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This Too Shall Pass (2012) by Tomorrow Machine

Independent packaging project for perishable goods:

Is it reasonable that it takes several years for a milk carton to decompose naturally, when the milk goes sour after a week? This Too Shall Pass is a series of food packaging were the packaging has the same short life-span as the foods they contain. The package and its content is working in symbiosis.

Smoothie package
Gel of the agar agar seaweed and water are the only components used to make this package. To open it you pick the top. The package will wither at the same speed as its content. It is made for drinks that have a short life span and needs to be refrigerated, fresh juice, smoothies and cream for example.

Rice Package
Package made of biodegradable beeswax. To open it you peel it like a fruit. The package is designed to contain dry goods, for example grains and rice.

Oil package
A package made of caramelized sugar, coated with wax. To open it you crack it like an egg. When the material is cracked the wax do no longer protect the sugar and the package melts when it comes in contact with water. This package is made for oil-based food.


Teavana Packaging by Melia Tandiono

“The new Teavana will provide quality at your fingertips. By integrating simple design, this new approach will highlight Teavana’s ingredients, while keeping convenience in mind. The product is designed to ease the lengthy tea making process, therefore making it possible for busy individuals to enjoy a healthy loose-leaf tea and experience instant quality.”

Melia Tandiono is currently based in Los Angeles and is studying graphic design at Art Center College of Design. Her interest lies in print design, branding and packaging, which means she often buys items that is of no use to her, but is packaged beautifully.


Tea Charlie Logo & Package Design by Yan Yaoming

“Strictly observing the ideas (ancient procedure for manufacturing tea, innovative design), choosing carefully cultivated tea and following the traditional process. These crafts, born a hundred years ago from numerous ancestors, are the accumulation of human experience of this industry and our respect and adherence to nature.”

Yan Yaoming is a graphic designer based in Beijing, China. He is focused on packaging design, branding, graphic design and print design.


Welcome to Night Vale ‘The Librarian’ & 'Condos’ Live

CD Packaging & Booklet Art

Packaging for a hypothetical CD release of Welcome to Night Vale’s two live shows, “Condos” and “The Librarian.” Glow cloud copywriting is my own, and descriptions of the live shows are partially mine and partially their online descriptions. The quotes in the CD booklet are taken from the shows.

Booklet art: Here we see brave Tamika Flynn taking on the titular librarian, the menacing glow cloud, then Cecil attempting to reach Carlos before he is too far gone inside the condo.

DVD Packaging

Original WtNV logo by Rob Wilson
Welcome to Night Vale © Welcome to Night Vale Productions


The Cube Calendar (2013) by Philip Stroomberg

With this beautiful design-calendar, Philip Stroomberg has added an innovative twist to the concept of the tear-off calendar. Not a messy sheaf of paper hanging from a nail on your wall, but a compact object that subtly changes shape in your hands: by tearing off a card each day, you reveal the workings of time.

Divided into six rows, hundreds of cardboard cards line up, held together as a cube by two binding screws. The cards have been punched from two sheets of Algro Design. There’s a card for each day and, every few days, a card with a quote about time – a humorous observation or a philosophical aphorism. “‘What day is it?’ ‘It’s today,’ squeaked Piglet. ‘My favourite day,’ said Pooh.” Or this statement from philosopher Bertrand Russell: ‘The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.’

EDIT: Someone wondered about a 2014 Cube Calendar. You can order it here in case anyone else is seriously considering buying one.


Dunkin Donuts Branding Update by Hanna Sköld & Sara Knipström

Dunkin Donuts was established 1950 in Massachusetts and in 2014 they opened up their first store in Sweden. Hanna and Sara saw an opportunity to update Dunkin Donuts visual identity and packaging to fit into the Scandinavian market as well as the global. 

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We take the packaging our food comes in for granted. Yet many of the boxes, bags and bottles that protect our edibles were once groundbreaking — both in their design and in how they changed our perception of what’s inside. Sometimes, packaging is so distinctive, it transforms food from mere consumer product to cultural icon. As Stephen Heller, author of over 100 books on design and popular culture, says, “Coca-Cola is not a bottle of soda — it’s Coca-Cola.”

So we’ve curated a list of some of the best examples of food packaging design over the last century, with help from experts in the field – take a look!

Looks Matter: A Century Of Iconic Food Packaging

Photo credits: Ariel Zambelich/NPR