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Sorry to be THAT GUY, but the Rocko thing, it's a TV movie, not a reboot. It's sorta like a reunion special, it's a one-time thing and they're done. Same with Hey Arnold and Invader Zim, Nick's giving the creators a shot to finish their stories, and honestly it's better than a reboot.

Okay first of all, dontcha worry sweetheart this is nice to know.

Secondly, yeah it’s better than a reboot but this is nickelodeon we are talking about… I hate to be this sort of joyless in this topic but let’s all admit that they are doing this because re-packiging childhood its cheaper that creating new things.

Nickelodeon nowadays is a disaster and it’s terribly administrated, they saw it worked for CN and they are joining the trainwaggon, to the point where they got Jhonen back… the guy they had such a huge amount with inconveniences with.

I am glad Invader Zim is getting a movie, since the show had a short run and Jhonen admitted more than once ton of stories where incomplete, same with Hey Arnold! since i think we all know the movie incident…

But Rocko? Yeah it was for many the creator’s biggest and best cartoon (I like Camp Lazlo more personally but yeah Rocko was great too), but it had 4 seasons and not that much to tell beside social commentary and jokes.

Yeah, it was sort of revolutionary on their time, a kids cartoon with social commentary, such red humor, and that style? but nowadays with the internet all the social commentary they saw on the trailer its something we’ve seen a lot, the style is the same (which tbh thanks the goddess) but again we have the original for that, and pop culture n’ social commentary in cartoons is super common, EVEN red humor have become more common, I don’t know if Rocko can resist the fact that it’s not the only one in their category.

I hope the humor is more based on timeless problems than in pop culture references like the trailer shown, if not.. theres a huge possibility it’s going to bomb, and bomb hard.

The packiging of Lovelyz’ Girls’ Invasion really is something else. I’m a Inspirit and I have many of Infinite’s albums, so II shouldnt be surprised by the layout of Lovelyz’ album. Woollim really is on another level when it comes to the look/packaging of an album, seriously, all the albums I own from Woollim artists (which is quite may) are perfection for the human eye.

Summer Lovin' - Nash Grier Fanfic

’ The Plane Ride ’

It was summer and school was over and you had gotten tickets to one of the Magcon events. Your flight from North Carolina leaves today for Chicago, you were extremely excited you were going with your best friend Y/B/N. You were packig last minute things into your luggage and then you heard the doorbell ring and you ran downstairs and opened the front door seeing your best friend.

“ Hey Y/B/N”

“ Hey Y/N, ready to go?”

“ Yep, lets go ”

Without another second you were both in the car driving to the airport. Once you guys checked in for your flight in buisness class because your parents wanted to give you a little treat, you went to your gate waiting for your plane. When you were walking to your gate, you bumped into a tall muscular boy;

“ Um, sorry " The boy said and your eyes brightened up 

” It’s ok, your Nash! Nash Grier" you smiled at him and to your friend

“ Yeah, what might your name be?”

“ Y/N, I am going to your Chicago Magcon Event this week!”

“ Really! See you there, I better get back to my parents”

“ Ok Bye, See you at the event." and you waved goodbye.

While you were waiting for your plane you and your friend just talked when you heard the speaker say ” Flight to Chicago is boarding now" you and Y/B/N got you hand luggages and went to board. 

When you were on the plane you went to find your seat in buisness class and you noticed you were sitting next to Nash Grier and he gave you a smile remembering you and you smile back and gave him a wave. For the rest of the flight you talked to Y/B/N and Hayes, Nash’s brother about the most randomest things. While you were talking to Hayes your eyes met Nash’s and he looked at you for a bit but then turned he glaze to something else looking pissed. You wondered what was going on, but you just went back to concentrating in yours and Hayes conversation.

Then the plane landed and you went to get your luggages and left for the hotel you were staying at.

A/N: New Fan Fiction! Still writing the Cameron Dallas one, I am not sure about the other Nash Grier one?! Send me messages telling me if you want me to continue with ’ The Beach Party ’ because I am not happy with it! Thanks and I hope you enjoy this part.

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