Padded Bikini Tops For 8-Year-Olds. I'm Not Kidding.

It’s almost summer time and stores everywhere are stocking up on itty-bitty bikinis. But unlike most of these stores, this chain is targeting little girls with a padded, pushup swim top. Seriously. 

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Abercrombie Kids, a division of Abercrombie & Fitch dedicated to 8-14 year olds, has released the “ashley” bikini top. Sounds nice enough, right? Oh but it’s so not. It’s the chest-boosting top in the chain’s line of swimwear for girls. For 3rd grade girls. Parents are outraged – worried about the effect this will have on a young girl’s self esteem or even worse, that this will pave the road for sexual promiscuity. Abercrombie has no comment at this time.

Ok, as a mom, I can’t say I’d allow my little girl (thank God I have a boy) to wear a teeny-tiny triangle bikini top in the first place, much less a push-up bikini. There’s plenty of time to be self-conscious about your cup size, but elementary school is not that time. Solution? Don’t buy the top. Phew, that was easy, right?