package design


名古屋の新名物、名古屋クラシック ショコりゃあて。ネーミングからロゴデザイン、パッケージデザイン、フォトディレクションまで。普通のクラシックショコラだと、ひっかからないかなと思いまして、名古屋弁風に「ショコりゃあて」と名付けさせていただきました。


I made these beer labels for my brother for Christmas! Earlier in the year, we’d been fantasizing about him starting a literature themed brewery called Whale of a Tale Brewing Co. where all the beers would be named classic literary/beer puns. I liked these three that we came up with the best so I decided to illustrate their future labels. Hopefully someday they will all really exist and I’ll get to drink them!:) 


I need to find a ‘bat-fold’ template. It is apparently commonly used for farmer’s who had pocket almanacs. It involves a string. It opens up into a poster, also.

If this sounds like ANYTHING you know or have seen, please point me in the right direction. Its urgent as I have to make a DRASTIC change to some senior work which is due in two weeks. I need to design around this said ‘bat-fold’. 

Please, anyone? Also, could you share this if you think your followers might know a thing or to about this? All is incredibly appreciated!


Here it is everyone. The product of my literal blood, sweat, and tears for the past 2 months. As part of my packaging design class, I have created a complete DVD series collection for Gravity Falls. Both seasons, all 40 episodes, neatly packaged onto 8 discs. 


最近、西宮阪急にもオープンした、米処四代目 益屋さんのご結婚祝いの米袋デザイン。お祝いのお返しにぴったり! 益屋さんは、玄米を量り売り、そして、その場で精米してくれます。(精米したては当然うまい!)古き良きスタイルも、一周回って新しいトレンドスタイルになりそうな予感がします。


Vinyl trilogy covers made for a band of our choice in our intermediate graphic design course. I chose @meridianohio because I miss little acoustic numbers in little Cleveland venues. 

(None of these were used for their actual album art, just for class/fun)