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Packing Up || Oliver and Sebastian

Oliver smiled softly to himself as he stroked Fiyero, running a hand through the cats fur. He had just back to the island after being released from the Hospital, and Sebastian was coming over to help him pack. He didn’t want to see Aaron, so he wanted to be out of the dorm before his ex came home. He sighed and ran a hand through his curls, knowing deep down that this was the way things were suppose to be. He and Aaron had been drifting apart for some time now, and it’s what was best for both of them. Sebastian had offered for Oliver to move in with him, and Oliver agreed. Sebastian was his best friend, and at this point, the only person he trusted beside Amanda. They had been through a lot, and Oliver didn’t know what he would do without the other.

“Come here,” he whispered, chuckling as Fiyero jumped up into his lap. He looked down, smiling sadly at Melchoir who rubbed against his lower legs. He was going to miss that little ball of fur, but he didn’t plan on keeping in contact with Aaron after everything that had happened. He needed to push aside that part of his life and start fresh, and that’s exactly what he was going to do. He needed to be happy, for he realized that he hadn’t been truly happy for quite some time now. He smiled as he heard a knock on the door, picking up Fiyero and walking over to welcome his best friend. “Hey Bas,” he mumbled as he pulled it open, offering him a small smile and stepping aside so the other could enter the room.

And so packing begins… Closing on our house on the 31st!! I cant wait to be in our beautiful first home together! We are in desperate need of boxes. If you have any to spare, please let us know! #moving #packingup #excited

Well it’s started!! The packing of the cottage we have been renting for the past 8 years…. I know that’s not an excessively long time but long enough! The sale is going well at our shop and as of tomorrow we have 130 days to find a new location…..we are looking at it as an exciting change!
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