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Could you do a fluff/smut w/ Vernon where he's really stressed out so you come by their dorm & make food for all the boys but while you're all eating he realizes you're wearing lingerie under your clothes and gets impatient so he excuses himself to have his way with you. Thanks!!

I decided to join this with a request where you surprise Vernon with lingerie, since I thought they were quite similar and fit together well! Hope you like the outcome 💓

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» 4,530 words

Vernon had been stressed for quite a while - you could barely even remember how he was when he wasn’t perpetually tense and tired - and you had, for the longest time, tried to figure out how to help him relax, or at the very least blow off some steam. On occasion you had succeeded, too, with relaxing bubble baths, movie nights where you made sure all he focused on was the movie and you, and so many other things.

You had taken note that a blowjob or a good session where he could ram into you as hard as he felt like, however, seemed to have the best and most long-lasting effects, followed by good meals enjoyed in good company.

And so you figured out that with your boyfriend so stressed that he could snap at any given moment under the pressure of his fans’, groupmates’ as well as his own expectations, you might as well combine those two, and decided to go cook for the boys of Seventeen with a hidden surprise under your clothes.

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Sugar Rush - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Although you hated admitting it to yourself, the only reason you even went to Blue Spot Liquors, was because stupidly cute, baseball-playing, popular-as-heck Jeff Atkins worked there part time. He was cool, not just in that ‘he’s so cool’ way, but in a mature and collected way, and you- well you were not. You tried to stop by every Wednesday, you’d seen him there before on a Wednesday, to buy some kind of sweet delight. However, seeing him was a rare occurrence. All this made you feel a bit like a stalker, but there was no malice in what you were doing, you simply wanted to see his face every once in a while. Sure, you saw him at school a bit since he was in your English class, but it was brief, and you barely spoke aside from the 'Did you get the homework?’ Or 'Bye.’. Besides, you’d kind of accepted a long time ago that there were the Jeff Atkins’, and then there were the Y/N L/N’s.

Today was a Tuesday. You’d had a particularly crappy start to the week and waiting until Wednesday for a sweet delight just wasn’t gonna cut it. Ignoring the fact that you had heaps of work you were meant to be catching up on- you’d been paired with Marcus Cooley in an English assignment. Now, Marcus was an alright guy, if he was an extra in your life, but for this there was no escaping Marcus’ main role for the next couple of weeks. So in short, you needed chocolate. As you opened the door to Blue Spot Liquors you headed straight to the confectionary, ignoring all else around you. Eyeing up the rows of sugary goodness, you eventually decided on a large bar of Caramel filled chocolate- you’d decided you needed to really treat yourself today. As you neared the counter, you froze for a second.
There, in front of you, scanning some diapers, was Jeff Fricking Atkins.

On a Tuesday.

He was wearing a form-fitting green Henley, and you were shook. Never in your life did you expect to find a man scanning a pack of diapers so damn attractive. But here you were. You sighed to yourself out loud thinking; why am I like this?

“You wanna buy that? Or are you planning on daydreaming some more?” A low chuckle broke you out of your thoughts.

“Oh- uh- yes- yes I do, here.” You stumbled over your words, taken aback, whilst handing him the giant chocolate bar. This was a bad idea. You thought.

“So, L/N, what’s the occasion? You trying to sneak food into the Crestmont?” He smirked at you warmly as he scanned the bar.

“Well, not exactly.” You avoided eye contact.
He nodded knowingly.

“I see.” He handed the chocolate back to you. “That’s $3, please.”

You fumbled around with the money in your hand, passing it over to him and ever so slightly brushing his palm. It felt like he brushed back, but maybe that was just your imagination. You smiled as you picked up the chocolate bar, your mind telling you to say something dammit, but your mouth not complying. You turned on your heel and started out of the shop.

“Wait, L/N!” Jeff’s voice sent a tingle up your spine. It was silly really, but this boy was something special.

“Uhh, yes?” You turned back to face him. He was leaning over the counter.

“Have you done the homework due tomorrow?” He asked sheepishly. You internally rolled your eyes. Of course.

“Nah, sorry.” You shrugged.

“-because I have, and wondered if maybe you needed a hand with yours?” He continued.

“I’m good, thanks.” You felt pathetic. Not only did Jeff have nothing to talk to you about, he thought you were stupid, too.

“Maybe tonight?”

“No Jeff I-”

“At the Crestmont?” There was slight desperation in his eyes.

“The Crestmont? You want to help me with homework at the cinema?” What an idiot, you thought. How could he be thinking you were dumb when he comes out with this crap. He wants to help you with homework at the Crestmont. Pffft.

He wants to help you with homework at the Crestmont. He wants to go to the Crestmont with you. The revelation was far superior to the sugar rush you’d been craving.

“Yes. I think we should go to the cinema tonight.” He pressed. You tried to hold back the smile on your face, you tried not to get your hopes up.

“Like… a date.” He finished. That was it. The smile broke free and you giggled slightly.

“Is Jeff Atkins really asking me on a date?” You teased.

“Yes, Y/N.” he bit his lip, leaning over the counter slightly further. “Soo… is 7 good for you? There’s this new film about-”

“Yes.” You cut in. You didn’t care what the film was about- you were going with Jeff.

He smirked.

“I’ll see you at 7 then L/N.” He began scribbling on a scrap of paper and slid it across the desk. You moved to pick it up.

“Text me the address.” He let your fingers brush slightly as he handed you it, making you realise maybe you weren’t imagining it earlier. You started out the door again as you shouted behind your back;

“Maybe Jeff. Maybe.”

