packed my lunch


As planned, I made a list if minimums last night:

1. Track my food
2. Weigh myself - it’s helpful for me to see daily fluctuations; it prepares me for my actual weigh in day and keeps me from obsessing over losses/gains
3. Listen to a related podcast - a must for my mindset
4. Check Tumblr - also a must. Seeing fitblr posts helps keep me conscious of what I’m doing
5. Journal

And also as planned, I stuck to my packed lunch and snacks, and had this deliciously healthy dinner and dessert. And now I will prep for tomorrow, journal, then sleep.

I feel good today. 😊

Camp Camp Characters as shit my friends have said
  • David: I am one with the tree
  • Daniel: Well damn it's just poison drink it you pussy
  • Gwen: I'm going on 2 six-month vacations
  • Max: *strums guitar as loud as possible* ALRIGHT LISTEN UP BITCH
  • Niel: It's a matter of science and fuck you
  • Nikki: If we die my name is going on the gravestone first ok bitch
  • Erid: *leans back so far on their stool that they can't be seen* So cool
  • Space Kid: T H A T S A F R I C K E N S T AR
  • Harrison: I can make all the fucks I give DISAPPEAR
  • Nerris: *regretful dungeon master noises*
  • Nurf: The only reason I pack pineapples in my lunch is so I can torture somebody with them if need be
  • Preston: So stop acting like a Heather Duke bitch, and start acting like a Conner Murphy. DEAD. *a group of theatre kids stand behind him, screaming.*
  • Mr. Campbell: Oh shit the FBI
  • Jasper: Hit me with a truck I'm already dying

Momma Hale x Derek

“Momma my kits not clean!” Isaac yelled as you tried to sift through the huge pile of paper work that you needed to send to Mr Whittemore that afternoon.

“Momma I have to have a packed lunch for my trip not money!” Erica yelled as she ran past while Liam growled and snapped at the twins.

“Derek!” You sighed franticly but your Alpha was too busy with Boyd.

“Make him stop!” one of the twins hissed while the other shoved Liam who stumbled back into the tv.

“Oh great, idiot!” Erica yelled at him while Isaac started fighting with the twins.

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Where do you get your PROTEIN?🌿🌟 this is a question I’m sure all vegans are all too familiar with. But the truth is ALL plant foods contain protein. As long as you’re eating enough calories, then you’ll be getting plenty of protein too!
In fact, protein can ONLY be made by plants who take nitrogen from the air to form amino acids - so any animal protein original came from plants anyway. Why not just go straight to the source without all the cruelty and other negatives?🙌🏼
So here is my (protein-packed) lunch of brown rice, carrot, cucumber, greens + spicy tofu bolognese👅👌🏼

IG: @naturally_nina_

Today’s a very exciting day as I’m seeing my favorite artist live, The Weeknd ⚡️✝️⚡️ Packing my lunch with a pasta salad (pasta with lemon juice, carrot noodles, arugula and tomato) and an apple 🍎, heading to classes and then having the time of my life 🎉 Get ready for a ton of Instagram Stories hehe

Work lunch this week is this veggie-packed and beautiful cauliflower rice dish.

I’m on a never-ending quest to try to eat more vegetables and less processed carbs, so packing my whole lunch full of veggies makes that a lot easier.

To make this, I just sautéed a ton of peppers and onions with minced garlic then when those were cooked down I added a bag of cauliflower rice from Trader Joe’s, some chili lime seasoning, and some frozen roasted corn. Finally when it was almost cooked I added a bit of buffalo sauce and a can of drained and rinsed black beans.

Even though I’ve technically finished the challenge, this meal is totally compliant. I plan to stick to no added sugar as much as I can except for a daily bit of chocolate.

How would the RFA + V and seran to an Mc who is a really bad cook but when she made their favorite food it surprisingly turned out great. How would they react?


