package design


Victo Ngai X Johnnie Walker Blue Label Special Edition

Here’s an exciting project commissioned by Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Available exclusively in Hong Kong from September 2017, the limited-edition 70cl bottles features a Cantonese opera performer adorned with iconic Hong Kong symbols including neon lights, colonial architecture and skyscrapers, celebrating Hong Kong’s unique Eastern and Western influences through marrying the artistry and craftsmanship of the coveted blend and the illustration.

This project, which deals with a three-dimensional object, provided an interesting challenge the images needs to work well as a flat image but also as a three-plane tryptic, and elements needed to be well-placed and not awkwardly cut off around the edges when wrapped around the next plane.

While the blue hues show off the natural golden color of the whiskey, we wanted the image to look good on its own too, so people will keep the empty bottles and display them as standalone art pieces.

Many thanks to my creative team at LOVE Creatives, everyone at MHDHK and PRIME Asia for the fabulous launch party and Johnnie Walker for such a beautifully crafted product. 


Here it is everyone. The product of my literal blood, sweat, and tears for the past 2 months. As part of my packaging design class, I have created a complete DVD series collection for Gravity Falls. Both seasons, all 40 episodes, neatly packaged onto 8 discs. 


やったぜ!米処四代目益屋さんと中川政七商店さんの夢のコラボだぜ!(個人的にファンだぜ中川さん) 益屋さんの「わが家の新米ギフト」は、赤ちゃんの体重と同じ重さのお米をギフトにできます。出産の内祝いなどにぴったり!オプションで中川政七商店さんの花ふきんをおくるみにしたり、ラベルやカードに名入れもできます。こりゃ、お孫さんが生まれたおばあちゃんは喜ぶで。喜びついでにふきんで食卓も綺麗になるで。阪急梅田地下2階、益屋さんにて受けつけしております。(ネット販売していないのがいたいところ)



If anyone remembers this, this is the one I did for my portfolio where the point was to target young adults more.

It’s falling apart. Staples messed up the printing. Everything is misaligned. Just never go to Staples for printing, especially when it has to be on paper bigger than what they carry ;3;


名古屋の新名物、名古屋クラシック ショコりゃあて。ネーミングからロゴデザイン、パッケージデザイン、フォトディレクションまで。普通のクラシックショコラだと、ひっかからないかなと思いまして、名古屋弁風に「ショコりゃあて」と名付けさせていただきました。