Mita Chocolate – Visual Identity System by Moniker

“Mita is a husband-and-wife team of artisan chocolate makers. Based in Bogota, Colombia, Mita sources beans from Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to create their amazing bean-to-bar chocolate. Moniker created the visual identity and packaging with a color-coded pattern system that can easily scale to future products.”

Moniker is a San Francisco-based design and branding studio. They believe in delivering timeless work for clients far and wide, big and small. Strong work stems from strong relationships. They partner directly with their clients to reach a level of rapport only possible on a small scale. You won’t be hearing from their Account Services team–you’ll be hearing from them.


Seven Wonders Cheese Packaging by Roydon Misseldine

“Mainland Cheese Seven Wonders of New Zealand, taking you from the ‘The Creamy Fox Blue glaciers’ all the way to 'The Double Cream Brie–City Tower.”

Roydon Misseldine is a graphic designer based in Wellington, New Zealand.   He focuses on graphic design & art direction in cultural and commercial areas. Some of his selected clients: Allan Kingdom, Bones, Cafe L'Affare, Don’t Tell New York, Dulux, Empire Skate Shop, Fix & Fogg, Kakaslok etc.