  • Sweet bean baby really doesn’t like your cooking
  • He usually makes excuses on why he can’t eat your cooking (e.g. “I ate already!”)
  • But he couldn’t get out of it this time because he’s weak can’t say no to you
  • When he finds out you made one of his favorite foods, omurice, he’s so downcast
  • Yoosung just doesn’t want to hate his favorite food why does the world do this to him
  • With a trembling hand, he lifts his fork up to this mouth and takes a bite
  • The dish itself didn’t look bad, but hey, you never know
  • His face was ready to fight off the look of disgust but surprisingly, he went in for another bite
  • h o l y crappoli this was amazing 
  • He’s constantly praising you inbetween bites
  • Really proud of your drastic improvement!!
  • He can finally start to cook together with you without the fear of causing a house fire


  • You can bet that Baehee does most of the cooking in the house
  • She usually receives a packed lunch from you before she heads out for work
  • But once she reaches work, she tends to throw it away and goes for buying lunch instead
  • She feels really bad for doing so, but she can’t help it, your food makes her feel icky
  • Today was her day off, so she couldn’t get out of eating your cooked lunch and you refused to let her cook instead
  • The menu item for today was a bento
  • Knowing with your skills, gas station bento sounded more appetizing at this point
  • When she saw the look of anticipation on your face, she sighed and reached for her chopsticks
  • Upon taking a bite, her face instantly turned into one of enjoyment
  • “MC, can you pack this for my lunch? It’s amazing!”
  • She’s so relieved that all the practice turned your cooking a complete 180 towards a better path


  • You were always trying to cook him healthy dishes
  • Vegetables were always bland and mushy, meat wasn’t seasoned properly, rice was overcooked, something was always off with your cooking
  • He usually ate before coming home, so there wasn’t a need for you to cook for him
  • Not after he ate that dish that left him on the toilet for hours
  • One day you decided to surprise visit him at his studio and you made goldfish bread for everybody
  • When you walked in with the basket he greeted you, asking you what it was
  • His face paled upon hearing that it was made by you and not bought from the cart outside his house
  • Not wanting to cause a scene, he anxiously watched everyone on set take one and bite into it
  • You can imagine his surprise when everybody began devouring them one after another
  • Once he took a bite of his own fish, his face lit up with utter joy as he grabbed another fish to murder eat
  • As time went on, he learned that your baking skills were waaaay better than your cooking


  • Jumin Han, proud and powerful businessman, was afraid of your cooking
  • You rarely got to do it since there were personal chefs, but when you actually got to do it oh b o y
  • Because he loves you so dearly, he’ll try to eat most of it before telling you that he isn’t very hungry
  • He is very ecastic that you think of him enough to cook for him though, so it never goes without a ‘thank you’ and forehead kiss!
  • Tonight was one of the times you got to cook dinner and Jumin spent atleast 45 minutes mentally preparing himself
  • You decided to make a favorite of Jumin, steak
  • When you brought it out to him, he made sure to have some wine at hand for when he needed to wash down the taste
  • He proceeded to cut out his bite and much to his surprise, it was very flavorful and…
  • and well, not disgusting
  • After happily eating the rest of it, he asked if you did anything different this time while cooking
  • You admitted that you’ve been taking a cooking class in your spare time, and he was very pleased upon hearing that
  • Now you were urged to cook more frequently and maybe replace the chefs


  • Saeyoung isn’t a picky eater
  • He’s said himself that he really doesn’t care about flavor and that he only needed HBC and PhD Pepper
  • But knowing his diet, you pushed to cook for him everyday so he would be healthier
  • True to his word, he really didn’t care about the taste of your cooking, it was just really bland to him so he had no problem scarfing it down for your sake
  • On the days where the dish actually was bad, he’d still eat it all and compliment you for it (not without a ‘thank you’ either)
  • Around lunchtime he was called out of work as per usual for food
  • This time though, he was greeted by a heavenly smell
  • The smell was stir fry noodles, something he actually kind of liked
  • He took his usual seat next to you on the stools and thanked you before digging in 
  • For the first time, he genuinely enjoys the taste of your cooking
  • You even had to serve him seconds, which is a first!
  • When he finishes helping you clean up, you’re immediately picked up and spun around, “Saeyoung iF YOU DON’T PUT ME DOWN I’M GOING TO THROW UP”
  • To tame his suspicions, he hacked into your search history only to find heaps of recipes and cooking tutorials
  • He should definitely ask if you can make Honey Buddha Chips now


