t trans!”
It really doesn’t matter. If the creator of a show says they’re not trans then they aren’t trans in canon, but that won’t stop us from imagining these characters as trans. Part of being in a fandom is recreating the characters and showing them to others in a new light, that might not be canon, but honestly who cares? A lot of artists and writers can show our favorite characters as trans in a good/cool way while not making that the whole idea of the work. As long as the original traits of the character aren’t lost, it’s fantastic. Getting upset for this reason is like getting upset because someone colored a person’s hair the wrong shade of brown.

“I don’t want my favorite characters to be trans!”
Congrats, you’re transphobic. 
I’d also like to point out that just because you don’t really agree with/can’t see a character being trans doesn’t really make you transphobic. In fact, I even have trouble seeing some characters as trans. But if it makes you cry cis tears/makes you mad to see trans people have fun/don’t like the idea of rubbing our little trans hands all over it, you are transphobic.

Any other bullshit reason
I don’t give a shit, any character can be trans and we don’t need reasoning to think that.

Also take into consideration characters who haven’t realized their trans/haven’t come out yet and don’t present as their actual gender 

Just Friends (Part 1)

AN: Best friends, you and Tae were once inseparable. Tae’s fame made it difficult for you guys to always see eachother, but now you’re interning at BigHit and Tae can’t see you as his little punk anymore.

- 3,000 words. 

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“Y/N where’s my shirt?!” Tae screamed like a kid, pouting his full lips at you.

You were thus interrupted from working out his schedule and being comfortable sat on the couch with a mug of tea.

“Just because I work for you now asshole doesn’t mean you can boss me around like that!’ You yell back at his face, annoyed your best friend enjoys making fun of your new status.

Tae, being Tae, couldn’t control his annoyed expression. He burst out laughing.

He plummeted himself down on the couch next to you.

“Aish, it’s so easy to ruffle your feathers now Y/N. What happened?” He grinned at you.

“You only see my once every year, I grew up. I’m 20 now, Tae.” You said, offended Tae thought you had drastically changed. You spoke with him once a week before starting to work for BigHit, but those were one hour conversations at most where Tae couldn’t really pick up on you growing up.

You were 15 when Tae and you last saw each other everyday before he moved to Seoul to start life as a trainee. It surprised you how you had managed to stay in contact, but the contact was on the phone or webcam, with yearly visits for a week or two.

“Awwwwwh, my Y/N grew up. Do you remember when you use to pad your bra?” Tae said, cracking up again. Okay, it was true. You had a phase where you wanted to copy the ‘sexy’ girl of the class and also develop boobs. The problem was you were 12 and flat as a pancake.

“Hey!” You slapped his arm playfully, unable to stop a smile coming out of you.

“Everyone was doing it, don’t act like you didn’t notice. They looked good too..” You tried to defend yourself, but you knew you were in the wrong.

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Insecurity (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Hello lovebugs! I really want to ride the wave of writing inspiration, so here’s another fill! Anon wanted “Reader and Reid do it for the first time but the reader has a small chest and it’s her first time so she is really nervous” and I hope this delivers! Unbeta’d! JSYK It does deal with some self-image issues and mentions of bullying. Fluffy smut warning!

Spencer Reid: I’m finishing up the paperwork, I should be over within the hour and then we can get dinner. I can’t wait to see you.

You sighed at the sweet message, both in infatuation and worry. This was your six month anniversary and your relationship was in that weird limbo where you should have taken it to a more physical level already, but you would always claim you weren’t ready. Spencer knew you were a virgin and even though he wasn’t, he would never even fathom pressuring you, but you felt the pressure yourself. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have sex with Spencer, if you were honest with yourself you thought about at least twelve times a day - but who’s counting?

You trusted Spencer with all your heart and you’ve never been in love like this before. You were just scared. Scared to bare your body to anyone besides yourself. Scared to make that big leap. Despite knowing better, you couldn’t help but feel the weight of your virginity and the power society puts on it.

You fixed your hair in the mirror and took off the bathrobe, you grabbed your best push-up bra and hooked it on. It was your go-to date night bra, your chest was the feature you were most insecure about. You never felt like a woman, in the mirror you saw your breasts as barely there at all. Back in high school, the locker room was a nightmare mean girls would tell you the boy’s locker room was on the other side of the gym and throw tissues at you so you could stuff. Back then you listened to your mom when she said some ladies are late bloomers, and at 26 you now knew this was the body you were dealt with. It didn’t mean you had to be 100% happy with it. You adjusted your breasts as best you could so they’d sit on top of the padding, creating the illusion that they were fuller.

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Tumblr prompt ( jimin * OC)

can I have a jimin angst(and maybe smut) where oc and him are in an arranged marriage but they were childhood bestfriends so oc thought their marriage won’t go so bad but jimin became a cold reserved guy who doesn’t like oc? + plus happy endings cuz your angsts break me everytime 😭

Part 1/?

AU : Mafia Au [ because I miss writing Mafia AU.]

Warning : implied bullying, violence, some political bullshit, implied blackmail .


“Your husband loves you. it’s obvious in the way he stares at you. “ the woman was tall, svelte and dressed in rich browns and reds. i stared at her briefly, watched the way her eyes lingered on the breadth of jimin’s shoulders, the crisp cut of his clacks, the lean trim of his wiast in those perfectly tailored pants and the curve of his smile as he laughed with his friends. 

