wow   this   banner   is   SUCKY   but   anyways,   it’s   the   thought   that   counts   right   ?   this   is  my   first   psd   pack   on   this   blog   as   a   THANK   YOU   gift   to   my   followers   for   reaching   nearly   200   followers   in   just   two   months   so   thank   you   guys,   i’m   so   blessed   to   have   all   of   you.   i   thought   this   would   be   better   than   a   follow   forever   bias   list   as   feelings   tend   to   get   hurt   with   those   so   here’s   this   !!   remember   this   is   my   first   psd   pack   so   i   apologize   if   these   are   awful   i   tried.   there’s   FIVE   psd’s   in   total   all   made   by   myself   ——   four   for   various   shows   and   screencaps   and   a   BONUS   psd   for   an   anon   who   was   asking   about   a   certain   psd.   do   not   steal   or   claim   as   your   own,   i’m   not   talented   in   ps   but   it’d   suck   to   have   these   stolen.   you   can   edit   them,   make   whatever   adjustments   you   need   to   or   want   to   make.   like   /   reblog   if   found   useful.   enjoy   !!! 



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Is everyone as awkward as me when they’re trying to thank their followers, I wonder? Seriously, guys. I made this blog on a whim last summer as I was rereading ASOIAF and remembered how much I loved Alys Karstark. And here I am, ten months later, with over 1,100 followers !!! Since I am awful with cute and sweet words, I’m going to show my appreciation in a way that I actually can. I made a present for you, and I hope you like it :)


I learned how to code from scratch very recently and I owe it all to @octomoosey‘s tutorials. Go check out her tutorials if you are interested in coding, because they’re the best.


Feel free to change it as much as you’d like. Make it unrecognisable, if you wish. All I ask is that you don’t remove or move my credit, since I worked really hard on it and went through dozens of tutorials to make it look the way it does. If you spot any glitches or problems, please let me know and I will gladly fix it to my best ability. I’m still pretty amateur with coding, so be nice.

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So, recently I reached my first thousand, and I wanted to thank all my followers, you are awesome. This pack is just a simple way to show how much I am grateful, hope you like it and enjoy. (x)

This pack contain 8 psds, they are all from my sets;

holland roden psd {example}
harry potter psd (one) {example}
harry potter psd (two) {example}
teen wolf psd (one) {example}
lana del rey psd {example}
the chronicles of narnia psd {example}
teen wolf psd (two) {example}
taylor swift psd  {example}

Pack psd made by GALLIFREYPSD number #001. If you make the download, please give the like or reblog. Don’t redistribute or claim a your own. You can ajust or delete some layers if necessary; Thank you and enjoy. If you want make the download click HERE