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Genre: bodyguard!AU | fluff, angst, mild swearing and a lot of sarcasm.

Member: Jaehyun / reader (3rd person perspective!!!!!)

Word count: 3000+

Note: There will be a part 2!

Summary: “You’re staring.”

“I like the view”

“What, of London?”

“London doesn’t compare to you”

(or the one where she doesn’t need him, but maybe she wants him.)

part: one | two

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“You’re being unreasonable. “ Jaehyun says, crossing his arms.

She shrugs, “I disagree.”

He sighs, “Look your Highness-”

“Don’t call me that.” She interrupts, crossing her legs.

“Okay princess.” He drawls sarcastically, “You simply can’t refuse to have a bodyguard without a valid reason.” He sighs.

She cocks her head, raising a eyebrow, “I have a valid reason!” She assures.

“Let’s hear it.” he demands.

“I don’t like your face.” She blurts. He frowns and she crosses her arms to mimic him.

“And you think my face is going to hinder my ability to protect you?” He questions.

“It could!” She assures in a seriousness that almost makes him laugh, “What if you’re looking at your reflection in a store window or your phone screen and someone kidnaps me?” She cries.

“Trust me, they’d bring you back.” He muttered scratching his head.


“I said we’d get you back.” he enunciates, “Our job is to make sure nothing happens to you- for God’s sake I’m a trained professional you can’t just-”

“I don’t need a bodyguard. I don’t even need a guard dog, I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself!” She cries in frustration, running her fingers through her hair.

To silence that follows is a mutual agreement for a break- to regroup, relax, grab a glass of water or a snack before they come back to finish the conversation. He sighs, she kicks her feet like she feels guilty for something and looks down at the table. There’s a pack of cigarettes and a lighter that sit kindly beside an economist magazine and a small receipt like checklist of everything she needs to pack.


Her fingers tap at her upper arm and she looks away to the wall to study the paint. He adjusts his suit, tugging at the collar of his shirt, “You’re stuck with me princess.” He says eventually.

Her neck snaps back to look at him. She wrinkles her nose, “Keep your distance.”


She sitting on a smooth wooden bench in the center of the Louvre. The room is empty, cleared by security for her protection and she’s staring at a painting. Its called ‘The Embarkation for Cythera’ and her chin is resting on her fist. One leg is crossed over the other and she quickly adjust the denim skirt she’s wearing. She’s got a brochure in one hand and headphones in her ears where jazz floods her senses.

Jaehyun is a few meters to her left, watching her closely as she stares curiously at the art. She yanks her headphones out, “What?” She snaps, sighing and turning to look at him.

“I didn’t say anything.” He shrugs.

She rolls her eyes, “You’re staring.”

He shrugs again, “That’s my job.”

She shakes her head, “No, your job is to protect me. You could do that from the control room or from the other side of this room but instead you’re stood as close as you can get without it being suspicious and you’re staring.” she explains.

He licks his lips and points to the painting before her, “This is one of my favourite paintings.”

She raises an eyebrow, “So you were staring at the painting?” She asks, knowing full well he wasn’t.

He nods, walking closer to sit on the bench next to her, “Not everything’s about you princess.”

They sit quietly together, neither too bothered to fill the silence. The absence of crowds who discus meaningless matters makes her feel lonely and isolated but she’s learnt to be with herself. “Why did you take this job?” She pipes up, not quite sure why she’s interested.

He cocks his head to look at the painting and licks his lips, “Patriotic duty.”

She laughs, “You’re funny.”

He turns to look at her, “You don’t believe me?”

She scoffs, “I don’t even think you believe you.”

“Okay.” He says carefully, crossing his arms, “Why do you think I took the job?”

She pauses and watches him carefully. She holds up her hand, “I have two theories.” She states.

He smirks, “I’m all ears.”

“the first-” she starts, her posture changing because she’s in her element, “Is that you were bored. You got sick and tired of foreign business men and all that bureaucracy and you heard the rumours.”

He raises an eyebrow, “What rumours?”

“The ones about me.” She says, pointing to herself. He scoffs but she continues, “You heard about the strange princess who doesn’t buy into this whole royalty thing and you were curious.”

“Curious enough to leave the KCIA and baby sit a brat?” He asks sarcastically.

She clicks her fingers, “Or you were fired. I’m still developing some more theories.” she sighs.

He scoffs a laugh, “Yeah well keep looking.”

She sighs again, turning back to the painting. The silence becomes deafening, an unbearable reminder that she’s always alone and completely segregated from the rest of society. He can see the sadness in her eyes, he saw it the moment he met her when she watched her distant family’s children dancing in the gardens of the palace. He sees it every time she has to attend some event or smile at some strangers her parents introduce her to, even sometimes when she watches students on their way to school, laughing with their friends.

“So which one is your favourite painting?” He asks quietly, trying to give her some kind of human interaction before she locks herself in her hotel room.

She swallows, scratching her head, “I hate art.”

He frowns, “Why are you here?”

She shrugs, looking around the room at the different paintings. “I wanted to feel less alone.” she says quietly.

He rolls his eyes, “Yikes, do you ever stop feeling sorry for yourself?” He asks tiredly.

She glares, “Fuck you.”

He shakes his head, “There are many ways to feel less alone, like hookers.” he suggests.

She tries to stay angry but her lips threaten a smile and she looks down at her hands, “You’re funny.” she states once more, but this time he doesn’t think it’s sarcastic.

He points, “You should smile more.”

She waves him off even though he looks smug because he can see her trying not to grin, “Shut up.”

She’s curled against the window with a book half open in her hands and her legs bent against her body. Jaehyun’s sitting in a leather chair nearby, looking around the room while his fingers tap anxiously against the arm of the seat. He sighs loudly, “How long are we going to be here?” he asks.

“How long is a rope?” she retorts, not testing her eyes from the book.

“Long enough to hang myself with.” He replies.

“Oh, boo-hoo, your life is so miserable.” She says sarcastically, turning a page.

He sighs again, glancing around the room. The building has high ceilings with shelves the reach as high as they can. Books are in piles on coffee table before leather chairs and large windows let in light to show dust over some of them. He pushes some aside with his feet, distantly curious but barely caring enough to sit up properly. He glances at her, “What are you reading?” He asks in an attempt to appease his boredom.

She sighs, “It’s called Man’s Search For Meaning.”

He cocks his head, “Is it a self help book?” He mocks.

She scoffs, “You’re an idiot.”

He rolls his eyes, “You’re mean.” he points out.

“No.” She begins, “I dislike persistent human interaction, something I cannot get away from as long as you continue to be present in my life because your contract says you need to shadow me 24/7” she hisses.

There’s a pause and he points to her, “Mean.” He repeats.

She rolls her eyes.

He watches her read, the light from the window falling on her face like she’s waking up from a dream and her hair is tucked behind her ear. She flicks through the book like she’s hungry for some kind of intellect she can’t find in her everyday world and she bites her lip when she concentrates. “You’re staring again.” She states, not looking up from the pages.

He clicks his tongue, “I like the view.”

She looks up and raises and eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

He points to the window that overlooks le canal saint martin where trees grow along the pavement and provide shade to couples who sit on benches and watch the water flow. “Paris is beautiful.” He states with a smirk.

She rolls her eyes, “It’s famous for that.”

He cocks his head, “So are you.”

She sighs loudly and lays the book down against her lap. “Are you flirting with me?” She asks carefully.

He shrugs, “You’re pretty, we’re in Paris, might as well make the most of a bad situation.” he crosses his arms.

She shakes her head, “Your job is to protect me, not take me out.”

He sighs loudly, a grunt emitting from his throat, “Buzzkill.”

She stares at him a little longer, “You’re so unprofessional, there is no way you can protect me more than I can myself.”

“Wanna bet?” He replies without a beat.

“Do I get to go back to reading if I agree?” she says tiredly, rubbing her eyes.

He nods, “Pinky promise.”

She smirks slightly, “What’s the bet?”

He points to her, “You get a point every time you don’t need me, I get a point every time you do.”

She smiles, “You’re on.”

new york

They’re sitting in a red leather booth by the window. The floor is tiled black and white and there’s a rainbow coloured juke box in a corner where a Beatles song is playing over the speakers. She’s scarfing down a burger and the fluorescent lighting from the diner stings her eyes, it’s a contrast from the darkness outside. Jaehyun sits opposition her with his arms crossed to match the boredom on his face.

she glances at him, “Don’t look so glum.” she giggles with a childlike grin.

“You’re drunk.” he points out.

She giggles again, slurping from her milkshake and crossing a leg over the other. She’s wearing his jacket because she didn’t have one of her own and the velvet dress was too thin to keep any heat in. “You’re a buzzkill.” she retorts.

He purses his lips, “You’re an idiot.”

I’m a princess.” She reminds, wagging her finger back and forth.

He rolls his eyes, “You snuck out and went clubbing.”

She shrugs, “I like the music.” But her lip lifts into a smirk and he knows she’s still sober enough to be herself.

“You can’t ditch your security.” He repeats for what feels like the hundredth time.

She shakes her head, “I think you’ll find that I can, and I did.”

“It’s dangerous.” He enunciates, leaning forward.

She scoffs and waves him off, “The only dangerous thing about tonight is the blister on my foot.”

“Or-” he Interrupts, snatching her milkshake and taking a gulp, “The guy who followed you to the club, the one who nearly slipped something into your drink and the one who tried to hit on you.”

She frowns, “You’re the one who followed me to the club, you’re saying I was in danger of you?”

He pauses, narrowing his eyes, “You knew?” He asks.

She breathes a laugh, “Of course I knew, and what was wrong with the guy who tried to hit on me?” she adds absentmindedly, finally finishing off her burger.

He raises an eyebrow, “Really?” She just stares so he sighs and points to his wrist, “Gang tat on his arm.”

“Oh, a bad boy.” She giggled again, her cheeks flushed from the alcohol.

“A very bad boy.” He reminds.

She smiles like he’s the funniest guy on earth and he tries his best not to stare too long because she really is very beautiful. She picks up the menu again, scanning through the options, glancing at him every few seconds. She hesitates, opens her mouth a few times but doesn’t say anything.

She folds the menu and puts it down, “I have another theory.” She states.

He narrows his eyes, “Alright.” He nods.

She licks her lips and crosses her arms “You’re running away from something.”

He cocks his head and she thinks she’s getting somewhere, “Continue.”

She shrugs, “That’s all I’ve got. Maybe you fucked up, hurt someone or got hurt- I’ve seen the scar on your hip.”

His arms instinctively tighten together and he wrinkles his nose, “You been checking me out?” He smirks, trying to deflect.

She shrugs again, “I like the view.”

“Now princess, are you flirting with me?” he questions, leaning forward in his seat and pressing his forearms into the table.

