FYI: Padawan Braids

All Padawans of races that grow hair have a braid behind their right ear. Braids have a yellow band at the top and a red band at the bottom. Additional beads or other color bands are added to mark the Padawan’s area/s of study. 

The yellow band is applied when a Master takes on the Padawan before 13 standard years of age. The red band is applied after 16 standard years of age when he/she completes their Temple courses and starts studying independently under the guidance of his or her Master.

White: Healing

Blue: Mechanics

Red: Piloting

Green: The Living Force/Meditation/Precognitive Visions

Yellow: Lightsaber and other weapons 

Black: Jedi version of Covert Operations

Anakin had red and blue bands. Mechanics and piloting.

Obi Wan had red and yellow bands. Piloting and weapons. 

Ahsoka in Clone Wars is still young and so has only one yellow bead for her notable saber technique. 

Braids are cut by the Master’s lightsaber upon the Padawan’s completion of the Trials (generally around 20 standard years but often earlier or later depending on the student). Jedi who are expelled from the Order prior to completing their training have their braids ripped out rather than cut. Ouch! 

Source: Various SWEU books, but mostly “The Jedi Apprentice”

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Padawan Ben Solo/Kylo Ren: ‘Your son is gone…’   (Hi-res link)

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I added a few of Han Solo ’s facial ticks to Ben, so that made me sad. I hope you enjoy! <33 Jess

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so what? it’s like a curse or something?

-Qui Gon trained Xanatos…and he became a Sith…so Qui Gon trained Obi Wan.
-Obi Wan trained Anakin…and he became a Sith…so Obi Wan trained Luke.
-Luke trained Kylo Ren…and he became a Sith…so Luke trains Rey.

what the hell is that?

the “first padawan curse”?