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Weighted Lap Pad Tutorial!

Here’s how I made my weighted lap pad!


  • Fleece, whatever style you like in whatever size you want. I made mine with some leftover TWD fabric, since that’s my current special interest!
  • Rice, deer corn, or any other weighted filling. I used rice. (If you use rice or corn or beans, you can’t wash it, though.)
  • Sewing machine 
  • Thread that will match your fabric

Step 1:

This is going to give us the nice finish on the outside of your lap pad! 

Cut out the rectangular pieces of your fabric, then put them together so the two “right” sides are touching each other. The “wrong” side should be on the outside. 

Next, you should pin it on three out of the four sides, leave the top side un-pinned. Sew along your pins, leave a half inch seam. 

For visual learners, follow this diagram. Sew along the red lines.

Step 2:

Turn the rectangle right side out, make sure you push on the corners so they look kind of square. 

Measure the length of your rectangle to decide how you want to divide up the weight. I did mine by dividing the rectangle into thirds, since the design on the fabric created those lines for me.

Pin along those lines and sew them. Be sure to go all the way off the end, then back up the stitches on the bottom to reinforce them.

Again, here’s a diagram of where to sew:

Step 3:

Figure out how much you want it to weigh! I chose six pounds for mine, but yours can be heavier or lighter. 

Divide that number by how ever many sections you chose to divide your lap pad into. 

If you have a small cooking scale, you could measure it on there. Measure out the rice for each section, the weight doesn’t have to be exact. Then, roll down the top of the section and pour the rice in.

Make sure it’s not packed full of rice, there should be enough room for it to move around. There should be a reasonable amount of space between the filling and the top seam, so it won’t spill out as you’re sewing.

Step 4:

This is going to close the top of the lap pad up!

At the open top part of the lap pad, you’re going to need to fold the top part in. Think of how a seam works on clothes. Fold the front part in, then the back part, so the “wrong” sides are touching, then pin it.

When that is folded down, pin it and stitch across to close it up and give it a clean finish that looks like the rest of the seams!

Now it should be done! Here’s mine, you can kind of see where some of the stitching is.


My cloth pad pattern is now available! I’ve drafted this pattern especially for plus size undies, with a wider gusset and longer wings. There’s a regular length and a long length, and you can make a hidden or exposed core design.

It’s got in-depth instructions, fabric and absorbency guide, tips on washing your pads, and a bonus tutorial on making a single pad pouch.

Go forth and make your periods less horrible!

Autistic Witchcraft
  • Incorporating stims into spellwork - angry stim when you curse, anxiety stim when you do a calming spell, happy stim when you do positive spells.
  • Use verbal stims as if they were chants.
  • Non verbal? Use AAC in spellwork. Sign language could be especially powerful.
  • Enchant your stim toys for happiness and for calming anxiety.
  • If you have a weighted blanket/lap pad, sew sigils into it for calm and for not being overstimulated.
  • Creating spells based on your special interest/ stimterests.

Autistic witchcraft, people! The possibilities are endless.

About Cosplay

Real quick, before I go completely MIA, I want to share something you probably would’ve have known if you haven’t seen my DA, that being my first full cosplay, of Sans. I had forgotten to post about it when I started uploading my Undertale art, so I guess now’s as good a time as any. So, if you have the time, I want to tell you about and show you the process.

First off, I live near the Phoenix area in Arizona, so I’ve been to Saboten Con (when it was still around) and twice to Phoenix ComiCon. First time was probably two or three years ago. Back then it wasn’t nearly as expanded as it is now. Last time I went, I was barely in costume, if at all, but I had wanted to create a full cosplay. At first I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, but it fell by the wayside. After some time, I took on the endeavor of creating a Sans cosplay. 

I started this cosplay in December of last year. This was the first iteration of the foam mask, back when I hadn’t quite gotten the hang of my drawing style for Sans. Looking back, it’s pretty fugly to me, but ya know, it was very early in, before I had gotten a grasp on what I was doing.

I had actually struggled to make the base underneath the face. It took looking up a fursuit tutorial on YouTube for me to realize, “Oh! That’s how you do it!” The black cloth in the sockets here was temporary while I worked on them. The teeth also got majorly redone later on. 

And here’s my cat Milo chillin’ out on the scraps. Just thought I’d throw that in too.