He’s got this smile on his face like he knows what she’s going to say. She smiles back, like they’re drunk idiots at 4am eating junk food somewhere in the middle of new York. She wipes her lip with her thumb and rest her elbows on the table, her head resting in her hands. They’re close enough that she’s pretty sure he can heart her heart slamming against her rib cage, “You’re beautiful.” She murmurs.

He cocks his head, his hand reaching out and pushing the hair away from her face. He tucks it behind her ear and she sighs, closing her eyes, “You’re drunk.” He says sadly.

She giggles, only making everything crash down around them much faster, “‘Yes I’m drunk, and you’re beautiful. And tomorrow I’ll be sober-’

‘And you’ll still be beautiful.’” he finishes. He sighs, letting his hand drop, “Its late princess, let’s get you home.”

She smiles again when she sees his cheeks flushed red and as he leads her out of the diner, his hand is on the small of her back, trying to keep her steady. He tries his best not to touch her for too long in case he kisses her but he helps her climb into the car and she holds onto his hand a little too tight like she doesn’t want to let go of him.

He smiles.

Her: 1

Jaehyun: 1

She’s panting, sweat dripping down her forehead and her shirt clings to her body. She takes a swig of her water bottle and wipes her cheek, trying to cool herself down. She looks over the cliff, staring down into what seems like the abyss and smiles. She’s trekked all this distance, wading through the dirt and gravel and the grass that scratches her ankles while the sun beat down on her skin.

“I didn’t take you for a hiking person.” Jaehyun huffs out.

She chugs a gulp of water and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, “I wanted to try something new.”

He shakes his head and clicks his tongue, knowing full well she did it to get some space and, and sighs, “Right.”

“Anyway-” She shrugs, stepping over a rock, “This is fun.”

“Oh yeah, 1000° of fun.” he mocks sarcastically, wiping his forehead.

She scoffs, “I didn’t take you for a whiner.” She mutters.

He smirks, “Sexually or just in general?”

“You’re hilarious.” She says breathlessly, placing her hands on her hips as she stands straight, trying to get some air into her lungs. He keeps walking as she looks at the distant view of the city.

“You need to stop princess?” Jaehyun calls from ahead.

She swallows, looking up at him and shakes her head with a grin, “Not a chance.” She assures, jogging to catch up with him.

He’s not in his suit for once. They’re both in workout gear, trainers and T-shirts and sweat all over their bodies but they’re both smiling at each other as they continue to hike up the sandy hill. “I have a question.” he breathes heavily.

She keeps walking, “Okay.”

He takes a gulp of water, “Why are you off gallivanting the world with no specific purpose?”

“I have a purpose.” She points out nonchalantly.

“Care to share?” he asks curiously.

She shrugs, “I want to gallivant the world.”

He nods, “That’s a good argument.” He points out, almost impressed.

But he’s got this tone to his voice that makes her eyes narrow, “But you don’t believe me.” She states, wiping the sweat from her forehead again.

He smirks, “I don’t even think you believe you.”

She shrugs and keeps walking, “Okay, what do you think my purpose for doing all of this is?” she asks tiredly.

He follows after her, still sweating from everywhere, “I have one theory.” He states.

“Only one?” She replies, raising an eyebrow.

He sighs disappointingly, “Yes sorry, only one.”

She smiles softly, “Let’s hear it.” She orders.

He stops, taking a deep breath and placing his hands on his hips. He pants through his words and she stops next to him. “I think you’re running away from something.”

He waits for a reaction that never comes, she just keeps panting, stays silent and tries to regain her breath. She swallows, hands on her knees and shakes her head, “Aren’t we all?” She responds, standing upright and staring at him. “And that’s not a very original theory, I seem to remember using it myself.” She reminds.

He cocks his head, “And now you’re deflecting.”

She smirks, “Well aren’t you a smart one.” She says sarcastically with no tone of anger in her voice which tells him she’s not upset he’s starting to figure her out, maybe because she doesn’t think he’ll get very far.

“I think you don’t want to be queen, or princess even.” He adds, “I think this is your way of experiencing life outside of that.”

She almost rolls her eyes, “A child could have diagnosed that.” she starts to walk up the hill again, lugging her body up the steep slope.

He raises an eyebrow, “Diagnosed?” He calls after her.

“Yeah” she calls back, “It’s called the grass is always greener on the other side or um… wanting what you can’t have?” but there’s a hint of bitterness to her voice and he knows she’s annoyed.

“And what you want is a normal life.” He states.

She narrows her eyes and stops walking, her hands on her hips. She takes a deep breath and sighs. She hesitates telling him, she’s not the kind to complain but she feels like he needs to understand her. She swallows, “You’ve seen my life; the glitz and glam and everything that goes on behind it. I was never in line for the throne so for a while, I knew what it was like to have none of that. I went to school, I was a bartender i…” She pauses, her eyebrows furrowed like she really needs an honest answer. “I never wanted to be princess, and then suddenly my uncle dies and my mum becomes… I’m thrown into this limelight, I had no choice in that!” She says louder, like she’s getting riled up, “I thought I could get used to it, if I pretend enough it’ll become reality right?” She takes a breath, looking away from him and watching the birds fly over the distant cliffs, “But I know this isn’t where I’m supposed to be.” she mutters.

He cocks his head, “You’re thinking about this the wrong way.” He points out, moving to stand closer to her. “We’re in the 21st century, you can be anything you want. You can be princess and have a job, you can go to school and rule a country. The possibilities are limitless! You could buy your own bar and work for yourself.” He pauses, “People look up to you princess. Show them what you got.”

She smiles softly, feeling uplifted into a new realm of thought. But she doesn’t tell him, only shoves him away with a giggle and takes off running towards the summit of the cliff- “Last one there’s a rotten egg!” she cries behind her.

Jae smiles softly and shakes his head, this girl.

Her: 2

Jaehyun: 1

(She beats him, she thinks that deserves a point no matter what)

part: one | two

MAN Eren again

The shorter cadets like to use Eren as a jungle gym. Connie swings off his arms like a monkey and Christa wants a piggy back, Levi just wants to be carried. Eren, because he`s a sweetheart, almost always obliges. 

When it`s a particularly hot day in training, the male cadets are allowed to remove their shirts so they don`t overheat. Jean immediately starts bragging about his 6 pack, until Connie taps his shoulder and points to Eren`s 8 pack. The entire day leads to a jealous Jean, an impressed Mike (because damn), a confused Oluo because why the hell does that brat have more muscle than him and a very, very satisfied Levi.

When they first meet, Squad Levi was sure Eren was going to be a tough, mean kind of guy. They don`t know if they`re disappointed or relieved when he`s a big puppy who follows Levi around. It is funny to see him flinch and hide from the captain, knowing well and good he could probably throw him across the room.

When Eren tries to get extra kisses when he knows he`s not supposed to, he kind of guessed Levi would shove him off. But not with a water bottle saying “Bad, bad Eren. Go away, shoo!” He sulks in a corner for the rest of the day for that.

Eren is basically one with nature, Jean says it`s because he`s an animal. His favorites are wolves though, they come up to him in packs with wagging tails and wanting pats. His friends are terrified because he`s laying with wolves right now and they could eat his face, but Eren knows they won`t. He even kisses one to prove it, he`s almost positive Mikasa faints.

Eren can actually quite easily break the chains and shackles he is put in every night. Snapping them would be so simple, just a twist of his wrist really. But he`s trying to be polite so he doesn`t.

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Hiii can I please request a tim x reader where the reader is supposed to give this really important presentation for WE but Tim is just sitting in the back making funny faces and attempting to distract the reader??? If not that's okay! I just love everything you write!! Thank you and have a great day!!! 💜💜

hi I’m sorry I died a little bit but here I am lovies!!! I couldn’t find inspo as some stuff happened but I’m back and butter than ever

(note: I have no idea what WE anono so I guessed I hope its okay)

title: hustle

theme: university, nerves, tim being a precious child

warnings: just war flashbacks to college

Tim remembered the first time he saw you; third day of economics, you rushed in, almost late, and flung yourself next to him, startling the boy from scrolling through his phone. From the moment he glanced up he was smitten; didn’t matter that you were obviously hungover from whatever plans you had last night, you just existed, and that was enough.

You caught the cute guy next to you starting at your disheveled appearance and felt your face redden, trying and failing to smooth some hairs down on your head and quickly readjusting your shirt. You sent a cautious, shy smile his way, and he seemed to get the picture, quickly turning away and placing his head on his hand. Tummy fluttering, you turned for your notebook.

Digging through your bag, you looked for a pencil to start taking notes, only to have your stomach drop when you realized that you forgot to pack one. Nervously, you tapped the boy on the shoulder, and took you hand back quickly when he startled, staring at you with those unnerving eyes. You forgot how to speak for a few minutes until the professor began to lecture, reminding you you really needed those notes.

“I’m…look, sorry to bother you,” you whispered, cautious that the professor wouldn’t overhear you. “Do you have an extra pencil?”

He blinked at you, before quickly reaching for his bag, fumbling with the zipper before he took out a spare pencil, handing it to you with averted eyes. Sighing in relief, you took it gently and began to scribble notes, attempting to catch up.

Your neglect at having a utensil left some of your notes incomplete, and when the professor dismissed the class, you turned to your classmate, observing him hastily packing to leave. You noticed how the light caught the lines of his jaw quite nicey, and the sun shone against his dark hair.

Ah, fuck.

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Request : none 

Summary : you like Liam and he doesn’t know 

Words : 617

Warnings : none

hope you like it :)) 





You shut your locker and turned around to get to the cafeteria to eat with the pack. You felt a tap on your shoulder and you turn around to see who it was. Liam. That pretty face. You liked him ever since you could remember. But you never told him, you never could. It seemed like he had a crush on Hayden anyway so you never bothered. You stuck by him during all the werewolf outbursts, you had to, he was your best friend. It takes no superpower to know you liked him, he’s blind to it and somewhere you were glad.

“Oh hi” you say, smiling. A smile automatically creeps up your face when he is in sight. “Hey, did you see Mason?” he asked you fidgeting with his lacrosse stick. You shook your head. “Probably pretending to do his homework on the bleachers, why?” “We were supposed to meet up after Econ, he never showed up” he says looking up from his stick. You guys reach the table where the pack was sitting. Hayden was with them too. You smiled at everyone and sat down in the empty seat next to Stiles. “The inner circle keeps growing, we’re cutting you out (y/n)” Stiles said joking. You hit his arm playfully. Lydia was scribbling notes on her notes. Scott and Kira were having a deep conversation about who knows what. My eyes were glued to Liam and Hayden. They were laughing about something. It hurt you, But you learnt to live with it. You felt Stiles nudge you “(Y/N) Are you listening?” he asks and you snap out of it. Mason gives you a concerned look. You shrug it off. “Sorry” you look at Stiles. “You were saying?” you ask him drinking from you juice box. “I was saying how Mason’s frequency theory may actually be right” he said.

