packages with the stamp on it

100 Art Journal Materials.

1) Pressed flowers
2) Coloured Sand
3) Thin buttons
4) Embroidery thread
5) Second hand postcards
6) magazine clippings
7) Patches for mending clothes
8) Denim from old jeans
9) Pages of old books
10) Pressed insects
11) Newspaper articles
12) Calligraphy inks (more vibrant and transparent than water-color)
13) Paper bags
14) Envelops
15) Washi tape
16) Spray paint
17) Scrapbook paper
18) House paint (paint stores give away mistinted paint for extremely low prices, can confirm: I work at a paint store and get free paint every day.)
19) Colour chips (get these while you’re at the paint store :p)
20) Tin foil
21) Candle wax
22) Nail polish (if you pour it on the page and let it dry its beautifully shiny and textured. I use it to make eyes that glisten).
23) Oil pastels
24) Locks of your hair
25) Perfume samples
26) Resaraunt coasters
27) Gold leaf pen ( found at art stores)
28) Chalk
29) Black coffee
30) Postage stamps
31) Junk mail
32) Leaves
33) Dead butterflies and moths
34) Food lables
35) Coffee sleeves
36) Ribbon
37) Unused pages from previous journals/ notebooks.
38) Duct tape, patterned or otherwise.
39) Watercolor
40) Sharpie
41) Makeup (lipstick especially)
42) Lino Stamps (art stores sell ones you can carve yourself.)
43) Door numbers and letters (home depot has a whole wall of them).
44) Lables from a lable maker
45) Ticket stubs
46) Receipts
47) Resaraunt menus
48) Other people’s drawings
49) Baggage tags
50) Recipe cards
51) Pencil crayon
52) Regular crayon
53) Acrylic paint
54) Pressed mushrooms
55) Little plastic bags
56) Felt pen
57) Charcoal
58) Straw and dried grasses
59) Old school notes and assignments
60) Printed photographs
61) Business cards
62) Parcel packaging
63) Yarn or wool
64) Book marks
65) Stickers from Starbucks coffee bags (you can ask for these without buying the coffee)
66) Tea and tea bags
67) Spider webs
68) Snake skin (pet stores)
69) Scraps of fabric
70) Pet fur
71) Hair dye
72) Berry juice
73) Wood stain
74) Sawdust
75) Masking tape
76) Glitter
77) Notes from family members and loved ones
78) Beer and wine lables
79) Cellophane
80) Cardstock
81) Birthday cards
82) Oragami paper
83) Shoe laces
84) Dictionary entries
85) Plasticine
86) Melted Crayons
87) Chalk board paint and sidewalk chalk
88) Metallic foil
89) Coin rubbings
90) Wallpaper
91) Thin tile
92) Spray on velvet
93) Cue cards
94) Name tags
95) Invitations
96) Squished bottle caps
97) Paper doilies
98) Stencils
99) Dried herbs
100) The inside of correlated cardboard.

Stamp making

Step One Gather materials

- pen/sharpie/pencil to draw on your pattern
- carving tools and or exacto knife
- rubber carving block
- scissors
-ink pad
- paper to stamp

Step two
Measure and cut the size of your stamp
( you can buy smaller blocks of rubber that dont need to be cut or pre mounted/cut rubber)

Step three
Draw out your design, for my lack of drawing and carving ability i try to avoid shading… so i keep it simple and
color in what lines i am going to carve out.
You can also reverse that and carve out all the white space…. depends on how you want your end result to look.

Step four

When your design is finished, time to cut!!

For this design i am using the small knife, just tracing the outer and inner red lines so it peels away.

Step five
When your design is all carved out, time to test it  <3

whala! You’ve just made your own custom stamp.
You can mount your piece of rubber on wood or a hard surface to make sure it doesnt break or get ruined..
OR you can flip it over and make another stamp on the back! ( <- thats what i do)

Custom stamps are awesome for etsy shop owners or anyone who crafts… 100% unique hand crafted stamps are a great way to add an extra little something to your customers packages <3

Finally worked out packaging for online pin orders and I’ll be releasing new pins soon! Trying to avoid plastic as much as possible and these little hand-stamped custom envelopes shipped in water-resistant kraft mailers are a great alternative~

