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2 Very Easy DIY Binders

1: The classic tights/leggings binder

2: Deconstructed sports bra

You may have seen people recommending layering up sports bras to bind your chest, however this gets lumpy, heavy and very uncomfortable after a while. Here is how to make the more user-friendly alternative.

1: Get yourself a padded sports bra. These usually cost around £5 from a supermarket. 

They look something like this:

2: Turn it inside out

3: On the inside of the ‘cup’, cut a small hole in the places marked red. The holes do not need to be any bigger than the top of your thumb.

4: Inside each cup is a triangle of padding which looks like this

Very carefully remove the padding through the holes you have made

This step is easier than it looks - I promise

5: you can sew up the holes afterwards if you want to, but it’s not necessary

6: Wear your binder back-to-front for the best results!

everything i ever read or was taught about menstruation prior to actually menstruating was really deceptive in how vehemently it insisted i would be reliant upon dates and schedules and ‘times of the month’ and now i’ve had my period for more than half my life and let me tell you something brenda, time is a social construct, my uterus has no fucking idea what month or day of the week it is, but when my breasts hurt so much i need a padded bra just to survive and i can’t seem to stop myself from eating four donuts in 20 minutes, it’s coming

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Do you wear girl underwear?

Padded bras: yes. Panties of any kind: very no. I tried once and learned that it is 100% physically impossible to fit a humongo dong in those. Even while tucking, I have about as much dick as a normal human being who isn’t tucking.

Like, I actually have to search up and down through stores for men’s underwear that fits. I am actually a little surprised anyone bothers manufacturing underwear that can contain penises 5SDs above the mean, because it doesn’t seem very economical?

Request to draw Noya and Hinata complaining about padded sports bras in the changing room. Why even pad them? What’s the point? Up your game bra companies. More sport, less bra or something *snap snap*

Bonus request:

Petition to make bras, pads, and tampons cheaper 2K15

We, as females, do not have control over what our body does. We grow boobs and are required to wear bras. We have a menstruation cycle because we’re meant to hold a baby in our uterus.

We have no control over what our bodies do. We should not have to pay for such expensive products. Lots of people live paycheck-to-paycheck. $50 Bras and $10 pads can mean less food and no internet.

Bras should be $10 at the most and pads/tampons should be $3 at the most.

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No Feferi still has Life powers and it’s FINE

equius makes her a robot body!!

vriska still wears lots of inappropriate denim for her age and position and kanaya loathers her for it

It’s a little risky to go out without wearing restrictive nursing bras, nursing pads and wearing a boring nursing top, but today is casual Friday so, I just hope I don’t start leaking in the middle of aisle 11.

What would you do if you see me?


I started thinking about the beauty procedures and products that had seemed normal to me growing up - padded bras, control tights, anti-wrinkle this and that, fake tan, make-up, shaving. Every time my friends and I bought these products we received a free gift at no extra cost: insecurity. We learned that without fake tan our skin was the wrong colour, without padding our breasts were the wrong size, without shaving our legs were unfeminine and without control tights our tummies were too big. We learned, in short, that our bodies needed fixing. 

- Emer O’Toole, Girls Will Be Girls

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Aobajousai second and third years +Kuroo when their girlfriend tearfully admits she’s afraid to take her bra off around them because she wears a padded bra and so her boobs aren’t as big as they think it is? D:

(This is p cute! Because it was requested gender-specific, I used female pronouns here.)

Oikawa: In an attempt to lighten the mood, Oikawa would give an overblown reaction of shock. It would not go over very well. He would explain to her that all he wanted was to see her smile, and she should because he didn’t care about her breast size. He could understand why she would be sensitive about it, but to him it just wasn’t a big deal. He’d give her a playful kiss on the nose, and an equally lighthearted squeeze of the boob, telling her she had nothing to be worried about.

Iwaizumi: This poor baby would have no idea how to react. Iwaizumi would be confused as to why his girlfriend was so upset, because he honestly though all bras were padded. After receiving a rather awkward explanation of what a push-up bra was, he’d ask again why she thought it was a big deal. With a straight face, Iwaizumi would let her know he still loved and was attracted to her, and that she should learn to appreciate her body just as much as he did. (”Besides,” he might add, “I’m a thigh man.”)

Matsukawa: “It’s cool, __, mine are small too,“ Matsukawa would joke dryly, trying to lighten the tense mood between them. When his girlfriend’s welling tears started to spill out, he realized he’d screwed up big time. He would pull her into his chest, ruffling her hair as he hugged her. He really didn’t care about her size; in all honesty, he sort of preferred smaller breasts. Matsukawa held her for a little while, until he felt her stop crying, then tried again, “The best gifts come in small packages, right? I like you the way you are.”