  • This precious, amazing, holy man
  • A man who we do not deserve
  • Eats every single thing you make with no complaint whatsoever
  • All Jihyun does is love and praise you and your cooking with many, many compliments, no matter how awful it actually is
  • Bless his soul
  • You could bring him a slice of burnt toast and he’d still eat it with a smile and thank you for it I swear to god
  • One day you served him this huge ass plate of pasta
  • And only the lord knows how much this man l o v e s pasta, because MAMA MIA
  • Imagine this skinny, lanky man engulf a large plate of pasta
  • He did mentally take note that compared to everything else, this pasta was freaking amazing give him more
  • After watching him literally absorb that plate, he has the biggest smile plastered on his face as he asks for a second plate
  • After he finishes the second plate, the shower of compliments wave onto you during the couch cuddle session
  • Eventually Jihyun passes out though because food coma
  • Please protect him, he’s too good for this world,,


  • The first time he ever took a bite out of something you made, his face immediately scrunched up in disgust
  • You know that he dislikes your cooking, but you’re determined to get better
  • Ever since then, you’ve cooked atleast one of his meals everyday, much to Saeran’s dismay
  • He loves you, so he’ll begrudgingly take a few bites out of it until he ultimately says that he can’t eat anymore
  • Try and try as you might, it always ends up with the same result every day
  • Until one day you see him snacking on some Pepero and immediately remember his love for sweets
  • So you try exactly that for breakfast
  • When he walks into the kitchen the next morning, he’s surprised to smell something sweet wafting through the air
  • You gesture him to sit down while you bring a plate of hotteok to him (basically pancake with cinnamon-peanut syrup filling)
  • He slowly takes the first bite, and afterwards he’s instantly hooked
  • “You finally made something  good, MC,” his words are muffled through his mouthful
  • But his dorky smile was the best part

@percyyoulittleshit asked “Who cuts Nico’s hair?” May I humbly suggest Persephone? I bet that after TLO she and Nico really bonded. 

For a long time, after her marriage to Hades, Persephone was consumed by sadness and anger, refusing to eat or please Hades in any way, and that sounds an awful lot like holding a grudge to me. However, Persephone learns to love and care for Hades, so she and Nico have a lot in common. Even though they have a rough patch early on (she turned him into a dandelion if I remember correctly), we know that by MoA Nico keeps a stash of Pomegranate seeds from her garden in case of emergencies. So that’s my thought. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Jughead x reader where the reader is Veronica's non-identical twin sister and the reader is all geeky and nerdy and stuff thank you xx

“Is there any way I could just go to the library?”

“Umm, I’m afraid not. You’ll have to spend the remainder of class here, Y/N.”

I sighed. “Alright then.” I just handed in my pre-calculus test with a whole 32 minutes left to spare in class. While I wanted to go to the library to work on my chemistry lab report, apparently I was to be detained in class. So I took out the tiny sketchbook I kept on me and started doodling. Or, at least I wanted to. I was drawing blanks any time my pencil hovered over the blank white page.

I looked at Mr. Stewing Silently one row ahead of me, three seats to the left. He had his deep thought face on. Granted he was taking a test just like everyone else, but he also had a look that he was in serious thought almost eighty percent of the time. I was staring, yes, and before I knew it my pencil was scrawling over the thick sketch paper.

“What are we, eight years old?” I asked my sister. “Gimme my sketchbook back!”