Here, I had realized that he needed a bit of a subtle brow ridge that most skeletons have. Plus, while the temporary cloth was out, seeing it placed perfectly over my tablet’s blue light, I had to take a picture. 

I was also figuring out the temples and realized they were a bit anatomically incorrect. The mouth was going through a redesign as well. Meaning I had to cut out the teeth that were already there and start over.

Then, the new semester started and I was feeling pretty demotivated to work on it. I did work a bit on it here and there, but it mostly sat in one corner of my desk, unfinished. After the passing of my grandma, I almost couldn’t bring myself to work on it. It sat unfinished even longer. But once the semester started coming to a close and I heard Phoenix ComiCon was coming up, I had the urge to pick it up again. After a metric ton of cutting, trimming, gluing, and trimming again, this was the result:

At this point, I was getting more and more excited about actually seeing it finished. I constantly reminded myself of how proud my grandma would be of me, since I was able to show her the earlier stages before her passing. I’m still sad I’ll never get to show her the completed piece, but I hammer it into myself that she would be immensely happy for me. Anyway, the jacket shown here, turned out to be a darker shade of blue than what I was going for. When I searched up Sans’s in-game sprite, it turned out I needed a lighter shade of blue, so I ordered one off of Amazon after seeing a blog page linking to ideal pieces for a Sans cosplay. I kept the original jacket, since it does get cold in Arizona during the brief winter season.

After this stage, I did a bunch of running around, much to my parents’ expense since I can’t drive, finding a bunch of other materials, such as polyester padding, a white medium shirt to put over the padding, black and white fabric for the pants, tights and polyester cloth for the leggings, black opera-length gloves, white and black fabric paint, polyester clay, grey fleece for the jacket hoodie, a pair of fresh socks that stretch above the ankles, a pair of perfectly pink fuzzy slippers from Sears, wood filler, sandpaper, LED lights, batteries for said lights… Whoo! Okay, yeah. Bottom line, I got a crap ton of stuff.

For the padding, I sewed a pair of old shirts together, one inside the other, and stuffed the padding in between, around my whole middle, and in the shoulders, to give Sans his shallow, stout look. That all took me under a few hours to figure out and put together. After that, I believe, I made the shorts using a pair of existing shorts as a template. They were a bit saggy in the crotch area, but they worked nicely, especially when fitting them over the padding. I also did the hand bones, using the gloves, fabric paint, and polymer clay bones, which I hot glued onto the top of the gloves. Wearing them was also a bit weird. I couldn’t close my fist all the way, but they worked all right.

Not pictured here was the fabric paint on the palm side. Unfortunately, I had to constantly reinforce the glue to keep the bones from popping off. Polymer, as I realized too late, doesn’t like sticking to glue very much, especially with hands that need to be used. Very unfortunately, my fears came true and two of the finger bones popped off during a panel I went to. Lesson learned. This is one baby I have to kill. I’ll go back and completely redo the hands in a different way. They may not be entirely anatomically accurate, but they’ll function. At least the old ones, which I’ve thrown into the garbage, looked cool. They had a nice dimension and were fun to look at.

So, after that, I covered the mask in paper mache (which I forgot to take a picture of. Sorry.) and started laying on the wood filler for the mask.

The wood filler was pretty nice to work with, as it allowed for additional sculpting I couldn’t do with the foam. At this point, Con was coming up fast and I was running out of time. I needed to start sanding. Much to my frustration, it was taking forever. I had left many spots unsanded where the filler didn’t quite stick. It was especially noticeable when I started laying on the gesso. Mom was trying to help me realize that the cosplay may not be complete in time and that I should take more time to work on it and just not go in costume. I hated admitting even to myself that she had a point. I refused to believe I couldn’t do it. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something by finishing this sucker in time for Con. I was already frustrated at the shoddy work and I stormed into my room (I had been working for hours on end in hot weather just outside the house, doing nothing but sanding and laying on gesso). 

I had the biggest fit of my life. Tears streamed down my face. I cried and moaned and even screamed. I pounded my bed like an enraged monkey. All these revelations were going through my head during my fit. Then I thought, why not fill the patchy spots with more wood filler, even over the gesso? I had clearly skimped on it anyway. Once my fit was over, I went right back to work with my idea. It worked. After all the patches were filled, I went back to sanding. I filled where I needed to and sanded again until it was all smooth. I accepted that I wouldn’t get it done before Con started and that I’d miss the Undertale meetup, which, yeah, I did miss it.