The club was almost empty , except for Jimin, Jung kook and Yoongi standing near the bar . The woman’s husband, a Lee Kung Min, was sitting on a huge couch in one of the raised platforms, two pretty little things on either side of him. his wife seemed completely unaffected by the way the girls were gyrating on his lap , too busy ogling my husband. 

“Yes.” I said softly, staring at the man who held so many bits of me that I’d given up on trying to get them back. He looked breathtaking in the dim lighting of the club, his hair styled and his fingers tapping restlessly on the lapel of his jacket. 

i felt the familiar fear and panic bubble and had to struggle to tamp it down.

 i knew what he was feeling underneath the expensive fabric of his jacket. the leather holster with his trustee gun : A 9 mm Glock with a sleek granite body that looked gorgeous in his hands. compact and deadly : just like jimin himself. 

“So, it’s odd, the two of you. the daughter of a Minister and a low level CEO…. how does that happen…”

how indeed? how did that little girl who loved colors and art turn into a pawn lost inside  the most violent criminal enterprise in the country. how did a girl who hated the very sight of blood marry a cold blooded killer? 

 “Tell me. How did it begin?” She repeated insistently and i gave her a little smile.

How did it begin? 


It began with the letters .

I was seven years old when I  received the first one. it was written on a scrap of paper, tied to a smooth pebble, like the kind you could find at the bottom of a lake and the string was strong and ruby red. i remember playing in the yard of my father’s huge bungalow, using a metal fork to dig up a bit of mud in an attempt to build a moat for the imaginary castle where my princess would be.

i’d just finished pouring a bit of water into the pit  when the pebble came sailing over the high cement fencing, landing with a thud on my moat. Looking back, i was lucky it hadn’t just hit me in the head. i pulled open the string tie and found myself staring at the tied up string and with all the innocence of a seven year old, i opened the letter and found myself staring at an almost illegible scarwl.

i lyke yu ~ park jimin.

meet me outsyde the gayt

And as i naively went outside to meet my mystery suitor, my life changed forever.’

And that’s when i first met him, a twelve year old kid with a swollen eye, messy hair and a smile that made his eyes disappear. He gave me a grin and held his hand out. 

“Hi, i’m jimin.” He said firmly and I grinned back. 

jimin had been the epitome of quiet and friendly and cuddly and adorable and he had this way of looking at me like i was the most important thing on the planet. He was also incredibly sweet and it was obvious that he just enjoyed having someone to play with, even though he was five years older than me. 

“how’d you find me?” i said curiously, that first day, when he took me to a secret clearing in the woods, showed me how to catch tadpoles from the small brooke. 

“all the kids said that you’re a princess. that your father keeps you captive in the tower of your house. “ 

i smiled a little.

“Daddy says, if i go out, people will try to steal me away…”

Jimin hummed. 

“i won’t steal you. i just want to be your friend.” He grinned. 

“Okay. “ i said easily, not even questioning the why of it. 

For the next five years, I met Jimin everyday outside the huge wrought iron gates of my home and we would explore the woods around our property, digging through dirt, going on faux treasure hurts and catching tadpoles in the small ponds littered across the woods.

Right up to the day he moved away, when i was twelve and he was seventeen but he had promised to stay in touch. 

And i fully believed him. 


freak. short. ugly. pushover. doormat. look at her with those slouched shoulders. ugh, she disgusts me honestly…just because her father has a bit of money…. she thinks she’s better than us but she’s actually the worst.

the words felt like little shards of glass, tearing through my skin and embedding themselves inside my soul. i hated school. i hated life. sometimes i just wanted to lie down, shut my eyes and never wake up.

why did these people hate me so much? i wondered miserably. the words were repetitive and monotonous, yet somehow managed to retain their power, not fading into the background the way they ought to, instead just scribing themselves ont he insides of my brain,

. i was a pushover. i was spineless.

I wasn’t a fighter. i certainly wasn’t good at confrontation either. Everytime i got into trouble with someone i quickly got away from that place to avoid an argument. it was instinctive at this point, the need to stay away from any kind of conflict.

And if it weren’t for the fact that i had my own future planned out, i wouldn’t be even alive at this point. i glanced at the clock, remembering how excited i used to be about 5.00 PM , when i’d been a  seven year old. 

i was still excited. albeit for different reasons. jimin had kept his promise . although we hadn’t met or talked to each other he had written letters. Just silly everyday things that helped me get through life, simple because they told me that even if no one else did, he cared about me. 

But I would get it back, i thought defiantly, staring at the huge bulk of envelopes, hidden deep inside my closet : a collection of his letters to me written over the period of ten years. Right from when he’d first moved back home to Busan when he was seventeen and i was twelve, to last month, when he had sent me the sweetest proposal ever.

The letter had come with a package : a small velvet box with a startlingly blue sapphire ring.

My engagement ring.

i was engaged to Park jimin. it wasn’t really and earth shattering surprise, i thought with a giggle. Even as a seven year old, i’d known that i would spend the rest of my life with Jimin. 

Sweet, kind and beautiful jimin. 

And if everything went right, by next month, i’d be free from the living hell that was my college. i could continue doing art, which was what I wanted to do anyway. that and be the best possible wife park jimin would ever have ( not that he would have any other) and repay him for the years of companionship.

But it seemed a pity that all this love i’d carried for him, all these years, would be forever lost between folds of paper. I sighed. it wasn’t the time to moan lost time. I was going to marry him. i would have him for the rest of our lives . that was what was important.

“Y/N!!” My mother’s voice made me jump a little. i grinned and grabbed the shawl from the closet, draping it over my bare shoulders and fluffing my blonde hair just once. I’d put my make up on earlier and I shifted a bit from one foot to the other, excitement coursing through me.

