padded cups

I should just open a period store

It’ll sell pads, tampons, diva cups, assorted pain killers, sweat pants, comfortable underwear, XXXL t-shirts, fuzzy socks, heating pads, hot water bottles.. There will be a snack session, assorted sweet and salty treats, assorted flowers, stuffed animals, people can drop off coupons (Free ice cream cone anyone?) as donations.. There will be a lounge in the back of the store where you can chill and watch chick flicks and snack and bitch about your bitchiness, it’ll be great

They’re in the middle of research when Human Jane stands to get some coffee. An addictive substance that nearly all Humans drink. That in and of itself confuses Xon’a, but he ignores it now. The Human Guide book had been very helpful in understanding the humans love for things that are bad for their health.

Only when he looks up, he freezes. On her bottom is a red stain.

He jerks into a standing position and knocks over his book. Human Jane turns around with surprise.

“H-Human Jane! You are bleeding!” She frowns and looks down at her arms. “No-no, your bottom! We need to get you to medical!”

Suddenly her cheeks turn very, very red. And then she laughs as Xon’a pushes a chair out of the way to get to her.

“No, I’ll be fine, I just need to go change. Sorry about that,” she puts the coffee down but Xon’a picks her up.

“You are dying, Human Jane, you need medical!” She lets out a squwak, and shakes her head.

“No no! I just have my period, all women get it! It’s totally normal for humans!” Xon’a puts human Jane down and stares at her with narrowed slits.

“…Normal? What is a Period? I thought it went at the end of your sentences?” She started to laugh, cheeks still blushing.

“Periods are our menstruation. We get it once a month. Our bodies prepare every month for a baby, but when theres no baby, the lining of our uterus sheds and the blood is pushed out of our bodies. I usually get mine for 7 days.” Xon’a stares in horror at his human friend.

“T-that is not normal. Y-your insides shed? Like molting?” Human Jane grins.

“Totally is, some women get cramps, other people it hurts a lot. For me I usually just get cramps on the last few days. But we use pads, tampons, and cups to hold the blood until it’s over. I just must have forgotten to change my pad this morning.”

Xon’a takes a step back and looks down at the chair, stained with a small puddle.

“That is a lot of your life blood. I think you are ill!” He says. Human Jane laughs again.

“That? That’s pretty light for the first day. Don’t worry, this is nothing! If only you saw childbirth!” He blinks again, his slitted eyes narrowing.

“Birth?” Human Jane blinks.

“You guys create your babies out of spores, right? Well, ours grow in our bellies. Then we push them out of our vaginas. Sometimes, we have to get cut open to get the baby taken out.” Xon’a lets out a horrified squall and jerks back.

“W-why do you continue? H-how are there so many of you?” Human vagina’s were small, and he’d seen a pink skinned baby before, and a brown one, but they were both so large! Both babies heads were incredibly large! How in the Gods names could they have squeezed a babe out of a small hole like that? And getting cut open? Human Illa had said childbirth was wonderful!

Human Jane shrugs. “My grandmother had eleven children. All natural. She said childbirth was beautiful. I think it’s more the whole, holding the baby afterwards that is beautiful. My mom only had two. When my brother and I did something stupid she’d say that she didn’t suffer through eight hours of childbirth to give birth to two dumbasses.”

Xan’a began to breath rapidly, and looked at human Jane.

“The rumors are true: Humans truly are terrifying creatures.”

Human Jane frowned and cocked her head. “I mean, it’s not that crazy. We’ve been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years.”

Xan’a sits and closes his slitted eyes and inhales deeply.

Now he understands why his father told him to befriend the humans, but never cross one. Who would willingly have children over and over again just to be ripped open or cut open when there was plenty of children already among the five planets they currently inhabit?

Humans are terrifying.

Dear people who menstruate, let me tell you about a thing...

There is a magical alternative to using tampons or pads called a MENSTRUAL CUP! If you have already heard of it great, you can stop reading now. But if you were like me and you have never heard of it before please carry on reading because this could change your life.

A menstrual cup is a safer, more hygienic, more practical, and (for me) just a much better way of dealing with periods. They look like this

and there are a whole bunch of different brands/sizes/colours. They are usually made of medical grade silicone and you insert them into your vagina during your period. The blood collects in the cup which you then empty into the toilet and rinse out your cup.

