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Forgive me for writing another Star Wars Rebels one-shot but after that promo for “Visions and Voices” I have to write for it. Because ugh that promo! *squees and cries* I can’t even write now, because I’m legit scared and excited for this episode and I’m super glad that most of you on Tumblr that re-blogged my video to the promo feel the same way, really glad I’m not alone in this.

So without further wait, here is my one-shot for my expectations for “Visions and Voices”, what I write will most certainly be AUish because most of what I write is but there’s nothing wrong with having AU’s.

“Sabine, please.” Ezra spoke out as he dodged and blocked her attacks from the artist’s newly found Darksaber, which still baffled Ezra that she could use such a weapon, because as far as Ezra knew, only Jedi could wield a Lightsaber. He shook his head, back to the matter at hand. “Sabine, I don’t want to fight you.” Ezra shouted, his voice echoing off the cave walls as the young Padawan stared into her eyes, where they had once been a light, copper brown but now they were a deep emerald green that made Ezra sick to his stomach, because this wasn’t Sabine and he knew that, but that still didn’t change the fact that he wanted to fight her.

He didn’t want this, he never wanted this to happen, he came here to sever his connection towards Maul for good, but instead he ended up getting Sabine and Kanan possessed by these evil spirits, seeing them standing side by side, that deep glow of green in their eyes so strong and intense.

This was all his fault

“This isn’t you, Sabine! Please!” He found himself begging.

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tygermama  asked:

Thank the Force for Padme cause really imagine Obi Wan trying to give The Talk and explaining anything about a woman's cycle? Better if Edie just hides in the bathroom and yells for Padme. Less traumatic for everyone.

hahahaha I literally had a scene idea where Edie wanted to skip training for the day and she was like “my stomach hurts” and obi-wan asked her if she needed to go to the healers and she’s like “no, it hurts but it’s not that bad” and he’s so confused and she doesn’t want to tell him but she can’t lie to him so he’s just kinda like “oooookay we won’t train today if you’re feeling sick”

i’m really sure the Jedi start that reproductive shit early because they have so many different species they gotta get up on that because some species may even be fertile by the time they’re a few years old so they gotta be ready for anything so i’m certain she comes to obi-wan fully knowledgeable and prepared

but it’s still horrible and awful trying to explain to a man you’re not totally comfortable with that you’re bleeding out of your reproductive organs and need some help or you don’t feel good

but once they cross the first awkward bridge obi-wan will be like “okay this is something i need to deal with regularly so i gotta get comfortable let’s do this” and so then after that he’s fine and he’s obviously not phased by it because it’s just a natural human thing and he understands

We just started Great Gatsby yesterday. Today, one of my students asked me if the narrator was gay. I told her that there was no specific evidence in the book that he was, but that there was no specific evidence in the book that he wasn’t either. 

She commented on his descriptions of Tom seeming very, ahem, keen, and I told her that many scholars of the book also picked up on that and read Nick’s character as gay, but that I personally never liked assigning sexuality to a character unless it was specified, including heterosexuality.

Sometimes I really love teaching literature.

Teeny Padawan Facts

- Her name is Elora Edie! She decides that Elora is too fancy and posh for her so she prefers to go by Edie instead. Elora means God is my Light and Edie means treasure and I think that’s perfect because she is kind of like a treasure to Obi-Wan. She means everything to him and is precious and irreplaceable.

- Edie is small, probably no more than 5'2" once she’s finished growing. So even Obi-Wan is taller than her and he’s the shortest besides Yoda. When Ahsoka starts to surpass her, she’s so upset because she’s nearly finished growing and barely passed five feet. Ahsoka ends up over six feet and Edie pouts.

- Edie is not thin. She’s chubby. And this makes her even more worried that she will never be a knight because she’s not athletic. Her genetics plus her love of reading means that she’s always been heavier than the other kids and they always picked on her because she was never as good as them in their sparring classes. But Obi-Wan teaches her to use her small size to her advantage so she can take down people even Qui-Gon’s size. Yoda even coaches her about not underestimating herself just because of her size. (The healers promise to whack anyone they hear talking about her weight because while she is heavy, she isn’t unhealthy and they don’t have any business talking about it anyway.)

- Edie doesn’t have a lot of friends. She had one that was older than her but they were sent to the corps. Now as a padawan her best friend is her new master and her brother padawan and Ahsoka. But as time goes on she will make some friends in her new padawan classes.

