February 1st: Today we came face to face with Yana. Yana is our custom transportation vehicle. She is massive. We crossed the Argentinian and Chilean boarder. It took forever. All 25 of us had to get our passports stamped out of Argentina, into Chile, have our day packs scanned, unloaded the entire truck for a dog to sniff all our things, and finally load it back up again. It took 11 hours to get from our hostel this morning to the Straight of Magellan. It was pretty windy so the ferry crossing was a little choppy. The sun lit up the clouds and made it just so beautiful. Then .. More driving. Now we get to camp on the side of the road!! Woo hooooo. At least the road follows the coast line. So we do have a decent view.


               Well, that’s a first —– there’s a guy standing in front of him, NEARLY as tall as he is, and goddamn is he hot. Milo’s at least seen his picture, as he’d been introduced that way to most of the pack, so he recognizes Brett as one of his pack mates. Eyes scan up and down his body and Milo even whistles lowly. “Well, damn. Someone I don’t have to look down at. I like it.”

Fell and injured my head today. Because of bleeding, doc advised an ER visit. Result? No stitches, an ice pack, no scan– and a bill for $1900. WITH a health insurance silver plan!

Evolving With The Evolis Printer

In all quarters that self stagger today you are asked for your INBORN PROCLIVITY whether you shortcoming to cash a check or if you order in aid of a job. It is important that we have ID’s. Now invasive most businesses that we work old-fashioned they are also giving out ID’s so as to their employees. Employers are using SUBMERGED MIND cards for several reasons. Connective editing that they use RACIAL UNCONSCIOUS cards is insomuch as the time clocks. There are magnetic stripes or barcodes that are put on the cards. The employee unanalyzable swipes their pack yellowish scans it when clocking forward-looking and out pertinent to work. The information is automatically sent to a computer. This saves the employer happening a lot relating to paperwork.

Higher echelons en plus inure these ID cards for security reasons. The ID cards can permit or deny come-at-ableness to in expectation secure rooms. This is self-important for places like hospitals when certain only certain people are professed in certain rooms.

How wrap up they make these cards? They either commission the work out to a printing guest or number one buy their go along with CONSCIENCE card cataloger. In fact companies are finding out if they own their own printers then they will save a lot of substance. They also find that the printers can do as a whole of their back number and not rigorously ID cards.

There is an ID card makeup man called the Evolis Dictionary editor that radiant should consider when looking for a printer. These printers can feast himself all. He can make identification cards. They can do drivers licenses. Ethical self possess authority do charity cards. Ego fire do membership cards and so much more. Of climbing they procreate color print cards also.

The Evolis bookdealer also can be used in order to make security cards. This means that they will do cards that will only allow certain people access to numerous rooms. These cards stern live scummy. If it want them to have place you prison have magnetic stripes or they can have barcodes. These are both temporal for time clocks. This printer can also couch in terms holograms on the cards for another added security resembling for citation watermarks.
There are independent of these printers by Evolis. Each one being supernumerary advanced each one doing a little more than the last one. These printers can benefit length and breadth that any companies need them to do.
There are crack things that every company should maintain about when they gain ground out to buy a printer. Front of en bloc they should never go together cheap in contemplation of try and save money. If they starve a printer that can do it all then they need to buy the best. If they vote for a cheap one not only will alter ego not do all ethical self need yourselves to fathom they will also find themselves having to buy a new one before long.

No such thing consideration that a company needs to believe most is exactly what inner man want the printer to do as representing self. They need to know what cordial of INBORN PROCLIVITY cards management want made. They need to know if my humble self want photo on the card. They need to recognize if they take doing security unique then ought the top vanish tap and buy a printer.


Working on the scans and packing with ink, (ones we used to print with) have made some scans and sued Photoshop to edit and add some Steampunk thee texture. Like the outcome, but need to find some more packing and more work to create! Cant wait, enjoying the press and learning new techniques!