I will now list the benefits of this little miracle worker:

1) They are hygienic, there is no risk of TSS since they are made of medical grade silicone.

2) They also hold a lot more fluid than tampons do. This, as well as the fact that they are hygienic, means that you can leave them in for up to 12 hours!! (depending on how heavy your flow is)

3) They also don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that pads and tampons have in them, so they are kinder to you body. Some people claim that wearing a menstrual cup actually makes their period a lot shorter because the body isn’t absorbing any chemicals and makes them have less painful cramps.

3) You only need one, for the rest of life! This means they are cheaper and you never run out, like you would with tampons or pads, because it is reusable. The only time you would need to replace it is if it started to break/tear (or if you bought a bio-degradable one which you need to replace every 10 years)

4) They are better for the environment as they are reusable, so you don’t throw away as much. And you can even get bio-degradable ones which will break down in the environment, unlike tampon or pads which come in plastic wrappers.

You may think these little guys look a bit intimidating, I know I sure did when I first heard about them. I thought, how the heck am I going to get that up my vagina? But do not worry my friends because once you get the hang of them it is very easy to insert and remove them.

This video is really helpful and shows a bunch of different folds. I personally use the origami fold as it seems to work best for me. Inserting it and removing it does take a few tries to get right and you can try the different folds, but it is really worth persevering!

I would also recommend this girl’s youtube channel, called PRECIOUS STARS PADS as she sells reusable pads as well as menstrual cups and is very knowledgeable about alternative sanitary products.

Sorry for taking up such a large space on your dash board, but I think it is important that people are aware of all the possible options for their bodies, and since I had never heard of it I thought I would try to spread the knowledge as much as I could, even if it is only seen by a few people.

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fyi she's also got a comic about using sea sponges as a period product, as it's supposedly something porn stars use to allows them to continue pivwhile not showing any signs of blood, and she presented it as the greatest discovery ever, but when someone pointed out that not only is that animal abuse (as they're ALIVE) but that it's actually deadly cause it's extremely common for them to rip and leave bits behind which can get infected and kill. their reply? "we like the comic so it's staying up"

Sea sponges also commonly carry grit and bacteria, and have caused toxic shock. If you’re looking for a reusable menstrual product, cloth pads and cups are great! Even when I used tampons, they have organic biodegrade options that are pure cotton and free of chemicals.


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Tampon help? I'm new to tampons and periods in general!

A Beginner’s Guide to Periods

General Information

The most important thing to remember is that everybody’s body is different. Don’t be alarmed if your first few periods aren’t what you thought they would be, just go with the flow and give your body what it needs.

Duration: Periods vary greatly in length. Normally they last about a week, but I once met a woman whose period was only 4 days! Mine is 8 days.

Occurrence: Periods are monthly events for most people, and will typically happen during the same timeframe each month. If you have your period on the 14th of this April, odds are that you will have it again around the 14th of May, and so on.

Irregular periods: Some women do not experience a monthly period, or even a bi-monthly period. My period came every two months before I started birth control, which is not ideal. If you have an irregular period you may want to talk to your doctor about regulating it with birth control.

Colors: You will notice a myriad of different colors during your period! Darker blood (almost brown colored) is older uteral lining that was shed several hours previously, while redder blood is freshly shed. You will probably start your period with brown blood, move through your heaviest days with red, and end again on brown. 

Flow: Flow is what we ladies call the rate at which we bleed during our periods. You will need to use different types of pads/tampons to help accommodate the flow changes throughout your period (see tampons/pads/cups).

  • Females typically start and end their periods with very light flow and/or spotting.
  • Every single female I have ever spoken to has told me that her period is heaviest during its second day. I can’t state that this is a scientific fact, but expect that this will be the case for you.
  • Many women experience “false ends” during the last day or two of their periods. You may experience a large amount of time with no bleeding (I actually go an entire day), and may think that your period has ended and that it’s safe to wear nice panties again. WRONG. Your period will return!

Spotting: Spotting is any light vaginal bleeding which occurs at any time other than when a period is due. There are so many reasons why it may happen, most of them hormone related. If you are spotting on a regular basis, call your OBGYN.