He was famous now. Handsome, successful and rich. Would he think i looked really different? I supposed so. the last time he’d seen me, I’d been a petite, awkward twelve year old. i was still awkward, although the years had added a little bit of flesh to my spindly frame. i wasn’t curvy but i was borderline feminine, if i put on one of those padded bras.

Humming, i stared at the small framed photo of him, that stood on my nightstand.

“well, I’m finally going to meet you. After so many years. in person. Don’t kiss me in front of everyone , okay? Wait till we’re alone..” i whispered softly, pressing a soft kiss to the picture, before walking out of the door.


“Wow…you’re.. you look different. ” i laughed nervously, staring at the stranger in front of me.

 Gone was the slightly chubby, slanty eyed boy of my childhood. Park Jimin looked nothing like the boy of my memories, his face angular and handsome, jawline so sharp it looked like it could cut and lips plump and soft : unsmiling .

i remembered how easily he used to smile, years ago and this gruff, serious version of him was oddly disturbing.

“Your father told me you’re changing colleges, after marriage?” He said briskly and i blinked.

“oh.. yeah. I thought it would be hard if i went to college here in Seoul when you’re in Busan and …”

“there are colleges in busan.” He said blankly, staring at me with a frown. i swallowed, surprised by the tone.

“of course, i mean.. yes, but i was hoping that …”

“You’re an art major, right?”

i nodded.

“you can get your credits transferred to one of the universities in Busan. pick one and let me know.”

there was something careless and intimidating about the way he said , pick one : like he was offering me the choice of candy in a shop as opposed to a seat in a prestigious college and i wondered , what it was that he did. But there were other more pressing things at hand. 

i stared at him, torn .

i didn’t want to go to college, for a number of reasons. I’d been studying art on my own, had even done commissions for a lot of people. i really wanted to study it formally but without having to mingle with people. And i was bad at the whole trophy wife thing : bad at making friends , bad at standing up for myself , just bad at socializing in general. 

But the park jimin in front of me looked like he didn’t really care what i wanted. i stared at him, searching for the boy i remembered but there was no warmth, no affection , not even the casual friendliness one might offer a complete starnger.

He was hostile and i had been surrounded by hostile people so often and so much that i recoiled instinctively, confused and hurt but too scared to voice out my thoughts.

he’s been a busy guy. just because you spent the last decade thinking about him everyday, doesn’t mean he did too… he’s probably really shy… just let him start this in his own pace….

i swallowed and managed a smile.

“i really loved the ring.” i said softly, holding my hand up to show him the sapphire stone.

He stared at it for a second and then gave me a small smile.

“i’ll let my secretary know. i’m pretty sure she’s the one who picked it out for you.”

It was a struggle, keeping the smile in place , but i managed.

“will you.. will you be here to plan the wedding? i was hoping we could visit the venue together and -”

“It’s already done.” He said casually, finally looking at me, his gaze lingering on the edge of my neck. I raised my fingers up instinctively but his hand shot out , gripping my wrist so hard that i flinched. 

“what is that?” He said , the first hint of emotion in his tone and i blinked foolishly, not sure what he was referring to. 

“What -?”

And without warning he reached out, forefinger pressing against the curve of my neck and digging in , the sting of the touch making me wince. 

“This mark… it looks like a bruise, how the fuck did you get it?” He said softly and the words were saccharine, almost cloyingly sweet but there was something in the  tone  that made me pause and I went perfectly still, not sure what to say. 

“it’s…” i thought about the senior who had yanked on my bag when i’d walked past him in the cafeteria. The strap on my shoulder had rubbed against my neck, hard enough to leave a small abrasion that had bloomed into a bruise. 

“Nothing.” i said finally, staring at him in worry . 

He stared at me for a second and then hummed. 

“I hope you have a good enough reason to lie, because after we’ve married if i find out you’ve been sleeping around behind my back, i’m going to be pretty mad….” he said casually.

the syllables strung together into words , reached my brain rather sluggishly and it took me a few seconds to fully comprehend that he sounded annoyed. 

 sleeping around…he thought the bruise was a hickey? 

“i’m not.. i never…” i stopped, not sure what i was trying to say. not sure why i sounded so defensive  when i really had nothing to be defensive about. We hadn’t seen each other in ten years and honestly, the letters were hardly a symbol of any commitment. Technically he had no claim on me till after we married and so the look on his face and the words on his tongue were both out of place and unfair. 

But i was an idiot and i didn’t even put up a fight. just nodding mutely. 

But then his next words made my entire being freeze. 

“I’m not saying you have to be faithful to me. it’s not about that. I have a public life. it’s important that you stay discreet because because i can’t have scandals popping up so close to our marriage. They’re going to carefully examine your social life, and if there’s anything indecent that you would rather hide, better let me know now, before it affects both of us. “ 

i stared at him. 

“Are you trying to tell me that you don’t intend to stay faithful to our marriage?” i said in disbelief. He gave me a blank stare. 

“If you want to put it that way, yes. i’d rather say, pursuing our own interests. There’s no reason a stupid contract should stop us from living our own lives. “ 

 Stupid contract… living our own lives…

 “Are you kidding right now? is this a joke?” i said shrilly. 

he frowned. 


“You.. You’re… that’s not what you said in your letters… You..” 

“Letters? what letters?” 

I stared at him and slowly, the truth dawned. A slow simmering bit of comprehension followed by burning humiliation. The letters…. he hadn’t written them. 

it made sense, now. 