“Am I in the inner circle now?” Mason asked. “No” said Stiles without missing a beat. “Why am I in the inner circle?” you ask a little confused, you put your juice box down. Everybody goes quiet. Lydia puts her hand on yours over the table. She took a deep breath and you knew something was up “We saw your eyes glow yesterday” your breath hitches. It caught everyone’s attention. Stiles looked at you “We don’t know what you are, but you’re something” he says. “We’ll keep you safe” said Scott. It was terrifying you to know that you are supernatural and in danger.

You see Liam looking at you. “I have to get to class” you say and stand up. You didn’t process what and how. You needed space. You stood up and walked off. You were a little far away from the table. You feel someone walking behind you. You turn around. It was Stiles. “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you earlier” he confesses. “It’s okay, what color were my eyes?” you ask looking at him. “Yellow” He said “A werewolf?” you raise an eyebrow. “Maybe” he shrugs.

“Did Liam know?” Stiles hesitantly nods. “Disappointing”

“I’m sorry, I know you like him” he said, you nod sheepishly. “Is it that obvious?” you blush a little. “pfft no” he joked. you chuckled. “On a serious note, he’s stupid not to see a beautiful girl crushing on him” you chuckle at it again and blush because Stiles called you beautiful. “I’m hopeless, I can’t stop liking him, it’s pathetic” you say to him and groan covering your face with your free hands. “You’ll be fine” he put his arm around your shoulder and offered to walk you to class.

“stop sulking” he calls out before leaving. “never” you say dramatically before walking into class.  

 I don’t know what this is, let me know if you guys want a part two.

Elorcan Werewolf AU Part 1

AU: In which the SJM series are not Fae, but werewolves. And mates and rejecting the bond exist 100%

Summary: Every year, the cadre holds a mating ball. Elide has just turned 18, meaning that she is now required to attend or face the consequences. Knowing that her mate isn’t a Lycan, she decides opts to not show. Little did she know one choice would hold on her.

There are some nights

when the Moon shines

and the wolves howl

Elorcan Werewolf 1

The cadre — the group of Lycans that traced from the bloodline of the Moon Goddess herself. Pure-blooded, more powerful than any regular Alpha werewolf, the cadre had terrorized and pillaged village after village, each Lycan searching for his mate.

Elide had snorted when her history teacher Asterin had described them. Almost in awe. Pure reverence. Extreme worship. And the school’s thirteen teachers didn’t easily hand out their respect to anyone.

Elide didn’t understand why the Lycans had bothered searching for their mate when it had been no secret none of them had their virginity left, their last personal piece for their mate, their other half. Worse, none seemed set on keeping their eyes short. 

Rowan Whitethorn, Lycan Princess Remelle’s first lover and omega Lyria’s mate. Elide had pitied the omega she-wolf; omegas formed the bottom ranks of the hierarchy, and there was a high chance that she would have been abused to continue her role as the scapegoat. 

Then there was Lycan swords-master Gavriel, who seemed to have a thing with humans, and leaving their beds cold when they awoke. Lycan ambassador Fenrhys, who seemed to have a thing with witches, and Lycan spymaster Vaughan, who bedded whatever appealed to his sight. The list when on and on.

And then there was turned-Lycan Lorcan Salvaterre, who had fucked more than half of the she-wolf’s population, according to Manon. The cadre disgusted Elide to no end. 

So she was more than ready to turn down the annual mating ball held by the Lycans every year during Rixalta. Sure, it may have been treason to not show up and not listen to the demands of the all-powerful man-whores, but the chances of her being the mate of any of the Lycans were so slim — especially when her wolf’s side had been ruined by her ankle — that they probably wouldn’t notice one she-wolf missing.

Huffing, Elide blew a strand of hair out of her face, heading towards her lockers. Alpha Aelin had seized the position of power after the previous Alpha, Alpha Arobynn, had murdered Omega Kaitlin Romper for attempting to escape his pack.

Elide had been proud to know that her best friend had been the first female Alpha in all of history, and someone not to be cowed by the intimidation and force other male Alphas had attempted. It had emerged a new era where females no longer drowned in the bitterness of belittlement, but swam in the murky seas of equality. 

Alpha Aelin had rightfully won every match whenever a male Alpha had tried to take over her pack, and Elide had never been more proud to stitch Alien back up.

“Elide!” a voice called. “Why aren’t you eating your lunch right now? No wonder you’re so thin!”

Elide rolled her eyes and gently closed her locker, looking up into the eyes of no other than Aelin’s beta, or second in command, Manon Blackbeak. Manon wasn’t entirely werewolf, her mother a witch, and her father a Lycan, and thus wasn’t required to attend any mating ball.

But Manon still liked to attend, riling up any werewolf that crossed her path. Last year, Aelin had sent Manon as her emissary, to which Manon had accidentally spilled wolfs-bane on none other than Alpha Dorian of the Rifthold Pack —  for staring at her white hair.

Chaos had ensued. 

Manon dragged Elide to the cafeteria, piling plates of pasta and steaming vegetables onto a bowl. “I know Sorcsha has been training you hard to be her apprentice, but you also need to eat.”

Elide merely picked her food, staring out the window. “Sorcsha’s a good Pack Doctor.”

Manon tapped her nails against the wooden desk. “What died and crawled under your ass this time?”

She didn’t answer for awhile. After silence hung in the air for minutes, she finally replied, “The Mating Ball.”

Manon let out an, “Ah.” She’d dreaded this moment, no doubt. “You turned eighteen a week ago, so now you have to attend.”

Elide rolled out her ankle, nodding. It was stupid, really. Why was she so afraid to go when no one would look at a scarred wolf? 

“It’s treason to no show up.” Manon gritted her sharp teeth. “Those bastards think they can control us with the back of their palms. But — you stay here, watch over the pack. Aelin will defend you if shit hits the fan.” 

The Beta’s message was clear: To hell with the consequences. 

Elide’s eyes widened. “You’d do that? For me?”

Manon slammed down her fork on the table. “I’m going to be brutally honest with you, Elide. With your ankle, you will be made fun of at every corner at the ball. And some unmated females will have the audacity to flirt with the Lycans to make them be their chosen, even if they’re aren’t their mates. To make them seem more powerful, the females will cut you down with words. I will not stand for it.”

Elide swallowed the pasta, along with gratefulness. “So I can burn the invitation?”

A gleam sparkled in Manon’s eyes. “Just make sure Aelin’s watching.”

Aelin had watched alright. She’d even lit the match. Elide didn’t know if it was a good thing that her Alpha was so defiant and had a penchant for disobeying. 

“Just make sure you stay inside the entire time,” Aelin warned, dabbing kohl makeup onto her eyelids. “You don’t want the cadre to accidentally catch the scent of the an unmated she-wolf lingering.”

Elide nodded, fluffing out Aelin’s dress. She’d specifically forced her Alpha to buy this dress, marveling at the dragon outline spiraling down her back. Oozing unbridled power and the aura of unmasked strength, the dress perfected Aelin’s flames. 

Aelin had claimed the dress made her feel older, but Manon had merely clucked her tongue, saying Aelin was still younger than her by a thousand years.That had shut Aelin up long enough for Elide to purchase the dress and stuff the package in Aelin’s arms.

Tonight would be Aelin’s first ball even though she’d turned eighteen last year. She’d been excused because she had been battling the former Alpha Arobynn for dominance of the pack. 

Now the mating ball invitation had decreed if Aelin’s pack, the Fireheart pack, refused to show up with all unmated she-wolves above eighteen years old, it would be an act of war.

How thoughtful, Elide thought bitterly to herself. Aelin deserved more than a year of recovery, killing her former master who had whipped her. Aelin had freed her from the Morath Pack, the one who had crippled her. Aelin had simply understood, while the toxic foes surrounding her threatened the comfort of security. 

Elide still woke from nightmares with Alpha Vernon leering down on her, a silver whip in his hand. Elide had lived for Aelin’s pack so that no other female would have to feel that pain again. She had sworn in to be the Pack Doctor’s second in command so that she could fight against her uncle’s legacy of pain, who had just had to be her past Alpha.

That would be another reason she didn’t want to go to be the mating ball. Her former Alpha without a doubt would be there, also searching for his mate. And searching for her so that he could mock her again,

Elide hoped that his mate would outright reject him. He deserved all the pain and sufferings from injecting rogues and his own pack members with wolfs-bane and silver, trying to see what made them squirm the most.

“I’ll be back before midnight.” Aelin said, doing a mini twirl in her dress. “You’ll be fine, right?”

Elide nodded. “I’m just going to sleep.”

Manon gave a satisfied nod, and then leaped out the window, yanking open the limo door with more force than necessary.

Aelin rolled her eyes. “She never does anything by halves.” She looked over at Elide, taking in her small form. “For what’s it worth, whoever your mate is, he’s got to be the most kind-hearted, flower loving male in the world.”

Elide gave her Alpha small smile. “And yours will probably be very submissive to you.”

Aelin let out a trill of laughter. “He’d better be. I didn’t reject half of the other male’s attentions and desires in this society to be stuck with a man-pig.”

Elide ushered Aelin out the door. “Me too.”

Lover of the Light Part 1

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Part 2.

When I saw my best friend break down crying because of his son being taken, it wasn’t the way I wanted to see my best friend fall. The bastard Cameron Hayes assaulted me and killed Half-Sack before taking Abel all because he wanted to get back at Samcro.

It’s been almost a week that we had been staying in Belfast, Ireland. We still haven’t gotten Abel back and everyone was getting a bit antsy. They had especially had to begin to get on each other’s nerves as well when I walked in on Gemma and Maureen threatening each other.

“I should take your right eye for talking shit about a man of God!” Maureen sneered at Gemma.

“It wouldn’t be the first thing you took from me.” Gemma scoffed as Maureen stood up and leaned over the table at Gemma as Gemma did the same.

“Well, maybe if you didn’t chew men up like a meat grinder, they wouldn’t be overseas looking for some tenderness.”

“You little dink of a whore!” Gemma snapped back as I spoke up.

“Enough! Enough!” I said as Gemma stood up and walked over to the kitchen sink and leaned over it to calm down.

Once they quieted down I turned to Maureen and asked her a question.
“Maureen, do you mind if I go down to the store and get some smokes? I can pay for them, it’s just that Jax took mine and I don’t know where he went?” I questioned as I Maureen looked up from the table as she nodded her head.

“Thank you.” I turned around and began to head for the door as Maureen spoke up again.

“Don’t worry about the money. You’ve already done enough for me it’s the least I could do.” I smiled as I nodded my head and began to head down the stairs. I walked over to the shelf and grabbed a pack of cigarettes before putting 50$ in the cash register. As I was doing so I heard a crash come from the office. I slammed the cash register closed before reaching behind me and grabbing my gun before slowly walking towards the door and kicking it open.