Cramps: Cramps are typically experienced in the early stages of your period. You can get them before your period starts (a harbinger of times to come) or even during the first few days of your period. They vary from imperceptible to cripplingly painful. You can’t really do much to temper them, so this is a time for you to focus on yourself being comfortable (see below).

Pregnancy: No you cannot get pregnant while on your period! 

Sex: Yes you can absolutely have sex on your period, and I recommend that you do. Vaginas are at their most stimulated and sensitive during menstruation (not to mention lubed up and ready to go) and period sex is AMAZING. That said, always talk to your significant other about what they’re comfortable with, and remember to use a towel!


There are so many options when it comes to caring for yourself while on your period! Try out different brands and types of feminine hygiene products to find what works best for you.


  • Pads are the perfect product for a period beginner, or else someone who is uneasy touching “down there”.
  • They vary in thickness and size, and Always is my favorite brand. You’ll want to use thicker pads for your heavy flow days, lighter pads for your lighter days. The product bag will tell you how many hours each pad is good for, and they’re very accurate representations of when you will need to change your pad.
  • It’s a good idea to buy at least two different thicknesses of pads so that you’ll be able to transition through your period with ease. 
  • You do not need to remove your pad whenever you use the restroom.
  • Pads do not expire, and how many you use depends on what your body needs. If you don’t use an entire pack, save the rest for next month!
  • How to use pads.


  • Tampons are my go-to feminine hygiene product! I prefer them to pads because pads make me feel like I have two tons of cotton stuffed down my undies. Tampons are virtually undetectable when used properly, I sometimes forget I have them in!
  • You may choose to use a light pad in addition to a tampon. This ensures that the tampon is placed properly and that nothing leaks out. 
  • Like pads, tampons vary in thickness. As they get thicker they get bigger in length. Light tampons are very small, while heavy tampons can be as long and thick as your ring finger. Tampax sells an assortment of tampons that is ideal for transitioning through your flow patterns.
  • I typically go through about half a box of tampons per period.
  • In my experience, store brand tampons are less comfortable than name brand ones like Tampax. Do what works for you!
  • You do not need to remove tampons when using the restroom, but some women opt to. If you choose not to remove your tampon, make sure that the tampon’s string is tucked out of the way when you do your business. I like to hold the string aloft while I pee, to ensure that it doesn’t get wet.
  • How to use tampons. This video is a little silly, but does a good job at thoroughly explaining inserting tampons.


  • I have personally never used cups, but I didn’t want to leave them out because they’re becoming increasingly popular.
  • Unlike tampons and pads that have to be discarded after being used, cups can be washed and reused for many years. 
  • This makes them environmentally friendly and 100% cost efficient, because you don’t have to keep going out and buying more every other month. Note that cups will cost significantly more than tampons or pads for this very reason.
  • How to use a cup.

Dealing With Cramps

The rumors are true! Cramps are painful, frustrating, and tiring to deal with. Your ovaries take turns releasing eggs, so you will notice that your cramps will alternate on left and right sides of your body. One side always hurts more than the other!

I highly recommend taking some time off when your cramps first hit. I understand that we all have busy lives and cannot just opt out of obligations. In that case, you absolutely need to tell your female coworkers or fellow students what is going on. 

  • Take aspirin. Cramps don’t all come at once, so make sure to take an aspirin ASAP after experiencing your first wave. You’re not called on to deal with that much pain without light medication.
  • Hot water. This can be in the form of a shower, hot water bottle, even a bath if you can stand it. This helps relax your muscles and therefore relieves the cramps. Btw, women don’t bleed while in water, for whatever weird reason. Take a shower and see what I mean.
  • Chocolate: Get those endorphins flowing! I find that I crave fatty, salty, and sugary foods during my period, and I allow myself to follow those cravings.
  • Tea: Brew yourself a cup of your favorite herbal tea to help relieve some of those cramps. Coffee not so much.
  • Back rub: Ask your significant other (or a good friend) for a back rub to help relieve pain. Have them focus on the lower part of your back, taking special care to massage around your abdominal area.  
  • R&R: Lay on your couch or bed and watch some Netflix. Or else, do something that doesn’t require a lot of cognitive thought. Let your body relax while not doing any physical exertion. 
  • Sleep: If all else fails and you’re feeling miserable, allow yourself a two hour nap. 
  • Birth control: If you have severe/crippling cramps please please please talk to your OBGYN about birth control. Birth control can help reduce the painfulness and length of your menstrual cramps.

