packet crafting


So out of my anger that my bank wouldn’t sell me a whale shark pencil case that is only available as part of a promo for schoolkids, I have CREATED MY OWN

and it’s INFINITELY better than the bank one anyway. SO. *nods proudly*

lookit this cute thing i made omg

Refunding 1¢

Im not kidding I’ve refunded $0.01. The item (in this case it was a packet of craft items) had a ‘quick buy 99¢’ sticker and it ended up scanning as $1.00… honestly. I guess to him every penny counts.


Sugar Spoon by Derrick Barreiro

“Every Morning I wake up and make a cup of espresso. I sit down and realise I forgot sugar, so I go get sugar and sit back down. Then I’ll realize that I had forgotten a spoon to stir my sugar and I groan and walk over again. I selfishily designed the Sugar Spoon to make my mornings more seamless. The head of the spoon is made of a recycled wood while the body stores sugar in a wax coated water resistant paper. Each spoon contains 4.5 grams of sugar, just over the recommended serving in order to avoid the waste of packets.”