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Damn Daniel, you are the kind of nerd I would date.

The kind of nerd who stays up at 4 AM playing Club Penguin and getting salty because he couldn’t make any real penguin friends and got banned for saying “you purple-ass penguin fuck”

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I think you're wonderful

A random anonymous user took some time from their day to send me a nice message. I don’t post here that often anymore and yet here you are supporting me with your kind words. I think we all know who the wonderful one here is. EVERYONE CLAP FOR THIS ANONYMOUS PERSON. Because its the small things that can make a difference in one’s day. Thank you so much, my dude.

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They cancelled the Popeye movie?? More people would have gone to see that then a movie about emojis

I kind of agree there. You can’t deny Emojis are popular as fuck, but thats mostly the younger generation. Popeye is a god damn classic. People even now watch Popeye. He’s a staple of the classic cartoon era along with The Pink Panther, Looney Tunes, and Mickey Mouse. Since millions of people know about Popeye, including the older generations that grew up with them, it would’ve attracted all kinds of audiences both old and new.

And besides, the animation looks fucking awesome from that small clip I linked. Like, it genuinely had some pretty good slapstick comedy and unique animation. BUT WHAT DO I KNOW. I guess yellow faces and smiling poops will sell well too.