Commuting to Uni - TIPS


Commuting typically means you do not live in the city where your university/school/campus is. This means, when others are on campus for 2 hours because they have a 1 ½ h lecture, you’re there for 3 hours. 

Commuting generally means you are much longer away from home than other people. This also means that you can’t just go home if you need a nap or if you forgot something. You need to be prepared. That means: Organisation is the key. Things other people rarely take with them are your essentials: phone charger/extra battery, hygiene products, things to fill up your (free~) waiting time. Etc.

For me personally, it takes about 50-60 minutes to go from outside my home door to be in the lecture hall. Sometimes less. It might not seem super long but there are also only two trains / hour so I can’t just go spontaneously. It also means I’m usually much earlier for my lectures and have a lot of time left after them. 

Since I am in my forth semester already, I feel like I have gathered a lot of experience so I thought I’d share it with you.

Things to do in the train/bus/tram

  • Read a book // I personally like to read two books “simultaneously”: One at home (usually a very thick and heavy book) and a “train book” which is usually a smaller one or just one I can’t bring myself to read when I’m at home. In the train, I am typically quite good at ignoring other people’s talking and can read quite concentrated for the 20 minutes.
  • Listen to an audiobook // this is especially helpful for when you usually are on very noisy and crowed vehicles or just usually have to take the rush hour train. You can relax, don’t have to hear other people and still “read” a book.
  • Listen to music // quite obvious, probably. Note: I have come to install Spotify Premium eventually because that just made easy access to music a lot more easy for me.
  • Enjoy the view // This is something I had to learn. But it can be nice sometimes.
  • Listen to people // It can be quite amusing sometimes.
  • Do something productive // I personally tend to get very exhausted on the way back from uni but on my way there, I sometimes get productive. However, it depends on whether there is a small “table” on the train, whether there are a lot of people and what have to do. Laptop work always works, reading articles and annotating also works most of the time, but actually writing stuff can obviously get a bit .. shaky:


  • headphones
  • a book
  • enough money to pay for an extra coffee or an extra train ticket (I am always afraid of losing mine!)
  • your keys if you have some with you
  • some extra work for uni that you can do on the train/in a café
  • a phone charger or a spare battery for your phone (!!!)
  • a big bottle of water
  • an extra snack
  • a “hyiene/bathroom-bag” with: 
    • tampons/pads/menstrual cup/panty liners (at least for the female ones here)
    • concealer
    • tissues
    • hand moisturizer
    • a small hairbrush
    • chewing gum or something else to fresh your mouth
    • deodorant (there are also deodorant tissues - very handy!)
    • band-aids (also there are certain one to cover up blisters (for when you’re wearing new shoes etc.))
    • disinfection gel (!!)
  • a small extra bag for when you can leave your backpack in uni in a locker and just make a short trip to a café.


  • where do you get your food? Take some with you? Cafeteria? Just make sure you think about it for a minute the evening before so you could prepare something to take with you.
  • Using a backpack or a handbag? Depends on your personal preference but I find a backpack much more easy and comfortable
  • Will you have longer breaks? If so, when? And where will you be? Think about it and then plan your break time, so either plan a lunch date with your friends in uni, plan in a library session, or a walk in a park to calm you down before the next lecture(s).
  • When will you leave? Which train at which time can you take? Plan this out the night before (also for your way back). I have come to always know when my trains leave and when the connection is really bad but I used to rely greatly on apps of public transportation.
  • How long will you be away and what will the weather be like? It might seem like a minor consideration topic but for commuters I guess it’s best to always have an extra cardigan with them.


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kill me with 34

OMG! What the fuck is wrong with you, man? D: Now in revenge, i’ll write other kind of dying.

34. In a pool of your own blood // AO3

Hyde’s day had been a nightmare.

Not only Kelso and Brooke thought it was a good day to have a big fight and leave their eldest daughter with him so they could resolve their crap alone, but the latest album shipment to Grooves was completely wrong. The distributor had screwed up his order, and he was the one who had to fix it.

He hated this part of being The Boss. He tried his damn best, but on days like this he wished he could still be the lazy kid in the basement. But nope.