Once, the door opened it revealed as half naked Jax and a very exposed Trinity.

“Oh shit!” I yelled out as I lowered my gun.

“What the-” Jax said as he bent down and pulled his pants back up before coming eye to eye with me.

“I-I’m sorry. I said as I turned around and headed for the door.

“(Y/N)! Wait up!” Jax said as he began to run after me.

“It’s okay Jax. You go back to fucking your sister and I’m going to go calm the fuck down.” By now Gemma, Maureen, and Trinity had come out to see what all the commotion was about.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jax questioned as I walked towards my bike. As I threw my leg over the side of my bike before grabbing my helmet and putting it on.

“Ask your mother,” I said as I sped off.

                                                         Time Skip:

I pulled up at the wharf as I switched my bike off. I sighed to myself as I went over to the edge before taking a seat and hauling out my pack of smokes and taking one out of the pack. I tapped my jacket and my jeans before I realized I didn’t have my lighter.

“Fuck!” I said to myself as I went to take my cigarette out my mouth I heard a voice come from behind me.

“Need a light?” I looked next to me to see a hand holding out a lighter.

“Uh… Sure.” I said as I took the lighter and lit my cigarette. “Thanks,” I said as I handed the lighter back to the stranger as they raised their hands.

“You keep it.” The stranger said as I nodded my head before turning back to face the water.

“So, what’s someone like you being out here at this time of night?” I questioned as I heard the guy chuckle.

“Wondering why you’re doing the same thing.” Before I could respond I felt this sharp pain hit the back of my head before everything went black.

                                                   Jax’s POV:

I sat in church with boys when my phone went off with an unknown number. I furrowed my eyebrows before looking towards Clay.

“Go ahead. We’ll finish up here.” I nodded as I stood up and walked out of Church.

“Hello?” I said confused.

“Jax Teller?”

“Yeah?” I said as the doors to the church open and the boys filed out.

“We have something you want.” I chuckled before saying;

“And what might that be?” I questioned as the boys sat around me.

“Your little girlfriend. (Y/N).” I felt as if the world around me had fallen down. I spoke again as the boys looked over at me with worried and confused looks.

“Prove it.” My heart stopped when I heard her scared and panicked voice.

“H-hello?” She questioned as her voice sounded shaky.

“(Y/N)?! Are you hurt?!” The boys all stood around me as she spoke again.

“Y-yeah. J-Jax helps me.” (Y/N) whimpered as I went to speak up the stranger’s voice spoke again;

“Now, you listen to me. We want to make a deal with you?” The stranger said as I looked directly at Clay.

“What kind of deal?” I questioned as they spoke again;

“You’ll find out on Friday. Till then we keep her.”

“You hurt her and you’re dead. You understand me?” I said as the voice chuckled.

“See you Friday, Teller.” And with that, the phone call ended. I closed my phone before laying it on the table.

“What’s wrong Jackie?” Chibs questioned as I wiped my hand down my face.

“They got (Y/N),” I said as I felt my knees weaken as the boys all packed around me.

“Who?! Who got (Y/N)?!” Chibs yelled out as he slammed his fist on the table.

“I don’t fucking know! They want to meet with me on Friday.” Clay leaned on the table with his fists as he looked over at me.

“Why do they want to meet?” Clay questioned silently.

“They want to make a deal,” I said as I turned towards him.

“What kind of deal?” Clay questioned again;

“I don’t know but they did let me talk to her,” I said as Tig spoke up;

“How did she sound? Is she okay? Is she hurt?” Tig questioned repeatedly;

“She sounded scared and she said she was hurt,” I said as Tig and the rest of the club sighed as Chibs threw a bottle of beer at the wall.

“For the love of the fuck!” Chibs said as he sat back down. “We got to get her back.” I sighed as I sat next to him.

“I know, it’s all my fault that she’s gone.” The boys all turned towards me before Tig began to slowly turn his head to look at me.

“What the fuck did you do to her?” Tig said as he lunged himself at me as Happy and Clay held him back.

“I didn’t do shit to her!” I yelled as I stood up. “She fucking walked in on me and Trinity… Then she ran out got on her bike and left. That was the last I saw of her.” I said as Bobby began to chuckle.

“You were hitting that when (Y/N) walked in?” Bobby questioned as he chuckled as I looked at him confused.

“So, what?” I questioned as he spoke again;

“Well, for one nice and for two, don’t you see?”

“See what?” I questioned confused as he let go of Tig.

“She loves you man and to see you grab a hold of the first piece of pussy you see kills her man. (Y/N) has been with you through thick and thin.” I stood there in silence as my heart began to race. ‘She loved me?’

“We need to get her back,” I said as I turned around and sat back down.

“But we need a plan before we just go barging in there, guns a’ blazing,” Chibs said as we all agreed.

“Well, we got about three days before we got to meet with them. That’s enough time to figure out what we’re going to do.” The boys nodded as Clay spoke up.

“Let’s head into church.” We all nodded.

“This shit ends tonight.”

Memory P2 [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]


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Summary: Continuation of Memory.

A/N: Wow…a whole lot of you wanted either more or an alternate ending. Y’all are so sweet! You are way too kind to me. I didn’t want to say anything or any warning. I’d like to thank you! No matter if you reblog, like, or comment. I appreciate every single one of y’all. Thank you! I also made the last name Evans so…. LET’S JUST SAY THAT ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS ARE STILL THERE EXCEPT LIN. COOL.

Word Count: 800

Part One


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When you got off of work, you headed home. You almost completely forgot about Lin. You just wanted him to be gone. Once you opened your front door, the smell of your favorite meal came through. Your boyfriend, Ryan was in the kitchen cooking. He was absolutely handsome. He smiled widely when he saw you enter the home. “Evening, Y/N! How was work?” You slipped off your shoes and kissed him. “It was alright. I got a few of the animations done. I finished the backgrounds!” You found a job as an animator at Disney. You’ve been working on a new movie, Moana. Being one of their top artists and animators, they hired you for this movie! You couldn’t believe that your name would be in the credits of a Disney movie! “That’s wonderful! It wasn’t intentional, but as you can tell. I made you something special! You know, since you’ll be going to be working in LA for the movie.” Ah yes. You were going to LA tomorrow for the official recording and animations. “Thank you so much, Ryan.”

After a tremendous meal, you started to wash the dishes. You weren’t exactly sure where Ryan was, but you were sure he would be back soon. You spent the rest of the night packing for LA. Ryan tapped your shoulder. You smiled and turned around to face him. “Y/N since you’re leaving for a while tomorrow, I was thinking…I couldn’t bear the thought of having my girlfriend be away from me for so long,” he got down on one knee and pulled a small velvet box from his pocket, “So..I want you to leave as my soon to-be bride. Y/N, you are the most kind hearted, generous, beautiful woman I have come across my entire life. I was lucky enough to call you my girlfriend but now, I want you to be my wife. Y/N, will you marry me?” Just when you thought your smile couldn’t get any wider. You started tearing up. You couldn’t believe that the love of your life wanted to be with you for the rest of your lives. You nodded. “Yes, a thousand times yes!” He let out a sigh of relief and slipped the ring on your finger. You took a photo of your ring and uploaded it to twitter.


Coming Soon: Mrs. Y/N Evans @ryan_evans

You couldn’t be happier.

Back at the Richard Rodgers Theater

Daveed got a notification from twitter. All of the cast members were sprawled out on the stage from rehearsal. He read the caption. “Hey, guys,” he tapped the photo and saw a diamond ring “Y/N is getting married.” Everyone turned to Daveed and pulled out their twitters, instantly looking up your user. “Holy crap. She’s already over Lin?”

“I guess so. I talked to her the other day and she seems just fine. I don’t think she wants to see him again. She’s working on Moana tomorrow.” At that moment, everyone stopped dead in their tracks. “Isn’t Lin working on that movie?” As usual, chaos took over. They knew this was probably not going to end well.

You arrived at your hotel and your assistant, Bailey knocked at the door. You had gotten to know Bailey pretty well over the year and you considered her your younger sister. You opened the door and she gave you the plans for the day. “Y/N! Let’s see, we have to go to the studio in 30 minutes so if you don’t mind getting ready!”

“Thanks, Bailey! I’ll be ready in 10!” You closed the door and got ready. Your fashion sense wasn’t very extravagant, so you had no problem. You had little to no makeup on and you ran out the door to meet Bailey.

You reached the studio and snapped a small photo. You were greeted by some of the assistants. “Morning, Miss L/N! How are you?”

“No need for formality, just call me Y/N and I’m doing fine, how about you?” You were genuinely happy that they were so friendly. You made small talk and they showed you to the conference room. Each of the animators had to work with a songwriter so they can weave in ideas for the movie. You heard nothing about the songwriters and composers for the film, so you were going in blind. You reached the room and you noticed a small sign on the door that said Y/N L/N and Lin-Manuel Miranda. No. He was working on the music? He was working with you? The door opened and Lin had short hair and his grey sweater he loved dearly. He smiled expecting someone new, but it faded when he saw you. “Y/N?” Even the assistant could feel the tension. She left you both.

This should be fun.  


Calum Hood - 1539 words

I am having Calum feels. Shush.


“It would be quite crazy if we ever met them, but still. I  mean – It’s not like we have a thousand chances to run into them. We get like one in a million chances.” I breathe out the smoke that I had willingly let enter my lungs briefly, my pointer finger tapping on the cigarette to get rid of the excess of ashes. My best mate, the one who had dragged me to a five seconds of summer concert to begin with, sits next to me, fumbling with the label of a bottle before twisting the cap and taking a sip. She holds it out to me but I shake my head briefly, indicating I wasn’t interested. I was parched, but I felt numb. I was so tired right now and I know she wanted to get to the car and get going, back home, more than an hour drive, but I just needed a few to just sit here, enjoy my smoke and calm the fuck down.

“I know, but it would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Something would go right in our lives.” I scoff as I take another drag, eyes focusing on an old man staggering along with a walking stick. He should know better than to take this route to wherever he was going with an arena filled with young people and not get run over. “There are many things that go right in our lives. We just have way to high hopes, everyone does. People are complaining about their shitty life until they win the lottery. Do you know that winning the lottery is a one in two hundred – going on three hundred million chance? I think I read that somewhere.” She cocks an eyebrow when I once again provide her with a useless piece of information, but sometimes I had a feeling my head was filled with those things. Useless crap.

I shoot my cigarette away and it lands just in front of a woman maybe in her mid-forties, a young child hanging on her arm. She grants me with one of those vicious mum glares and I shoot her an apologetic grin in return, although I am laughing at her dumb struck face. “Feeling better already?”
“Kind of. I don’t know what came over me. Probably the heat or something. Low blood sugar levels? I had a rough day at work.” I shrug my shoulders and dig through my coat pocket for my pack of smokes, tapping one out and holding the open pack to my mate. She gently declines and I dig for my lighter before she holds one out to me. I grin widely at her and shoot her a wink as I hold the fire in front of my face. “You should learn to take better care of yourself.”
“Who’s talking?” I scoff immediately in return and I’m ready to give her a lecture about taking care of oneself but I’m ever so kindly interrupted with a strong male voice.