  • Junkrat: *driving random Overwatch-stamped vehicle* I dunno WHY the company puts me under this kind of pressure, I’m just the FACKIN'delivery guy! THEY'RE the ones overpromisin’ customers, but I HAVE TO RISK MY LIFE to get their packages to them on time, it is ABSOLUTE bull shit. *Later* What can I do here, can I find a shortcut, here we go, up this hill, get to do a bit of a trick as well *goes flying 20 feet in the air* TO KEEP THE DAY EXCITING. Ya orda’ ya fuckin’ doll off Amazon in the mornin’, ya get ya doll in the afternoon, THAT’S OUR GUARANTEE. *fixes ramp on front of vehicle* Ya know what, the other problem is there’s TOO MANY PEOPLE on the road! *driving full speed* If all these BUMS could just get off the fuckin’ road, then they would NOT interfere with my job! Look at me kids, GET A JOB, GET A JOB, FUCK OFF, I got fuckin’ packages to deliva’, thERE ARE PEOPLE WAITING ON THEIR DOLLS OFF AMAZON! Fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off! Ya may THINK I’m actin’ Like Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down, But *vehicles flying off* I’VE JUST FOUND A WAY TA BECOME SUPA’ EFFICIENT IN MY PROFESSION, THIS IS MY FACKIN’ CRAFT, I DON’T CARE HOW THE NEWS REPORTS IT, PEOPLE ARE GETTIN’ THEIR FACKIN’ PACKAGES!
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Derek M Nurse actually stamps and seals his letters with a wax seal that’s the Nurse family insignia

Dex didn’t find out until Nursey sent him a package with a letter inside that was sealed with wax

Dex actually had to ask the group chat why his boyfriend was so fucking extra and Nursey was just like “☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️”


I used an old frame box to make packaging accent cards. 
All you do is cut, cut , cut, decorate ( i used our handmade stamps) and then stick into a package for a little extra aesthetic handmade perk <3 
Nice thing is that you can use anything to decorate the pieces and customize the style to your own <3 

Fact Over Fancy (m)

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Reader x Jeon Jeongguk

Summary: In this world, there are two types of people: those born with emotions, and those born without. Society is thriving in its emotionless state, productivity levels are at an all time high. Marriage serves only one function: to father the next generation. Those with emotions are considered to be defective, aberrations who can never be matched. What happens when there’s a glitch in the so-called perfect system and a defective and a “normal” person are matched?

Rated m for graphic sex, dirty talk

Word Count: 9910

As always, a HUGE thank you to my beta readers @ohmanholyjungkook and @blame-bts <3

“Back again I see, Mr Jeon.” Your eyes are fixed on his patient file in front of you, and you don’t look up when the person in question clears his throat and shifts in his seat in your doctor’s office. “This time it’s for starting a fight, again, with Jimin in the cafeteria.”

He leans back in his chair, one leg crossed over the other at the ankle in a display of absolute confidence. His eyes are fixated on your profile with a strange fascination, as if staring at you brings him some sort of entertainment almost. An amused chuckle catches your attention this time, and you glance up at his unapologetic expression. “Do you really like coming in here that often?”

Jeongguk leans forward in his seat now, interested. He props his chin up with his hand, and his gaze is penetrating, his cold, slate grey eyes unwavering. “Maybe I do, Dr ____. It’s my only chance to get you to myself for a whole hour.”

You don’t bother acknowledging his bold remark and flip to the section with his personal details, including his medical history. Defective.

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A Condom (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to get this one up. but I really think it was worth it. I feel like this part is really good. it draws on my nostalgia - the ones I used to read that I enjoyed so much. so I really hope that you all enjoy it. warning for some light groping but that’s about it, it’s really not R rated at all. enjoy !! -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

You were standing in the middle of the room – hovering, like a ghost. You were someone who wasn’t there. Paled out with shock, pitted with fear, stomach twisted into knots.

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She was wrong

Liz Forbes never really liked to admit when she was wrong. 

After all, being a female Sheriff in charge of a mostly male department wasn’t easy and she’d had to cop a lot of flak from not only her colleagues but from the town people who didn’t like being ordered or arrested by a woman. 

So being wrong about something could mean losing what respect and footing she’d gained. 

But this time, she would gladly admit she had been wrong all those years ago. 