My father had always been the one to deliver them. 

They never carried any postmarks. 

Jimin hadn’t written those letters.

 My parents had. 

 what a fool, you’ve been. 

My father : always with the kind , “Y/N  See, he hasn’t forgotten you! ” a gentle coaxing tone to make me feel loved when in fact it had all just been an elaborate lie. 

a lie to hide the insidious truth of what this marriage was : a complete and utter sham. 

“you’re… you don’t even remember me … do you?” i said stupidly. 

He gave me a blank stare. 

“we’ve met before?” he sounded genuinely surprised and i felt hysteria build up inside me. 

i tamped down the urge to sob and swallowed . 

“i… no. I must’ve mistaken you for someone else.” i said stupidly. it wasn’t a complete lie. The man in the letters was not the man in front of me. And maybe the man in the letters did not exist at all. 

“You know why we’re marrying right? “ he said suddenly. “ Your father wants my … support for the coming elections and i need him to help me out with my … business. That’s all this is….“

I smiled pleasantly, hoping that the crack in my heart wasn’t too obvious. 

“of course.” i said softly. 

A month later i’d married him.

 And on our wedding night, watching him shrug on his jacket, light a cigarette and then give me a smile with a careless, i realized that all he was willing to say was an indifferent, “ I’ve got some stuff to do. Don’t open the doors till i get back, alright?” 

No promises of a rosy future. No dreams to be lived together. No love . No family. Just him getting whatever it was that that my father had sold me for. 

Just me sitting with my back against the hardwood headboard staring into the wall and trying to understand what had gone wrong and how. 

And that was that. 


And then that night, two weeks into our marriage , when he had come home drenched in blood and then he’d taken one look at my ashen face and said something that was both terrifying and calming.

“The blood isn’t mine.” 

i had stared at him, too stunned to respond. He shrugged off his jacket and there it was , a leather strap on across his broad chest, with a holstered gun resting just below the curve of his pecs. 

i stared at it in fear , disbelief and horror. 

“You… You’re…” 

“ I’m going to tell you this just once : what i do outside in my own time is none of your fucking business. You’re my wife, yes. But only when we’re in public.”


“Do i make myself clear?”




i’d woken up to the sound of running water. After weeks of sleeping alone in the apartment, i’d become ridiculously attuned to the slightest sounds. not that i had to be. Jimin had guards all over the place. 

But i slipped on my peachy fuzz slipper and tip toed to the hallway, catching a glimpse of him , hunched over counter. 

“What … what are you doing..?”

He looked up from where he was bent over the kitchen sink, watching a huge curved knife, the water turning murky brown like ketchup gone bad as it went down the drain.

“The less you know, the better….”

“You’re not… you’re not just a CEO are you?”

He gave me a slow smile. 

“No, i’m not…”

“Are you….. Do you kill people?”

“Go back to bed, Y/N….”

“Jimin.. that’s not right… I can’t… you can’t…”

“I’m heading back out. go get some sleep.” 

i stared at him and it suddenly made sense. 

“this is it , isn’t it…. This is why you married me… As my husband you get immunity…” i laughed in disbelief. “ no one’s going to arrest the Minister’s son in law…” 

He looked up then, brows raised and lips quirking up in a soft smile.  

“Aren’t you a smart little cookie..?” he sneered. 

“you’re a murderer… You disgust me.. You…” i was shaking in disbelief. i was married to a murderer…. 

He huffed in annoyance and rounded on me, eyes blazing. 

“Your father was the one who paid me to do it. the guy i took out today? He’s the one sponsoring your father’s political rival in the next election. i’m just doing my duty as a filial son in law… “ He smirked. 

i swallowed. 

“That’s.. That doesn’t make it right.. you can’t just…’

“Well, isn’t it great then, the fact that i don’t give a flying fuck about what you think. “ 

I stopped short, glaring at him. 

“what happened to you… the jimin i knew would never hurt a fly.. why are you so…”

“the jimin you knew?!” He laughed. “ you mean the snotty nosed kid who trailed after you like a dog? panting for the smallest glance you’d deem to throw at him? you want me to be that kid again?”

i stared at him, feeling my heart turn over. 

“So , you do remember me.”

Something flashed in his eye , gone before i could fully grasp it. 

“ To answer your question….That boy is dead. this one here” he pointed a finger at himself. “ Doesn’t give a damn about you.” 

and then he was turning on his heel and walking out of the apartment, slamming the door shut behind him. 


the clink of glasses drew me back to the present. 

“That’s a really long story, Ms. Lee. Very boring too. Why don’t we go get another drink?” i said easily and the woman smiled, reluctantly tearing her eyes away from jimin to look at me. 

“I think you’re husband wants you…” she said with a little smile and i turned around. 

Jimin was leaning against the wall, his pose specific and clear. He had his eyes trained on me, his lips parted slightly , his eyes boring holes into my head and i felt my throat go dry. 

This was my cue.

i turned to the woman and gave her a small smile. And then i subtly knocked my elbow till the glass of wine tipped over, splashing over both our dresses in a crimson wave. 

“Ms Kim, i think I need a little help.. Could you?” I said softly, pointing out the restroom and she blinked but readily agreed. 

once we were in the ladies room, it was easy. i kept her distracted, helping her get the worst of the stain out and then letting her do the same for me. 

about five minutes in, the fire alarm began to ring and I grabbed her hand. 

“oh…. we need to get out…” i said urgently. 

She looked surprised and then the fear seeped in easily.

“My husband… he’s out there…”

“He’ll get out… come on… we need to leave!” i said urgently. 

