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tagged by: downhearted

1. your otp?

Oh god. I cant decide. 

10th doctor and Rose, Joghnlock and Janto uhh And many others

2. favourite band at the moment?

green Day for sure

3. what do you want to do in the future?


4. are you happy right now?


5. your favourite way to spend free time?

Recently its Tumblr or sleep

6. do you have any secrets?


7. have you ever seen your favourite band live?


8. 3 things you like about yourself?

- my eyes,

- my hair colour,

- idk Im kinda good in lying i think or people are just pretending that they believe in what i say

9. do you play any instruments?

I tried to learn how to play guitar but i suck so much 

10. last thing you ate?

Spoon of nutella

11. coffee or tea?



1. Best day ever?

2. Worst day ever?

3. How are you new years resolutions?

4. What do you think about yourself?

5. How are you?

6. Your mood right now?

7. What are you listening to right now?

8. 2 skills that you would love to have?

9. One of yours dreams?

10. Do you love hugs?

11. favourite word?

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paczadzinka gr0hl thenordicks 30chemicaldays redheadweirdo

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