ID #67402

Name: Mikayla
Age: 17
Country: USA

I draw a blank whenever it comes to talking about myself, but I’m just interested in finding new people to make friends with from anywhere and everywhere.
Some of my interests are baking, interior design, photography, painting, writing, reading, and anything of the artsy type. I’m very sarcastic and tend to be very dramatic when it comes to pretty much everything. Also, if you get excited by anything and everything and convey such by using all caps, we’ll get along very well.
I am currently trying to learn Spanish, so I’d love to be contacted by a fluent Spanish speaker that would be willing to help me out a bit.
Sending letters and packages would be very ideal for me at some point as a way of communication, but if that does not appeal to you that’s also more than okay!

Preferences: I’d prefer people from 16 to 21ish, but I’m definitely not picky in terms of who contacts me.

♥ Things to put in an envelope for your penpal♥

Pressed flowers A handful of glitter & confetti Instax photos A bookmark Teabags The business card of an artist with an Etsy link A touristy pamphlet from your city Your favourite recipe A list of your favourite songs A button A coin A package of flower seeds A comic strip

ID #17932

Name: Parker
Age: 19
Country: USA

I live inside my own brain but love to step outside of it. I have dreams of travel, and becoming a writer. I am going to college and plan on studying linguistics and languages. I study French, and plan on studying German. I would love to meet new people and write letters, were we make fiction stories, or debate, and maybe become friends. I LOVE packages and would be into sending them to someone.

Preferences: female, ages 18+

ID #62569

Name: Emily
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hi! I’m looking for someone fun to talk too. I’m in college, but taking time to travel. I love dogs, reading, singing. I LOVE traveling and i’m openly queer. I’d love to be open to other cultures and talk to someone whether snail mail or online…or both! i’m super open minded and Im really nice. I’d love to send postcards, packages and letters to someone full of things from my area! can’t wait to start!

Preferences: 18+
LQBTQ Friendly


Hump Day Hunks: Big Packages To Fill Santa’s Sleigh!

Nothing Like Big Packages, Especially When They Are Encased In Skin-Tight Uniforms.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

ID #15042

Name: Ashley
Age: 23
Country: USA

My life is full of adventures and I desire to share letters, journals, and/or packages filled with ideas and deeper conversations ~ I work as a special needs educator and will soon be joining the Peace Corps for an international experience. Connecting with other avid artists/writers would make my dream come true!


Art, Painting, Poetry, Photography
Hiking, Camping, Forests, Oceans
Food, Museums, Transit Rides, Antiques/Books
Pinball, Nintendo, Board Games

Dislikes: Discrimination, Negativity, and Stagnancy

Preferences: 18-25 Years Old


Hey guys! Thank you for your patience with support – I am getting back to everyone as quickly as possible. We have been sending out info about the companions for the 72 hour remote binding, so that has been on priority, but the last of those emails goes out tomorrow!

Thank you for your patience. As for those with tracking that is not updating, that should be fixed by Monday. Thank you for being AWESOME. I have included freebies in every package as thanks. 

ID #18779

Name: Kristina
Age: 17
Country: Macedonia(Europe)

Hi, I’m Christina, i am currently in high school and i would love to have a pan pal. I would love to build a nice, strong and wonderful friendship with someone, send them letters, postcards, doodles etc. I love sending letters and packages. I love reading, writing, listeniing to music, filming, photoshop editing, traveling, exploring. I also love all animals (mostly dogs). I am open to any music/book genre, but i mainly listen to The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, The weeknd and 90s and 00s hits. I also love astrology and space and I love having deep conversations with people about anything. I am creative and love making crafts and such, so if this interests you, hit me up i would love to be friends♥

Preferences: preferably age 17-19, any country, race, gender etc. someone who is open minded about social issues etc. please dont make small talk, i would like this friendship to last longer.♥

♥ Kawaii items to send to your penpal ♥

♥ Hello Kitty/Sanrio stickers OR stickers that look kawaii, like sweets or fruits with faces! ♥ Hair clips in fun shapes like rainbows. ♥ Sanrio/princess bubbles. ♥ Anything patterned in strawberries, cherries or other pretty fruit. ♥ A folding fan. ♥ Patterned shoelaces. ♥ Sanrio/kawaii stationary. ♥ Cartoony drawings of animals. ♥ Fun-shaped earrings. ♥ Notebooks, day planners, or pencil cases in cute patterns. (The back-to-school section always has some kawaii items!) ♥ Fanart of their favourite anime/manga. ♥ Sweets/candy. ♥ Keychains in the shape of fruit, sweets, rainbows, stars, etc. ♥ Chopsticks. ♥ Pretty nail stickers. ♥ 

A lot of snail mailers like ‘kawaii’ items, so I decided to write a list of kawaii items to send for those of us who don’t have access to Japanese goods!