With blessings from padamoosen, I present to you my coloring of her lines~! I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT!!; w; <3

Edit: Think maybe I should tell you what I used brush wise as these are really fun brushes to use.:3 I used the Dry Brush set for skin and hair, Wet Brush set for clothes, grass and darker/lighter shading (used 2 shades of purple and 2 shades of yellow). I have not colored a work at 72 PPI since the beginning of my 100 level computer classes so it felt weird to have it so small.XD;; But I am glad the detail to certain things was not lost. (If you are wondering, I work at 300 PPI as that is the default for printing so EVERYTHING is huge and that has become normal for me.XD) Sdlbnf,gmbdsDS,M I need to shut up now so you people can enjoy this!!

I had a wonderful dream last night

I dreamt that Tumblr held conventions each year for different fandoms (Conventions held at different times so you could go to multiple ones). Everyone wore a shirt or sweatshirt with their user ID on it and the events were centered around the tumblr-famous in each fandom.

You could buy posters from the F-Yeah’s, artbooks from the illustrators, and joke books of the funniest posts.

I was waiting in line to get Padamoosen’s autograph on an “Ask Team Free Will” poster.

Just thought I’d share. It seemed like so much fun…

The most awesomest of awesome pages~ FOLLOW THEM ALL

       Great source of Gen/Jared and Jensen/Danneel pics
       Fluffy little kitten full of sunshine and rainbows and just a really sweet person
       In a word “hilarious”, especially her tags; mainly SPN page; also the admin of “Ask Team Free Will”
       Mine. My heterosexual life partner. We have a major Homance ;)
       Another sweetie, very nice and welcoming and just all around great person
       Great great person, really nice!!! She’s always got a kind word when you’re having a rough time
       My heterosexual life partner’s lesbian lover (I think that’s what she calls him). A sweet and funny guy who I really need to meet!
       A SPN tumblr, great source of GIFs and pics!!!
       A member of my GISHWHES team! She does REALLY cute drawings and is really nice!!!


Day 20: Speak in a different accent (again)