package from japan

A huge box full of happiness [Package!]

Okay, I should try to gather my thoughts around and describe everything… But I can’t :D *rolls happily*

I just received a package from my friend and BSI partner in crime (our wonderful proofreader): Nay-chan! And I am extremely excited :”D

I opened the box with my mom and she was absolutely in awe because of all the wrappings :> 

Also yeah, welcome back, carpet pictures in potato quality :D

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This full page advertisement for Fang (戦国ロック はぐれ牙), 1979, starring Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子) was scanned from a Meitetsu (名鉄) Bus Lines Guide from August of 1973.

Yes, I paid real, good money for this ad, too. I paid to package and ship from Japan  a Bus Line guide from 1973 for just this page. And I regret nothing.

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"they are still doing it now" except now, the care packages also include things from Japan Viktor is really fond of or things they want him to try? (so much so that Yuuri complains there are more things especially sent for Viktor than for him and jokingly accuses his family of caring about his other half more than they do him)

Definitely! Viktor becomes part of the family so he gets sent lots of different things to try and eventually specific things from Japan they’ve figured out he liked


Finally received my 「Kalafina “9+ONE”」 merchandise package ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Today, I finally got my package from Japan. I feel like it took almost a month T_T. Oh well, serves me right for choosing SAL also known as “Slow Ass Lifted”.

Anyways, I got the following ┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―→

  1. Kalafina 9+ONE Pamphlet: Find my scans here (Keiko set), here (Wakana set), here (Hikaru set) and here (group set)! ^_^ At ¥3,700 it’s pricier than most pamphlets but then again, we are getting a lovely hard cover book with 56 pages (nice kinda glossy paper, none of that matte stuff we got for some of the previous pamphlets). The only downside, the book isn’t bound too well which makes it rather fragile. Then again, that made it so much easier to scan the pages XD
    For this pamphlet the girls got to do pretty much whatever they wanted with their solo photoshoots. Out of the three sets, Hikaru’s is my favourite, she got really creative with her photos, I particularly love the collage!!! It seems so personal and up-close, Hikaru is just too precious for this world! Wakana’s pics are gorgeous as always but there’s nothing out of the ordinary (I wish they would lay off some of those effects…). I am intrigued by Keiko’s choices. The more I look at her pics, the more I love all of them (especially the one with just her silhouette and mermaid-Cakey.) Then of course there’s that pic with Wakana and Hikaru! Ahhh! My shipper heart!!(。♥‿♥。) That picture is totally representative of Keiko!
    I wish they hadn’t photoshopped the hell out of those Arena Live pics. Keiko looks like an alien in that one pic. The girls are beautiful as they are, they really don’t need such excessive photoshopping. They don’t need any at all to be honest!
    We also get some lovely and quite detailed interviews. Maybe one day I’ll have the time and energy to translate them but no promises >_<
  2. Kalafina 9+ONE Clear-File: I can never resist their clear-files!!! I wish there was a way I could have all of them but that’s just me dreaming T_T.
  3. Kalafina 9+ONE Notebook & Pen: I am a sucker for pretty stationary and I gotta say, that notebook looks really fancy with its shiny font and such. It’s unruled (which was undoubtedly Hikaru’s idea. By now we all know that she loves unruled notebooks because she can be more creative with them - as stated here) and the pages have a great quality, I will enjoy writing on them (now I just need to figure out what to use this notebook for XD). As expected, the pen is rather plain (I would have wished for a more elaborate design) but at least the quality isn’t too shabby. It’s surprisingly easy to write with it (and believe me, I am very hard to please when it comes to pens ^_^).
  4. Last but not least, I got a new custom made agenda for this year. My current one ends with this month so I decided to make a new one. I am super happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to use all of my stickers again.

Now I can call myself “a member” ヽ(*´▽)ノ

Hello everyone! At a time, when I fell into apathy, I have received a package of “happiness” from Japan o(*゚∀゚*)o

I received my two membership cards from FJC and Harmony. And looks like I made it and get a special Harmony card (/゚□゚)/. I started enrolling in February and now in June I finally can see the results.

Looks like today I’m bound to be hyped (*´꒳`*)

why do i hoard shit

if i’m worried that i might need it or want to look at it again in the future i dont throw it away but i also dont know how to organize anything so it makes a mess

both digitally and physically

if i have a strong sentimental attachment to an object even if it has no practical use im really resistant to tossing it

an example of this is mail packaging from japan because I feel really irrationally grateful to the person who sold this small part of hikaru no go and sent it across the world to me


My maill exploded yesterday as I had 3 packages from japan in it.

Various snk stuff for me and my friend arrived <3.

This is all the stuff I got for myself. The little Rascal x snk event towel is so adorable cute. I made a close up for the Hanji and Levi racoons. Hanji is snuggling sawney and Bean plushis in one image.

And for my still burning love for levihan two rare doujinshi keychains.

//and today I awoke to a surprise package from Japan

  a bit creepy to receive myself in the mail, but i’ll deal

*Happy tears*

Today I got an unexpected package from Japan. My first thought was “oh my God, my Karneval volume 16 is here even though it’s not out yet!” *LAUGHS*

It wasn’t, but it was something really special.

I got my own copy of the Monthly Comic Zenon magazine.

Which published my “Balloons of Memories” along with the grand prix winner and one of the grand prix runner up winners (I assume they’ll publish others in the following months? I want the one with Ero-Pinku and Saga Kuroi’s manga too <3).

It’s such a strange, beautiful feeling… I have some magazines like this and I know very well the sound pages make as you flip them, the texture on your fingers, and now they had my art on it. I was kind of shocked, in a good way. I feel like I have accomplished a childhood dream, seeing a manga of mine published in a monthly magazine. It’s not a series or anything, nor I aim at such a goal these days, but I’m so extremely happy this happened…

*Goes back to sniffing the magazine some more*


today I revved up by doodling my amiibo… I should’ve known as soon as I was asked to name it, I would become weirdly attached. And start thinking about its personality.

Anyway his name is Daisuke!! He loves Smash and likes to make friends by starting fights!!! He doesn’t mind if you beat him. He’ll only come back stronger.

“kacy did you just write a fanfiction about your own amiibo” WELL, Y’KNOW WHAT


Latest care package from Japan. Brochures for the Y30 Nissan Cedric and Gloria plus the Impul 630R version, Impul R33R brochure, G50 Nissan President brochure, original press release photo pack for the G50 Q45, 1999-2000 and 1998-1999 All Of The Impul catalogues and some other stuff. Last pic is my current collection of All Of The Impul catalogues.