Not Like This (Part 3)

Part 1: Here
Part 2: Here
Part 4: Here
Part 5: Here

Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,028
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, surgery/hospital
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens
Author’s note:  I’m still absolutely flabbergasted by the amount of love I’ve gotten for this fic.  Thank you guys so much for the support!   I’ve added everyone who asked to be tagged since the last time, please let me know if I missed your name!   There will definitely be a part 4 to this fic, as I have more to write than I thought.  It is NOT written yet, though, so there’s a chance it will be a *little* longer for the last part.  
Please enjoy!! 

              South? Where, behind the shuttle?  Or closer to the water?  Leonard sends a few more questioning thoughts as he runs, but he quickly realizes that his soulmate has completely stopped responding.  He slows to a walk for a moment, breathing hard, straining to catch any thoughts, but he can’t sense anything at all.  He’s approaching the crash site now and hurries forward at about the same time as the first responders, most of whom beeline for a crowd of people near the beach.   Remembering what she had told him, with the fear of her silence making his heart clench, he jogs around behind the shuttle, away from the crowd to the south.  There are many large pieces of the destroyed shuttle scattered around the area, smoking and smoldering, and it takes him a few minutes of searching before he sees a figure, prone on the ground, a short distance away.

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Sweet [M]

Pairing: Reader x Jin

Genre: Sugar daddy!Jin, smut, smut, smut

Word Count: 5.7k

Originally posted by wintaeangel

“What’s the address of the coffee shop, again?” Sulli asked you for the 5th time.

You were scrambling to get dressed as you had decided to snooze through all of your alarms that morning. “I’ll just text it to you so I don’t have to keep repeating this damn conversation over again” you snapped as you fumbled to put your boots on.

She walked into your bedroom and gave you the once over, “Isn’t that a little fancy for just getting coffee with the guy?”

You looked down at your choice of clothing, high waisted black jeans with a loose white shirt tucked in, and your lucky ankle boots. Your threw your leather jacket over your shoulders and pushed past her, “I have to make a good first impression” you told her without taking your eyes off your reflection as you gave yourself one last look in the mirror.

“I’ll you know when I get there and when I’m leaving” you shouted as you  grabbed your keys off the kitchen table and made a dash for the door.

“He better keep your hands off you!” She shouted back.

You were out of breath my the time you had walked into the coffee shop, cursing yourself for not taking advantage of the gym membership the last guy had paid for. The shop was packed and you scanned your eyes for an empty table when you spotted the guy from the website.

Seokjin was sitting at the window counter and he was the most handsome man you had ever seen. The light was reflecting off his face in a way that made him look like an angel. He was dressed simply in a black sweater and distressed jeans that you knew didn’t come from Target. You took a deep breath and tried to get yourself under control. It wouldn’t have been appropriate to show up drooling on the first meeting.

“Seokjin?” You asked cautiously as you pulled out the empty chair next to him. He turned to look at you and flashed a smile that made your legs weaken in the knees, “Please, call me Jin” he assured you as he motioned for you to sit in the chair next to you.

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Now, I have pretty thick skin but some customers I got were really awful, this one in particular still makes me angry.

We had a deal going on for Propel ( flavored water) for 2/$5. A customer comes up, with two packs of propel I scan the items and this is how the conversation went:
Me: “Hello, how is your day today?” :)
C: …
Me: “Your total is 6-something”
C: “BUT ITS 2/$5!!!!”
Me: “Yes sir, before tax.”
C: *rolls eyes, gives a look* “Water isn’t taxed”
Me: “Propel is flavored though, it really isn’t wat-”
C: *condescendingly* “But does the law tax flavored or carbonated?!”
Me: …
C: *smug* “It’s carbonated. I have an education and a PhD- I know what’s taxed.”
Me: “My monitor says it’s taxed, it’s taxed.”
C: “whatever.” And walks out the door without paying.

First off, Propel is NOT water, it’s basically clear Kool-aide. Secondly, do you know the law, because obviously not. Third, PhD in WHAT?!?

PS. For those who care I quit after moving to another city to go to college for BIOENGINEERING. How I’d love to rub my degree in his face for embarrassing me and making me look like an idiot. I’m a lot, but an idiot I am not.

A Truce - William Nylander #7

Originally posted by dallas41chicago88

about/request: Thank you so much for letting me send in my imagine anyway, I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad at all about it. Could I please have a William Nylander one where you guys have a secret relationship from everyone and when someone flirts with you somewhere, he’s gets super jealous and outs you guys?

warnings: cursing and drinking

authors note: no problem at all, honestly!! i hope this fit what you wanted :) idk what it is with me and having auston hit on all the girl’s will’s trying to get with in my imagines but oh well

word count: 1328

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Being standby medic at a charity MMA match was not Danny’s idea of a fun Saturday. He would much rather be at home, watching tv in his boxers than standing in the crowded area around the cage watching two people beat the ever loving crap out of each other for the kids. In his opinion, any kids who were watching something this violent need more charity than what the Leiomano Foundation could give them. But despite his opposition to the fight, he needed the extra money and he couldn’t thank Meka enough for getting him the gig.

“Follow the light,” Danny tells his latest patient and watches his pupils as the fighter tracks his penlight. Danny had seen him take a couple hard blows to the head but he doesn’t seem to have any resulting injury from them. He starts checking over the guys’ other injuries, only half paying attention to the rest of the event going on around him when he hears the announcer call out the next fighters.

“Any pain in your neck?” he asks, barely hearing the guy tell him no as the announcers’ words sink in. “Ice your hand and you’ll be fine,” he says distractedly, handing over an ice pack and scanning the crowd because there’s no way he heard the announcer just introduce hometown hero Steve McGarrett.

