Hello guys! A while ago our blog hit 10k followers, which is amazing since we’ve only had this blog for around 7 months now. So as a thanks I wanted to make this small resource pack for you guys!

This pack contains 5 different psds that work for various shows, feel free to play around and adjust the layers to your liking. The pack also includes 56 icons, all free to use for your blog(s)! :)

Rules before downloading:

  • please do not steal or claim the resources as your own
  • DOWNLOAD: please like/reblog the post and then send us an ask here and one of our admins ​will send you the download link! :)
  • Enjoy and another big thank you to our followers! We love you <3

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all headers/icons are made  by me; credits to waslarries on tt


like or © isweetlarry headers aren’t mine


i know this show is a bit of a pain to color, and while i’m no miracle worker, i’ve developed a few psds that have helped me to color my own icons  !   the pack includes psds aimed at coloring the diner scenes, dark scenes  &  many more  !  (  be sure to sharpen your images before applying the psd as this can affect the outcome quite a lot  !  ) i haven’t tried these psds out on gifs, but please let me know the result if you do choose to do so   !  

this psd pack includes FIVE psds !  to download please go here  &  request the download link   !

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