How Revenge of The Sith should have ended
  • *Padmé dies*
  • Obi-Wan: Oh no…
  • *looks at Yoda and Bail*
  • Obi-Wan: Padmé! Please come back! You have to live for your children! For Luke and Leia! For Anakin! Padmé...
Bail Organa: Master Kenobi, there’s nothing more we can do…
  • *Obi-Wan thinks for a second, bends down and whispers in her ear*
  • Obi-Wan: Jar Jar’s going to become Naboo’s senator if you die.
  • *Padmé wills herself back to life*
  • Padmé: HELL NO!

I’m posting it like this because @padawanlost blocked me, but @visibilityofcolor please help me spread this around. 

It’s funny that you’re saying this, considering this is exactly what you’re doing now. Fans of color have come to you with accusations of racism, and instead of reflecting on what you’re doing, you’ve ignored the majority of us, called us pathetic and childish, and continued to go on like you’re the one being a victim.

In reality, you’re nothing but a hypocrite. You don’t care about racism because you’re sitting here perpetrating it. You don’t care about appropriation and how harmful it can be for people who’ve had their culture stolen from them.

People have provided you evidence and clarity as to what you’ve said and what you’ve been ignoring is wrong, but all you can do is sit here and act like you’re the victim. 

It’s just funny you even answered this question like this, when you embody the people you are criticizing.