I spent the next day at Con, taking pictures, marveling at the more impressive costumes and squeed anytime I saw a fellow Undertale cosplayer. I even came across two young ladies dressed as gender-bent Sans and Papyrus. The Papyrus cosplayer was awesome enough to do the voice when I asked if I could take their picture. That, by the way, is something I appreciate with cosplayers, when they not only dress up as a fun character but play the role as well. It really enriches the experience for me.

Later I went to the exhibition hall and stood in line to see renonwed comic artist George Perez. Needless to say, standing in line wasn’t very fun, but I had brought a few prints of my work with me and was determined to have him evaluate it. Seeing him draw and interacting with the fans was definitely a treat. He had such an energy about him that was very infectious. He had a clear love for his work and his fans that he is capable of staying at his booth for hours on end and very rarely take a break. Eventually, I and my sister, who was also there to get her portfolio evaluated, approached him. Sadly, because of how many people were in line to see him, he couldn’t evaluate our portfolios, but he was very nice about it and directed us to another great comic artist named Tony Parker, who I hadn’t heard of until then. He gave me some very good pointers about pushing a character’s pose and about visual flow when it came to comics. Some of what he had to say I had already sort of known, but it was more than valuable hearing his professional opinion. By that time, my feet were screaming at me and we went home.

Over the next couple days, I went back to finishing my cosplay. I worked on the leggings by cutting out some leg bone shapes out of polyester fabric and hand sewed them straight onto the tights as I wore them. Yes, I did poke myself a number of times. I also had to bend over pretty far to reach around my shins and down to my ankles. On top of that, I had gotten back to sanding the mask and spent the rest of the day laying on several coats of gesso. While waiting for the gesso to dry, I went out and bought the slippers I needed. Once the leggings were done, I finished the gesso and painted the inside of the eyesockets black to minimize light reflection. I then painted the little wrinkles under the eyes and the teeth details. After that, I hot glued the once temporary black fabric into the inner edges of the eyesockets and the nose hole. The LEDs I left for absolute last. These were crucial to the entire look. I mean, obviously. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time or the technical know-how for a complex wiring hook-up, so I stuck the LEDs onto two button batteries with black electric tape and then placed them behind the eyesocket fabric using more tape. I also taped tissue paper around the lights to cut down the ultra brightness. And because I have no switch to turn the lights off, the LEDs had to stay lit up. But they functioned and they actually looked pretty frightening, especially in the dark.

Once I’m able to, I’ll go out and get the parts I need to create a proper and better hook-up. I stayed up until after 2am just to see the eyes finished and I still was able to get up early the next day.

And this is what came from it all:

That’s me on the far left along with a bunch of lovely Charas and Frisks. This was the only picture I was able to get of my full costume that day, so I apologize for the cut at the bottom. I assure you I am wearing the slippers here, and they are comfy as hell. The mouth made it a bit hard for people to hear me and some cracks did appear around the edges, but the mask held up very nicely overall. I could not tell you how many people stopped me for a picture. Seeing their faces light up when they saw me made it all worth it. I want to do this again sometime soon, once I’ve made some improvements, and hopefully make it to the next meetup at whatever con may be coming up next in the future. What a journey this was. What an amazing experience! 10/10 Would cosplay again.

The Eight Pre-T Passing Tips

It’s fascinating how our brains are made to recognize someone’s gender. Although this whole gender-identifying aspect can be a complete hurdle for trans and non-binary people in general.
I’ve always tried to put myself into a cis person’s shoes first. When you interact with someone, they look at you and they will tag your gender based on your appearance, so it’s important to take care of every single aspect in order to be correctly tagged as a male. Otherwise they will either tag you incorrectly or be extremely confused.
That’s what I experienced in my very early phases of transition where I did not really know much about how to pass properly. I did plenty of researches on the Internet and did a lot of experiments that I am going to share with you in this post, hoping that they are going to be useful for someone who is experiencing the same situation.

