padded lillies


This is what you go to the Everglades to see, and still a bit worrisome

My world was green - only green - the whole afternoon.

It was sweltering weather here in Australia today and even walking in that direct sun, sweat dripping from everywhere and lizards crawling around you, I was wonderfully overwhelmed by these sights. 

Mt Coot-tha Botantical Gardens, Brisbane, Australia. 

Walk. The. World.  photography

zodiac signs as random lovely things

aries: bonfires & s’mores, messy art studios

taurus: dance parties, being drunk with your best friends

gemini: airports, splashing in rain puddles

cancer: scented candles, early mornings in the woods

leo: movie posters, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean

virgo: plain white sheets, window seats

libra: watefalls, biking with the wind on your face

scorpio: loud thunderstorms, lilly pads & cold lakes

sagittarius: fairy lights, socks

capricorn: stacks of books, yogi tea bags

aquarius: wrap around porches, train rides

pisces: old films, picnics