“I can not believe you have a crush on Jughead!” She laughed, an arm outstretched to me and keeping me at bay with my sketchbook open in her other hand to one page in particular. It was a sketch I managed to draw of her friend that was in my math class. “I mean, why didn’t you just tell me, Y/N? You know I woulda set you guys up-”

“-Because drawing someone doesn’t mean I like them,” I claimed, crawling across my bed to finally snatch the book from her hand. “And don’t tell him about this either.”

“Oh come on, why not?”

“Because I know you, Ronnie, and I know you’re gonna make a huge deal out of this! That or it’s just gonna sound really creepy when you tell him I was staring at him and drawing his face.”

“I think it’s sweet! Poetic, even-”

“-Jesus, Veronica-”

“-What? Is it wrong for me to be excited that you are finally showing interest in a guy?”

“I never said I was interested in him,” I reiterated with a head shake, now becoming frustrated that she was distracting me from getting my homework done.

“Plus it’s like the whole twintuition thing; you feel all happy and bubbly inside over a guy, I think I feel it, too-”

“-Earth to Veronica?? Are you hearing anything at all that I’m saying? Even more importantly, are you hearing yourself? I’m serious, don’t mention this to him or anyone else.”

“Not even B-”

“-No, not even Betty!”

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“I’ll see you again.” (part 18)

Originally posted by jolobailomaxim

Summary: A Credence Barebone imagine (Credence x Reader)

Note: This is the 18th part to this imagine so make sure you check out the others! I hope you like and reblog it. There also will most likely be a grammar mistake so bare with me. Anyway… I hope you enjoy!

Date published: March 5, 2017

Warnings: mentions of abuse, and WAY too much cuteness to handle, bits of fluff (you’re welcome)

Year: December- 1926

Part: eighteen of ?



You woke up to your alarm. It was 6:00 a.m. and you had to catch a 7:30 train to Maine. You jumped out of bed and went downstairs to wake up Credence. He was snuggled under the blankets on the couch. You gently rubbed his arm, waking him up. He turned over, rubbing his tired eyes. “It’s time to wake up.” You whispered, smiling down at him.
He sat up, his hair messy from a good sleep. “I’m going to go shower. Can you get your own breakfast?” You asked, starting back up the stairs. He nodded, standing up.

You got all ready and came back downstairs. Credence had made breakfast. Things went way smoother then last time he tried. You smiled at him as he put the eggs on two plates. He had made eggs and toast. He pulled out your seat as you walked over. “Thank you.” You said, sitting down. He sat in his chair and both began to eat. “This reminds me of when you first spent the night.” You said, smiling at the memory. You looked at him from across the table. He had come so far since that night you found him in the alley. You caught yourself staring at him when he looked up at you. You quickly looked down, blushing. With your head still bowed, you moved your eyes up to see him. His lips were slightly curved into a smile, still looking down at his plate.

After you were both ready, you headed out the door. You walked through the city with your suitcases. The morning was cool. There were quite a few people out, you both dodging them left and right on your way to the train station. When you got the station, Credence opened the door for you. “Thank you, kind sir.” You said, laughing. He smiled at your joke, following you into the building. It was very busy, because of people traveling for the holidays. You rushed to get your tickets. The line wasn’t too long, so you didn’t wait for long.

Walking to the platform was hard for Credence. He hadn’t been to a train station since the night of the accident. He paused when you got closer to the platform. You looked back and saw he had stopped walking. “Credence, you okay?” You asked, walking back to him. You placed you hand on his arm, giving him comfort. “Yeah.” He said, quietly. You put your hand in his. You both had gloves on, but you held tight. You walked onto the train. It was crowded and stuffy with people. You felt Credence’s hand grasp yours tighter. You lead him down the aisle, looking for your seats. When you got to your seats, you put your suitcases on the shelf above. You took off your coat and gloves and held them in your lap.