As soon as he turns around he immediately spots Steve walking down the aisle towards the cage and he swears his heart actually stops before the traitorous thing starts beating double-time. Steve is wearing nothing but some low-slung red boxing shorts and the man is glistening in the lights. It’s completely indecent and the fact that it’s turning Danny on is not helping anything. He makes his way through the crowd towards Steve and is more surprised than he should be that he manages to speak clearly with Steve looking like that.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he shouts over the roar of the crowd and Steve fucking beams at him.

“Danno! I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Yes, because I am a paramedic and, unlike you, have a reason to be here. So I will ask again, what the hell are you doing here?” He shouts, ignoring the snickers of the girl standing behind Steve, Lori he thinks her name is.

“I’m filling in for a guy,” Steve says, bouncing around in a way that is entirely too distracting, “He was a suspect and I dislocated his shoulder when he resisted arrest.”

“Of course you did,“ Danny says to himself, running a hand through his hair, “Why you? They don’t have any other people who want to get beat up for fun on this entire island?”

“It was short notice, and it’s not just for fun, Danno.”

“But it is fun for you,” he says. Steve just grins at him and it’s all the confirmation he needs.

“Just do me a favor and watch yourself in there okay? I’ve treated too many broken bones tonight,” he warns, silently bemoaning the fact that he has a crush on a giant adrenaline junkie. Though, after nearly three years of knowing Steve and Five-0, he shouldn’t be surprised at Steve’s antics anymore.  

“Is that concern I see there?” Steve teases, letting Lori put his mouthguard in for him, running his tongue over it to make sure it’s in place, and oh how Danny wishes he was that piece of plastic.

“Just don’t get yourself killed,” Danny says, backing away so Steve can enter the ring and he absolutely does not blush when Steve winks at him and says “Love you too, Danno.”

The gate to the cage closes behind Steve and Danny groans, stepping up beside Lori as the fight starts. “This isn’t me supporting this,” he says as the bell dings.

“Sure, sure,” Lori agrees and he just knows that she’s laughing at him.

He want’s to say something back but Steve gets hit for the first time and Danny’s entire focus is brought to the fight in front of him. Steve’s good, but he’s not trained in MMA and Danny knows how this is going to end even if Steve refuses to see it. He’s proven right when Steve’s opponent punches him and Steve goes reeling back into the fencing.

“Steve! Steve, just stay down. It’s a charity fight, just don’t get up,” he yells over the crowd, noting Steve’s dazed look.

“God, you’re beautiful, Danny!” Steve yells back and Danny freezes mid shout, “We should go out.”

Are you kidding me!” Danny explodes as Steve stands up, “Now! Three years and you think that now is the right time to ask me out!”

Steve gives him a smile before jumping off of the cage and punching his opponent in the jaw. The crowd erupts into cheers but he’s still yelling as Steve, ignoring through sheer force of will alone how hot that move was. The fight only lasts a couple seconds longer before the other guy throws Steve over his shoulder and Danny knows that it’s over. The crowd cheers as the referee calls the fight and he stands at the ready as Steve stumbles out of the ring.

“What hurts?” he asks as soon as Steve’s in front of him. He takes the mouthguard out for him so that Steve can answer, and starts inspecting the bruising on his face.


“Does anything feel broken?”


“Follow my finger,“ Danny orders Steve, holding a finger up in front of him but Steve moves it out of the way. “I’m not letting you go without checking you out first,” Danny says which, in hindsight, he realizes is a mistake because no sooner have the words left his mouth than Steve pulls him close and kisses him.

Danny does not melt into the kiss, but boy does he want to and it’s only the resounding wolf whistles from the rest of the Five-0 team that make him pull away. There are congratulations all around -for the fight and the kiss- and the crowd had already started to file out of the stadium when Steve wraps an arm around him and says, “Come on Danno. Take me home.”

“Home? You’re not going home buddy, you’re going to the hospital to get your head checked. Maybe they can finally figure out what’s wrong with you that would make you agree to this,” he complains as he leads Steve back up to the locker room, but he doesn’t move out from under Steve’s arm and he doesn’t complain when Steve pulls him in for another kiss.

Alleviated Nightmares (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Fandom: Marvel (Avengers)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: none

Request: hello! could you do a bucky barnes x reader angst/fluff where the reader is related to natasha and she still gets nightmares about the red room but bucky doesn’t know because she’s always helping him after hydra nightmares and one night while he’s up late reading she starts having a nightmare and he helps her calm down?? thanks so much!! <3

Word Count: 1.3k

Being Natasha’s sister had its ups and downs, she was by far the best sister you could ask for. You were younger than her and you didn’t get a cool nick name like Black Widow, although Tony sometimes called you nick names based off of whatever color you were wearing that day, earlier today you were yellow widow and the day before grey widow.

You went through everything Nat had gone through in the past but for some reason she still tried to protect you, she never let you go on missions that were unnecessary or too dangerous, it’s not like the two of you didn’t have the exact same abilities or anything.

Tonight was one of those nights where the tower was pretty empty, you actually had no idea who was home as you hadn’t seen anyone in the gym or the kitchen.

You had assumed you were alone, perhaps Vision or Wanda were here but you assumed the main team of Cap, Bucky, Tony and your sister were all gone.

You were having a pretty good day, you enjoyed time to yourself but it was always hard to relax knowing the others were on a mission so you kept busy to keep your mind off of it, Nat always said you worried too much.

You spent the morning training alone, you hated being watched while you trained anyways, and then you went for a swim ate dinner and went off to your room.

You hoped that since you had a more exhausting work out you would fall asleep peacefully, that falling asleep part was true but your sleep was nowhere near peaceful.

You probably shouldn’t have drank tea right before bed, it was decaf but you had your suspicions that someone had swapped your tea to the normal caffeinated kind, probably your sister, she always complained you were irritable without it.