1. Get a short haircut

We all know that there are indeed a lot of hot dudes with long hair who look extremely handsome, but let’s not forget that they have those secondary sex characteristics that pre-T guys currently lack. And anyway, shorter hair is better and easier to take care of. But that’s just my personal preference. 
Also, don’t forget that not all short haircuts are meant to be masculine. That’s why your hair stylist should be aware of it and not try to emphasize certain characteristics that we are actually trying to hide. DON’T shave your whole head. I highly recommend haircuts with shaved sides. They are trending, attractive and most importantly, they give you a more masculine appearance. This is my current haircut:

This type of haircut requires some daily styling though, but I consider it to be worth it. I personally pass a lot easier ever since I got it.

2. Don’t forget about your eyebrows

Your eyebrows can make a HUGE difference. Thicker eyebrows can easily give you a more masculine appearance. You can use an eyebrow pencil to give them a form of your preference. But be careful to not exaggerate either, make sure you still maintain a natural look. Try to not put too much pressure on the pencil, otherwise your eyebrows will rather look fake. Having plucked them in the past can be advantageous since the hair would grow back even thicker.

3. Bind your chest unless it’s already flat

… but don’t forget about Rule #1: DON’T. EVER. USE. ACE. BANDAGES. If you do, take them off RIGHT NOW. It can seriously damage your health and I doubt you want to end up in hospital with a broken rib.
If you can’t afford a binder that was especially designed for this purpose or need a temporary binder until you get your „real” ones, I have a cheap alternative for you. But please note that this might only work for small-chested folks. It seems to work fine to me, but I can’t guarantee that you will get the exact same results since your body type might be different. Either way, you can always try to improvise and see what would fit you better or ask me if you would like to get more ideas.
All you need is:
- a body swimsuit
- 2-3 shoulder pads
- basic sewing skills
- (optionally) a smaller waistband that you could wrap around your chest (it is to flatten the nipples correctly)

The result:

… and behind the curtains:

Basically, all you need to do is to first take the swimsuit and mark the area where the shoulder pads should be tied to. Yes, the shoulder pads will go under the chest. The amount of pads you need to use depends on their thickness and on your chest size. It will give you a bit more buffed look, but it does a great job at hiding those unwanted curves. The suit is designed to flatten it a bit more, so you can have some interesting results. Personally, I can wear it all the time without a single issue. I even cycle in it and it has never been a problem. The material of the suit also allows your skin to breathe, so there’s pretty much nothing to worry about, health-wise. I cut the whole bottom part that covered the intimate body parts so that I wouldn’t have to take the whole suit off or put the bottom part by side whenever I wanted to use the toilet. Indeed, you need to „sacrifice” the suit if you want more comfort.
It isn’t perfect, but it can be a great temporary solution until you get the actual binders. Speaking of bottom parts, let’s proceed to the next step:

4. Packing

Even though my psychologist was like „why have something between your legs, it’s only getting in your way”, I still consider packing to be an important aspect in passing as a male. If you go out and start observing people, you will notice that guys do look like they have something inside their pants, while ladies don’t. Packing can vary depending on every individual’s preference or budget. Personally, I find silicone packers to be useless unless they have an STP (stand-to-pee) function. Because come on… nobody is going to check what you actually have inside your pants while walking on the streets. This part is to rather deal more with your own body dysphoria other than just passing. So just sticking a pair of socks inside your underwear is probably not very confidence-boosting and if you stick too much inside then you might rather end up with an awkward boner effect instead. So whatever you are using to pack, make sure it’s not too big and not too long.
With some more creativity you could even create your own STP device using a tub. But maybe that’s already not worth the effort anymore, as you can nowadays find some great STPs at affordable prices, that would cover both packing and peeing.

5. Dress up properly

Clothes are one of the (less important) aspects that people look at while trying to identify someone’s correct gender. However, not all male clothes will also make you look more male. I personally recommend wearing darker clothes because they can easily hide certain unwanted shapes. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight but also the ones that are way too loose. Pay attention to short sleeves, they can give you an appealing look if they fit you like a glove.