“Excuse me, can I borrow your lighter?” I turn my head and a smirk immediately crawls onto my features, pushing my sunglasses down my nose so I could confirm what I saw without the filter. “Well, one in three hundred million seemed to work for us.” I chuckle as I hand Calum the lighter, his eyebrows furrowed before he stands back to his full height. I shoot my friend a glimpse over my shoulder and I see her staring wide-eyed.

“Were you at the concert?” Calum asks as he holds his lighter back out to me and I gingerly take it from his hands to hold it out to the staring girl next to me. She seems to get out of her trance and answers. “Yeah, great show you gave.” Calum drops himself next to me and I turn back to stare at the people passing us by, although by now there were slim to none. Calum chose a good time for a smoke. He probably already knew by now the girls would’ve all dispersed and gone home.
“Glad you enjoyed it. You from around here?” I shake my head and bring the cigarette back to my lips, inhaling before answering him properly. “No, an hour drive from here. Waiting for the traffic to simmer down.” I point towards the endless cars, standing still and waiting to get on the highway.

“That sucks. But at least it’s the weekend, right?” He chuckles and we both smile, the conversation cut short when another male voice appears from behind us. “Cal, we were going to order some pizza what do you want? Oh hi.” Michael smiles and waves as he spots both my friend and I and we wave back. I am silently awaiting what my friend would do, seeing as Michael was her favorite. I was staying fairly calm seeing as how my favorite was sitting right beside me. “Hi Mike, this is.. Shit I didn’t get your names.” He smiles at me and I think I might have actually made one of the faces my best friend always laughs at.

“I’m Y/BF/N and she’s Y/N.” I’m grateful for her swift answer because for a second I was out of this world and forgetting there was actually a question thrown my way. Calum tosses the last bit of his cigarette onto the street and raises back to his feet, dusting off his jeans before turning to Michael. “Well, that traffic isn’t going anywhere soon. You guys up for some pizza?” Calum smiles and I turn towards my best friend who gives me those eyes that mean are you even fucking asking you moron?!. So I turn back around and raise to my feet as well, throwing my smoke along where I’d flicked the other one off to. I nod my head at Calum and Michael waits for us until we’re at his side.

“So, you girls from around here?” Michael sparks up a conversation with my friend and I decide to just walk a thread slower, dangling behind them when I feel a warm presence besides me. “You’re a bit pale.” Calum states matter-of-factly and I can’t help but snort and shake my head just the lightest. “I didn’t have time to eat a proper dinner and I’m just feeling that.” I shrug my shoulder as I let him lead me through a thick, black door at the back of the arena and we’re met with gray cement walls that seem to go on forever.

“Then you’ll get a whole pizza to yourself!” Calum nudges my upper arm with his elbow and I push him away, chuckling lightly. Michael and Y/BF/N disappear through a door and I stop, letting Calum walk in first. Both Ashton and Luke’s heads are raised, eyebrows furrowed as they stare us up and down. “Guys, this is Y/BF/N and Y/N. They’re our pizza dates for tonight.”
“Ah, so you do this every night? Good to know. As long as the food’s free.” I huff out as I let myself fall down next to Calum in one of the sofa’s that are provided for the artist, Calum chuckling, shaking his head at me as he shows me his dimples.

“You’re such a pizza whore.” Y/BF/N shakes her head while laughing and I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly, crossing one leg over another. “It’s just really really good.”
“So I’m ordering the usual and two extras? Luke stands to his feet, phone in hand as everyone shouts their consent. Luke disappears out of the room, phone already pressed to his ear as he mumbles our order.

“Let’s share things no one knows to get to know each other better. That’s way more fun than twenty questions.” Calum proposes and everyone seems to agree to it so he decides to go first. “I used Michael’s toothbrush twice already and Luke’s over five times by now.” He states and I have never seen Michael that pale before he shouts some obscene words towards his band mate. “You’re disgusting.” I whisper, keeping my eyes trained on the three other people in front of me. “At least my teeth were clean.” He grins back and winks and I bite my lip as soon as the gesture happens, cheeks flaring a bright shade of pink. “Y/BF/N, your turn.”

Y/BF/N turns towards me and smiles guiltily. “That time I puked in your bed, I knew I had done that. I just thought you’d be less mad if I faked ignorance.” My eyes widen and I hear Calum beside me gasp before bursting into hysterics, eyes clutched shut as his head disappears between his opened legs. “And you’re never sleeping in my fucking bed again! Did you know how horrible I felt because you were sick? Fuckin’ bitch!” I gasp, a small grin already crawling onto my cheeks as I try to hold in my laughter. “Oh, don’t be so dramatic.”

“Next time I’m sick I’ll just puke all over your car instead of wanting to sit and get free pizza.”
“I think you should reconsider your statistics.” Y/BF/N smugly grins at you which sends you into a fit of giggles, all the boys left confused at prior conversations. This was once in a life time.

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Lots of love,
L. xox

Bts Reacting To A Girl Drummer Joining The Group As A Member.

Request: Hi! Please can you do BTS reaction to a girl drummer joining the group as a new member? :)


Jin- Vocals

Originally posted by yoongkitty

He would be slightly surprised at first but he would react much to it. That was until he saw you play. He was so impressed and asked if you wanted to go get food later. To which you said yes.

You would go to his favorite restaurant where he would make you try everything that was good (so pretty much the whole menu)

He was surprised you could eat so much. Which intrigued him.

Later he would let you hear his beautiful vocals in which would make your heart flutter.

You would find yourself paying mor and more attention to his vocals the longer you were in the group, he really did have such a beautiful voice. 

Yoongi - Music Writer/ Producer

Originally posted by sugagifs

When Namjoon introduced you to Yoongi he glanced up for a moment before burying himself back into his work and waving his hand for you both to exit his studio.

As you turned to leave he would double take and turn to realize you were a girl, his gaze would linger till you left the room.

You wouldn’t see him much until you started recording for the new album. You figured he would ignore you like he did last time, but much to your surprise when you entered the room he looked over at you, and smiled quickly before he spoke with Namjoon for a moment.

Once you got in to record he realize why Namjoon hired you. He was very impressed with your ability and talent.

Afterward he lied and said that he needed another session with you tomorrow, he said this time though he wanted to discuss more than just the upcoming album.

Pretty much he was blunt and straight to the point the next day and asked you on a date. He wanted to get to know someone a genius and talented as him.

J-Hope - Bass Guitar

Originally posted by lookwhaticreated

He wouldn’t even notice you, because he was running late to practice again. When he did arrive he stumbled into the room and quickly set up.

Only when he heard the drums behind him did he turn to look at you.

“Hey you must the the new guy Namjoon hired to…” he stopped as he looked at you his face flushed as he realized you were a girl.

The other band mates would snicker as he quickly whipped back around. Ignoring you for the remainder of the rehearsal.

To everyone’s surprise the next practice he showed up not on to me but early. You were practicing by yourself when he entered.

He would apologize over and over for calling you a guy and you would laugh it off like it was no big deal.

After that you and him became very close. You would tease him in interviews about how he called you a boy and he would always blush bright red and apologize over and over again.

Rap Monster- Manager/Casual Rapper

Originally posted by mn-yg

He first saw you at a local bar, playing with your ‘bandmates’. The only reason you agreed to do it was because you needed money, you hated your fellow bandmates and never stuck around afterwards to get hammered like the rest of them.

You had just finished packing up when he tapped your shoulder making you jump “crappy bandmates huh?”

You looked him up and down before nodding.

He would go on to explain the position in one of the bands he managed and how he wanted you to be in it.

You took the offer without thinking. Only later did you realise that this band was actually pretty popular.

Over the next week’s Namjoon become very friendly with you, checking in on practices, staying until you left. (You stayed late to learn the new songs)

He always took good care of you, until one day he walked in dressed normally. He told you he stepped down because he could do it anymore. Before you could ask why he kissed you.

He told you how he had developed a lot of feelings for you and didn’t want to lose you because of his job so he stepped down (even though the new manager pretty much asked him to do everything since he knew what he was doing)

He ended up rapping in a few of the band songs and the other members were very happy when you agreed to be his girlfriend. (Mostly so he would stop talking to them about how much he liked you)

Jimin - Lead Guitar

Originally posted by gotjimin

He liked to show off. So when you came in and shows them what you could do he got jealous.

The other members showered you in compliments and it made him very angry.

He would complain to Namjoon about you and one day after a rough practice would explode and blame you for messing it all up.

You didn’t take his crap and argued back with him. Namjoon finally stepped in and made Jimin and you sit down and work out your problems.

At first neither of you said anything. He sat there sulking as you browsed through your phone.

He would huff and finally tell you how he feels and you could help but laugh at how cute he looked when he was angry.

You both agreed to start of from the beginning and move passed the issue, you ended up being best friends.

Tae - Rhythm Guitarist

Originally posted by jeonbase

He was the quietest out of the bunch, he kept to himself and followed what the band told him to do, when he first saw you his face went red and he turned to Jungkook and whispered to him.

He panicked, he was not good at talking to girls and now there was one in the band with him, how was he supposed to do this.

You tried to talk to him but he would either just nod or give a short reply.

Eventually, you asked J-hope about it and he spilt his guts. Telling you everything.

The next day you cornered him and talked to him about it. You told him to just treat him like one of the guys to which he blurted out that he couldn’t because of how beautiful you are.

You would chuckle and back away from him and look at your feet and apologise for making him tell you.

It did help things though. He started to talk to you more often and eventually you both were on good terms.

Eventually, he would ask you on a date to which you said yes.

Jungkook - Keyboard

Originally posted by jengkook

He was the first band member you met. You showed up to the practice room only to hear a piano playing.

You quietly slid in and stood there listening as he played. He never noticed that though had entered. His eyes were closed and you could tell he was deep in thought.

Namjoon eventually entered and properly Introduced you to Jungkook who would be super shy and look slightly shook when Namjoon told him you would be the new drummer.

You came to realize he would always come to practice early and just play whatever he was feeling. You started to arrive early as well so you could listen to him play, it made you feel very relaxed.

One day though you arrived and he wasn’t there. You walked in and decide to practice a little since you had time.

As you started to play you noticed him sneak in and stop dead when he saw you playing. He narrowed his eyes and asked why you were here.

You lied and said you just needed extra practice. To which he accepted and sat and watched you play till practice started.

The next time you arrived he was playing again. You quickly entered the room and started to listen. Then you sneezed and he stopped dead in his playing and turned to look at you.

