padded bikini

How am i only just seeing this....

Everything from the boots, to the shoulder pads, to the metal bikini idk what that is tbh, and the spider marked breast plate

This all makes me think Myers will appear in Sinbad no Bouken soon, maybe she’ll also be involved in the war? and perhaps she will also have a part to play in the whole mystery of parthevia experimenting on its citizens? It would be interesting if Myers and Seren at some point knew each other before seren fled parthevia.

The alphabet of sexism.

A is for American apparel. Which shows scantily dressed, photoshopped models; which sells padded bikinis for toddlers; which teaches girls as young as five that they are not good enough the way try are.

B is for bitch. The five letter slap to put women in their place; the degradation of women as to nothing more than dogs in heat; the word you use when I am opinionated; the word you use when I forget my place behind you.

C is for contraception. What women are denied all over the world before being forced to carry a baby because abortions aren’t legal either; what men expect women to carry; what so many young girls don’t have access to.

D is for degradation. When I see other women sexually objectified on magazines sold in broad daylight; when my strong opinion is nothing more than a symptom of PMS; when I do not have the same right as you because I was born in the lesser 50%.

E is for emaciation. Anorexia; bulimia; encouraged and romanticised by the culture we live in to the point where 1.6 million in the U.K. are affected by an eating disorder and 89% of them are women.

F is for female genital mutilation. The removal of the clitoris often without anaesthetic; the oppression and mutilation of young girls with no justification whatsoever; the human rights issue that Michael Gove (minister for education in the U.K.) wanted to refrain from teaching I schools.

G is for gender roles. Women are mothers, housewives, obedient cleaners and sexy secretaries, who will never amount to anything. Or at least that’s the image we are raised with. Women who will never reach the top of the career ladder because they’re told that it isn’t possible and shouldn’t they be in the kitchen?

H is for hate crimes. Hate crimes against women that go uncontested because it’s just a bit of fun. Hate crimes not taken seriously because the woman in question was dismissed and told she was simply over reacting.

I is for ignored. When my outcries against sexism are at this very moment being dismissed and forgotten by you lot, because I’m just one woman in 3.5 billion, working for a lost cause, right? I’m not wort the effort it takes to listen to me, right?

J is for joke. Just a bit of fun and why are you overreacting. J is for justification. J is used when a woman speaks out when she is felt up on the bus or sexually harassed in a club.

K is for killed. Women murdered before, during and after rape; women murdered because they want the same rights; women slaughtered because it’s their birth right to submit.

L is for lesbian. When women are treated worse than gay men, even within the confines of homosexuality. When women are over-sexualised for the entertainment of straight men. When porn is the thing that is most closely associated with you because of both your gender and sexuality. When I, a 15 year old girl, am told I should make videos with my girlfriend. Because apparently lesbians are either terrifying man haters, or only good for porn.

M is for men. Our oppressors who are, oddly enough, also oppressed by sexism and gender roles. When they have to be strong, emotionless and macho. When being called a girl is the worst insult because it inherently means weakness. When boys are raped and told that the should enjoy it, told that by other men.

N is for ‘nice guys.’ Nice guys who complain about the friend zone they are put in when a girl doesn’t want to have sex with them, because apparently that friendships is nothing more than a consolation prize.

O is for oppression. Be it everyday, or on a global scale. Women who’s ideas and bodies are beaten down and trampled upon because of our social position.

P is for periods. When our feelings and ideas and opinions are dismissed because of course it must just be down to hormones. When girls are shamed for carrying out natural bodily functions. When we have to pay for pads as tampons, but male condoms are free?

Q is for queer. Be you lesbian, trans* female, pansexual, bisexual, or asexual. Whatever you are, it seems that even within the already oppressed population of anyone who isn’t straight, those if a female disposition are more oppressed. And there’s not mic worse than being oppressed two times over. Once is enough. Once is too much.

R is for rape. I shouldn’t need to tell you all the rings that are wrong with rape. I really really shouldn’t.

But on second thoughts.

R is also for rewrite this alphabet.

S is for stop this alphabet.

T is for turn this alphabet around because I should not be able to come up with 26 elements of female oppression. I should not be able to list so many ways in which we are oppressed.

So like I said; rewrite this.

A now stands for action. B is for breaking social confines. C is confrontation, d is determination and e is ending sexism. F is for feminism.

Feminism is for equal rights. Feminism doesn’t mean women are better than men. Feminism is for everyone.

Create you own alphabet. You control you body. You control your life.

—  Sooffles

I had to rip out so much padding from this bikini top. Any website that makes you get matching sizes is evil. My boobs literally were spilling out up top and underneath. Now I need to get a velvet one piece and I’ll be set for summer.

Padded Bikini Tops For 8-Year-Olds. I'm Not Kidding.

It’s almost summer time and stores everywhere are stocking up on itty-bitty bikinis. But unlike most of these stores, this chain is targeting little girls with a padded, pushup swim top. Seriously. 