It had been an overcast summer day, raining heavily and she had been watching an afternoon movie in her living room, deliberately pretending to be engrossed in the tv while she was definitely aware that her daughter was in a car parked just a few houses down the street, making out with Niklaus Mikaelson. 

Although, that wasn’t what she had been wrong about, after all, anyone could have seen that her daughter and that boy would end up dating, it had been very clear since they were about six years old and Caroline had come home with a Valentine’s Day card that had been an origami heart. 

Liz was pretty sure they still had that somewhere around the house.

They’d been inseparable for years- until now. 

Klaus had been granted a scholarship and early admissions to Sorbonne University in Paris to study art. 

He would be leaving at the end of the summer, which was only another two weeks away. 

And Liz had figured that their relationship would survive that. 

Being in two different time zones and two different continents? 

No matter how much Caroline plotted and planned, Liz had watched the two of them with a sinking heart and guessed that they would drift apart until they stopped making a place for each other in their lives. 

And she was sorry for that, because the two of them were so in love that it felt good to see them together. 

And when Caroline came home after seeing Klaus off at the airport, three hours late because she hadn’t been able to drive she was crying so hard, Liz felt her own heart break too. 

Then had come the postcards, one sent from the airport and arriving almost every day until the mailman was almost as invested in the relationship as she was. 

Then one day, not only had the daily postcard arrived, but it had come on top of a thick package from the United Kingdom. 

And when Liz had seen the stamp and address, she’d committed a federal crime and opened it.

Inside was a letter congratulating Caroline on having been accepted to study Urban Design at University College London, followed by a long list of the scholarships she had won. 

Underneath that, had been the loyalty card that Caroline had already signed up for on a train called the Eurostar, which ran from London straight to Paris in just over two hours. 

It’s at this point that she starts to suspect that she had been wrong. 

And her heart breaks again at her daughter going so far away to study but when it’s one of the top twenty universities in the world, she can’t stop her, so she and Bill coordinate meeting at a hotel near Richmond airport, taking Caroline out for dinner before seeing her through the gates and then finding an airport lounge to drink and cry with pride over how their baby girl has grown up. 

The postcards from Paris don’t stop arriving but the number dies down, Klaus still keeping in touch and postcards from London soon follow, along with skype calls and long emails. From what Liz can gather, every Thursday night (because God forbid humanities students have classes on Fridays) Caroline either catches the train to Paris or Klaus comes to see her in London, and Liz felt sorry for their roommates until she found out that they had their own rooms. 

Klaus graduates before Caroline and from what she can gather from her daughter’s email, something about his visa meant he had to go back to America without her because she was finishing exams. 

Liz somewhat suspects that is bull and when Klaus turns up on her doorstep looking a little nervous, she finally admits to herself that she had been wrong. 

“I think you two should work for a year before getting engaged,” she tells him before he even steps inside, “Have you spoken to Bill?”

He exhales, “I’m seeing him next, I really did have to get my visa sorted out in New York.” 

He reaches into his pocket and draws out a blue velvet box, 

“I sold a few paintings and bought this for Caroline, do you think she’ll like it?”

Liz notes the Tiffany and Co stamp, opens the lid and swallows her shriek at the square cut diamond in the platinum band.

Damn, her daughter knew how to pick ‘em. 

She manages to hold herself together long enough to hug the poor boy and until she gets a call from Bill where he mutters that he wish Steven had bought him a ring like that. 

She feels as though she wants to cry but can’t stop smiling. 

She manages both when a year later, on Christmas Eve, Caroline surprises her with a visit back home and practically bounces through the door with the engagement ring on her finger. 

And Liz Forbes had honestly never been so glad to be wrong about something. 

Chapter 17 - A Stiff Virus

Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21

It was pleasant to wake up without a set schedule for the day. You knew EXO were busy with a couple of TV appearances and 2 photo shoots all day so you were off the hook for any lesson requests until the evening. You laid in bed for about an hour before finally getting up to shower. Your need for coffee was greater than the need for comfort. You got dressed and headed out to grab yourself a coffee and snack. You took your time walking back to the apartment building, it was a lovely day out so you walked along the Han River enjoying the beauty of the neighbourhood.

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I was thinking the same thing about he fruit snacks! How do we do that?!