“You can have the window seat.” You said, gesturing Credence in.  He slid into his seat and you sat in yours. You watched him as he stared out the window. His breathing was heavy, you could tell he was really nervous. He had told you he’d never been on a train before, so he didn’t know what to expect. “Really, it’s not bad.” You told him, trying to make him less nervous.

A few minutes after you boarded the train it started to move. The sudden jerk startled Credence and he reached over, nervously grasping your hand. You held his hand tight and placed your other hand on his forearm. He was still wearing his gloves so he couldn’t feel your hand on his. He quickly unlatched your hands and took off the glove, putting his bare hand back into yours. You smiled at this, scooting in closer and laying your head on his shoulder. He got less and less tense as the train ride went on. You both enjoyed the scenery as it flew passed your window.

The train ride was pretty long, so had packed lunch. “My mom said that she will have dinner ready when we get there.” You told him.

You had decide to start a new book for the trip. You pulled it out of your bag. “Has anyone ever read to you before?” You asked. “No.” He said, quietly. “Do you want me too?”
He nodded. You smiled scooting in closer. He put is arm around your shoulder and you laid against his chest and began to read to him. You read most of the train ride. Credence just sat there staring out the window or closing his eyes, enjoying the sound of your voice.

After reading for quite a while, you told Credence you were going to take a break. You held the book in your lap and snuggled in closer to him. You laid your head on his chest and he held your shoulder. You fell asleep for a few minutes. Credence could feel you getting heaver and heaver and you fell asleep. He smiled at the thought of you being so peaceful. He loved it when you let him hold you. He felt like we was bigger and stronger than when you held him. He really did love it when you held him, but we felt weak and when he held you he felt like he was protecting you and he loved that.

You woke up softly to Credence rubbing your head. “I think we’re here.” He said, sweetly. You sat up, rubbing your tired eyes. You pulled out a pocket mirror and fixed your hair. Credence watched you as you did. You were so beautiful, he couldn’t believe it.

You stood up and put on your coats. Credence got the suitcases down from above. He insisted on carrying both of them. “Credence, you don’t have to do that.” You told him. “I want to.” He said. “You’re such a gentleman.” You said, leaning forward to kiss him on the cheek. When you pulled away you saw his cheeks were a bright shade of pink. You turned away, smiling and walked down the aisle. Credence followed behind you, holding the cases.

You stepped off of the train. The platform was busy and steamy. People and carts passed, in a hurry. You and Credence went inside the station building, then out into the town. It was all so new to Credence. The building weren’t as tall as the were in New York. It wasn’t as busy, and from a distance he could see the ocean, with docks and boats.

You called for a taxi and one stopped in front of you. You put the suitcases in the back and got into the car. You told them the address and you were off. You looked over at Credence. He was looking out the window and nervously playing with his hands in his lap. You looked back out your window, biting your lip. You were nervous too. You could feel your heart pounding inside of your chest. You should be excited to see your family and you were. You just didn’t know what was going to happen. You let out a nervous sigh. Credence looked over at you. He could tell you were nervous. You shouldn’t be nervous. He was making everything complicated and he felt bad. He stared at his lap, thinking more terrible thoughts.

The car stopped in front of your childhood home. Credence didn’t notice due to his awful thoughts. You looked over at him, excited to see his reaction to the house, but his head hung. “Credence?” You said, placing your hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay.” You sweetly told him. “They’re gonna love you.” You reassured him. He lifted his head, looking at you. You nodded at him, trying to make him feel better. He took a deep breath and nodded. He turned to see the house. It was a big and beautiful. It was a dark shade of blue with a front a deck. Credence had never seen anything like it. He had only seen apartments and big buildings, never a real house. You smiled at his reaction and got out, paying the taxi driver. “Thank you.” You told him, distracted by watching Credence. You went to to the back of the car and got out the suitcases. Credence opened the car door and stretched out his long legs. You picked up the suitcases and walked onto the sidewalk. Credence followed behind you. You both stood there, looking up at the house. The door suddenly opened and your mother ran out, wrapping a coat around her. “My baby!” She yelled, running down the stairs. You put the cases down as she ran, with her arms open. You hugged her tightly.