You both stared at each other for a while before he spoke “I am sorry if you need to practice I can go”

You shook your head and admitted why you were there to which he blushed from embarrassment. “I am sorry you have been listening to me play, these are my own arrangements that I have done”

You would tell them that you loved them and that it made you feel good. He would then offer to teach you to play.

After that you would both arrive early and he would teach you to play piano, you even taught him a thing or two on drums.

One day he admitted he had feelings for you, he showed you a song he had written that was inspired by you and it made your stomach do flips. He asked to have you be his to which you blurted out yes.




Dragon Age Fluff
Pariing: Cullen x f!Trevelyan (background)
Characters: Cullen, Varric
Words: 1196
Also on AO3

Commander Cullen stood, arms crossed and feet planted, watching his soldiers train. It kept his mind occupied and his men distracted. Many of those tilting against the practice dummies on the shore of Haven’s lake were raw recruits, volunteers attracted from their lives as farmhands by the glamour of the Inquisition’s promise to save the world. As such, most of them had never held a sword in their lives, and it showed.

“You there!” he shouted. “There’s a shield in your hand – block with it! If that were a fireball, you’d be dead.” He scowled at the offending recruit, who jumped and flushed scarlet before nodding and readying himself for another attack.

“Well now, there’s a sight,” said a familiar, gravelly voice. Cullen turned to watch Varric saunter over, his eyes on the recruits in the speculative manner that usually meant he was after material for his next book. “You’ve certainly put fear of the Maker into them, Curly. Haven’t you maybe considered going a little easier? Give them time to celebrate.”

“They’ve had two days,” Cullen replied in clipped tones. “Without seasoned troops to back her up, Lady Montiliyet’s diplomatic efforts will be wasted. Besides,” he added, with a jut of his chin towards the Breach, “it keeps their minds off that.”

Varric rubbed a broad hand along his jaw. “You’ve got a point there.”

For a while they stood in not-quite-companionable silence, lulled by the rhythmic beat of the training patterns and by the hiss of windswept snow over the ice. Finally, the tense line of Cullen’s shoulders softened.

“Has there been any change?”

“Nah,” the dwarf replied. “At least, not so far as I can tell. Seeker’s trying to pretend everything’s alright, of course, and Chuckles is as talkative as ever, but believe me, if they’d managed to wake Kitten up, you can guarantee all of Haven would know about it.”

Cullen frowned. “I assume that’s another nickname?” As far as he could recall, the Herald’s name was Maighread.

“You got a problem with it?”

He shrugged and admitted, “It seems a little odd. I get ‘Seeker’ and ‘Ruffles’, and even – Andraste preserve me…” His hand drifted to the slicked-back mop of blond curls on top of his head. “But why ‘Kitten’?”

Varric smirked. “Because she’d look adorable curled up in somebody’s lap.”

That brought the scowl back, not least because speaking in such a way about a religious icon was tantamount to blasphemy. Unbidden, an image surfaced in his mind of the woman he had seen so tense and bristling on the mountain, with her legs folded and her head tucked in towards her chest, smiling softly, completely at ease. His arms almost itched with the phantom weight of her curled into his side, which was unexpected and entirely unwelcome, so he shoved the idle fantasy away.

“Andraste’s ass, Curly, I’m only pulling your leg. There’s no need to look at me like that.”

“If you don’t want to answer the question, you could just say so.”

“You’re no fun,” Varric told him. “But don’t you think it suits? Are you seriously telling me you don’t think she’s at least a little bit like an itty-bitty kitten?”

Cullen thought back to their encounter at the Temple, the crackle of lightning and the battle-snarl peeled over the Herald’s teeth.

“More like a lioness,” he chuckled. “What?”

“Oh, nothing,” came the airy reply. “I just find that a very interesting choice of words coming from the man fabled as ‘the Lion of the Inquisition’.”

“I know what you’re implying, dwarf, and I don’t like it,” Cullen growled. “Now if you’re finished, I have things to do.”

“And Hawke always said it was the scratchy Templar underwear that made you cranky.” When that jab failed to get a reaction, Varric decided to change tack. “Tell me, have you ever seen a human baby?”

“Have I ever …?” Cullen stared at him. “What is that even supposed to mean?”

“Well, what does a baby do when something frightens it?” Varric asked, speaking as if his question were nothing more than a logical exercise. “It looks around for the nearest big thing to help it fix the problem. Now puppies –” he gave an expansive wave of his arm – “Puppies are something else. You put a big scary something in front of them, and they’re gonna roll over on their backs and grin and hope they’re too pathetic to kill. Tends not to work too well as a defence mechanism if there’s no momma dog to intervene, but hey, I guess that’s why dogs always come in packs.”

Cullen’s fingers started tapping on the pommel of his sword. “Get to the point.”

“The point is, Curly, cats are different.” Varric scratched his chin again. “Do you remember all the stray cats in Kirkwall? I saw more than my fair share of them, between one friend and another, and let me tell you, a kitten will fluff itself up, stand all alone against the world, and stare down a charging qunari if the situation calls for it.”

Silence fell between them again. He could see it now. When the fighting had died down and they all stood panting with the Fade rift just an emerald sheen in the air, and he had taken Cassandra aside and hissed is she to be trusted, after what we saw? she had curled her lip in bitter self-mockery. I’m told if I prove untrustworthy, it won’t be for long. Then she had gritted her teeth, her left hand fisted at her side, and marched towards the ruins.

“I heard the Herald faced down Cassandra when she woke up the first time,” Cullen said now. “She didn’t even flinch. That’s much more impressive than a qunari.”

Chuckling, Varric nodded. “Mmhm. She’s got guts, that one. She’ll make it through this, don’t worry.” With one last rueful look at the sky, he turned to go, forcing his mind towards the stack of correspondence waiting for him from the Merchants Guild.


He paused, turned to see the commander shift uncomfortably on his feet.

“Let me know if you hear anything.” It came out as an order, but Varric had spent years learning people, and he heard the note of genuine worry in that voice, even if Cullen failed to notice it himself.

“Sure thing, Curly. You’ll be the first to know.”

Cullen thinks back to that day on quiet nights, when exhaustion leaves his eyes heavy, when Maighread dozes against his chest, her hands lightly fisted in his shirt and her breath easing against his neck in soft, even puffs. Moonlight drifts to them tangled together, either from the hole in his roof or the high glass doors that open her room to the sky, and his chest constricts at how impossible it all seems - that of all people, she lets him see this side of her, trusts him with her vulnerability. She shifts, groggy murmurs as she settles deeper against his arms, and he allows Varric this one small, silent victory as her comfort pulls him into sleep: she is, when she deigns to show it, very much like a kitten after all.


“Basic Economics,” by Tommy Bottoms

Now, lyrically, my game is nice.

I can steal a rhyme without your mindin’ and sell it back to you for half price.

I might even do it twice.

Cause see, I spit precise parable poem paragraphs that’ll penetrate your pituitary gland 

And make your mind expand, make you understand 

There’s a very short hop between slinging rock and trading stock.

See, this is basic economics. Buy low, sell high.
Your price determines whether demand meets supply.
See, most of us don’t want to even admit it or even hear it,
But see, being a drug dealer is the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit.

See, capitalism breeds capitalists, so if there’s demand for a product,
you best believe somebody gonna supply it. See they’ve got the right mind,
the wrong grind. Cause see really even Eli Lily sells drugs of all kinds
we don’t have to worry about packing nines or tapping their phone lines
because they’ve got politics and public opinion on their side.

The only way to survive in this society is to have a hustler mentality.
See as long as you’re working for your money, your money’s not working
for you, you’ll forever be a slave. Bill Gates did not stack all that cake just
sitting around waiting for a promotion to raise it. Now, he got the whole game
on lock and ain’t worrying about prison time.

So if you can flip a 16th into an ounce, and an ounce into a ki, 
there seem to be no reason to me you can’t exert that same amount 
of energy into learning the hustle of the Dow Jones industrial. 
So, you need to be fucking with that NASDAQ and leave that crack alone.

Or you could just invest in a duplex home and rent it to two 
different tenants and you could rent money to pay off the loan 
in half the time. Or you could continue to grind and hustle them 
drugs in the street, but peep, it ain’t about what you got, it’s about 
what you can keep. You see, when that task force sweep, best believe 
they’re taking the cars, the rims, the beats, the cash, the crib, 
and the platinum Jesus piece.

And I’m getting sentenced to a ten piece to get released and try to look for peace, 
but you can’t get you a peace cause that felony on your record has got you  marked as a beast. You’ve got to go back to the streets so you can get cop you a piece so you can take you a piece. That’s why the streets don’t see peace.

See that’s just one of the many vicious cycles that compromise the struggle. 
Understand we can’t all do it like Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, so don’t stop hustling, just change your hustle.

See America is designed for the get rich. There’s a million and one ways for you to get paid off of this bitch. And most of them’s legit. Just find a market you want to target, produce a service and/or product and your revenue minus your expenses is going to equal your profit.

See, it’s just basic economics. As long as you have the haves, you’ll always have the have nots, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re happy with what you got.

And if not, you’ve got to concoct a plot that’s gonna raise the stock you’ll be willing to hustle and grind from sunrise to sun-drop, cause believe me, ejaculation is the only thing that comes easy. 

Too many cats who’ll play the lottery think the stock market is too risky.

Now, I know I spit this poem with a whole lot of Ebonics, but it don’t matter who say it or how it’s been said, it’s still just basic economics.

T A T T O O S (Happy Imagine)

This isn’t a request. I’ve been listening to August Alsina’s Testimony album on repeat the last few days and haven’t been able to get this particular story out of my head. I finally decided to sit down and type it out. The song inspiration for this short screamed Happy at me the very first time I listened to it. I’m still working on the requests but this one took precedence for some unforeseen reason. Hope y’all enjoy it! 

NOTE: There is no ‘Reader’ in this story. It’s purely Happy’s POV. 

Originally posted by sandm1827

WARNINGS: Explicit content (minor smut)

Playlist: Kissin’ On My Tattoos - August Alsina

Baby I don’t blame you
For being in the clubs
Getting all that love
Because you’re so beautiful
God made you to show that off
Now I ain’t ever been the jealous type of guy
But I want you to myself, I can’t lie
I know we ain’t on no one-on-one thing
But baby, it should change

Clad only in his boxers, he sat up, throwing his legs over the side of the mattress. He rested his elbows on his knees and ran his hands up, rubbing them over his scalp. He rolled his shoulders back, working out the stress in his muscles. He brought one hand back down, wiping the sleep away from his eyes. He tipped his head back, bringing his hands together under his chin, resting it on the tips of his fingers. He felt the weight of the bed shift behind him and he dropped his hands down into his lap. It was still early, the sun barely on the horizon. He didn’t hear as she moved toward him, and he didn’t hear as the sheets billowed around her waist. As soon as her fingers connected with his skin, trailing along the line of spine, and his head bowed forehead, all attempts at composure lost. All the tension in his body released and he relaxed into her. Her touch was a like a whisper, easily disregarded if you weren’t attuned to it; prepared for it. His body was on her frequency and had been for a long time. He couldn’t pinpoint when it happened, or how it happened, but here he was desperately wanting more. Her finger tips danced around the hem of his neck until she let her entire arm droop down his chest. She pulled herself up against him, her bare chest pressed against his back. She hooked one leg around his hip, letting it hang between both of his. She pressed her lips into his shoulder blade, running her nose along the outer edge of his back. When she reached the crook where his neck connected to his upper body she tilted her head, resting it in that special place. A place he’d let no woman call their own before. A place solely for her use. 