Here’s the format I used to send a letter the cast of Dear Evan Hansen! There are other formats, but I know this specific one works because I got a response! This will also work for packages (though you may need more stamps depending upon the size!). Happy sending!

Post vocabulary in Finnish

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Inspired by @languagecollector‘s vocabulary list.

Kirje - letter
Kirjekuori - envelope
Kirjepaperi - note/letter paper
Postimerkki - stamp
Postileima - postmark
Postikortti - postcard
Paketti - package; parcel
Kuplamuovi - bubble wrap 
Osoite - address
Postinumero - postal code; zip code
Lähettäjä - sender
Vastaanottaja - addressee
Postimies - postman
Postilaatikko - letterbox; mailbox
Posti(konttori) - post office
Postimaksu - postage
Kirjeposti, etanaposti - snail mail
Sähköposti - e-mail
Toimitus, lähetys - delivery
Kotimaa - domestic; home country
Ulkomaat - international; overseas; abroad
Seuranta - tracking 
Käsiala - handwriting
Allekirjoitus - signature, autograph 
Kirjeenvaihto - correspondence
Olla kirjeenvaihdossa - to correspond (via letter writing)
Kirjeenvaihtaja - corresponder
Kirjekaveri - penpal
Kirjoittaa - to write
Lukea - to read
Lähettää - to send
Postittaa - to mail
Vastaanottaa - to receive 
Vastata - to answer, to respond 
Hei - hello
Hyvä… - dear…
Rakas… - beloved…
Arvoisa… - honoured…
Terveisin - with regards 
Parhain/ystävällisin/lämpimin terveisin - best/kind/warm regards
Ystävällisesti - kindly, sincerely
Kunnioittavasti - yours sincerely 
Kiitoksin / monin kiitoksin - gratefully/with many thanks
Kiittäen - gratefully
Etukäteen kiittäen - gratefully in advance
Toivottaa - wishes (with a wish like “have a good weekend”)
P.S., PS - post scriptum 

Questions for Snail Mailers! 🐌💕📫

💕 🐌 Send a number and I’ll answer it— yes, finally one for the Snail Mail Community! 🐌 💕

  1. How many penpals do you have?
  2. What are characteristics of your ideal penpal?
  3. What do you not like in a penpal?
  4. What do you write about in your letters?
  5. Do you keep a book of all the letters you’ve written/received?
  6. Would you rather receive long letters infrequently or short letters regularly?
  7. Do you prefer to hand write letters or type them?
  8. How long are the letters you write (generally)?
  9. Do you have a minimum length for the letters you write?
  10. What’s the longest letter you’ve written?
  11. What’s the shortest letter you’ve written?
  12. Do you decorate pre-made envelopes or make your own?
  13. What kind of decorations do you use on/in your letters?
  14. Are you a washi addict?
  15. How many rolls of washi do you own (be honest!)?
  16. What’s your favorite kind of washi?
  17. What’s your favorite washi roll you own right now?
  18. Do you write on notebook paper or special stationery?
  19. Stationery sets: yes or no?
  20. What’s your favorite pen you own?
  21. Colorful ink or just black ink?
  22. What’s the best letter you’ve ever received?
  23. What’s the worst letter you’ve ever received?
  24. Have you ever had to “quit” a penpal? (If so, why?)?
  25. Who was your first penpal?
  26. Do you still write your first penpal?
  27. Who was worst penpal you’ve ever had?
  28. Have you met any of your penpals in person?
  29. What type of people will you NOT write to?
  30. Do you only write people who are about your age?
  31. Do you have any penpals with the same first name as you?
  32. How did you get into penpaling?
  33. Does anyone else in your family penpal?
  34. How long does it take you to respond to a letter?
  35. Do you have a special ritual to writing letters?
  36. Do you keep old letters or throw them away?
  37. How to you organize the letters you’ve received?
  38. Would you want your future kids or grandkids to read the letters you’ve received?
  39. What’s something you regret about penpaling?
  40. What’s something you love about penpaling?
  41. Do you buy “fun” stamps to use on your letters?
  42. Do you collect stamps?
  43. Do you send postcards?
  44. Do you collect postcards?
  45. Do you send anything else in your letters? 
  46. Is there anything you wish your penpals would send you?
  47. Is there anything you wish your penpals would write to you about?
  48. Do you drop you letters off at the post office or just put them in the mail box?
  49. Do you send packages?
  50. Do you do any swaps (art, goodies, tea, etc.)?
Revenge in a Small Town.