She finally let go, holding your cheeks, looking at you lovingly. Her eyes caught Credence’s for a second. He quickly looked down. You noticed and said, “Mom, this is Credence. I told you about him in the letter.” You put your hand on his back. “Ah, yes. Credence, it’s nice to meet you.” She said, extending out her hand. He quickly shook it and put his hands back to his sides. Your mother looked at you with a confused look on her face. You quickly dismissed it saying, “Let’s get inside where it’s warm.” You picked up the cases and began walking up the sidewalk to the house. Credence walked closely behind you, your mother leading the way. You walked up the stairs to the big house.

The house was beautiful and welcoming. “Aunt Florence!” You said to an older woman standing in the living room. “I didn’t know you were going to be here.” You said. “Who is that?” She said, gesturing to Credence standing behind you. “This is Credence.” You said, turning back him. “He’s my-” You started. “My friend.”
“Well what is he doing here?” She asked, with in snooty tone. “He spending Christmas with us.” You said in a defensive voice.
“You can put your suitcases up in your room then come down for dinner.” Your mother said, as she walked into the kitchen. You looked at Credence and walked up the stairs. He followed you to a closed door. You opened it to reveal your old room. It was pretty small, but you loved it. “It’s exactly like I left it.” You said, placing the cases on the bed. You turned to see him standing with his head bowed. “Don’t listen to her Credence. If there’s one thing you need to know about Aunt Florence it’s that she’s a prick. She has way too much to say.” You said, walking closer to him. “You don’t need to worry, I’ll be with you the whole time.” He nodded, as tears fell down his cheeks. You pulled him into a hug. You felt the tension leave his body as you hugged him. “Come on let’s go have dinner.” You said, while letting go. You put your hand on the inside of his arm, leading him downstairs.

You walked into the kitchen. “(Y/N)!” You older brother exclaimed, running to hug you. “Walter!” You said, hugging the tall man. “So, how have you been?” He asked.
“I’m good.” You said.
“I can see that.” He smiled, looking at Credence behind you.
You turned to Credence. “This is my friend, Credence.”
“Nice to meet you.” He said, nodding his head to him. Credence shyly nodded, not giving eye contact. Walter turned to you, giving you a sneaky grin. You playfully hit him, your cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

You hugged the rest of your siblings. Your older sister, Rose and your younger brother, Jack. Your father had just gotten home. “Dad!” You said, hugging him. “It’s been too long.” He said, holding you tight. “Yes, it has.” He said letting go. “Dad, this is Credence.” You said, placing you hand on his back. “Yes, your mother told me about him. It’s nice to meet you.” He said, holding out his hand. Credence shook it and like before quickly put his hand to his side. He didn’t want anyone to see his scars. You knew this too.
“What if they see them?” He had asked you a few days before. “It’s going to be okay.” You told him. “They won’t judge you, and if they do I’ll stand up for you.” You said, putting your hand in his.