She looked torn and then took my hand, gripping it hard and we began running out of the room and out into the hallways which was already filling with smoke and people. the dancers, some of the escorts, the bartenders from the different floors, the guards… everyone was piling into the hallways and the chaos would give Jimin enough cover to do what he had come here to do. 

kill my companion’s husband. 


When i stood underneath the shower that night, I scrubbed harder on my skin, wondering if perhaps that man’s blood was on mine as well. 

 Blood of my Blood . flesh of my Flesh.  

Jimin had made that vow on the day of our wedding and i wondered if that translated to his sins. did they rest on my fingers too ? Was it a sin, loving a man who took someone else’s right to live? 

i turned the water on hotter , turning my face up into the spray from the showerhead , so lost in the feel of the running water that i didn’t even hear the door opening. 

it wasn’t till i felt the press of his chest against my naked back , that I realized that he’d slipped into the shower with me, the unwelcome presence making me jolt as i screamed. 

“shush…” He whispered, lips trailing over the edge of my ear before pressing down on the curve of my shoulder. “it’s me. You were so perfect tonight  ”

i stiffened. 

“Get out..” i said unconvincingly, my voice weak. 

He hummed, before wrapping an arm around my waist, palms trailing up over the wet skin to lightly shape my breasts, drawing out a startled gasp out of me. 

“i think not….Tonight went flawlessly. His wife was the only problem in the whole thing and you helped get her out of the way.  I appreciate the help…. ” 

I turned around in his arms, stifling the sheer visceral pleasure just looking at him gave me. if Park jimin in a suit was a visual treat than Park jimin out of his clothes was a whole other level of sin. 

i gave him a push. 

“i only did it because you threatened to kill her too.” i hissed. “ you’re a heartless bastard and i hate you..” 

“You’re my wife…” he began and i laughed. 

“now you remember?! Get out…” i said angrily. 

“Your father wants a grand child.” He whispered, gaze heavy and I felt my heart swoop down to my knees. 


“you heard me. i think he has a point. Some of the investors in my company are starting to wonder too. They want to know who’s going to take over the company after me. ” 

Wow. Wow. 

i stared at him in disbelief. 

“i can’t  believe this….You… My father said he wanted a grand kid so you decided you can just walk in and… After everything you did to me.. Get out…!!” i screeched, fury bubbling through my veins like acid.  i shoved him , hard and he grunted in annoyance. 

He stumbled a little, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist before glaring at me. 

“this isn’t over. You’re my wife. Technically, you  cannot keep me out of your bed….i fucking bought that body when i married you…. ” He whispered, eyes trailing over my body as i hugged myself. The water had long gone cold and i was shivering. 

I glared at him. 

 “i won’t be another whore in your bed. “ i hissed and he actually laughed. 

“ You think i want you to be one? . You’re not good enough to be my whore.”   he snapped before stalking out of the bathroom. 

i glared at the closed door, shaking a bit as i sunk to the floor. 

God damn you, Park Jimin. 

reality is harsh (M)

rating: M
genre/warning: smut, slight daddy kink, swearing
word count: 1.4k
pairing: Namjoon x reader
summary: “because reality is a bitch.”

You felt a chill behind your spine, feeling someone’s gaze upon you. For some reason, it suddenly felt like you were going to get devoured anytime if he wished to. You turned around and spotted whose eyes were staring at you. It was as if those eyes were actually undressing you to the least amount of clothes possible up to the point that there was actually none. You tried to play it off, deciding to take a sip from your champagne.

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Overtime at the Office (Democratic Republicans x Reader)

A/N: Congratulations to @ziggyd94-blog-blog for being my 500th follower! 😁
To celebrate reaching 500 followers I’m starting my new NSFW Democratic Republicans x Reader series! This is my first fic about the Democratic Republicans so I hope I got them right. Please enjoy~
You sat at your desk in Jefferson & Associates, Lawyers, and Solicitors, waiting for your work day to end so you can go home a finish the assignment that laid on your kitchen table.

It was hard to juggle a legal secretary job and studying to become a full-blown lawyer but you had somehow managed to do it. Mostly by spending your nights studying to get your degree and to pass the Bar Exam.

This one assignment was giving you a particularly hard time. Then again so was your huge crush on the two guys you worked for. The ‘Associates’ in ‘Jefferson & Associates’: James Madison & Aaron Burr.

They were both incredibly attractive males wrapped in Armani suits that drove expensive cars and lived in luxury apartments.

While you lived in small matchbox sized studio apartment with paper thin walls. That was one of the reasons you needed to get your degree and become a lawyer. (Also to help people with their legal issues.)

You heard the deep voices of Aaron and James coming down the hall to your tiny cubicle that every legal secretary was given when hired. The most of the other secretaries were also attracted to the two men, but for some reason they always seemed to focus in on you.

“Coming to lunch, (Y/N)?” Aaron asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

You looked up at him with a smile. “I’ll be right there, just gotta send this email.”

You quickly clicked send and gathered up your things, walking with Aaron to the elevators.

It was just the two of you alone in the enclosed space, you nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt his fingers on your butt. You brushed it off as an accident but the dirty part of your mind hoped that it was intentional. You distracted yourself with small talk. To your surprise, James was waiting for you.

“Hello (Y/N), looking very nice as always.” James politely said to you as he escorted you to his BMW. You felt your face heat up as beside you, his large hand on the small of your back. You slipped into the backseat, while Aaron took the front with James.

James drove to a ritzy cafe, that you could never hope to afford to go to on a regular basis with your current secretary salary.