6. Get some facial hair - optional

Wait, facial hair without T? How?
Well, it’s not going to be a real beard and although I mentioned that this step is optional, it can be quite important to those whose face shape could be an issue for passing as a male properly. Using make-up elements will not give your beard a natural look at all, so you should consider using your own hair for it and spirit gum. Once you go get your haircut done, you can ask your hair stylist if they could give you your hair rests. The beard can’t be a big one so you are not going to need tons of hair for it. Make sure the hair bits are cut very short though.
Then, apply spirit gum on the area where you want some facial hair, then use a (preferably make-up) brush to stick the hair bits to your face. Repeat the process until the area is covered properly. Don’t expect excellent results at your first try. It takes time and practice to build an authentic beard.
Using spirit gum is nice because it can even last days on your face (although you might have a few hairs fall off, but no big deal). Make sure you are not allergic to it though.

This is my current beard, keeping it simple:

But you can also have it only on the sides (the below picture shows how durable it can be, I was already having it for like a week - and only then it was starting to wear off):

… or a complete chin strap:

7. Work out

Make sure you are always in shape. Start doing a certain sport or go to the gym, it will definitely help you feel better and it’s very important in order to be able to pass more easily. Also, an athletic look is always more attractive to the eye. *wink*

8. Behave like a guy

This is already obvious enough. Be careful at how you walk and how you sit. Use a men’s body spray regularly and start using the men’s restroom unless you already do (also don’t forget about the men’s restroom etiquette: get in, do your job, don’t look around too much, leave). Practice your voice a little and try to speak deeper, using your diaphragm could help. DON’T START SMOKING!!! Really, smoking only has negative effects - it can increase the risks of having certain complications if you consider taking T in the future. Apart from that, you’d stink from miles away no matter how much deodorant you use. I highly discourage it.
And most importantly: Don’t be ashamed of yourself! You are a human like all of us and thus you have equal rights, nobody has the right to bully or discriminate you. Those people don’t deserve any attention.

That’s it for now! These are pretty much the most important aspects you need to consider in order to successfully pass as a male in public. I hope you enjoyed reading and eventually found some remarks to be helpful if you are in the same situation.



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Could you write up a post on how you made your saddle pad? I've been thinking about making my horse her own pads but was wondering how to go about it! Thank you! And please if you don't want to than you don't have to!

I didn’t take many progress pictures sadly, so i will have to just try and describe the process as best i can, then if any of you want to have a go and need a better description/illustration you can just message and i’ll help! I suggest having some basic knowledge of how to sew, and how a sewing machine works before starting, but you don’t need to be an expert by any means.

Here are all the pieces you need for a medieval pad:

To start out i took one of my normal saddlepads that i laid out flat on a big piece of paper, wrapping paper is great cause it’s big enough. Then i traced around the pad onto the paper with a marker. Make sure to leave enough space at the bottom of the paper to draw the rest of your design on. This step is where you decide on the lenght, shape and rough design of your pad.

Next you cut the stencil out following the lines. Then put your cut out stencil on top of whatever fabric you want to use, and trace around it. Try to use a fabric marker that washes away, or flip the fabric over and trace with a pencil or something that doesn’t stain through your fabric.

If you want to make a pad with different sections of fabric like i did, cut out all the different sections from your paper stencil and trace them onto fabric individually. Remember to flip your stencil when doing the other side of the pad as they need to be mirror images.

Make sure to give yourself a good amout of seamallowance when you cut your pieces out from the fabric.

If you are joining several pieces like i did, cut them all out and flip them all over so you see the back, then join the edges where you need to sew with needles before sewing them all together, then you should eventually be left with one outside layer of your pad, do the same with the other one. After that you need to take the piece of fabric that will go on the inside of the pad and pin it like you would when making a pillow (flip the fabrics so that the outside is facing out on both) then sew pieces together, leaving the bottom and top open if you want a medieval pad and just the top open if you’re making a normal pad.

Sew the two together and then flip them right side out again. For the next step you need your stuffing material, i used quilt stuffing because that’s the most suited for pads and makes them uniform. Cut out as many sheets of stuffing you want depending on how thick you want your pad. I went with two for mine. Cut the stuffing to the same shape as the pad and slide it into the fabric.

As for the decorative flaps on the bottom on the medieval pad, you basically do the exact same thing but in miniature, i only used one sheet thickness for them though just to give them some weight.

Once you have all of your little flaps done, put them into the bottom of your pad which has been left open, between the stuffing and the fabric. Fold the edges of the pad down so that it’s neat and hidden, use pins to hold it all in place and then sew across the whole lengt of the pad to secure both the edges and the flaps in place. Do this for both sides.