You all sat down for dinner. The table was pretty big and set with beautiful plates and Christmas decorations. Your family wasn’t rich but they did have some money. You could tell Credence was amazed at all of the things around the house.
Credence was on your left and your younger brother Jack was on your right. You sat across from your parents and Aunt Florence. Your older brother and sister sat at either end of the table. You ate your dinner and had pleasant conversation. “So, how long have you know Credence?” Rose asked. “About a month.” You said, after clearing your throat. “That’s not very long.” Aunt Florence interrupted. You looked up at her, feeling anger rise in you. “How’s your job going, (Y/N)?” Jack asked, noticing your anger, trying to distract you. “It’s good.” You said, shortly. “Where do you work, Credence? You do work right?” Your aunt asked. You felt your heart start to pound harder. “He-” You began, but was interrupted by Aunt Florence. “He can answer himself. Can’t he?” She said, looking back at him. You sat there, staring at her. You were utterly disgusted. You looked over at Credence. His head was bowed, staring at his lap. He faintly shook his head. “You don’t work?” She said.
“That’s enough.” You stood up. “Come one, Credence.” You said, placing your hand on his back. “(Y/N), sit down. Let’s finish dinner together.” Your mother said. “Credence.” You said, helping him out of his chair. You walked out of the room, holding Credence’s arm. You glanced back at your family, then went upstairs. You went into your room and closed the door. “I’m so sorry, Credence.” You stood in front of him. “She’s just-” You let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m sorry.”
His head still hung as you pulled him into a hug. His wrapped his arms around you, holding you tight.

Your door opened, revealing your brother, Jack. “Mom says you need to come down.” He said.
“Jack, I’m not dealing with that woman.” You said, blushing at him walking in on your hug. “I know, but mom wants you to come down.” He said, understanding why you were upset. You sighed, looking up at Credence. He looked up at you and faintly nodded. “Okay. We’ll be down in a second.” You said to Jack, not taking your eyes off of Credence. He left and went downstairs. “You are so strong.” You said, putting your hand in his. “Come on.” You said, leading him to the door.

You walked into the dining room, you weren’t still holding hands. You were both too embarrassed to do that in front of them. You walked to your seat and Credence walked closely behind you. You sat in your seats, pulling up your chairs. It was quiet for a while.

“Have you gotten a lot of snow in New York?” Your dad asked, breaking the awkward silence. “Yeah, it’s snowed a lot.” You said, not looking up from your plate.
The rest of the dinner was pretty quiet. A few random questions were asked, but for the most part it was quiet.

After dinner everyone sat in the living room. It was a cozy place, with a fireplace and a big Christmas tree. You and Credence sat on in a small coach. He sat close to you, you could tell he was nervous. Your mother was finishing up the dishes in the kitchen. “I’ll be right back.” You told Credence, standing up. “I’ll just be in the kitchen, okay?” He nodded, shyly.
You didn’t see this, but when you walked out of the living room Aunt Florence gave a look of disgust, and disapproval at Credence. He looked back down at his lap, playing with his hands nervously. He felt tears start to burn in his eyes.

“Hey, mom.” You said, picking up a towel to help her dry dishes. “Hey, sweetie.” She said, giving a you a side hug. “I’m sorry about dinner.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” You said. It was quiet for a little while before you said, “So, where were you planing for Credence to sleep?”
“Is the couch okay? Everywhere else is taken.” She said. “Oh.” You said, thinking for a little while. “He can have my room, I’ll take the coach.” You said. “He’ll be more at home in there.” You continued to dry the dishes. “Honey, your father and I are worried about you.” She said, out of nowhere. “Mom-” She interrupted saying, “It’s just he’s a random boy living with you. Can you see our concern?”
“I guess I understand why you think this, but Credence is different. He would never do anything to hurt me.” You said, not looking up from the plate you were drying. You didn’t notice you were smiling. “Are you guys, you know. Together?” She asked. “Mom! I told you in the letter. We’re friends.” You replied. “I see the way he looks at you.” She said. “The way he looked at me?” You laughed. “Yes. He looks at you like you’re the greatest thing in the world.” She tells you.
“Probably because I’ve helped him so much.” You said. “With what exactly? You never told me what happened to him.” She said. “His mother, she was abusive.” You said quietly, not wanting Credence to hear you talking about it. “Where is she now?” She asked. “She’s-she died.” You told her.

After the kitchen was cleaned you and your mom went back into the living room. Credence was still siting where you left him. He looked like he hadn’t moved an inch. You sat down next him, even closer that you were before. He let out his breath, almost like he had stopped breathing when you left. You discreetly placed your hand on his forearm, your touch giving him comfort.