You ended up ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, a grilled ham and swiss sandwich. James laughed and told you to order anything you wanted, it was on him. You furrowed your brows at him.

“What’s the catch?”

“You’ll owe me one.” He said with a small smile and a caress across the back of your hand that you couldn’t dismiss easily. You blushed.

“Will you accept sexual favours as payment?” You joked.

“I have no problem with that.” James stated.

“No problem with what?” Aaron said, sitting down at the table with a cup of coffee.

“Sexual favours.” James repeated with a calm smile.

“Oh really~” Aaron gave you a grin.

“Hey I’m not just giving them away…” You said in mock resentment. “It’s an exchange…James was sweet enough to buy me lunch.”

“And I’m paying for your drink.” Aaron commented as he waved the waiter down for another cup of coffee for me. “Do I get repaid in sexual favors as well?” he smirked at you and then James.

“So… What exactly are the terms of these favours in repayment for our kindness?” Aaron asked, leaning back against the back of his chair while James leaned over the table, both seemed in loom over you.

‘Holy…WTF?!’ You thought. There’s no way that they were seriously considering it…could they? With you? How should you respond? Take it seriously or brush it off like a joke?

Aaron smiled, and James raised his eyebrows. “I think a threesome would suffice, what do you say James?”

James nodded, taking a sip of his tea. “Definitely a sufficient choice. I’ve had a few experiences before and I could deal with you, Aaron, as long as (Y/N) is there as well.”

You stared at them both, mentally picturing the three of you together. Your naked bodies squirming, tangled in sheets, arms, and legs, heavy moans and hot carnal whispering ran through your mind, making your panties damp. You crossed your legs feeling a bit awkward having their hot stares on you.

“Uhm…” You spoke, not able to come up with anything else.

“I think we broke her…” Aaron said.

“Not yet, we haven’t.” James said with a smirk.

Thankfully the food finally came and you were able to busy yourself from the debauched thoughts of a threesome that Aaron Burr and James Madison had put in your head. You cheeks flushed, keeping your gaze on the sandwich in your hands as you three talked business, occasionally getting a glance your way or a mention about the threesome.

After you finished your lunches and James and Aaron paid for the meal, you rode back to work in a sexually charged silence. You got into the elevator with them, the two of them next to you, James on one side, Aaron on the other. They got closer as more people from different departments got on the elevator.

Two hands reached and cupped themselves over your ass. Your cheeks went red and your body tingled, nipples hardening inside your thinly padded bra. Apparently too thin, because you could feel the little display you were giving them.

As the elevator emptied and left the three of you alone, the doors closed on the seventh floor, you yelped as James’ hand gripped your left cheek in a strong grip. You felt his hot breath against your ear, making your heart to flutter and your pussy to cry out in need as it begged between your legs.

“So, how about it? We could go back to my place after work, I have a super-king sized bed that can easily fit all of us…” he smiled.

Aaron wasn’t letting up either, feeling his hand caress and rub the cheek he had grabbed, moving down and under the swell of your posterior, getting dangerously closer to the more needy part of your anatomy. You shivered, desperately trying to hold yourself together.

“It is a tempting–VERY tempting-offer, but I have to decline, guys.” You said, trying hard to mask your disappointment. “I’m just too busy, with my classes, and assignments for my course and my work here, I just don’t have the time.”

The elevator doors opened on your floor and you quickly made your escape, turning back just in time to see the sad puppy dog eyes that they were making, you could swear that James even whimpered as the doors closed.

You shook your head, clearing away the desires, and straightened your clothes out before heading back to your cubicle.
Watching the tick-tock of a clock had never been a favorite hobby of yours, but when you had all your work done and was ready to hurry home to work on that stupid assignment there was no helping it.

You were jolted from your thoughts about the assignment you had barely worked on that was due in two days and the naughtier imaginings that took root from the seeds that the two associates had planted in your mind over lunch by the distinctive ring of your desk phone.

Your body was still wound up tighter than a spring toy with the desire for sexual release because of those two. Looks like your trusty vibrator will be getting quite the workout when you got home.

You answered the phone, it was Mr Jefferson.

“Good day, Mr Jefferson.”

“Good day, (Y/N), I was hoping you could do some overtime today, we have a very important client coming in for a meeting after work and I need you to take the minutes of that meeting.” His deep voice made me shiver, it was bad enough working with James and Aaron, two of the hottest men you’d ever come across, but when you put Mr Jefferson into the picture, it was three levels of sexiness that no man or woman would be able to resist.

“Of course, Mr Jefferson.” You answered, “Which conference room will we be using?“

You would have to set up the room, lay out a pitcher of water and some glasses and get everyone coffee before the meeting started, the usual secretary stuff. It might not seem like a big deal, but it was very important in the world of business.

“Fantastic, it’ll be in conference room 2A and thanks for staying late.” Mr Jefferson said, before hanging up.

You looked at the clock, it was close to six, the rest of your co-workers around you were already getting ready the end of the day, finishing their filing and saving documents. You stood up and put the files away, shut down your computer and headed to the office kitchen.

You filled the pitcher with water from the cooler. A pat on your bum made you jump, making the water spill over the floor as I jumped in fright. You looked to see James behind you.

“Crap.” I muttered, turning around to confront James. He smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself, you just have the most tantalizing rear.” He said smiling, leaning in against you, his breath radiating against your skin. “And hopefully one day, I’m going to have the pleasure of eating it.” His voice was thick with lust. You turned away, harshly biting your bottom lip as your overexcited mind sent jolts to your pussy.