You tossed and turned in your sleep images of red and memories from your past flashing before your eyes.

Although you thought nobody else was home you were wrong, Wanda and vision were both here but on a different floor but on your floor Bucky was awake as ever and sat in his bed.


Steve had been bugging Bucky to read this book, although he would never let Cap catch him actually reading it or even worse enjoying it so much he picked reading over sleep.

He wasn’t aware that you were here either it was merely a coincidence that you guys didn’t run into each other at all today. Well not so much a coincidence as Bucky spent most of his free time reading since Steve wasn’t there to bug him about it.

Bucky was reading a specific part of the book that was action packed, his eyes scanned the page rapidly visualizing the scene in his head, it was as if he could actually hear someone screaming.

That’s when he stopped reading for a moment… he could actually hear someone screaming.

He could tell they weren’t actually in distress as the scream sounded tired and almost like your voice. He had heard you scream out of pain from being hurt but that was about it. He shot out of bed and walked towards your room, the door was slightly ajar allowing him to hear your terrified sounds.

He slowly walked in and looked at you for a moment, oh how he sympathized with you.

Your forehead beading with sweat one fist clenched around your blanket and one clenched around your arm squeezing so hard with your nails he thought it could draw blood and that’s when Bucky noticed it was actually drawing blood.

He instantly felt bad, now he knew where those scratches on your arms came from. He wasn’t sure how to approach this, the situation was usually the other way around. He sat on the bed using his arm to brush the hair out of your face and he removed your hand from your arm and gently shook you whispering 

“Hey y/n wake up, it’s uh … its Bucky you’re okay, just wake up please.”

He was desperate to wake you up and help you like you had done to him so many times before so he shook you a little harder causing you to wake up abruptly and sit up in your bed smacking your forehead against his in the process. That sure woke you up.

You immediately put your hand to your forehead rubbing the now sore spot of your face. Bucky was silent, unsure of what to do in this situation and you didn’t even notice he was there at first.

When you realized who was sat at the side of your bed your cheeks instantly went red with embarrassment and you tried to apologize to him

“Oh I’m sorry I usually have Friday sound proof my room so I can hear what’s outside but nobody can hear inside, I just forgot I didn’t think anyone was home”

He looked kind of confused but mostly just concerned as he quietly said

“Y/N you help me with my nightmares all the time the least I can do is help you too, you don’t need to sound proof your room, let me help you”

You took a minute before you finally agreed by nodding your head slightly but he didn’t know what to do.

You smiled softly trying to ignore the pain in your arm and your head as you lied back down motioning for him to come to you. He lied down and pulled you against his chest.

“Wait Barnes why are you even awake?” You questioned

He chucked lightly “I was reading”

You looked up at him “James Barnes was reading?” You put your hand against his forehead “are you feeling okay" 

He just pulled you back against his chest "stop calling me James, but now that you mention it my head does hurt a little, I have no idea why”

You laughed and just laid there for a bit, enjoying his company until he broke the comfortable silence 

“Why didn’t you ever tell me you had nightmares too, why did you hide it”

You just remained quiet for a minute 

“Well I went through the exact same thing Nat did, and she doesn’t have nightmares and I didn’t want her to see me as anymore weak than she already does.”

Bucky just gave a quiet “mhhm” in response while his hands brushed through your hair lightly so you continued 

“Not that you’re weak for having nightmares but if Nat can get over it I should be able to too, but I wanted more than anything to have this. Sometimes I would wake up from my nightmares and just lay awake until I heard you, some nights it never came but when it did, those were the only nights I slept well.”

Bucky felt happy knowing he provided you with some sort of comfort.

“I don’t think you are weak, you are just as strong as Nat if not stronger since your younger than her, and next time don’t wait for an excuse to come see me, I’d be more than happy to be woke up by you.”

You smiled and nuzzled closer to Bucky’s chest, enjoying his warmth, his calm heartbeat, metal arm wrapped around you making you feel safe as you drifted off into a much needed goodnights sleep.

Your Friendly Neighbor, Spider-Man Part 2

Originally posted by starkquinzel

Peter Parker x reader

Part 1

Summery: During a sleepless night a nose makes you look out your window– only to see the webslinger himself. Now: what happens after.

You were sound asleep… so you didn’t even stir when your window was slowly, soundlessly, opened—making your curtains flutter gently from the breeze. You didn’t wake up as the red and blue clad figure of spider-man crawled into your room and slowly closed the window behind him.  And There was no movement from you as he crawled across the wall to settle into a corner of the ceiling—where he stayed, just watching you as time slowly passed by and the sun began to light up your room.

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Written as a part of an event - stereksecretsanta

for lovely @whatthehellisahoechlin

Title: I Hate You!

[Read on AO3 here]

Tags - Highschool AU, Teen!Derek, Growing up together, Friends to Lovers, Truth or Dare, First Kiss.


“You know you love me…I know you care…

A sudden strangled noise beside him made Derek snap his eyes open. He huffed out an angry breath, pursing his lips, irritated at the interruption.

It was Stiles. Stiles with bulging eyes, a red face and a hand clamped on his mouth. He was struggling to keep back his loud snort. Derek shot him a piercing glare, trying and failing to find his rhythm again.

“Just shout whenever…”  Derek grated out, hissing at Stiles. “…and I’ll be there…WHAT?

“Bieber? Really Derek-” Stiles choked, laughing as if he had lost his mind.

“You got a problem with that?”

Stiles jerked away from a snarling Derek, huffing out – Whoa, raising both hands in surrender. Not even a beat later, he shot a shit-eating grin at Derek.

Derek hated him.

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You Colour Me Blue  [Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens.]

