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Weighted Lap Pad Tutorial!

Here’s how I made my weighted lap pad!


  • Fleece, whatever style you like in whatever size you want. I made mine with some leftover TWD fabric, since that’s my current special interest!
  • Rice, deer corn, or any other weighted filling. I used rice. (If you use rice or corn or beans, you can’t wash it, though.)
  • Sewing machine 
  • Thread that will match your fabric

Step 1:

This is going to give us the nice finish on the outside of your lap pad! 

Cut out the rectangular pieces of your fabric, then put them together so the two “right” sides are touching each other. The “wrong” side should be on the outside. 

Next, you should pin it on three out of the four sides, leave the top side un-pinned. Sew along your pins, leave a half inch seam. 

For visual learners, follow this diagram. Sew along the red lines.

Step 2:

Turn the rectangle right side out, make sure you push on the corners so they look kind of square. 

Measure the length of your rectangle to decide how you want to divide up the weight. I did mine by dividing the rectangle into thirds, since the design on the fabric created those lines for me.

Pin along those lines and sew them. Be sure to go all the way off the end, then back up the stitches on the bottom to reinforce them.

Again, here’s a diagram of where to sew:

Step 3:

Figure out how much you want it to weigh! I chose six pounds for mine, but yours can be heavier or lighter. 

Divide that number by how ever many sections you chose to divide your lap pad into. 

If you have a small cooking scale, you could measure it on there. Measure out the rice for each section, the weight doesn’t have to be exact. Then, roll down the top of the section and pour the rice in.

Make sure it’s not packed full of rice, there should be enough room for it to move around. There should be a reasonable amount of space between the filling and the top seam, so it won’t spill out as you’re sewing.

Step 4:

This is going to close the top of the lap pad up!

At the open top part of the lap pad, you’re going to need to fold the top part in. Think of how a seam works on clothes. Fold the front part in, then the back part, so the “wrong” sides are touching, then pin it.

When that is folded down, pin it and stitch across to close it up and give it a clean finish that looks like the rest of the seams!

Now it should be done! Here’s mine, you can kind of see where some of the stitching is.

Autistic Witchcraft
  • Incorporating stims into spellwork - angry stim when you curse, anxiety stim when you do a calming spell, happy stim when you do positive spells.
  • Use verbal stims as if they were chants.
  • Non verbal? Use AAC in spellwork. Sign language could be especially powerful.
  • Enchant your stim toys for happiness and for calming anxiety.
  • If you have a weighted blanket/lap pad, sew sigils into it for calm and for not being overstimulated.
  • Creating spells based on your special interest/ stimterests.

Autistic witchcraft, people! The possibilities are endless.



Tutorial: Make Your Boobies Look Bigger

Sooooo…wanna cosplay a big-boobed lady, or at least give your chest more emphasis? While I adore my small chest, there are plenty of well-endowed female characters I’d like to faithfully portray as much as possible.

In this case, I’m working on Edea Kramer from Final Fantasy VIII.

The dress before I add in bra padding and sew it to be more fitted to me. Looks like a garbage bag here XD  

But not to worry!

See this here? A bra cup, all by its lonesome self

Now what if we added MORE bra cups? 

You know those fabric scraps you’ve been hoarding? They have their uses now!

Just stuff the scraps into the cups, as if they were a bowl

Pin to the inside of the lining of the dress

What it looks like on me before I sewed it all down and shut

The dress with cups in (sleeves for Edea’s dress will be added!)

Yaaaaaaaaaa, now go forth with big boobs!

Look, ma! No implants needed!

Thanks for putting up with my derpiness! Hope y'all find this useful! :3

Hoshidan Kids Halloween Costumes

Parents linked here

  • Shinonome - A ninja. Saizou and Suzukaze were not impressed and made fun of him the whole time. 
  • Kisaragi - Batman. Unlike most others, he goes all out, sewing padding into the costume to make it look like muscles. (Don’t point that out to him, he thinks it looks genuine and wants to show off to the others) 
  • Gurei - Leave it to him to dress up as a giant chocolate bar. 
  • Kinu - Baby wolf. She follows her father around, claiming she will bite everyone and turn them into werewolves. Several little children ran away from her in fright. 
  • Hisame - The Mad Hatter. He walked around with a pot of scalding hot tea and will burn anyone with it if they so much as looked at his candy in the wrong way. 
  • Mitama - Sleeping Beauty. It gave her an excuse to fall asleep if she wanted to. Which she did. A lot. 
  • Matoi - Maleficent. Someone had to keep an eye on Mitama so she didn’t get out of control. Also, Matoi felt super powerful with two horns on her head, and liked the idea that she could skewer anyone when she wanted to. 
  • Syalla - Poison Ivy. Because lets face it, if she has the best thighs, why not show them off? Also, because she has placed a hex on her candy where anyone who takes it would end up with an awful rash resembling a poison ivy rash… >w> 

Women pay tax for the convenience of tampons.  They could just as easily make their own reusable pads and not pay any tax at all.

Manslation: Yes, I am suggesting that it is reasonable to expect all people who menstruate to go out and purchase fabrics, thread, scissors, sewing needles, and/or a sewing machine (all of which are not only taxed but expensive), and then learn how to sew, and then take the extensive amount of time needed to sew enough pads for one period, instead of simply not taxing them on products necessary to deal with this uncontrollable bodily function (which also happens to be LITERALLY ESSENTIAL TO THE PROCESS OF PERPETUATING OUR FUCKING SPECIES). Such a policy would have NO impact on my life whatsoever, but it really chaps my ass when something even marginally improves the lives of people who aren’t me.

i was listening to howard shore today at work and got super sidetracked thinking about trans!eowyn

imagine her being introduced to her uncle as eodred, barely able to stand on her own but tiny fists clenching because she already knows that isn’t right

imagine her years later, mourning her parents but at the same time recognizing the opportunity she has

imagine her sewing padding into as many dresses as she can get her hands on, eomer stopping by her threshold, looking at her for a moment, and then returning with a pile of the loveliest gowns she’s ever seen, and picking up a needle and thread

imagine her introducing herself to her uncle again, this time as eowyn, and theoden smiling and bowing and addressing her as sister-daughter

imagine her watching eomer ride off for battle, feeling wormtongue’s eyes on her in fleeting glimpses, seeing her uncle fade, and fighting down the realization that no matter what she does, no matter how true to herself she is, she may not ever get what she really wants

imagine her weeping quietly in the night, because she doesn’t regret her choices, she doesn’t, but she mourns the opportunities for valor and glory that are closed to her now

imagine her meeting aragorn, and yearning for him with a sharp twist behind her heart, for the casual life of adventure he seems to take for granted, for the way he seems at ease in his own skin

imagine her shearing her hair off the night before the troops ride out, once again stealing clothes from those around her, this time trousers and a loose shirt (this time she doesn’t let eomer see what she’s doing)

imagine her standing, ragged and grieving and aching, and shoving her sword into the gaping void inside the witch-king’s helmet, and finally, finally satisfied

imagine her holding hands with faramir, the black breath gone and her skin finally calm on her bones, knowing now that she really is capable of anything

imagine her with a choice she never thought she’d have - what to do next.