“Leaving so soon?” She sighed, her warm breath ghosting over his skin.

He reached up, linking his fingers through hers and squeezed. With no more than a nod, he lifted away from the bed, standing and turning around to face her. The soft light from daybreak filtering in through the window, illuminating the lazy smile on her face. He gazed down the length of his arm, her hand still held tightly within his. He licked his lips and let go. He watched as her hand tumbled back down into the mess of her sheets. She used that hand to grab a handful of her covers and dropped backwards into the pillows. He scooped up his t-shirt, pulling it over his head. She yawned, turning over to lie on her stomach. He felt as her eyes watched his every move. In response to her gaze, he flexed, his muscles contracting with every motion. When he was dressed, shrugging into his cut, he glanced back over at her. His eyes locked with hers and she gave him a slow wink. He held her gaze for a few more seconds before turning and retreating through her bedroom door. He heard the crinkle of her blankets as she turned over, and the sigh that escaped her as she relaxed, falling back asleep.   

Cause when I be out with other chicks I be thinking bout you
And when you be out on dates you be texting me too
Telling me to come pick you up when he drop you off
I pray to God he ain’t breaking you off

His fingers were tied deeply into the blonde’s hair, pressing her harder against him. The crow eater’s head bobbed back and forth, never relenting. He glanced down catching as the crow eater stared up at him, a distorted smile on her face. He grunted, screwing his face up at her and shoving her head harder against him. He tilted his head backwards, closing his eyes and picturing her face. He replaced the blonde’s greasy hair with her flowing locks. Her smile mimicked his smirk, and her bright eyes gazed up at him. Her tell-tale wink reflected in his memory and ignited the fire within him. His body tensed and he held the crow eater’s head still. He nearly sagged into the chair as his body calmed, the fire washing away. His fingers loosened and he leaned into the chair, lining himself with the backrest. He heard an unseemly giggle – in a tone that wasn’t hers – from the crow eater and was immediately thrust from his reverie. His body stiffened and he straightened his spine, his eyes snapping open to glare at the crow.

 “Get out.” He growled.

 She stumbled backwards at his tone, scrambling to leave the dorm room. He groaned, throwing himself back into the chair. He contracted his hands into fists, feeling as his nails dug into his palms. He opened them again, staring down at the half moon indents. He was waiting and he knew it. He always waited on her, hand and foot. He pulled his burner out of his pocket and toyed with it, flipping it around in his hands. He knew where she was tonight. Another date, a different man. He fought to settle the rage that built in his chest. His burner buzzed, causing his fingers to twitch. He clenched is jaw, flicking it open. One new message.

 Another boring one. The message read. Pick me up?

He didn’t bothering texting her back. She knew he’d be there. She knew he’d drop everything and meet her.

I don’t want nobody but you
Kissin’ on my tattoos
I don’t want nobody but me
Talkin to you
Until you fall asleep
We better stop playing (We better stop playing games)
Before we mess around and someone gets hurt
I don’t want nobody but you (nobody but you)
Kissin’ on my tattoos

He tapped the kickstand, letting this bike idle by the curb. He was parked on the street in front of her house. He saw her car in the driveway but didn’t spot another. She was alone. He reached into the pocket of his cut, brandishing a cigarette pack. He tapped one smoke out into his hand, fishing for his lighter in his jeans pocket. He bent forward, cupping his hand around the end of the smoke and lighting it. He inhaled deeply, held in the vapour and then exhaled through his nose. He heard a door open and glanced up to see her shrugging into a light bomber, tucking her hands into her hair and flipping it out of the collar. She pulled the door shut behind her, locked it and bound down the steps towards him. She smiled and bounced up onto her tiptoes, pushing a small kiss to his lips. As she retreated, she plucked the cigarette from his fingers and stole a toke. She blew the smoke back out into his face, raising her eyebrows in a defiant manner. He swallowed, hooked his hand around the middle of her back and smashed his lips into hers. She arched herself backwards, causing him to lean over further. Her hands swept up his arms, along his neck and lay against his freshly shaved crown. He groaned his self-control melting under her touch. If he was an addict, she’d be his drug of choice; his favourite brand of heroin.  

All my homies wanna know what’s up with us
They can’t believe that I’m kicking it with just one girl
But I’m cool with that
Them pretty eyes and that smile
Girl I’m a fool for that (yeah I’m a fool for that)
Cause when I be out with other chicks I be thinking bout you
And when you be out on dates you be texting me too
Telling me to come pick you up when he drop you off
I pray to God he ain’t breaking you off

He didn’t know when, or how, but the rest of the boys caught on. They figured out his predicament. They didn’t know her, but they knew of her. They knew she existed. He tried to throw them off. He tried burying himself in the sweetbutts but couldn’t. They weren’t her. They didn’t make the same noises. They didn’t gasp his name the right way. They didn’t touch him like her. They just weren’t her. 

“Killer found his kryptonite.” Someone joked. 

It annoyed him. The lot of them commenting on his personal business. Each of them had an Old Lady, or someone they favoured. Was it any different that he’d found a favourite too? He reclined on the couch, letting the crows rub against him but it did nothing. He couldn’t even pretend to enjoy it. He slipped his hand into his pocket, tapping his index finger against the plastic of his burner. He glanced at the clock above the bar, noticing that it’d gotten late. She never left him waiting this long. A sudden realization hit him and a surge of green coloured his vision. Had this been the date that would change everything. He jumped up, knocking the crows backwards. The green faded into a pulsing red. Their arrangement wasn’t up yet. He wasn’t ready to change what they had. If it was going to end, it would be on his terms. He stalked out of the clubhouse, whistles and hollering following as he left. He was breaking his golden rule. He was making the first move. 

I don’t want nobody but you
Kissin’ on my tattoos
I don’t want nobody but me
Talkin to you
Until you fall asleep
We better stop playing (We better stop playing game)
Before we mess around and someone gets hurt
I don’t want nobody but you (nobody but you)
Kissin’ on my tattoos

He was sitting on her doorstep when the sleek black Audi pulled up into her driveway. He stood, taking calculated steps towards the vehicle. He watched as the smartly dressed man exited first, rushing around to hide her behind him. He paused, raising one eyebrow and silencing the scoff on his lips.

 “Happy?” He heard her voice from behind the other man’s shoulder.

The man turned his head in her direction, “You know this…” He turned back to him to give him a scathing glare, “Criminal?”

His hand lowered, his fingers twitching around the cold metal of his firearm. His tongue ran along his lower lip, a curl developing in a mute growl. He noticed that she didn’t answer. She didn’t acknowledge their familiarity with each another. She placed her hand on the forearm of the man blocking her way and attempted to move him away from her. The man grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him.

“Hey!” She shouted, unprepared for the quick grab.

Losing all semblance of restraint, he lunged, his fist cocked and smashed it into her dates face. The three of them were slammed against the hood of the car. She was the first to pull away, witnessing as he beat the living hell out of the man who brought her home. Her hands circled around his bicep and tugged him backwards.

“Happy.” She murmured, calling him back to his conscious.

He backed away, his breathing ragged. She positioned herself in front of him, her back to the other man and kept her hands on him, smoothing down his arms. Her date straightened back up, patting his face where he was bleeding.

“What the fuck?!” He yelled, “You’re just going to let him attack me like that?”

He watched as her body language froze, her eyes turning to ice. She tossed her hair over, returning his original scathing glare, “I suggest you leave.”

Her date gulped and was quick to jump back into his pretentious car. They both watched as he backed out and sped off into the distance. He turned his gaze back down to the woman standing in front of him. He’d never seen her dressed up before. She wore a slim and flowing black silk dress. Her shawl still positioned properly across her back and draped over her forearms. Her fingers descended down his arm, circling around his SONS rings. She lifted his hand to her mouth, her eyes flicking up to his and kissed each finger, without her gaze faltering. He dipped down, scooping her up into his arms and advanced towards her front door. She trilled with laughter, the sound echoing into the summer breeze around them. When they reached the door she handed him the keys. Together, their hands laid over one another’s, they unlocked the door. He kicked it closed behind him and placed her back down on her feet.

She dropped her shawl onto the ground and reached for his cut. She slid it over his shoulders and down. She tossed it away from them, draping it over the end table. He swallowed as she ran her hands under his shirt, tracing the lines of his abdomen. In a swift movement she tugged the shirt up and over his head. A shiver ran along his spine as he witnessed the heat in her gaze. She bit down on her lip, her hands running down his torso and connecting with his jeans. She tucked her fingers underneath his belt and bowed her head, lining his chest with kisses. She left a trail of fire along his skin. When she reached the ring of his neck, she kissed each word tattooed along his collar.

“What changed?” She paused. 

He startled by her sudden question. She tilted her head in his direction, waiting for an answer. He bent down, fisting a handful of fabric into his hands and hiked the dress up her legs. He smashed his lips against hers, grabbing her thighs and spreading them. She got the hint and hopped up. He caught her, her legs entwining around him. He kicked his shoes off and proceeded down the hallway. When they reached her bedroom door be pulled back.

“Your mine.” He growled.

K I S S I N G on my T A T T O O S
mine (jimin) pt.1

halloween series

warnings: werewolf!bts, maybe some language along the way

in which you find your mate~ but things aren’t always as easy as they sound. 

includes lots of possessive jimin and werewolf bts  

as you all know by now i suck at titles lmao but yeah

=“mine” (jimin)

18th birthday. Such a joy, right? You’d finally find your mate, and you’d live happy ever after, without any worries. Not so much when that person turning eighteen was you. You were the black sheep of your pack, and no one would really want to be your mate anyways. The mating progress was a dream, a fairytale to you and you only hoped that when you’d find your mate, they’d be nice to you. There was also this small voice hoping that your mate wasn’t one of the wolves from your pack. Not that there was anything wrong with your pack, they just weren’t… The nicest pack around.