Author: @galacticstylinson

Word Count: 6.5k

Ratings/Triggers: Mentions of Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Summary: A college au in which John is an art student with soft jumpers and pencils in his hair and Alex is a history major with too much to say and a penchant for quiet shy boys, and somehow manages to make John feel like he belongs.

Also read here on AO3. 


John had never viewed one particular place as home. Not the family home back in Charleston where he had spent the majority of his childhood. Not his stuffy High School bedroom in the European boarding school his father had shipped him off to for his ‘rebellious’ teenage years. Not even his current dorm room at Columbia University, New York, although he supposed it was the place he had felt most at home in his life.

No, for John home was a feeling. The feeling that manifested itself in him when he drew, painted, created. Home was the feeling of getting lost in a world that was entirely his own, full of loud, bright pinks and purples. Pastel blues and greens, warm reds, oranges, yellows. Home was a world of color so vastly different from the landscape of greys his childhood blurred into in his mind. A world void of his father’s critiques and expectations. A world where John was free, and happy, and home.

Spending his days in the whirlwind of rainbow that was being an art student gave John all of these things – and was a world away from the drab dreary court rooms his father had in mind, which was merely a bonus. 

Squinting against the harsh July sunlight, John glanced up at the building ahead of him, comparing it to the miniature Low Library taking form in his sketchbook, its towering white columns and authoritative, imposing aura muted by his soft diluted watercolors. Luminescent sun spots danced across the page where he swirled his brush in the jar on the step beside him, the clear water becoming tainted with smoke-like spirals of pale grey. He was about to dip his brush into his palette once more when a shadow obscured the light from his page. 

“Woah. Dude – you’re good! Like actually fricken’ good!”

Upon looking up to the source of the compliment, John found himself facing a stranger. But maybe stranger wasn’t the right word. Because those wide, excitable eyes seemed a familiar shade of deep mahogany brown, a color that made John feel safe, that he trusted – that gave him the feeling of finding something he didn’t even know he’d been missing. Intelligent eyes as bright as his smile and as warm as the honeyed hue of his skin. Kind eyes that John could revel in forever. His gaze moved away from those eyes, to the heavy bags beneath them and the delicate crinkles around them caused by the wide, warm grin on the man’s face. One look at this boy had John awestruck, falling fast; falling hard, with no signs of slowing.

The stranger continued to talk. 

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CHARACTERS: Dean x Reader

WARNING: (I’m not good at giving you warning but-) a mention of condom, sweet & fluffy moment (just a little at the end).

WORD COUNT: 436 (Wattpad)

SUMMARY: Imagine you work at a pharmacy and Dean comes to buy a condom.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m having fun with gifs, at the moment, so expect more one shots with gifs XD Sorry this is short.

You have a degree in medicine so not wasting your studies, you applied a job at a pharmacy being a pharmacist. But even though you are only a pharmacist, your job at the pharmacy is like their staffs. That includes being a cashier and help the staffs with their stocks. And you have worked there for a few months that you feel not right not to help them.

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Theo Raeken x reader

words: 430 (IM SORRY)

request: “Hi, could you do a theo raeken x reader fic where the reader in female and plus size but her weight isnt an insecurity of her and could you write about how they first meet and how she catches his attention? Would be hella cool.”

prompt(s): nope

warnings: this is?? really bad?? im so sorry

y/f = your friend


Theo entered the school with a smirk plastered on his face, like any other day, as he confidently strutted through the hallways with his backpack loosely slung over his shoulders. His pack wasn’t too late to join him by his side.

From the sides of the hallway, girls leaning against their locker or talking to their friends, couldn’t help but stop and stare. Some boys did, as well. Some with attraction written on their face, while others had jealously over the fact that Theo was able to grab attention from girls so easily.

The pack scanned the hall aimlessly, taking brief glances at the students that looked their way. Theo couldn’t help but noticed the diversity in this school was a disgrace, everybody was the same. No one differed from the rest.

It was clear that you were bigger, and most girls might have been ashamed of that, but he could feel confidence radiating off you. Maybe it was because your back was still to him, while everyone else stared with jealousy, insecurity, or lust.

You were just confused why everyone has stopped in their tracks, stopped listening, stop talking in the middle of their sentences to stare off into space in the hall behind you.

“Hey, y/f,” You said, snapping your fingers in front of her gaping face, “You okay? Is this a stroke, or something?”

The sound of someone, or something, hitting the locker just behind you caught your attention, and you finally turned around to see the source of the sound.

Standing behind you was a boy, leaning against the lockers with one strap hanging on his shoulder. He was captivated by your appearance, a small smirk tugging at his lips. You thought he was quite attractive, as well, and by the way he held himself, you knew that he knew it as well.

He had bright green eyes and a gentle look on his face. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to point out that he was built rather well, very athletic.

He opened his mouth, though being at a loss for words at first, “Hi, I’m Theo.”

And as those words fell out of his mouth, you could’ve sworn you fell in love with him right there and then.

Music to My Ears- Archie Andrews

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Summary- After weeks of preparing Y/N and Archie perform for Riverdale’s Variety show.

Word Count- 2,744

A/N- Hey guys!! I know my writing isn’t the best but I appreciate you guys reading my work. Please give me some criticism I need it to make my writing better and if you guys could please request things! I need some inspiration! Enjoy!

“Archie come on, let’s take a break. My throat is going to explode” you exaggerated and leaned back onto his bed. You guys had been practicing for the Variety Show non-stop for two days. This was not something Archie was taking lightly.

“Y/N this has to be perfect, the show is tomorrow.” He blankly stated before looking at you slightly annoyed. You knew he would be fine if you quit for the night, but you also knew this meant a lot to him.

“Fine.” You said sitting up. “I’m just gonna get some water first, okay?” You told him before walking to the door.