You shivered when he left, the cold air of the air-conditioning leaving you cool and desiring for the warmth of a man pressed against you. You quickly went about setting up the small conference room for the meeting with the client.

Just as you were wiping down the table you could feel someone’s eyes on your form that was bent over the flat wooden surface, reaching out to the other side of the table with the cloth. You straightened up and looked over your shoulder.

Aaron was there, ogling at your ass. He smiled and left the doorway, leaving you with a bow and a lick of his lips that had you wondering when you’d ever have enough free time to take them up on their offer.

As the last of the staff left for the day, you finished preparing the room and brought your laptop in, setting it up and placing a couple of extra notepads and pens with ‘Jefferson & Associates’ on the pads, ready for use.

You heard the elevator door open and the voices of Mr Jefferson and another man echoed down the now quiet halls. Then you heard the unmistakable voices of two other men, Aaron and James. This had to be a really case case for all three of the top people in the firm to be involved.

Waiting patiently, and straightening up when the men entered, shaking hands with Senator Franklin, then taking your seat behind your laptop, typing up the minutes of the meeting, setting in the opening time and who was in attendance. All the legal stuff that protects ones ass in a sensitive cases like this one.

Mr Jefferson motioned for everyone to take their seats, then handed everyone some coffee. James and Aaron took the seats right beside you. They were so close you could feel their body heat against yours, even being able to feel the rising and falling of their chests with each breath.

And you definitely felt their hands, on your thighs.

The meeting began with the Senator thanking us for making the time to see him, knowing fully well that this issue could destroy his political career.

Mr Jefferson nodded knowingly and affirmed Senator Franklin that they would do everything that they could to help him, then he nodded to you to begin documenting the conversation.

You began to type and record the Senator’s story, James and Aaron still beside you, Aaron’s fingers gently caressing your thigh through your nylon thigh-highs. Your skirt thought it was a good idea to rise up to mid-thigh when you sat down as if it was in league with James and Aaron .

James’s fingers slipped under the hem of your skirt and bit by bit started to pull it up towards your hips. You did your best to ignore the two men aiming to get into your panties and be the professional you want to be.

You could feel your face begin to burn as their hands inched up higher on your thighs as Senator Franklin recounted the filthy details of how he had a crazy night with five college girls, and how one of them turned out to be a seventeen year old french exchange student that he had gotten pregnant even though she told him she was on birth control.

As the Senator went on, James and Aaron moved their hands higher and higher, fingers brushing, nails running along your skin. Arousing you, you kept yourself straight, your legs caged within the tight bounds of your skirt, James pulled it up a bit more, exposing your lace panties.

You could have sworn you had heard James give a sigh of happiness as his fingers drew around the edge of my panties. Aaron, not one to be left behind, slid his fingers under the edge of your panties, his exploring digits finding the mound of your pussy.

Your breath hitched and you started to cough as the spit you swallowed went down the wrong hole. Luckily your coughing fit was covered the extreme redness of your cheeks.

You reached for the glass of water that Mr Jefferson offered you, his index finger stroked your own. You thought you saw his eyes glimmer with something that made him look like a predator eying his prey.

You quickly downed your drink and then went back to taking the minutes. James and Aaron going back to their exploration of your pussy, being bolder with their moves as they slipped their fingers along your folds.

You lost track of how many spelling errors you made, to distracted with James and Aaron’s teasing of your lower lips. You even had to retype an entire passage after accidentally hitting the delete key. You forced yourself to focus but with two hot guys working your fold made it nearly impossible. You was so horny and wet that you were sure Mr. Jefferson could smell the scent of your heat mixing with the coffee aroma in the room.

All you actually wanted to do was push the laptop off the table, bend your horny self over that table, pull up your skirt, and order them to finish you off with their cocks.

But no… the two bastards had to slip their fingers right into your wet pussy. Just as the Senator was finishing up his story and leaving. You couldn’t hold it anymore, letting out a tiny moan as Aaron’s (or was it James’s?) finger tapped against g-spot.

Thankfully Mr Jefferson had led the Senator out of the room, but he came back into the room and looked at the three of us.

“I want to see you all in my office, we need to have a talk about teamwork.” He said, his voice low and meaningful. His eyes focused on you a little longer than on the two boys.

When he left, Aaron and James slipped their fingers out of your wet heat, getting you to mew softly at the loss of their gifted fingers. They slid their fingers, still glistening with your juices into their mouths and sucked them clean.

You hastily saved the file on the laptop before shutting it down, James and Aaron and their cocks had gotten up and were waiting for you beside the door to the hall. You put your laptop in your bag and followed them out, their hands on the small of your back, their hard and stiff cocks looking so huge in their Armani pants as they escorted you up to the top floor where Mr Jefferson’s office was.

Hi! You absolutely don’t need to do this until you get through the rest of your requests, but I didn’t want to forget- I have the flu right now and am feeling all achy and such and I wondered if you could do a fic where maybe Alex gets sick and Maggie comforts her? Thank you so much. You’re an amazing writer, and please take it easy/be kind to yourself as you work through these prompts :)

^^ prompt above from @a-few-of-my-favorite-turtles

She always goes to work when she’s sick.


And, always, J’onn has to team up with Susan Vasquez to practically escort her out of the building and force her back into her apartment.

When Supergirl joined the team, she’d help.

But still, Alex would resist.

“I’m fine,” she’d insist as she coughed up a lung.

“I got this,” she’d pant as she finished throwing up.