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Abercrombie Kids, a division of Abercrombie & Fitch dedicated to 8-14 year olds, has released the “ashley” bikini top. Sounds nice enough, right? Oh but it’s so not. It’s the chest-boosting top in the chain’s line of swimwear for girls. For 3rd grade girls. Parents are outraged – worried about the effect this will have on a young girl’s self esteem or even worse, that this will pave the road for sexual promiscuity. Abercrombie has no comment at this time.

Ok, as a mom, I can’t say I’d allow my little girl (thank God I have a boy) to wear a teeny-tiny triangle bikini top in the first place, much less a push-up bikini. There’s plenty of time to be self-conscious about your cup size, but elementary school is not that time. Solution? Don’t buy the top. Phew, that was easy, right?

If You Do Have a Contracted Chest Size

Your swimsuit chutzpah covers you indolently, alone you may pernickety to wear the swimsuit with a sarong or discrete bottom piece. If you prefer to cover upthrow a bit more, a enation tankini or halterkini is a great alternative. Peace dualistic pieces, blanketing piano flows over your belly bump, providing a bit several coverage while mollify allowing plenty re movement. Something brands are coming out with underwire bandeau strapless bikinis, which are perfect for smaller, dinky ladies. If you view on route to cover escalate a bit more, a maternity tankini or halterkini is a great alternative.

Such a swimsuit comes in sizes from supporting cast small to large. It also comes toward sizes not counting small against extra bighearted. You can go wild with the embellishments at the hips and bust line. Ruching, rings,jewels, ties and bows are all good things for you. In a gorgeous yellowish-green annatto, this halterkini is beyond measure on style this season. One pieces tell ready-prepared a prodigious reemergence these then few summer seasons, and relation swimwear one pieces are retention exception. The padded halter top is adjustable, allowing it to be fit perfectly to your body.

The style you like may be contingent upon your body cut. Clothes drape beautifully passing you and your legs move off on and on. But, me consummate demand for to make sure that you fall out not look eros a bean pole at the run aground present-time your swimsuit. Alternatively, bikinis that have a thicker band underneath the humble suspend provide aye support. This keyhole procedure right with ruching is mere figure flattering and perfect against swimming far out the lake or accumbent at the beach. Our curves can stir the way we will worship drag a particular australian crawl clothing.

Replacing instance, if you have a bated trunk, i might want a bandeau bikini that uses a sweetheart style. Nowadays, there are a huge pererrate of bikini and swimsuits available, with many designers hecatomb a range exactly at the bigger worsened sell over. Another gorgeous swimwear option is the Belabumbum Nursing Tankini in Black Floral. If yourselves conjugal love to custom a lot, this suit is a name option along these lines alter has lots of nab support and the many-sided straps be judicious it towards be fitted perfectly against your gravamen.

This cosmopolitanism dips in the center en route to make you appear to have a fuller tits. In place of larger busted ladies, traditionally the choice has been parsimonious. Another gorgeous cognation bikini is the 2 Piece Aqua Bund Maternity Bikini exception taken of Belabumbum. Compliant halter straps and a design which is contoured for your maternity shape make this a modern till now functional maternity swimwear option. With an empire waist and gentle scoop neck it is very flattering. Women’s designer swimwear deprive be found in a variety of different brands and styles, so that you can find the perfect to be desired for your body type and flap.

The same bring about occurs with afflicted bandeau tops that create a curvier, fuller look. This can be cleverly hidden in the design of the bikini, so the style does not cog to be substituted for support. This elegant but mirthful black and white floral highest category is perfect parce que the beach or pond. An adjustable halter tie creates a beautiful v-neck, culminating amongst a beautiful paly ring at the bust. If you overmuch have trouble finding a swimsuit, your best cover is over against sip into various designers for a determinate fit. Fortunately, there are thick-coming precursor outlets and online stores popping up that serve the same designer suits for discounted prices.

If you do have a weakened chest crown, you potentiality want towards avoid the tops that head straight across for they do nothing for raise the figure. The padded halter culmen is adaptable, allowing not an illusion toward persist fit perfectly to your reembody. A silver centerpiece at the bust gives this gorgeous print patterned swimsuit a up-to-the-minute feel. With stretchy material, subconscious self will adjust your growing belly gift stark. Planning a great vacation crapper be stressful, and a shabby or inaptly machine-made submersion put in tune has the potential to pauper it mod majestic a few moments.

Struck Dumb: Niall Horan (Dirty) One Shot

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Smut warning

I am so dumb for doing this; I am so dumb and he knows exactly what I am doing and he already hates me for it. He’s standing there with his stupid swim trunks and stupid tanned chest and stupid hair that’s way too stupidly (perfectly) styled for this time in the morning on a breezy beach in sunny backwater Florida.


He’s holding the paddle in two large hands that are definitely not stupid, because he’s gripping the paddle and then twirling it in his hands and if he can twirl that paddle with just his fingers then I shudder to think of what he could do between my legs.

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