"It's crazy and we're strange, but what we have... it's good. We've never been happier." 

1. You got me - Colbie Caillat

2. Must be Dreaming - The Maine (Acoustic)

3. The Beauty & the Tragedy - Trading Yesterday

4. Flaws - Bastille

5. Only place I call home - Every Avenue

6. Kiss me Slowly - Parachute

7. Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars

8. I Wouldn’t Mind - He is We

9. New York - Snow Patrol

10. Believe - Safetysuit

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gabrielscheek-deactivated201311  asked:

why did i learn so much more about martin luther king, jr than malcom x in school?

Because Malcolm X was a Dangerous Black Man, while MLK was just a harmless, peaceful activist–or so the textbooks say.

Ultimately it has to do with where and by whom your textbooks are written. History books generally are put based off of those by the Texas board of education, which means that the ultra-conservative (read: fucking right-wing asshole racists) revisionism with which they paint our history is all over the national education system.

In reality, Martin Luther King Jr. was a leftist radical and a devout Christian reverend who not only fought for civil rights but also for workers’ rights, and Malcolm X was a human rights activist with a prison record (breaking and entering) and a Muslim–so already there should be warning signs going off in your head. Both men were incredibly important to the civil rights movement of the late 50s and 60s, and that Malcolm X isn’t as revered by white folks as MLK is only goes to show that society has de-radicalized MLK in order to make him appear harmless to white people who don’t like “violent urban thug-types." 

I am not Black so I cannot suggest one is more important to the experience than the other, but I will say this–Malcolm X grew up surrounded personally by violence and reacted to it like many kids do. His father was murdered when he was young. His uncle was lynched. His mother was put into a mental hospital. He fell into the foster system. 

Why do we demonize Malcolm X? Because he originally rejected civil disobedience. Because he was originally a member of the Nation of Islam. Because he didn’t believe in integration–white people were not to be trusted. Which, in my opinion, is a fair assessment made by a man who had been so fucked by white society. He was a black nationalist, which scares a hell of a lot of white people.

But he did evolve to accept integration and civil disobedience, and it was his hajj to Mecca that actually enabled him to see the positive aspects of integration, because Muslims were of ”all colors, from blue-eyed blonds to black-skinned Africans.“

Both men were assassinated for daring to shove at the dominant class. Unfortunately, we don’t really learn about Malcolm X because public perception of him is so negative.

"Do to me what you wish, but you got to promise you will not touch a hair on his head." 

"I should've been there, I should have never left."

Padachester AU; An old enemy of the Winchesters rises back from the dead, it strikes lower than anyone else had by visiting Sam’s new home where the hunter seems to be married to a doppelganger of himself. In his revenge he hits a new low, nearly beating the life out of Jared, putting the actor in what seems to be a coma he will never wake up from. Sam comes back to find him in the brink of death. They say death cannot stop true love, only postpone it for a little while. But no one ever mentioned what to do for a coma.

gabrielscheek-deactivated201311  asked:

oh okay so now i'm thinking about him pressing me to a wall and holding my hands above my head and his lips ghosting over my neck as his leg nudges my legs apart and he moves one hand down to run his fingers down my side and then back up to touch my chest and then his teeth graze slightly over my neck and then he bites just a little not too hard.



padachester replied to your post: so i got back from the work orientation thing and…

omg bb i worked at mcd’s for 4 years i wish you luck

it doesn’t seem like an awful place to work but omg i told the manager (as politely as i could thank u very much) that i would prefer not work when i have youth group but i also didn’t really care if i did, what she scheduled me for is what she scheduled me for and she was all “You DO realize you have a job now?” anD I’M JUST, YES I REALIZE I HAVE A JOB, THAT’S WHY I WAS TRYING TO BE NICE ABOUT IT OH MY GOD