(warning: long story)

This occurred about 10 years ago, but still is my favorite revenge.

My first job out of college was for a local government agency in the small town where I grew up. I had moved back to my hometown after college because of family considerations (my grandmother was sick) and because I didn’t want to take a job in a cubicle. As it turned out, this job involved a cubicle, but there was also field work involved, which was what I had been wanting.

Right off, my boss was a little off putting. He butchered the English language in some ways, but was quick to correct someone who might use an incorrect word or phrase. If someone in the community had an issue with our work (the agency involved in the calculation of local taxes) he would first look up their account to determine if they were “worth the time” to talk to personally, or if they should be delegated. Anyone who was “worth the time” got to visit with him personally, and would invariably get additional considerations. Anyone that he delegated had to be denied in almost all requests for relief, even if the request was identical to the issue that had been presented by those deemed to be “worth the time.”

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↳ The world of Azux was various shades of grey with empty feelings and empty thoughts leading your every day life. Until a letter appeared in your life changing everything completely.

genre: angst, light fluff | soulmate!au + dystopian!au

pairing: jimin | reader + wonho

warning: mentioning of drug use

words: 10,112

Inspired by 1984!

To live in a world such as this one was like living in a secluded box. You were given rules the instance you learned how to speak. Thrown into a school where all you could remember was to follow what a person of power had to say. You were certain it was implemented in everyone’s DNA when they were being created.

Along with being stripped away from your freedom, you would also be stripped away from your eyesight. The higher ups had programmed a new form of sight, plain black and white, making everything more mundane than they already were. The only way you knew this was from the few elders that were ‘children’ of Generation Cavia Porcellus, the guinea pigs of Azux.

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Sometimes a witch isn’t sure enough of a situation to directly curse or hex a frienemy. A witch may be very suspicious, divination is giving mixed signals and their intuition is clouded. Maybe witch has ethical issues or fear around taking offensive action. Maybe they fear retribution because the frienemy is a magic user too. In these cases, a reflective spell is in order.

What you need:
1-A return to sender label or stamp
2-Something from the target–something they gave you, their photo, or something they wrote and signed. Maybe even an email they sent you.
3-A mirror or small pieces of mirror (broken pieces or craft mirror pieces are great)
4-A cloth, envelope, or box and string or ribbon to wrap it all in.
5-A tag or label to address the from and to (from your frienemy to you)

Package the item from your target and the mirror together based on your intuition. Sometimes I wrap a picture face down on a mirror or I glue pieces of mirror inside a box or I secure them on the outside of a package. Then after you have assembled the package address it and affix the return to sender stamp or label over the package.

The entire time you are doing this realize that you are simultaneously creating a mirrored energetic barrier against the target too. You at this point want nothing from the target bad or good. All of this is being reflected. If your target suddenly has a run of terrible luck–check with your divination if it came from the spell reflecting their ill will back on them. The same if the target has a run of good luck, use divination to see if they were wishing you well.

This spell not only works to reflect but it also helps you determine the intent of the target towards you when the signs are uncertain.

but imagine Isak and Even finally having a housewarming party and Even is super excited and he wants to cook and make snacks for everyone and Isak is just like ??? We can just order pizza??  And Even is like “NEII!!” So he goes to the store to buy all that he needs and he makes sure that the store sells halal meat so that Sana can eat as well. And then on the day of the party, maybe one of the girls comes over a bit early to help them (read: Even) and Even is in the kitchen cooking. So she goes over and they are kinda just talking about stuff when she sees the packaging on the meat and it has the “halal” stamp and she’s a bit confused so she asks Even about it. And he’s like “oh that’s for Sana” and she’s just a bit ??? So Even explains to her what halal means and why it’s important to Sana and she’s just like “ooohhhh”. So the next time the girls hang out, she makes sure that the place they are ordering food from serves halal meat and if not, then she makes sure there is veggie pizza for Sana

—-thoughts by @domeafavour28 who’s too chicken shit to post her amazing ramblings. literally im so !!!!!!