so I got my first packer recently and I do really like it. I don’t wear it every day, as my intention is only to wear it when I have bad bottom dysphoria that day. I bought mine from tranzwear for a very small price with the boxer harness. for me, it is a great starter packer and i am happy with it :)

I'm not angry. I am proud.
Cheers to Aaron Rodgers, for having the heart of a lion.
Cheers to his (two) Hail Mary throws.
Cheers to overcoming naysayers, despite our injury penetrated roster.
Cheers to coming as far as we did.
Cheers to this roller coaster of a season.
Cheers to a healthy Jordy Nelson.
I can’t wait to do it all again next season.
Cheers to our Packers family.
I love you Packer Nation.

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