Here you can kind of see how i put the flaps in between the layers, folded the edges and sewed across them all. 

As for the girth hole on the pad, i didn’t do it in the neatest way possible but still. Basically i drew the hole and set my machine to a very wide type of stich to give it a border, i went over it a few times and then cut out the hole as close to the stiching as possible. There are probably better ways to do this though.

After the two sides are done and stuffed you can sew whatever decorative stitch you want to secure it all together. I just followed the pattern on the fabric, but you can also look at various normal pads and how they have been stiched.

This next part is kind of tricky and can probably be done differently, but this is how i did it.

Basically you need to connect the two sides of the pad at the top. What i did was that i put both sides on top of eachother and sewed across them both, joining them. I then trimmed of as much as i could of the excess. I then cut out a strip of the fabric which i folded both edged of before pinning it along the top over the seam. Make this strip a bit longer than the pad so you can fold it under the ends. Then unfold the pad and stitch the fabric strip to the top of it.

I also added fabric paint to mine before ironing the whole thing, this makes it flatter and kind of “sets” things a bit.

If you want edging around your pad, do the same thing for this as with the top part, folding it around the edges and sewing it on.

I suggest taking one of the pads you already have and studying it, try to learn how it’s been constructed, if you have a basic idea that will help a lot in understanding how to do it yourself.

Bottomline is that a pad you make at home will not be as neat as one made professionally, unless you get really good at it which i am not. The positive thing about saddlepads is that you never see both sides at once, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s perfectly symertical. Just try and fail with some old fabric first if you’re unsure how to do something. And my explaination is probably shit so don’t be afraid to ask if you need to


Hey 😘 someone should cosplay commission me, I make everything I wear and I’ve got a lot of spare time on my hands this summer. Here’s a couple examples of cosplays I’ve made in the past two months. Message me on here about my rates. If you’d like a more official way of messaging please DM me for my email address.
What I actually made in each cosplay break down:
Neon katt- sewed together the shirt, painted and attached bell to collar, made belt buckle, made all the knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, sewed and stuffed tail then painted ombre.
Jack skellington: made bow tie. Painted on stripes onto the jacket and pants.
Kanaya: sewed and painted the horns, made the apron and maid headband.
Bee: made cape and wings, made the halo, made the bird on the sweatshirt with felt, made the boot covers.

Tutorial: Make Your Boobies Look Bigger

Sooooo…wanna cosplay a big-boobed lady, or at least give your chest more emphasis? While I adore my small chest, there are plenty of well-endowed female characters I’d like to faithfully portray as much as possible.

In this case, I’m working on Edea Kramer from Final Fantasy VIII.

The dress before I add in bra padding and sew it to be more fitted to me. Looks like a garbage bag here XD  

But not to worry!

See this here? A bra cup, all by its lonesome self

Now what if we added MORE bra cups? 

You know those fabric scraps you’ve been hoarding? They have their uses now!

Just stuff the scraps into the cups, as if they were a bowl

Pin to the inside of the lining of the dress

What it looks like on me before I sewed it all down and shut

The dress with cups in (sleeves for Edea’s dress will be added!)

Yaaaaaaaaaa, now go forth with big boobs!

Look, ma! No implants needed!

Thanks for putting up with my derpiness! Hope y'all find this useful! :3

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If you're ever not busy can I have small (trans (?!) enjolras headcanons (bonus for enjoltaire?)Thank you <3

  • On very hot days, Enjolras’ binder gets unbearable and he just lives for the moment he’ll get home and take it off
  • Easier said than done though, the binder stick to his skin from sweating in it and it’s an ordeal. Luckily, Grantaire is there to help
  • Grantaire even provides some well deserved massages for Enjolras to relax his back afterward
  • Whenever they argue Enjolras tends to say stuff like “DONT LOOK DOWN ON ME!” and everybody’s kind of like??? well???? We kinda??? have to????
  • Enjolras is the double espresso shot, smol but concentrated and Grantaire is your usual watered downed Venti
  • Enjolras likes using contouring to fight dysphoria and make his face a little more angular, but he’s a disaster with makeup. Grantaire was not the better versed in makeup either, so he asked Cosette for a crash course so that he could help Enjolras. He’s the artist, after all
  • “Mon ange”, “mon coeur” and “mon amour” are all gender neutral pet names but when they’re going out, Grantaire always uses masculine pet names often to reduce the risk of misgendering from other people
  • Cosette sewed shoulder pads inside of Enjolras’ jackets and coats so that his shoulders look squarer and Enjolras loves it sooooo much
Hoshidan Kids Halloween Costumes

