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Jungkook’s Masterlist

Hair Colors: Black, Red

Selca Series: Beanies, White Shirts, V-Signs, Forehead, Pre-Debut, Black & White, Boyfriend

OTPs: JiKook, JinKook, TaeKook

Photoshoots: Summer Package, WINGS Concept Photos, Season’s Greetings

Jimin’s Masterlist

Hair Colors: Black, Orange, Brown

Selca Series: Glasses, Suits, Mirror, Squish, Bed, Sunglasses, Low Quality, Black & White, Boyfriend

OTPs: JiKook, TaeMin, JiHope, JinMin, YoonMin, MinJoon

Photoshoots: Summer Package, WINGS Concept Photos, Season’s Greetings

Other: Get A Guy That Can Do Both

Taehyung’s Masterlist

Hair Colors: Black, Blonde, Orange, Brown, Red

Selca Series: Blurry, Glasses, Dogs, Hats, Close Ups, Bed, Nose Scrunch, Contacts, Black & White, Boyfriend, Rude

OTPs: TaeMin, V-Mon, TaeKook, V-Hope

Photoshoots: Summer Package, WINGS Concept Photos, Season’s Greetings

anonymous asked:

omg i just read and saw that they actually previewed the new log on the back of the box of the Wings concept book packaging. OMG.

why is bighit always playing with us?/?? 

ok ok but are bangtan bombs still gonna be called bangtan bombs? and if beyond the scene is about youth stepping forward why was jk not stepping forward in that one image of all of them you know the one. OMG im so confused i have so many questions why do they do this to me all the time?! im always left jungshook over here lol

i’m sure they’ll still go by bangtan sonyeondan but they just added an english meaning to BTS since it’s what most international media call them. don’t worry anon, their bangtan bombs will still be bangtan bombs!!

duuuuude I don’t know who to go to to freak out about this? WHY ISNT JJK WALKING THROUGH THE DOOR IN THE PROMO PIC? all of the explanations people are giving that other people are seeming to understand I don’t get?? the rebranding I’m fine with but whY ISNT BUN WALKING. sorry this is more of a screaming rant than a question I’m in a bit of a panic like everyone else you feel me

the above anon also referred to this image:

this is from their wings tour vcr and jungkook not walking through relates more to his solo song than their new logo so i wouldn’t look too deeply into it. the doors might have been a possible hint but i think that’s it tbh??? plus, jungkook walks through with them afterwards

We absolutely shouldn’t be surprised at how the ‘triggered’ meme has taken flight in shitty, edgy dude circles. One of their primary communications is this kind of super-loaded, super-fragile compressed statement and it’s how they primarily police themselves before attacking the needs or boundaries of other people. While it has a different approach or set of ‘shame concepts’ packaged into it, “u triggered?” is almost functionally identical to “butthurt” from years ago, from the same people. A single word that communicates that someone else has failed to project the desired ‘masculine’ insensitive, defensively straight, hyper-competitive persona. 

“Butthurt” packages implications that someone’s gay or otherwise subdued by some more dominant man and angry that you “got fucked”, and all that stuff communicates things about masculinity and self-worth. “triggered” associates someone with this fearful bogey of ‘sensitive’ women, lgbt+ people, and this ‘cringy’ totem that these male-dominant cultures utterly fear becoming and marries it with ‘men don’t cry’ or ‘take it like a man.’ On another level, these cultures also use ‘autistic’ in this non-literal super-loaded way to describe their fears of looking ‘weird’ or being worthless, being disabled, being cringy, or being undesirable. “Cuck” also is the same kind of word, projecting these fears about someone ‘stealing’ their woman and proof of their heterosexuality, a diminished masculinity in the face of a stronger man, and often accusations that this might be a fetish and that someone ‘likes’ being dominated in this way which dovetails into vague homophobia again.

You can say ‘don’t read too much into these things, they don’t think that hard about them’ but that’s the thing– they don’t have to. Anyone who’s been bullied as a child knows that bullies don’t really think or analyze what they’re saying but know that it has a background radiation of deep meaning to them, often betraying their own fears or a defensive need to validate their own gender performance, class status, intelligence, social standing, whatever. When they communicate these things, they broadcast to their peers and if their peers approve, they also understand the ideas packaged into the bullying words. Effectively they outsource their thinking to their peers in a sort of shared group comprehension.