Slovak hockey swear words

I heard that today is ‘speak your language day’, so it’s my honor to introduce you to some slovak swear words we use during hockey match

*only a few, since I’m drained today after match with Latvia… It was horrible anyway*

'Kurvaaaa!’ - it has the same meaning as in polish, we only write it with v (not w), and it’s our reaction when we get the goal. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

'Kokot rozhodca!’ - means that we don’t like referee’s verdict. But it’s the nicest way to put it. (Really, this is the nicest. Trust me.)

'Daj mu poriadnu!/Daj mu do držky!’ - we use this during the fight on ice. There are a lots of variations, but this is the most nice way to cheer for our men.

'Konečne to tam dali!/No hurá!’ - we use this terms when we (finally) shoot the goal. Again, this is the most nice way to put it. We like to randomly scream and jump around and pour our beer all over the person sitting in front of us too.

'Zas to henten posral!/Čo robiš zas padaj do brány/k bráne!/Dorážkuuuu jasné nechytil to ten krivý debil!/Prihraj!’ - etc. This random quotes mean just that we’re really skeptical nation, and we swear over every uncaptured pass. (Again, these are the nicest. We swear a lot during hockey.)

Being from Slovakia is really nice, since everyone thinks we’re pretty flegmatic… (And don’t know who or where we are or think we’re the same with Slovenia so our national anthem must be the same…hahahhaha to fakt nie)
But then you invite us to watch hockey match together and you’re confused when you find yourself in the hospital, because you said something we didn’t like much. Never insult our hockey team.
Only we could do that.