“Get me some, please?” he asked as you were walking down the stairs.

“Are you guys done yet?” You hear from the kitchen island. Sighing you grabbed two water bottles from the fridge. Setting them down on the counter you sat next to Jughead, who was fiddling with his laptop, most likely writing his mystery novel. You shook your head to signal no before talking.

“I think my throat is going to give out.” You joked. He gave you a slight grin without even looking up from his keyboard. “Well nice talking to you” you said sarcastically and chuckled. You felt bad that Archie invited Juggy over when he knew you two were practicing. Though, Jughead probably didn’t mind, he would rather be sleeping at Archie’s than on his dad’s couch.

Archie made his way downstairs to get you when his dad walked into the kitchen after a long day of work. “Hey Archie, don’t you think Y/N wants to go home any time soon?” he said with a chuckle. You had been staying at the Andrews’ house for a few days, which Fred didn’t mind, Jughead and you were like his other kids. Ever since you were little you have been best friends with Archie and Jug. When you were younger the three of you would sneak off to Jughead’s tree-house. Once, you guys were so tired that you crashed there for the night and in the morning both yours and Archie’s dads were searching everywhere for you. One of the reasons all three of you became so close was because none of you really had a mother figure. Although, your father is a drunk so you can’t really say you have a father figure as well. When Fred found out that your father barely took care of you, he allowed you to come over whenever you wanted, weekend or not.

You basically had your own perfect family with the boys, they were like brothers to you…which made it really awkward for Archie. When he was younger his eyes were set on his neighbor. He had the biggest crush on Betty all the way up to your guys’ sophomore year. He felt bad when he eventually found out she had liked him too, but by that time he had moved on. He finally one day realized he wanted to be with you, and a year later he still feels the same way.

He used to see you as you see him now, like family. Until one night, you two were up in his room, his guitar sat on his knee. The pair of you were rocking out, playing the song you two performed when you were in 5th grade for the elementary talent show.  Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” fills your ears as both of you aren’t even trying to sing, you’re just screaming out the words not even caring about pitch or tone. Archie deciding that a southern accent was what the song desperately needed.

You were doubled over in a full belly laugh before you semi-composed yourself enough join him in your guys’ country rendition of the song. You two still singing in perfect harmony when it finally clicked for him that you were everything he wanted and more. Betty was just a distraction his mind had when really, you were there in his head. You were the one that made his palms sweat and his heart race, the one he knew he could laugh with when he felt silly. He knew you were a shoulder to cry on when he felt like everything was going wrong.

And he did try to tell you,once. It was late at night, your dad was out yet again at the bar and you didn’t want to be alone. To Archie, it seemed like the perfect night to tell you how he felt. You had spent the night with him and his dad, Jug was taking care of the drive-ins that night. The three of you were eating pizza, playing Monopoly, having a blast. And finally at the end of the night you and Archie were watching whatever movie you could find in his DVD case, snuggled up together on the couch, which again wasn’t unusual for you two. He loved the way you looked so comfortable in a pair of sweats and an old tee shirt of his, just so peaceful and sleepy.

“Hey Y/N?” He asked looked at you as your eyes were closed as you felt tiredness wash over you.

“Hmm?” You hummed in response. Not knowing how else to subtly say this to you he awkwardly began to talk.

“I like you, like a lot” he said as he felt his hands begin to sweat and his mind running with a million thoughts. ‘Seriously Archie, I like you like, like a lot? You sound ridiculous.’ he thought to himself. To be fair, there was no casual, cool way for him to try and explain how he felt. Feelings weren’t his specialty.

With your eyes still closed and a wide grin on your face you spoke. “Aw Arch I like you too” you said and patted his leg as you were almost fully asleep as you rested your head on his chest. Archie felt his heart momentarily snap just a little as he heard the tone in your voice. You didn’t sound like he had hoped you would.

You sounded like ‘aw I like you a lot too bestie’. Archie just sighed before falling asleep along with you. After that Archie tried to forget all of his feelings for you, which is pretty much impossible, but he learned to suppress them. He never brought it up again, no matter how much he wanted to. He just figured being best friends with you was enough. He didn’t want to risk losing you over his feelings.

You smiled as Archie made his way downstairs, although he was most likely coming down to tell you that you had to get back to practicing. But he began chatting with his father about his day and then the random topics and conversations began among all of you. Time slipped away from the four of you, and a small conversation turned into pizza ordering and talking until 10pm.

“Shit” Archie said before being scolded by his dad to watch his language.

“What’s up?” you asked him as you looked at the clock. “Crap.” You hadn’t realized that the time had slipped away for you guys.

“C’mon we at least have time for a few practices before bed. Right?” he asked knowing that on school nights you liked to get a decent amount of rest. Though you were exhausted from earlier, you nodded your head in agreement.

“But only a few more times.” you said and jokingly pointing your finger at him letting him know you were ‘serious’. After another half an hour of replaying “Sunday Morning” over and over, you heard a groan from Jughead who lied on one of the two air mattresses on Archie’s floor.

“Sorry bud.” Arch said before taking the guitar strap off of his shoulder and placing it on it’s stand. You gave Archie a quick hug goodnight before saying a goodnight to Juggy who replied with loud snores. You lied down on your air mattress feeling anxious for the day ahead, but you couldn’t quit on Archie.

The Friday at school felt as normal as it could right up until the final bell releasing everyone to go home. Well, everyone except those who were staying after school for a rehearsal for the talent show. You looked around the auditorium trying to find Archie in the mix of the people, some you knew, most you didn’t. You finally found him talking to Josie and her crew.

“Hey ladies,” you said walking up to them joining your friend. They all just gave you a small smile, not knowing really what to say to you. A lot of people in the school didn’t know you per say, they just knew you were Archie’s friend. After all, he was a popular football player and you were just a shy girl who wasn’t too great at making new friends.