“I don’t need help,” she’d grumble as she wobbled because her bones ached so, so, so much worse than they did that time she crashed through the ceiling of that warehouse and landed flat on her back.

She always goes to work when she’s sick.

Until Maggie Sawyer, that is.

Because Maggie notices in the middle of the night, when Alex develops a chest cough, when she tries to hide it, when she shifts away from Maggie’s body and curls up in a fetal position and rocks herself while her chest burns and her body burns and her muscles ache and her nose runs.

When Alex drifts into a restless sleep, finally, Maggie gets up to raid Alex’s medicine cabinet. Of course she has no cold or flu medicine. Of course she doesn’t. Alex Danvers is above the common cold, the mere flu.

Alex coughs harshly in her sleep, and Maggie sighs affectionately.

She gets dressed – her jeans, her boots, Alex’s sweater, Alex’s jacket, not bothering with a bra – and pads softly out of the apartment, walking quickly in the chill of the late night to the only 24 hour bodega in the area.

She comes back armed with orange juice, crackers, tea, honey, lozenges, cough medicine, and an assortment of terrible DVDs, because sometimes Netflix just won’t cut it.

She laughs to herself when Alex tries to get up for her run in the morning.

“Where you think you’re going, Danvers?” she wants to know, and Alex jumps, because Maggie usually sleeps later than this, usually gets up to make breakfast and coffee only after Alex has left for her run.

“Run,” Alex rasps, and Maggie arches an eyebrow and reaches up to pull Alex back into bed.

“Mmmm, babe,” Alex flirts, and Maggie grins, but she shakes her head.

“Not hitting on you, Danvers. You’re staying in bed today.”

“I’m… staying in bed today but you’re… not hitting on me.”

“Alex, you were coughing the entire night, and you’re sweating bullets even as we speak. And you’re standing weird like you’re nauseous. You have the flu, Danvers. And I’m going to take care of you.”

Alex pffts and Alex shakes her head and Alex takes one look at her girlfriend and knows that resistance is futile.

“But you’ll get sick,” she objects, and Maggie smiles, because of all the objections she expected – objections about work and duty and the weight of the world and failure and perfection – this is the sweetest one to hear.

“I’d rather be sick with you than out in the world and healthy knowing that you’re all alone with no one to feed you and medicate you and hold your hair back when you throw up and hold you and entertain you when you inevitably get cabin fever in addition to your actual fever.“

Alex stares and blinks down tears and lets herself lean back into bed. “I think I love you, Maggie Sawyer.”

“Good. Because I know I love you, Alex Danvers.”

Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 2.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: *screams into abyss cause the QUEEN HAS ARRIVED*

Originally posted by daegusult

           "Don’t. Say. Anything.“ Yoongi warned through gritted teeth as he stepped out, finally fully transformed into his new female persona, Min Yoonji.

           Hoseok whistled playfully, "Hey good-looking, you free tonight, hm?”

           "Oh my gosh. Shut up, Hoseok.“ Yoongi groaned.

           "Hyung, how can you be so pretty?” Jimin gawked, reaching out to touch the short bob wig that was strapped onto Yoongi’s head.

           "I didn’t want a long one. Too irritating.“ Yoongi growled as he flicked his hair away. "Everyone, stop making a fuss!”

           "Dang those legs though.“ Tae teased. "You have some nice model legs, hyung. If only you were taller…”

           "What was that punk?“ Yoongi lunged at Tae, but the latter scurried behind Namjoon for protection. Yoongi huffed and adjusted his skirt. "Did I ever say how much I hate this plan?”

           "Only about a billion times.“ You giggled as you came out in your uniform too.

           "YOU’RE SO CUTE, Y/N! I JUST WANT TO SQUISH YOU!” Tae cooed and pinched your cheeks.

           You giggled at his affection and swatted his hands away lightly.

           Namjoon coughed to divert everyone’s attention back to him.

           "Alright. Remember, the mission right now is to gather as much intel as we can and scout out possible suspects. Your goal, Y/N and Yoongi, is to get into the popular clique, since all of the murderer’s targets seem to have been part of that group, and get all the gossip – what were victims doing before the attack, did they receive threats, did they do anything similar. We want to find a pattern so we can get into the killer’s mind and get one step ahead of him before the next death occurs. Give me a status update daily, and we’ll monitor from the outside on our end. But we can’t do too much on the inside to help you since the school is on high security, and no one should know we’re getting involved in the case, since the murderer might be among them. As we said, find the camera blind spots if you need to interact as agents. Your dormitory is the safest room since there are no cameras and it’s been cleared for any possible wire tapping.“

           "I made something that blocks off sound or makes it seem like you two are inaudibly whispering.” Taehyung stepped forward and placed a little ball into your palm. “Just click the button, and it’ll interfere with the hearing frequencies of everyone around you, except for the other person who has the pair.” He handed another to Yoongi.

           "With that, I must stress that you both have to blend in and not engage if anything suspicious occurs, even if you find the murderer.“ Namjoon emphasized.

           Everyone’s eyes fell on you knowingly, and you grinned guiltily.

           "Okay, but let’s say we’re witnessing the murderer murdering? We should definitely step in then right?”

           Namjoon exhaled. “We must keep your roles undercover. If the murderer knows your identities, he might flee or target you two. If you must interfere, keep this in mind: do not get caught.”

           You nodded and saluted. “Aye, aye Captain!”  

           "Best of luck, Y/N and Yoongi. Stay safe in there.“

           "Have a good time in school sweeties ~” Hoseok playfully air-kissed your cheeks in a motherly fashion.

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