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This might be a dumb question, but where could one read the original script for Pacific Rim, do you know? Like the old-old one I keep hearing about, where Newt has a Vespa, and Hermann is actually Newt and Newt is a woman or whatever the heck is going on with the rest of it.

Hmmm. Well, there’s a link to it at the end of this (newmann heavy) meta/analysis post by pookaseraph. Not sure where it was originally leaked?

On Newt and Hermann: I tend to think the whole “Newt and Hermann were once ONE person” thing is not the best way to describe the earlier script? It’s more like, a scientist character named Newt Gottlieb was thrown into a blender with a female reporter named Flick, and the end result was Newt and Hermann. Seeing as Newt took on some of Flick’s major character contributions (drifting with the hivemind alone), and Hermann took on some of Newt Gottlieb’s major character contributions (saving Newt from the first drift). So yeah, your phrasing that “Hermann was Newt, and Newt was a lady” is pretty accurate lol.

ugh. like the fandom jumping on newt is so. uhg Of cOUrse they woudl. great.

but  like.for me as hes a neuroatypical trans guy and a cutie its okay to. like him. and identify with him? i guess.

the thing is that if u dont at the very least acknowlege his mental illness then hes just a dick who needs to take responsibility for his actions. well i mean he needs to tke responsibility anyway but. like he. idk and its OKAY to like characters with no real use but. well try harder i guess? this paragraph makes no sense

i guess what im saying is

my newt is the Real newt and he aint perfect but he IS cute and a Baby

but the fact that newthermann is so popular.. and esp newt is like. MM. yeah two (usually) cis white guys. while their narrative is Awesome theres this sense that like.. theres something Groundbreaking about having the nerdy guys be heroes and. there isnt. the fact that it celebrates different kinds of intelligence IS but most people dont focus on that. so like. its actually REally . mainstream

its very easy to fall into the smart jerk white guy trap and i think Alot of people do. but hes not though. hes really not. and thats. yeah

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Anyone else find it weird that he switched cane hands for this scene with the radio, too? Poor Hermann can’t use his non-dominant hand for a radio, apparently.

I tend to take this a either two things: a) simple film inconsistency or b) whatever aliment Hermann has does not just affect his right leg. 

I suppose it could also point towards whatever issues he has with his right leg are not severe enough so that he can’t put a little weight on it at times. We do see him standing around or walking a little without his cane now and then.

*Hermann headcanons*