“Hey Y/N, I was just chatting about tonight.” he said proudly. He didn’t seem scared in the slightest for tonight’s events.

“I think it’s cute” you heard one of the girls say, you believed her name was Val. “You know, that the two of you are singing the same song you did when you were younger.” You blushed as she spoke. Secretly you too thought it was cute. It almost seemed to you like you and Archie had a theme song as you called it. Any time you would hear that song you immediately thought of him. He always made you feel giddy inside. But, you had never had the courage to tell him how you really felt, nor did you plan on it. You have a good thing going with him as friends and you really didn’t want to ruin that. You have always said to yourself a crush is a crush and it will eventually go away.

“Should we go practice?” you heard him ask as you were beginning to get lost in thought.

“Yeah, that would be a good idea” you replied as you found a place backstage to get as much privacy as you guys could get considering the amount of people there.

Though you sang your song over and over for about almost two hours, it had only seemed like twenty minutes. And when you felt like it was time for you to begin your hair and makeup, you began to feel the panic set in. You knew soon it was time for you to get onto stage and have what felt like a million eyes on you.

The girls dressing room seemed crazy packed as you entered scanning the room for an open seat with a mirror. Once you found a spot you began making yourself look as good as you could, trying your best to put on makeup without looking like a clown. Your hair was curled and thrown up into a high ponytail, with a few little hairs pulled down by your ears. Your makeup was light, but noticeable. Archie and you both agreed to be semi-casual on stage, not wanting to go full out. You gave yourself one last look in the mirror admiring the outfit Betty, Ronnie, and you picked out. Your long sleeved light blue blouse matching perfectly with your ripped white jeans and tan wedges. You hoped your looks would help you feel more confident on stage.

Finally after hours of waiting and hearing act after act perform, you were next. You paced back and forth shaking your hands by your side and taking deep breaths. You turned around to see Archie calmly standing as he held his guitar in front of him.

“How the hell are you not freaking out?” you questioned looking at him puzzled. He just looked at you and smiled.

“Were you nervous when we played this song in elementary?” was all he was able to ask before the boy who had just finished playing classical piano walked off stage.

“Alright now we have Mr. Archie Andrews and Miss Y/N Y/L/N singing “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5,” you heard Kevin say before the audience began clapping signalling your cue to walk on stage.

You honestly didn’t know how you ended up sitting on a stool next to Archie center stage. You almost felt like this was a dream, some sort of blur that didn’t seem real. The spotlight set on you two blinded you from seeing the crowd, they all turned into shadows of the people you saw sitting there earlier. Your mouth went dry as you almost began to freak out before you felt a hand on your leg snapping you out of your daze. You saw Archie give you a smile, silently asking if you were ready before he began to strum on his guitar. You closed your eyes as you began to hear him sing the opening lines to the song.

“Sunday morning rain is falling” you heard him effortlessly let out in his usual melodic voice. You grinned as your nerves began to slip away. All you felt was the two of you on stage, like when you were kids, and you let that innocence and sense of not caring glisten out of you as you began to harmonize with him on your part. The two of you perfectly in time with each other, your voices matching perfectly so one was not overpowering the other until the very end where it was your turn to sing the last line.

“I’m a flower in your hair.” you sang as Archie rang out the last chord of the song. You looked at him as you heard the crowd roar, a smile painted largely on both of your faces.

“Omg, omg, omg.” you repeated over and over as you both returned backstage. “Did we just actually perform up there? How did we do? I honestly zoned out most of the time, it all went by so fas-” you began to say as you were cut off by Archie’s lips on yours. He couldn’t help it, he saw how happy you were, and he was just feeling a rush of emotions wave over him after performing. At first you were shocked. You didn’t think he would ever feel the same way about you as you do about him. But then you just let it happen. After a few moments of what seemed like pure bliss, you both pulled away looking at each other, neither one really saying anything before he broke the silence.

“I just had to do that, I’m sorry if you didn’t want me to, I just kinda went for it. I get it if it didn’t mean anythi-.” This time it was your turn to cut him off as you felt him grin against your lips.

“Can we have all contestants back on stage?” You heard Kevin speak as you two pulled away from each other once again.

“Trust me Andrews, it meant a lot.” you replied to his previous comment as he lead the both of you onto stage hand in hand. You looked around the stage and saw the other 19 acts surrounding your duo and one by one 17 acts were lead off stage until there was only the top three left. Of course Josie and the pussycats were up there, along with some kid and his dog who did some pretty cute tricks earlier in the night, as well as Archie and you.

As it was announced that the boy and his dog, Milo, were 3rd place, you felt Archie’s hand squeeze yours a little harder as he was realizing that the two of you could actually win. You felt your eyes scan the audience until you finally found Fred, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica sitting near the front row. Fred gave you a thumbs up causing you to grin as you heard the announcer begin to speak.  

“And in first place…”he said before dramatically pausing giving the audience time to yell out who they want to win, Veronica being one of the loudest.

“Josie and the pussycats!” he shouted causing the crowd to applaud and cheer. You turned to Archie who for some odd reason had a smile still plastered on his face. He didn’t care that you guys didn’t win. To him he had won enough tonight. You.

The Mistakes We Make Part 2 - Fred Weasley x Reader


The Mistakes We Make Part 1

Fred Weasley x Reader

After the repercussions of last night catch up to you, Fred tries to make things right. 

Warnings: Slight Swearing

Part 3 Coming Soon…

The next morning you woke up to the covers shifting as Y/f/n rolled over. You looked at the time, 8:36. You decided that most of the castle would still be asleep from last night and so you slipped out of Y/f/n’s bed, grabbed your dress and shoes and left the house. The castle was eerily quiet as you walked up the stairs to Gryffindor, nobody was around, not even Nearly Headless Nick or Peeves. 