Nowdays he was the owner of a growing chain of music stores that also supported small bands, giving them a chance to get heard. He was also a very stressed-out-at-the-moment husband and a very worried-for-the-past-week father.

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Personal care lifting recommendations

If you’re like me; you’ll go into a store and completely forget what you need.
Idk, once I also start to write down things; I also can’t seem to think of the things that I need either. Haha. So here’s a list to give you some ideas. 😊
Also, I’m aware that there are male lifters in our community, but I’m a female, so this post will cater to females, bc honestly, I would suck at giving suggestions for males. Sorry, guys. 😖

I’m not sure if a lot of people do this, but it’s something that I do and it’s so much better.
Every one needs undies strictly for their period.
Find some that are cute but pretty comfy. If you make them your period undies then you won’t give a fuck if they get messed up during that time of the month. I have like 10 pairs of them right now. 😂

A lot of people wash their hair every other day because it’s better for your hair. I used to wash mine every day because I just felt like it got kind of oily. Turns out that over washing your hair can also cause it to be oily. So, try to wash it every other day. It may suck at first, but your hair will get used to it and become healthier. 😊

Basically, this ties in with the above suggestion. Use it the day after you wash your hair when it feels gross or unmanageable. If it’s a good brand; it will definitely do the trick.

Every one loses those bitches. You can never have too many.

Same reason as the previous suggestion. Lol. I’m always losing the other match. Hell, get some fuzzy ones too bc it’s about to be cold af.

Obviously, you’ll need these since you’re a lifter. Lift about 4 packs of those bitches from your local hardware store. They remove tags. 😊

Some people don’t care for them, and I used to be one of those people until I got a pair for Christmas last year. 😂 They’re convenient if you’re a smoker or like to have coffee on the porch before you get dressed. It beats going out bare foot or having to throw on shoes.

Even if I clean my hair out of my brush, after a while, it seems dirty still. So replace that bitch.(;

I’m not a hardcore feminist, but it sucks that any female has to pay for her feminine hygiene products; considering that we don’t have a choice in the matter. 😒 these companies will always make money anyways, so just lift the shit. If I were an SA, I probably would look the other way if I saw a girl lifting that kind of stuff. Lol. This doesn’t mean lift it right in front of an SA.

It’s so much better than using your regular body wash down there. If I run out and actually use body wash; I don’t feel as clean. Meh.
Plus, I noticed that I don’t get razor burn as bad as I used to. Not sure if that’s connected.

I can’t stress how important it is to get a reusable razor. If you’re using disposables; you’re missing out. Most disposables are more likely to cut your legs and other areas and they don’t work as well. Pick up one and make sure that you get the correct blades for it while you’re at it. 😄

There’s this kind that I love and I can’t remember the name of it, but get the kind that comes in a tube because it lasts so much longer than packets of it.

Feel free to add onto this. 😊

V, Saeran and RFA reacting to and then taking care of a MC who has intensively bad periods. (pain so bad causes vomiting and not being able to stand)

Chose this purely because cramps are killing me atm


  • Yoosung has a sister, so he’s seen her suffer
  • Okay more like him suffering because his sister got bad mood swings and rarely got cramps
  • But he didn’t know that it could get as bad as you got it
  • You got extremely fatigued and nauseous, sometimes almost to the point of fainting
  • Not wanting anything bad to happen to you, he’d take a complete break from LOLOL and studies for a bit
  • He’d keep you in bed and make sure you were very hydrated, but didn’t know what else to do
  • For your sake, he calls his sister and mother to ask them for advice on how to care for you (despite their teasing and his blushing red face)
  • The meals he made you were light so it wouldn’t make you feel too sick
  • As embarrassed as he would to do it, he’d still go on pad/tampon run and bring home a big box of chocolates for you
  • This sweet boy secretly feels manlier since he’s able to help his girlfriend through this


  • Jaehee has her period too, she knows how the normal pain is
  • Her period gives her back pains most times
  • But damn, she’s never seen someone who has it as bad as you
  • You were in such pain from cramps that you literally couldn’t stand
  • Honestly, she has so much pity because she can’t even dare compare this to her back
  • She probably digs through all her cabinets to find the strongest medicine she has
  • And if she has to work that day, she’ll call in on you constantly to check up on you
  • She’ll also pick up anything at the store on the way back along with even stronger medicine
  • Baehee’s mother instincts baby you whenever she can and brings out all her heating/cooling pads and junk food
  • She’ll do whatever she can before the pain wears away after the first few days


