pacman rambles


Figured this should appear eventually :) Been lazy on putting my own art up but school is killing my personal art streak -_-

This is a Munny I decorated for my girlfriend in June last year, thankfully I had a week after my exams finished so I could do it properly before seeing her!
Feel free to play spot the reference, I can’t even remember them all…

As a mini explanation; It’s a load of her interests, and a few that relate to me. For example Terezi and Sollux cause that’s both of our star signs, and the toast and the sheep are related to nicknames. So many references I could add now, I’ll have to do a new one this year for SNK and Sherlock and all the other stuffs…

Took a long time, I didn’t count hours, but I’d happily do one again. Particularly if somebody paid me heh…

(if you wanted to know, mostly done with marker pens, I have WIP pictures if anybody is curious)

May I ask you guys a favor?

Good news! I’m setting up a gaming channel! Although, I’d really love to have some sort of gaming-senorpacman related icon to use as an icon, and also be used in an announcement video for it on my channel. It would be very appreciated! Be sure to submit the art to my inbox here on Tumblr, and I’ll be sure to credit you, and perhaps even pay you a couple of moneys if I end up using your icon! (if you’d accept such a thing!) It would be very appreciated!! Fanart will also be showcased at the end of all my videos, so you can submit that if you’d like as well!!

If you’d like to use some reference, you can see previous SenorPacman art in the following link! Thank you so much for your attention!


I know I say this a lot, but I still really am stoked that I have people such as all of you following my blog and/or Youtube content. It really means a lot to me, and I never really expected any sort of attention through my work. It is extremely appreciate it, and I wish I could convey my thankfulness in a better way than through text. Literally, every single one of you makes me so happy, because I wouldn’t be anywhere near to where I am as of now if it weren’t for all of you!! I really do love you all, and I hope you all stick with me for a while longer, helping me grow up as an entertainer as time keeps going!