Hanamaki: It had always worried Hanamaki’s girlfriend that he could be so hard to read, but never more than in this situation. He would regard her silently for a minute or two, a quizzical look on his face, his eyes all over her body. “So you wear push-up bras, huh?” he’d finally say, more of a statement than a question. “And your boobs aren’t as big as they look.” She would nod shyly at his recap. Hanamaki would finally crack a smirk, joking, “Wanna show me what they really look like?” and earning himself a flick in the forehead. 

Yahaba: As his girlfriend makes her confession, Yahaba can’t help but let out a tiny giggle before leaning in to press a kiss to her nose. Honestly, he was a little happy that she decided to tell him this; it showed that she trusts him, and that she wants to be truthful in their relationship. Sure, he likes big breasts as much as any man, but he likes her much more than any individual feature she might have. He strokes her hair and lets her know she’s still beautiful to him until she calms, then jokingly suggests they go bra shopping, this time finding something with a little less padding. 

Kyoutani: With a grumble, Kyoutani would ask his s/o why she was even telling him this. Why did her bra matter at all to him? He wasn’t the one wearing it. When he realized she was tearing up, it would fluster him a little. Dealing with crying people was far from his strong suit. He would stiffly pat her head, unable to find the right words to tell her that he still found her good-looking. As she looked up at him for a more readable reaction, he turned his head to hide a light blush, and grunted, “’s still fine with me.”

Watari: Watari doesn’t necessarily understand why she’s been so embarrassed all this time, but he does his best to be gracious about the situation. As she’s speaking, tears welling in her eyes, he gives her a gentle, understanding smile and nod. When she finishes, he puts a hand on her shoulder, and even though he’s blushing over it himself, lets her know that he’s not concerned about her breast size. He likes her for who she is, and if she’s a little smaller up top than he originally believed, it won’t bother him at all. As he tells her so, he pulls her into a comforting hug, and plants a chaste kiss on top of her head. 

Kuroo: Kuroo has always operated under the philosophy that all boobs are good boobs. He’s never been picky about size, color, stretch marks, or anything else. His partner’s revelation wouldn’t particularly shock him, but he would be a little miffed that she thought he would be less attracted to her because her breasts weren’t quite as big with her bra off. He would kindly laugh it off, though, for her sake, letting her know with a coy smirk that if she wanted, he could show her exactly how great he thought her boobs were.



It’s been a long time since I’ve done any silly comic shorts about my life, and I’ve got a lot of stupid stories to tell…

I was an ignorant and innocent 20 something year old… and if you’re equally innocent, you can learn from my mistake. Push-up bras are padded bras to make your boobs look bigger, NOT for extra support during push-up exercises…

Tutorial: Make Your Boobies Look Bigger

Sooooo…wanna cosplay a big-boobed lady, or at least give your chest more emphasis? While I adore my small chest, there are plenty of well-endowed female characters I’d like to faithfully portray as much as possible.

In this case, I’m working on Edea Kramer from Final Fantasy VIII.

The dress before I add in bra padding and sew it to be more fitted to me. Looks like a garbage bag here XD  

But not to worry!

See this here? A bra cup, all by its lonesome self

Now what if we added MORE bra cups? 

You know those fabric scraps you’ve been hoarding? They have their uses now!

Just stuff the scraps into the cups, as if they were a bowl

Pin to the inside of the lining of the dress

What it looks like on me before I sewed it all down and shut

The dress with cups in (sleeves for Edea’s dress will be added!)

Yaaaaaaaaaa, now go forth with big boobs!

Look, ma! No implants needed!

Thanks for putting up with my derpiness! Hope y'all find this useful! :3


BAAAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAA I been busy for the past couple month and haven’t logged in to keep up with all of Juliet’s scams and lies. So, i began scrolling and saw posts about her bra size and couldn’t stop laughing. At first I was like yea its so obvious and true but whatever tons of girls wear padded push up bras to increase their bust size. 

Then it got me thinking wait! Thats right! She has repeatedly mentioned shes about a B-cup. So i scrolled through her Depop and lo and behold once again Juliet did lie just as the anon mentioned. 

Also a lot of the bralettes and bra type tops she’s selling are size xs or small.  There is no brand that sells xs/small that will fit a C+ cup. They are made small because chances are if your xxs/xs you will have a smaller bust from an A-B cup especially those brands this listing. I buy For Love and Lemons all the time and have tons of their stuff. They sell things that run small as thats their target market- skinny small busted women. So NO an XS bralette from  For Love and Lemons will not fit a C cup.