  • His past girlfriends all had relatively normal periods, so he never really had to worry about it (along with the fact that he didn’t know much about them)
  • But he feels absolutely terrible when he found out that your back killed you to no end
  • He suggests that maybe some exercise would help, but shuts it completely down when you tell him that it’s already excruciatingly painful to walk
  • So instead, he instructs you to just lie on your stomach until he comes back from the convenience store
  • Zen is best boyfriend like literally has no shame buying pads/tampons for you 
  • Picks up a heating pad and goes out of his way to buy a ton on goldfish bread for you
  • Did I mention that his back massages are heavenly?
  • Because all your back pains will go away just from that, trust me


  • When Jumin woke up at 4 am to find you hunched over the toilet vomiting, he immediately went to hold up your hair and phone in a doctor
  • After inspecting you and giving you some medication, she explained that you were one of the unlucky women during the menstrual cycle
  • She gave him instructions and tips on how to care for you and went on her way
  • Jumin spent no expense to make sure you were in the least pain possible and to make sure you were more comfortable
  • Sweet man even took his work home so he could look after you
  • He got you whatever you needed and even had the nutritionists and chefs arrange a special meal plan for when your period came
  • You even got the fancy barf bags that are lined with plastic inside or top notch medication
  • If you wanted something like real Belgian chocolate, he can (and will) have it imported in less than 5 minutes if you so desired 
  • Your period is more of a luxury than a pain at this point


  • Normally he would joke around about this kind of stuff, but when he saw how bad your period was, he truly wished that he could take the pain for you
  • He found you curled up in the bed, tears rolling down your face, trying to get through an intense headache
  • Immediately would rush to the store to grab everything he think you’d need
  • Ice packs, heat packs, headache medicine, period medicine, pads/tampons, the period cup, he’s grabbing everything off the shelf at this point
  • This man will come home and absolutely baby you
  • If it doesn’t discomfort you, he’d definitely cuddle you and maybe even hum until the medicine starts to take effect
  • He honestly feels awful that you’re in so much pain though
  • Saeyoung will utterly spoil you in his love


  • Jihyun is the kind of boyfriend to keep a pad/tampon on his person just in case of emergencies #blesshissoul
  • With Rika, she got very depressed during her period, but with you, your cramps kept you awake throughout the night
  • You would get sleepless nights every time because of the pain and that leads to no good health
  • Since he’s such a sweet person, he’d do everything in his power to help you sleep
  • Get Jumin to buy good medicines, make really good homemade soup, light scented candles, play soft music, get the fluffy pillows and blankets, and most importantly: cuddle you
  • He’ll hold you in bed and hum along with the music until he knows you’re asleep and out of pain
  • And he can’t have the sun be in pain


  • His experience with periods is little to none
  • So he doesn’t really know what he can do for you when your back is preventing you from getting up
  • You really just have to tell him what he’d have to do and he’d complain and do it
  • But the moment he sees you teary-eyed from intense pain, all complaints stop and he’s completely obliged
  • The only way you’re getting out of bed is over his dead body, that’s for sure
  • He feels kinda awkward when he send him to fetch supplies, but when somebody made fun of him they got cussed out
  • Nobody made a comment to him after that
  • Think of his comfort like somebody awkwardly patting you on the back since they don’t know what else to do
  • His heart is in the right place though, and he’s doing what he can <3

For those of you asking how to make cloth menstrual pads. this girl is so awesome and informative, I definitely recommend checking out her youtube channel!

Skin to Skin | Sehun One Shot

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A/N: 18+ Fic. 


The swimsuit is tight, abhorrently indecent by some standards. I adjust the black bandeau to a more comfortable position, noting how the padding on the cups only lessens the coverage of the material. Under different circumstances, I’d shy away from the red bikini that almost felt too small. I tighten the thin straps that meet at my hips, hoping they’ll stay. The garment is so revealing, uncharacteristically suggestive, but last night had changed things.

Loud laughter rings in the corridor leading to the hotel’s pool. The scent of bleached water clings to everything and a faint layer of steam engulfs the air. The boys are too enthralled in their game of chicken to notice me enter until I’m at the edge of the pool.