Parents linked here

  • Shinonome - A ninja. Saizou and Suzukaze were not impressed and made fun of him the whole time. 
  • Kisaragi - Batman. Unlike most others, he goes all out, sewing padding into the costume to make it look like muscles. (Don’t point that out to him, he thinks it looks genuine and wants to show off to the others) 
  • Gurei - Leave it to him to dress up as a giant chocolate bar. 
  • Kinu - Baby wolf. She follows her father around, claiming she will bite everyone and turn them into werewolves. Several little children ran away from her in fright. 
  • Hisame - The Mad Hatter. He walked around with a pot of scalding hot tea and will burn anyone with it if they so much as looked at his candy in the wrong way. 
  • Mitama - Sleeping Beauty. It gave her an excuse to fall asleep if she wanted to. Which she did. A lot. 
  • Matoi - Maleficent. Someone had to keep an eye on Mitama so she didn’t get out of control. Also, Matoi felt super powerful with two horns on her head, and liked the idea that she could skewer anyone when she wanted to. 
  • Syalla - Poison Ivy. Because lets face it, if she has the best thighs, why not show them off? Also, because she has placed a hex on her candy where anyone who takes it would end up with an awful rash resembling a poison ivy rash… >w> 

Women pay tax for the convenience of tampons.  They could just as easily make their own reusable pads and not pay any tax at all.

Manslation: Yes, I am suggesting that it is reasonable to expect all people who menstruate to go out and purchase fabrics, thread, scissors, sewing needles, and/or a sewing machine (all of which are not only taxed but expensive), and then learn how to sew, and then take the extensive amount of time needed to sew enough pads for one period, instead of simply not taxing them on products necessary to deal with this uncontrollable bodily function (which also happens to be LITERALLY ESSENTIAL TO THE PROCESS OF PERPETUATING OUR FUCKING SPECIES). Such a policy would have NO impact on my life whatsoever, but it really chaps my ass when something even marginally improves the lives of people who aren’t me.

i was listening to howard shore today at work and got super sidetracked thinking about trans!eowyn

imagine her being introduced to her uncle as eodred, barely able to stand on her own but tiny fists clenching because she already knows that isn’t right

imagine her years later, mourning her parents but at the same time recognizing the opportunity she has

imagine her sewing padding into as many dresses as she can get her hands on, eomer stopping by her threshold, looking at her for a moment, and then returning with a pile of the loveliest gowns she’s ever seen, and picking up a needle and thread

imagine her introducing herself to her uncle again, this time as eowyn, and theoden smiling and bowing and addressing her as sister-daughter

imagine her watching eomer ride off for battle, feeling wormtongue’s eyes on her in fleeting glimpses, seeing her uncle fade, and fighting down the realization that no matter what she does, no matter how true to herself she is, she may not ever get what she really wants

imagine her weeping quietly in the night, because she doesn’t regret her choices, she doesn’t, but she mourns the opportunities for valor and glory that are closed to her now

imagine her meeting aragorn, and yearning for him with a sharp twist behind her heart, for the casual life of adventure he seems to take for granted, for the way he seems at ease in his own skin

imagine her shearing her hair off the night before the troops ride out, once again stealing clothes from those around her, this time trousers and a loose shirt (this time she doesn’t let eomer see what she’s doing)

imagine her standing, ragged and grieving and aching, and shoving her sword into the gaping void inside the witch-king’s helmet, and finally, finally satisfied

imagine her holding hands with faramir, the black breath gone and her skin finally calm on her bones, knowing now that she really is capable of anything

imagine her with a choice she never thought she’d have - what to do next.

scavengerrrey  asked:

I love your captain marvel cosplay, do you have a post about how you made it? If not, can you give me a quick summary of how you did it? Thanks!

I apologize in advance for how bad this is going to be, I didn’t take pictures while I was making the costume because I had no idea what I was doing.  But hey, now you get to learn from my mistakes.  

Let’s go! 

Warning: below the cut you are going to see lots of crying and bad photoshop.

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