Before too long everyone was heading off to bed. You and Credence headed up to your room. “You’ll be sleeping in here.” You told him. “I just need to get my pajamas.” You opened your suitcase that was laying on your bed. “Where are you sleeping?” He asked. His voice was so quiet. He hadn’t been this quiet in a longtime. “I’ll be on the couch in the den.” You said. “It’s just downstairs to the right.” You told him. You wanted him to know where you were going to be in case he needed something. “Why don’t you sleep in your room?” He watched you as you went through your suitcase. “Because you’ll be in here.” You said, cheerfully. You could tell he was trying to decide if he would get away with declining your room. Instead he just stood still, his hands firmly placed at his sides. “The bathroom is just the room across the hall.” You told him, holding your pajamas. You walked out of the room and came back a few minutes later in your pajamas. “Do you need anything before I go downstairs?” You asked him. “No.” He said, looking at his feet. “I’m just downstairs.” You said, walking up to him. “If you need anything just come down. You can wake me up.” You said, lifting up his chin. “Goodnight, Credence.” You said, moving your hand to his cheek, staring him in the eyes. He looked back at you with sad eyes. Both of your hearts were racing. You leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you.” You said, giving him a small smile. He blinked, sending tears down his cheeks. You moved your other hand to his cheek, holding his face. You wiped away his tears and rubbed his cheeks with your thumb. “Sleep well.” You said, putting your hands down and starting to walk out of the room.

You closed the door behind you and went downstairs. Credence changed into his pajamas and got into bed. He tried smelling the sheets, but they didn’t smell like you. He had gotten so used to falling asleep to your sweet scent every night. That was when he realized how much he loved your apartment. It was home and he missed it.
You went into the den and got the couch ready to sleep on. You fell asleep pretty fast. The long day wore you out.

You woke suddenly to the shaking of the room. You immediately knew what was going on. You jumped off of the couch and dashed up the stairs, to your old room. You opened the door to a room full of darkness. You walked to the bed to see Credence starting to form into the Obscurus. “Credence.” You said desperately. You didn’t want to touch him and get hurt. He woke up, the Obscurus particles still floating around you. He started to form back into the man you love. He sat up, crying. “Shhhh.” You said, sitting down on the bed. He took a deep breath, his body shaking. “Do you want to tell me about it?” You whispered, sweetly. He tried to get himself together. “It was ma, she was beati-” He stopped, starting to cry harder. You moved in, pulling him closer to you. “It was just a dream.” You told him. “It’s okay. You’re hear with me.” He hugged your back tight, his head against your chest. You held his head and stroked his hair, giving him comfort. “You’re going to get out of this, Credence.” You pulled him off of you so you could see him. You held his face. “I know you are.” He leaned forward into you, hugging you tighter.

A while later you laid him down and covered him up. You kissed him on his sweaty forehead. “Goodnight” you said. Before you could stand upright he said, “C-Can you stay?” You smiled at him. “Yeah.”
He scooted over, making room for you. You both laid there awkwardly, the blanket covering everything but your heads. You turned to your side, facing him. You took his hand and lifted it up and around you. You slid closer to him, resting your head on his chest. You nuzzled your face into him. “You smell nice.” You sighed. Then you laughed, embarrassed of what you just said. “You always smell nice.” He said, shyly. “That was the first thing I noticed when we met.” He continued. You heard his voice, through his chest. It was muffled and quiet.
“Before I left for New York, my mom gave a bottle of that perfume.” You told him. “When I was little she would always catch me in her room, spraying it on me.” You chuckled. You felt Credence laugh too. “It was always what she smelled like too, so it was like taking a piece of her with me.” He loved hearing your stories.

You felt his breathing become slower and slower as he fell asleep. You fell asleep quickly as well, enjoying falling asleep in his arms.

To be continued…


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