“Come on! Get in and I’ll p-” Chanyeol’s words sputter out as I step out of the beach dress covering my body.

I can feel their eyes on me, taking in the contrast of black and red, the way the material accentuates my curves almost too perfectly. It catches them off guard, to see me in something so intrinsically revealing, but I’m only searching for one reaction.

Sehun stands very still in the water. He licks his lips, almost subconsciously, and I hold his gaze as I descend the stairs into the pool and walk directly toward Chanyeol.

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If you have a fear of the female reproductive system/periods, or you’re a judgemental human please read no further 😇

So I started my period when I was like 12…I was a little baby. I used pads for the first little while because I was so young but I eventually was that gurl stuck at the pool party and not swimming so I introduced myself to the wonderful world of tampons!! I used them from 13-literally a couple of hours ago*.

I always though pads and tampons were the only options I had! A few years ago I discovered the period cup and thought the was the weirdest, most gross thing ever! I quickly dismissed it because it freaked me out. I recently was told about the cup again and it didn’t sound terrible anymore. As I have grown up and become more familiar, comfortable, and informed about my own body it didn’t freak me out. I did a lot more research and it was the best thing I ever did! I bought one! What the heck, right? Worth a shot! Ladies they have sooooooo many benefits….

- No bleached/chemical treated cotton wads in your hoo-ha like with tampons.

- Made of 100% medical grade silicone that’s non-porus so bacteria can’t grow unlike tampons (they make dildos out of medical grade silicone, lol).

- Kind of weird/gross but it forms a seal on your vaginal walls so oxygen doesn’t get in therefore bacteria doesn’t grow as easy. Also, oxygen is what can make you kind of smelly on your period and with the cup, nothin’!

- Oooobviously so many environmental benefits….you’re not going to be tossing a full box of plastic/cotton away every month and that’s also going to help your wallet! 🤑

- Pads and tampons need to be changed fairly regularly so TSS isn’t a risk/leaking problems but the cup can stay in up to 12 HOURS! That means you could put it in in the morning, wear it all day, change it before you go to bed, and repeat! Totally safe to sleep in, as well as swim, dance, run, do gymnastics….etc etc! Still be aware of the symptoms of TSS because it’s always still a risk but there are no know cases of TSS whilst using menstrual cups! Pretty sweet!

- Mine came with a cute lil floral pouch to store it in while you aren’t a flowin’ 😉

I will say…if you have never had sex, you don’t masturbate, you have vaginismus, and you use pads not tampons this can and probably will be tough for you to get used to! I read a TON of reviews from very young girls who didn’t seem to know how vaginas work…let alone their own vaginas. The cup can NOT get stuck! Your vagina is only 3-4in long, not an endless black hole. If you wouldn’t be comfortable sticking your fingers inside yourself to remove the cup this is noooot for you. Also, I saw some reviews saying that insertion was painful or they couldn’t get it in or it took several times to insert it. Lube is your friend for the first time you use this lil doo-dad 💕 It can, on the other hand, take a few tries to position it correctly and that’s perfectly normal! This cup is very similar to tampons so if you’ve used those, this will be a breeze! I inserted mine on the first try! The sensation of the cup is a tad different than tampons because it is a little bigger but it’s nothing you don’t get used to in a half an hour or so (it’s kind of a suction-y feeling and is suuuper weird at first lol).

*But here a am, j chillin with my new period cup in and I don’t even feel like I’m on my period at all! I personally got the Lena cup but there are a toooooon of different styles and options! I really like the Lena cup because it’s this pretty rose color and bell shaped rather than tulip shaped so I feel like the seal is a little more re-inforced because of the little lip on it. If your little heart DOES desire to try one of these magical cups (specifically the Lena cup) I have a discount for you! 😁😁😁

Just go to, enter your first name last name and email, and your good to go! 15% off your Lena cup purchase on Amazon! Woo! If you end up getting a cup at all because of this post, let me know! Regardless of brand! I would love to know! I am already sooo in love and it’s just the first day of me using it. That’s saying something.

If you made it all the way through this post, thanks for reading and I hope this helped you in some way, shape, or form! 😘 If this grossed you out, well….I warned you!