“You’ll love having a mate. I swear, they’re the best.” your one and only friend Emmy tried to comfort you, but it only made you feel a little sadder, because you somehow knew your mate wouldn’t be very accepted. Emmy and you were the two weird one’s out in the pack, yet Emmy had this kind of feeling… She gave off a very relaxing feeling. It made everyone at ease, including you. Emmy was lucky enough to have a mate from a different pack- you’d met him once, his name was Seokjin. A sweet, sweet guy. He was a little older than Emmy, who just turned nineteen, but you knew he cared for her like she was his world~ and Emmy was right. That was something you wanted to have too.

“Jin invited you over to come to dinner with us, again. You know you’ll have to come one day, right?” Emmy asked you, and you nodded, trying to change the topic immediately. Jin was from one of the strongest packs around, and you weren’t going to lie, the idea of being at dinner with the two of them and possibly some of his pack members too, it scared you a little. Seokjin was the alpha’s best friend, among five other guys from which one was the beta. You’d heard stories about the alpha~ he was only twenty, but already feared by many. He became the alpha at such a young age since his parents disappeared, you could only imagine what that’d do to you as a young kid. You felt for the guy, really. But the thought of him still had your legs shaking.

“Earth to Y/N?” Emmy waved her hand in front of your face, and you were taken aback a little. “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking…” you trailed off, trying to pay attention to whatever Emmy was talking about now. “So is that a yes?” she questioned, and you raised an eyebrow at her, “yes?” you didn’t know what she was talking about, but Emmy let out a grin, “finally! So dinner is on saturday. Yes, saturday as in tomorrow. Wear something nice. It won’t be just the three of us. Jin invited his other friends too, including the alpha, so if you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the talk of the town…” Emmy started to talk about the alpha and your thoughts drifted off. What if your mate was in a different pack than your own? Would your parents let you go that easily? They didn’t really like you that much, so maybe they would.. If you were lucky, just like Emmy, you’d get to leave.

“But Emmy, I don’t want to go to that dinner, I’m sorry, but-“ you tried getting out of it but it was too late. Emmy shot you that, “if you finish your sentence, ill kill you” look. You decided to shut up and prepare yourself for the worst. You’d have to dress nicely, Emmy said, because you were maybe going to meet the goddamn alpha. “Emmy, don’t you think my rank is a little too low to be meeting the alpha like that? And I’m not even of his pack…” you unconsciously started tapping the table with your fingers, something you always did when you were nervous. “Well, I am part of his pack now and Jin told me he wanted to come himself to take some time off. You act like the guy’s a freaking vampire, Y/N. He’s really sweet, actually. But he’s also just really tough.” Emmy tried to reassure you and you were going to trust her on this one. “Alright. But I’ll leave the second I don’t like it anymore, okay?” you at least deserved that, right? “Like you’ll have the balls to do that. You’re too shy for that, Y/N, we both know that.” Emmy giggled and you rolled your eyes at her, “anyways, I have to go now. It’s getting late. Besides, I promised my parents I’d be home before twelve. It’s literally almost twelve.” you suddenly realized the time and you were already on your feet to grab your backpack.

Emmy frowned at you as she followed behind you, “you have to get home? Are you sure you can’t stay over? I mean, it’s indeed almost midnight, and you know the creepy wolves come out by midnight. It’s your birthday, I’m sure you can…-“ this time, you cut Emmy off by waving your hand in front of her face, “no, no. It’s alright. I can handle myself. I’m eighteen now, remember? Thanks for making this birthday a little more bearable.” you thanked Emmy with a smile and she nodded at you, “alright then. Well, get home safe. Remember to avoid any creepy looking things.” You opened the front door and stepped out into the chilly wind, “bye Emmy, see you tomorrow then, I guess.” you blew her a kiss and you turned around, walking a little fast. You heard Emmy faintly yell goodbye back at you, but you were too busy focusing on the sounds you heard to really notice.

Since Emmy was now part of Jin’s pack, she also lived in their territory. You being part of another pack, you were basically not allowed to cross unless you had permission. In this case, you did, but if you did walk into someone from their pack, how would they know Emmy allowed you to stay? You tried to be optimistic, but these were always thoughts that’d cross your mind at midnight. The heels of your boots made clicking sounds on the street, and you stopped in your tracks when you heard two voices coming closer to you. “It does smell a little weird here, we should check it out.” the person sounded like they were half asleep, but you still knew it’d be handier for you to just go through the woods.

You went straight off the pad, and you let out a relieved breath, happy that Emmy literally lived on the edge of her pack’s territory, so it shouldn’t be long before you were surely safe again. You pulled your hoodie over your head, covering up your hair and forehead. It was a little bit colder in the woods, and a lot wetter too. Sure, it just had to rain the day before. Your wolf huffed at you, she told you it wasn’t smart that you came through the woods. You wanted to agree with her, mainly because A. it was a little dark to be really certain of where you were going and B. you could definitely hear leaves crunching behind you. Maybe it was just your imagination, or maybe it was just an animal, hell, it could’ve just been the wind but you were pretty sure that you weren’t alone in here.

You brought up your pace and started humming one of your favorite songs in your head, trying to calm yourself. You were doing a great job at it, and soon you forgot you ever worried as you were happily dancing to yourself. You knew you were close to your pack’s territory, you could feel it. Sadly, luck wasn’t always at your side, and that showed when you heard a low growl coming from behind you. You stopped, your heart suddenly beating a lot faster and it took all of you to keep yourself from finishing the sentence you were singing. You hated not finishing something, and your insides were tingling.

“Yah, eh, you out there… Would you kindly not kill me?” you muttered, looking around you, the flashlight of your phone not being much of a help. You knew that whatever was here with you, it wasn’t human neither was it in it’s human form. Your wolf was ready to burst out if there was something here, and try to protect you. You weren’t the strongest wolf out there, but hopefully you were strong enough to save your ass and train more. You heard another growl, this time way too close and you felt the hairs on your neck standing straight as you finally found the culprit behind the sounds.

On the ground, not too far away from you, was a bright red coloured wolf. You weren’t sure if it was a rogue, or if it was a pack member. You let out a breathy laugh as you held your hands in front of you, taking a small step back. “N-no worries, I won’t hurt you. I’m- I was just about to go, actually, I didn’t… I didn’t mean to trespass. I have permission.” you mixed up your words and you just knew you were dead. You took another step back, and ended up against something that felt like a tree. The wolf suddenly seemed to coward away, and with a low snarl, it turned around to run.

“Thank you, dear lord-“ you started off, thinking you were safe until you realized that the tree behind you, definitely wasn’t a tree- something very human. Something very alive. You froze against the person, knowing they were the reason the other wolf scurried off. “What shall be your reason for trespassing? Who gave you permission to come onto our territory?” the person spoke up, obviously a boy now. You turned around, looking straight into a pair of eyes. “Eh, yah, my friend gave me permission, she- she lives right around the corner.” you tried to smile but you were sure that you looked terrified. Another voice confirmed that for you. “Taehyung, leave her alone. She looks like she’s about to crap her pants.” a voice that sounded like pure heaven spoke from behind the boy that you thought were a tree, and you squinted your eyes, trying to find the body that fit this angelic sound.

“Jimin-ah, we had problems with rogues before. Even though the other wolf was just a pack member, the girl might as well be lying. We don’t know.” the tree-person, now known to be Taehyung spoke with an annoyed voice when the angelic voice spoke again, “Taehyung! Don’t disrespect me like that, I’m your hyung. Go back to the pack house, I’ll deal with her.” his voice sent shivers down your spine, and you bit your lip, trying to calm yourself. “Alright, hyung. Only this once.” Taehyung huffed before looking back at you, “why are you so special? You should’ve been dead by now.” and his words confused you till the end, but before you could ask why, he was long gone.

The person with the angelic voice stepped forward, and you tried your best not to let your jaw drop, because even with the slightest bit of light, you knew this person was a drop dead, gorgeous creature. Your eyes fell into his, and his look seemed to soften and you felt your wolf squeal, ‘mate’. Your eyes widened, and you were 100% sure the guy, Jimin, was whispered the exact same thing by his wolf because within a second, he was right next to you. “You, what’s your name?” he lowly spoke, his hand on your wrist, keeping you from running away. “Uhm, excuse me sir, but would you kindly let go of my wrist? That’s none of your business.” you tried to make your voice sound strong as you ripped your hand away from him, making him raise his eyebrows at you. “Really? You want to speak informal to me?” Jimin seemed amused, and you shot him a glare, “I’m pretty sure ‘sir’ is formal. In english vocabulary it is. Why should I speak formal to you, anyways?” you curiously questioned him, but you reminded yourself to leave as soon as you had your answers.

You had to force yourself from looking anywhere but his perfect face as he took another step closer to you, only making you step backwards again. “Well, you aren’t in your own territory. I might as well kill you just now. Actually, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t.” he playfully replied, and you knew he wanted you to say that you were his mate. Males seemed to enjoy to hear that their mate is theirs, but you weren’t going to give this guy the satisfactory. You didn’t know why, you knew you wanted a mate more than anything, but something seemed not right about this person. “There is none. You’re totally right. Why haven’t you killed me yet? I’m still waiting.” you bit your lip as you saw his eyes darken, all playfulness gone. “Why haven’t I…-“ “too late. Goodbye, Jimin.” you cut him off, your heart beating loudly as you ran, ran over the border back into your own pack’s territory. You were lucky that you were so close to it, you knew Jimin wouldn’t follow you now.

As soon as you knew you were safe, you rested against a tree, a real tree this time. Taking time to catch your breath, you thought back about what just happened. This Jimin person, no, your mate, you’d just left him behind. This might’ve just been the worst decision of your life, but something told you that this wasn’t going to be the last time you’d see him. “Jimin… Where have I heard that name before?” you whispered to yourself, shaking your head. You stood up straight, continuing to walk back to your house as if nothing even happened. Truth was, your life changed a lot in those small moments just now. You knew it too, you just weren’t willing to accept it just yet.

// end of pt.1 //

not really sure how to feel about this, but well, i said there was gonna be a special halloween series… so here it is. please tell me if you like it. i might not continue if no ones excited aha but well, just wanted to give it a try. 

French Vocabulary - The Environment

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le réchauffement climatique - global warming

le scientifique - scientist

l’usine - factory

les déchets - waste, waste products 

réduire - to reduce

la pollution - pollution

la pollution atmosphérique - air pollution

les transports en commun - public transport

les centrales nucléaires - nuclear power plants

renouvelable - renewable

radioactif/radioactive - radioactive

le barrage - dam

la densité démographique - population density

construire - to construct

la raréfaction - scarcity, shortage  

la radiation - radiation

les éoliennes - wind turbines

les ordures ménagères - household waste, domestic waste

l’égout - sewer

la fonte des calottes glaciaires - the melting of ice caps

la sécheresse - drought

la consommation - the consumption

sauvegarder - to safeguard, to save, to protect

les emballages - packaging, packing materials

le robinet - tap, valve

gaspiller - to waste

la nocivité - harmfulness, toxicity, noxiousness