You whispered the password to the fat lady and went into the common room. Scanning the room, you sighed with relief at the fact no one was there. You walked briskly into your dormitory. You got back into your own bed and drew your curtains. You were usually quite friendly and open with the girls in your dorm but they knew if your curtains were closed, it meant you wanted to be left alone. You slept for a couple of hours until you were woken up by your curtains being drawn open delicately. You opened your eyes and saw a flash of orange. With the haziness of sleep still with you, you couldn’t work out whether it was Fred or George. Shaking off sleep, you examined the boy staring at you. You sighed with relief, it was George. You moved over, allowing space for him to sit down in the bed. You sat up looking at him, he stared back at you but didn’t say anything.

‘Look, George.’ You started, 'I’m sorry I yelled at you but-’ he cut you off by pulling you into a tight bear hug.

You were confused. 

Why was George acting like this? 

It wasn’t new for you to be affectionate with each other, he was one of your best friends. He read you like an open book. 'What?’ He asked.

'Why are you here? I mean, has he told you?’ You stuttered, avoiding his gaze as he released you from the embrace.

'Has he told me? What a dick he was. Yeah. He told me.’ His expression was hard to read.

'Look, Y/n. My brother is an absolute idiot and he knows that.’ You looked up at him, 'he wants to talk to you about it. And I think you should give him a chance to. It wasn’t him last night, Y/n. His head wasn’t in the right place and… I don’t know. All I understand is that Fred loves you and you love him as well even if you can’t see that right now. You need to know it.’

You nodded, just because you were pissed off at Fred didn’t mean you didn’t still love him. 

'Thank Georgie.’ You replied, a small smile shaping on your face. He hugged you once more before standing up and leaving. A few minutes later, Katie Bell came onto your bed.

'Breakfast?’ She asked with a small smile, you could tell she had heard about what had happened and was attempting to put you in a good mood despite what was going on. You nodded as you stood up and quickly throwing some clothes on, you got ready to go downstairs. You and Katie had been friends since the beginning of school because you played Quidditch together, Katie was the one who introduced you to the twins in the first place. 

'So, how was your night?’ You asked, trying to put yours to the back of your mind.

'It was fun. Yeah, um, Y/n I’m really sorry to hear what happened, I’m sure it will all blow over soon.’ She said, placing a hand on your shoulder reassuringly a d giving you a slight squeeze.

You nodded, 'Yeah, thanks Katie.’ You smiled at her as she pushed open the doors to the Great Hall. It was already back to normal from last night and packed with people. You scanned the Gryffindor table until you saw him. He was sat next to Lee Jordan and Angelina Johnson. 

'Don’t worry, Y/n,’ Katie said, 'we can sit over here with Harry and Ginny.’ You appreciated the gesture and nodded with a smile. As you ate your food you could feel eyes on you, you looked down the table and locked eyes with Fred. He looked like he hadn’t slept at all but it could’ve just been the hangover. You pulled your gaze away and started talking to Harry about the Quidditch game next week. You and Harry finished your food before the others so you walked up to Gryffindor together. You were happily chatting with him as you walked through the portrait until someone grabbed your arm. You turned around to be met with Fred. You thought about whipping back around and continuing to walk but then you remembered what George had said. You looked at Harry, 'I’ll see you later, Harry.’ He smiled and walked away. You shook your hand off of Fred and folded your arms.  You looked at him sternly and expectingly.

'Well?’ You questioned.

'Not here. Please?’ He held his hand out shakily, which you didn’t take. He sighed and retracted it as he turned to walk away. You followed. The two of you walked through the grounds for a while, without saying a word. You figured out where he was taking you; the boathouse. When you got there he finally said something.

'Look Y/n. I don’t even know where to start, I know words aren’t good enough to repair the damage I’ve done. But,’ he looked up at you, 'but all I know is that I love you Y/n and I made one of the biggest and stupidest mistakes I’ve ever made last night and I’m sorry.’ His eyes were dead serious, you thought he might start to tear up. 

You didn’t know what to say, you knew he was sorry but it didn’t take away what he had done. 

'I know, Fred. But. Why? Why would you do that to me? We had something perfect, why would you screw that up?’ Your cheeks flushed red, the more you thought about the situation, the less sad you became and the more irritated you were.

'Y/n I wasn’t myself! I wasn’t thinking! I was drunk!’ He argued.

'That’s not an excuse, Fred! Seamus didn’t spike the punch that much!’ The volume of your voice had raised now. You and Fred had fought before and it usually went along the lines of yelling at each other like this.

'I wish I could take it back, Y/n! I wish I could.’ The volume of his voice dropped, he seemed defeated.

A tear slipped out of your eye, 'You can’t, Fred. It’s done.’

'Please Y/n.’ He reached to grab your hand but you moved it away.

You shook your head as another tear fell, 'No Fred. Not today.’

You turned to walk away but stopped.

'Please Y/n. I love you.’

You wanted to turn around and say it back, forgive him for what he did. But you couldn’t, not right now, not when the hurt was still fresh. You just shook your head lightly as you walked away, leaving Fred alone in the boathouse.

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You Can Have Your Cake and Eat Me Too Pt. 1

Summary- It’s your senior year and you plan to have a lot of sexual trysts, ace an easy A elective, but you just happen to know that your conservative professor just happens to be a freak in the bedroom.  And it all started off when you bought a phallic red velvet cake at the bakery and decided to check off another man on your fucket-bucket list.


Warnings: Sex, cursing, penis talk, sex, wrap it before you tap it.

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