padalecki island


Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters: Derek & Stiles
Song: The XX – Reconsider
Summary: I’ve never done a Sterek video before, but I decided to give it a try.  :o

So basically this video shows how Derek and Stiles care about each other, but never come down to admit that they need each other to survive. Derek says he doesn’t trust Stiles, but he shows something a little different. He’s essential to Derek’s breathing. Stiles might look defenseless, but deep down, he’s Derek’s hero.

“My Sun Becomes Your Moon.”

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Inspiration: “A familiar love || Damon&Elena” by Drankini (

Doesn’t it bother you that your dreams aren’t real?

Don’t you get mad when you wake up and see that “all that” never really happened? You never kissed the one you were crazy in love with, you never got that big tight hug, or you never felt that sweet caress on the cheek you’ve been hoping to get for so long?

Don’t you get mad that reality is always so unfair? Don’t you get mad that dreams are things that happen when you sleep, or when your mind is away for a while and you can’t actually tape them in a ship card, or just transfer them to a computer so you could live it a little while longer?

Even if the dream was with your favorite actor, or your crush in the moment, or the librarian, or the circus guy, or the blood donator, or the sweet doctor that treated you last time you were sick, or the hunter from the show you’re addicted, or the wolf from the series you just started watching,  or the goofy guy that you don’t even find that attractive but has the best personality, or the crazy man from the other fandom that you just happened to look on tumblr’s gifs, or even your high school  sweetheart that you don’t happen to lay eyes on for at least 10 years, the dream will feel as real, and will have such a HUGE impact on your inner self that will make you feel in love and happy and jumping around for days.

Yes, because you will be filled with such a good sensation, the sensation that you were loved, even if he just hold your hand, or kissed your cheek, or simply share a few words in the dream, you might not even have kissed him but you feel complete, just out of nowhere.

And after a while you think about it, and dream it all over in your head, feeling like he was actually really touching your skin, you open your eyes and you realize it was just a good dream, a memory you will never be able to share with that person or anyone, cause no one has the same perception you do, no one will be able to feel like you did in that moment.

You fall in reality. And you feel like your heart is broken, you can actually hear it shatter, hear the cracks every time you think that what you dreamt won’t happen, EVER, and every time you swallow is like the pieces of your heart are scratching your throat and it gets hard to hold the tears in, because it hurts so bad to know that “it” will be a story that will never be told.

And after some days, when you’re good again, ready to have the time of your life, you fall asleep, and have that sweet and irresistible dream that drags you down again.

But then you wish you couldn’t dream, you wish your nights were spent on a black screen, but if they happen to be that way… You want to dream - Again.

Because deep down, it’s the only way you will ever be able to be with him, or her. Because you know that even if it kills you in the end, you had the chance to share a word, a touch, a look, a kiss… you had the chance to share something with them, that you probably will never be able to do out of your dreams.

This is the cold and ugly truth, my friends.