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Pressed flowers A handful of glitter & confetti Instax photos A bookmark Teabags The business card of an artist with an Etsy link A touristy pamphlet from your city Your favourite recipe A list of your favourite songs A button A coin A package of flower seeds A comic strip

DIY Cheap and Easy Dyed Ribbon Tutorial from The Sweet Escape.

Why is this DIY so cheap? You are using the very cheap supermarket food coloring squeeze bottles and cotton fabric (old sheets etc…).

For other dyed ribbons DIYs I’ve posted, see below:

DIY Nail Polish Marbleized Ribbon from Oh Happy Day here.

DIY Dyed Ribbon from Green Wedding Shoes here.

And for more ribbon dyeing options, check out this post: DIY Natural Fabric Dye Chart Printable from Design Sponge. At the link there are more suggestions of fruits and vegetables that you can use.

One of my jobs is to catch Neil’s fan mail and help him to answer it–

some amazing things run over my desk.

renews my faith in humankind every day w/ the witness of so much love & gratitude for the written word of Boss.

working on a big post of many of the last few months “guest-stars” & will include some “rules” for best getting mail answered. 

I’ve had these done for quite a long time, but wasn’t sure whether to upload them or not, but then again one of my sims had 5 children —ALL GIRLS— and I had some trouble trying to dress them in different clothes soooooooo… Yep, there you go.

Stiiiiiill, as always, I wanna know what you think and aaaalso if you’ve got any problems downloading the packages let me know ^^


· sweater package here
· leggins package here
· tops package here
· whole collection here

Photograph by Ralph D. Freso—Reuters

Nov. 22, 2013. A worker gathers items for delivery from the warehouse floor at Amazon’s distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona.

From the Pope meeting Putin and the Central African Republic nearing the brink of civil war to pardoned Turkeys in the Washington and Cyber Monday preparations around the world, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.