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A Brother Not By Blood

This is a Spencer x Reader requested by anon (it ended up being quite o/c with hints of Reader insert just because of the way the prompt was put and I apologize for that but I still think it turned out pretty cute so…)

Future you and Reid have a daughter together who is in high school with Hank, Derek’s son, but younger. Your daughter has a lot of trouble with boys bullying her at school so Hank decides to step in and inevitably you and Spencer and Morgan and Savannah get called to the school.

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It seemed like hours for Hank and Diana to sit in that small, confining room, left in there to do nothing but kick at the dirt beneath their toes. Hank’s eye still throbbed despite the frigid cool of the ice pack and every few seconds Diana would look up and check to look if her older friend’s eye had gotten any worse.

In all honesty, if you were to look at the pair of them waiting, you wouldn’t have known what exactly they were waiting for. Diana, though shy and obviously anxious, looked proud and grateful and she shone ever-so-slightly in the direction of Hank. Hank, on the other hand, despite the bruise on his face, was grinning with unapologetic pride. Neither of them quite looked like students grimly sent to the Principal’s office.

As a senior, Hank had naturally taken up a “big brother” role of the freshman cousin-that-wasn’t-technically-a-cousin that was Diana. Their parents had been close since before they were born, a friendship so infinitely knotted and tangled that it would last forever. And so, they were cousins. And that’s how they ended up in the Principal’s office.

Spencer and Derek and Savanna and you finally made it to the Principal’s office as a roaring mob aflush with questions and accusations, all pointed toward one unfortunate man stuck balding behind a desk.

“Mr. Friedman!” You barked at your daughter’s principal, strong and commanding among the voices of your friends, “Why are you holding my daughter hostage in your office?”

“As far as we’re concerned, there is nothing Diana wouldn’t do without logical reasoning!” Spencer answered, brow furrowed and getting into a rare case of anger.

Derek was just as bad and terrifying, Savannah at his elbow, “What did my son do?” They both demanded.

Mr. Friedman stood up, fruitlessly attempting to control the situation with the four raging adults, “It seems,” He started with an air of undeserved self-respect, “That Miss Reid here incited a fight between Mr. Morgan and a number of other students at this establishment.”

Derek turned and immediately glared at his son, “What the hell, Hank?” He asked upset, “What did you think you were doing starting a fight?”

Hank only shrugged, satisfied with himself, “What? They were giving Di problems. I had to let them know that she had somebody looking out for her.”

All eyes settled on Hank for a moment, of appreciation and thank and yes, a little bit of surprise. All except for the principal who continued glaring.

“Now, the other students involved are receiving their own punishments, I tho-”

Derek’s grin broke over Mr. Friedman’s words without apology, “That’s my boy!” The once-member of the BAU exulted, patting his son on the back cheerily, “Now that’s a reason to get in trouble!”

“Thanks, Hank,” Spencer smiled shyly, calming down, in just the way he always did. It was a smile your daughter had thankfully inherited. Choruses of the same sentiment blew through the room until you smiled, your arm around your daughter.

“What if,” You grinned, “We all go get some ice cream or something?”

“Oooh, how about tacos?” Your husband remarked hopefully and you couldn’t help but chuckle.

The two teenagers laughed and agreed and soon you and Savannah were leading your children and husbands out of the school. Morgan and Hank and Diana and Spencer all had their arms wrapped around each other in some oddly raucous interweaving quilt.

“Wait!” Mr. Friedman hollered, scurrying to follow the six of you, “I seriously suggest disciplinary actions be taken!” His head bobbed down the hallway and he pushed up his glasses, stopping dead in his tracks at the threshold of his office.

Nobody paid him any attention. Nobody turned around. Nobody responded.

Everybody laughed and moved on and soon you were getting in your car and on your way to somewhere else, away from the school. You were glad your daughter was safe and you were glad Derek’s son was there to protect her.


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎

You know what I wish YOI ep12 had?

Excerpts from this year’s banquet

  • Yuri, now full aware of what happened last year, will be rather weary of alcohol, trying to limit himself and keep things sane
  • Everyone else will try to sneak him more champagne but he’ll see it and be like, no
  • So then they change tactics and get Victor drunk instead; who will then himself offer alcohol to Yuri 
  • who can’t really say no to his bf
  • and then the banquet really lights up because everyone knows the party doesn’t start until the drunk katsudon starts dancing


  • Phichit is ready with his phone and is packing 3 portable batteries and a stable connection to his cloud drive

Ask Ethan: Could you have two perfectly identical snowflakes?

“I know scientists say that no two snowflakes are alike, but I say "how can you definitively know that unless you can see every single snowflake that falls.” Maybe a snowflake in Russia falls [at] the same time as a snowflake in Minnesota and they’re the same.“

When you see a snowflake, what you’re seeing is a thin crystal of ice, with intricate, hexagonally-symmetric features that reveal themselves under a microscope. Although snowflakes come in a myriad of different shapes and patterns, there’s one adage you’ve heard since you were a kid: that no two snowflakes are alike. From a scientific perspective, is that true? What gives snowflakes their intricate structures, and what does it truly mean for a snowflake to be unique? Do we require the exact same branching structure? Can we obtain that if we create them artificially? Do we require identical-ness down to a molecular or atomic level? And how much snow would we need for that to happen?

Come find out the real science behind two snowflakes being alike on this week’s Ask Ethan!

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idea for poem: trans jesus

the god who banquets by himself
is not my god

i like my jesus ungilded, full of the hunger-ache,
with blood on his knuckles
& bruises on his ribs,
holding the ice pack & his survival
like emblems

don’t give my god rubies, just patience
enough to make it through
this night & every night in millennia

for if the body is parentheses,
then the heart reads, we are always
, reads, i have fashioned myself
from dust in exactly this way
& i am perfect

because i am a work
in progress


they’re gonna… they’re gonna turn out like me.

[caption: eight gifs from the stork job from leverage. eliot, with an ice pack held to his face, asks, “how do we even know this kid is an orphan?” parker replies, “see him pocketing those cookies? he’s hoarding food. that bag on the table, he keeps his essentials light and portable. he knows he’s going to be taken away at any moment. and there, when she goes to touch him, he flinches. he’s expecting for her to… trust me. he’s an orphan.]



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Aftercare Ideas

Warm bubble bath
Ice packs
Cute bandaids on boo boos
Praising your little
Soft blankies
Favorite movie/tv show
Sweet talks
Hair brushing
Favorite stuffie
Sippy or bottle with favorite drink
Soothing words
Coloring with your little

Feel free to add anything you’d like

Cute Laurent things:

  •  Learns a magic trick and teaches it to a frightened little girl as a way to comfort her. DAMEN NEVER STOOD A CHANCE
  • Anytime Laurent laughs: “Giant animal” “You wrestled with him naked!” 
  • Makes himself and Damen a little blanket nest in front of the fire
  • The part in Princes’ Gambit where Damen notices Laurent is in a good mood at the tavern—all because Laurent was warm and for once had won a tiny victory against his Uncle
  • “How do you like my fort?”
  • Gets Damen an ice pack for his bruise
  • “I’m not here to–I’m just here”
  •  When Laurent purposefully sleeps next to his his Bae under the stars and he and Damen plan a summer vacation together in Ios
  • Understanding Jokaste and letting her go 
  •  “I just thought I had a very fast pony”

I would make a “cute Damen things” post but tbh Damen is kind of cute all the time