- Edie has dark hair and brown eyes, but her skin is incredibly pale. Anakin is terrified of her ever having to visit a hot, desert planet. He practically slathers her in sunscreen before any ground mission. Much to her distress.

- Edie loves everything about the master/padawan relationship and ceremony. She takes careful care of her braid and always asks Obi-Wan to rebraid it after she showers or sleeps or messes it up. He’s always happy to do it and he loves that bonding experience with her.

- Edie suffers from severe anxiety and sometimes depression. She thinks this is a huge character flaw and bound to get her kicked out of the Order, but once she explains it to Obi-Wan, he is adamant that her mood disorders are nothing to be ashamed of and not at all a flaw. Once he understands it, he is very accepting and accommodating and compassionate. He never makes her feel guilty for her emotions because he sees that she does more than enough of that already. He often has to catch her and get her out of her downward spiral of guilt and self-hatred.

- Edie loves sweets and pastries, but she does her best to never eat them around the other initiates because they often picked on her because of her weight. Obi-Wan shuts that down quickly and even teaches himself how to bake one of her favorite pastries. He takes her to a nearby bakery every now and then when she’s done something well or gotten a good score. He loves to see how excited she gets and it’s a nice break from the Temple to see the city.

A guide to lightsabers

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i didn’t want to jack up the notes on that post so i want to answer here:

Edie and Padme become BFFs. Padme kind of becomes her older sister, sometimes momming her, but mostly they have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Edie definitely notices she and Anakin are together. She can see the way Anakin looks at her and how Padme talks about him. She’s like “mmm you’re not fooling me, maybe obi-wan is clueless, but i’m not.”

Yes! He realizes she hates sparring and exercising and makes it a friendly competition. He makes up fun obstacle courses in the awesome obstacle course room that the Temple definitely totally has. She loves that because sometimes her smaller size means she beats him. He doesn’t make her do boring weight training and running and shit. And using it as a punishment is straight out the window because that guarantees she will never do it and will probably cry and withdraw from him. And he wants her to be healthy and the best version of herself possible but he also wants her to be happy. He doesn’t care if she’s chubby as long as she can keep herself safe and defend herself. And the healers all agree with him. Edie is much more willing to work out if it’s with him, and they’re having fun.

Edie definitely panics and is all “oh my god I’m not good enough to be his padawan i’m not strong or fast or lithe or agile and he’s going to get rid of me because i can’t keep up with him and anakin”. She may not necessarily resort to overworking herself because she may just withdraw in the thought that she can never be any better than she already is and she won’t have any way to convince Obi-Wan to keep her. Maybe she tries for a short while to work harder and improve but she only ends up hurting herself and Obi-Wan is disappointed, but also horrified that she thinks that about him. He doesn’t blame her though. He’s a lot to keep up with and he knows he’s a lot to handle too. He definitely works hard to move on from that and remind her she’s perfect all the time even if she can’t do certain physical feats. He doesn’t necessarily want a padawan that is strong and fast, he wants one that is kind and intelligent. 

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Does teeny Padawan have a traditional Padawan haircut? Or does she wear her hair differently? Also, does Obi-Wan braid her hair every day or does she do it herself and only have her Master do it every now and then?

Teeny Padawan has long hair. I believe human girls aren’t required to cut their hair like their male counterparts as long as they keep their hair decently well kept. They’re welcome to adopt the short padawan cut if they want, and some do! But Teeny Padawan prefers to have her hair long. And when she spars and trains she puts it up into a bun or a ponytail (nerftail in the SW universe? lol). Some days she wears it up just because she wants it out of the way. Sometimes she will have her braid hang down and sometimes she will have it tucked up in her hair elastic.

(“How did Master Qui-Gon fight with his hair down? I can’t stand it.” Teeny Padawan says while pulling her hair out of her mouth and pushing it out of her eyes.)

She asks Obi-Wan to re-braid her braid everyday, after showers, after sleeping, anytime it gets messed up. She’s never happy with how it looks after she does it herself, and she loves getting to sit with Obi-Wan and they talk while he does it and he loves doing it for her.

so what? it’s like a curse or something?

-Qui Gon trained Xanatos…and he became a Sith…so Qui Gon trained Obi Wan.
-Obi Wan trained Anakin…and he became a Sith…so Obi Wan trained Luke.
-Luke trained Kylo Ren…and he became a Sith…so Luke trains Rey.

what the hell is that?

the “first padawan curse”?