paco ignacio taibo

Four Hands by Paco Ignacio Taibo II

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The “Four Hands” are those of two world-ranging journalists., one Mexican and one American. It is these two men who provide the initially improbable links between such disparate elements of Taibo’s  amazing novel as Stan Laurel’s witnessing the assassination of Pancho Villa; the disinformation operation of an anonymous group in New York who approach their dingy office up a fire escape; the discovery of Leon Trotsky’s notes for the crime novel he was writing when he was murdered in Mexico; the stupefying thesis proposals of graduate student Elena Jordan;an episode in the contra war in Nicaragua; and the Spanish miner’s takeover of a coal mine in the 30’s

These themes and others, like the voices of a Bach fugue, appear and disappear and reappear, gradually weaving together into an intricate whole without losing their separate identities.\

“Four Hands” is a funny, dazzling, and exuberant work that only this author could have created.

Mystery, Fiction, Crime, Politics
ISBN: 0-312-10987-3


-¿Usted entiende algo? -pregunta el poeta mientras ayuda al periodista a reclinarse en su cama.
-Nada, pero esto es habitual en mí y en México. ¿Dígame quién entiende algo en México? ¿Quién en este maravilloso país sabe qué está pasando? Se simula, se aparenta, se confunde a los demás mientras todo alrededor está en tinieblas. ¿Entiende usted?
—  Paco Ignacio Taibo II. Sombra de la sombra, p. 107. (1995).