I had nothing to do this morning so I collected all of my favourite fonts from Sherlock. I know some of these are already identified and well-known - but here they are. Very good to save as reference for graphics/edits. 

Here are the download links to the ones who aren’t already installed on your computers, in chronological order (and what they’re mostly used for): 

P22 Johnston Underground Deductions

I AM SHERLOCKED (Free) - Titles

Astoria - John’s voice in Sherlock’s head

AF Generation Z - Text messages and deducitons

The Recon Legend (Free) - Newspapers, headlines.  

P22 Underground Light - Hashtag “#SherlockLives”

Aster EF Medium - Speedy’s. Not sure of this one, but it’s similar. 

Helvetica Neue Pro Cond Bold - London Street signs. 

Clarion Pro Regular - John’s blog header. 

Bebas (Free) - Mayfly man scene

Trajan Pro 3 (Similar free font) - Irene’s website photos

Novin Bold (Similar free font) - Baskerville military base font 

FF Meta Pro Normal - The museum in The  Blink Banker

Shanghai (Free) - The circus’ font in The Blink Banker

I hope this will become useful!


24 Sherlock Themed Fonts - inspired by this post.

download full pack here

1. aleo  2. nexa slab  3. plantagenet cherokee  4. kefa  5. prestige elite std  6. sail  7. hoefler  8. londontwo  9. little days  10. metropolis 1920  11. haymaker  12. pacifico  13. alexandria  14. tribal garamond  15. chunkfive  16. code bold  17. archistico*  18. superclarendon-italic  19. littlelord fontleroy  20. alégre sans  21. nautik  22. pablo  23. quicksand*  24. superclarendon-bold


Stiles and his Emissary uniform. [Triskelion added once he–loudly–joined the Hale pack.] Special kudos to anyone who recognizes the symbolism on his jacket. XD

*The Hale family jacket for the more extravagant evenings or meetings with other pack leaders.  [Usually taken off almost immediately after said meeting so Derek can sulk in comfort. ]


This was what I was working on all semester! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I hope that maybe it can help some other artists.

I’m by no means an expert, just a student wanting to share my work with others. :)


Popsicles Photographic Series by PUTPUT

“Referencing a classic product pack shot the Popsicles series creates an imitation of a common object through a purposeless addition. Both products represent different aspects of everyday life and are recognizable in their own right. They are morphed into a fictional replica creating a visual double take and a dysfunctional bi product. Basically it’s sponges with sticks in them.”

Established in 2011 by Stephan Friedli (CH) and Ulrik Martin Larsen (DK) and currently based in Copenhagen, PUTPUT is the visual and conceptual meeting of two minds, a collaboration in thought and practice. Neatly placed between input and output we navigate the increasingly busy intersection where photography, sculpture and design meet.

Thunder Bird Hills Thursday: The Dead Tracks

The next adventure of the Thunder Bird Hills was spent exploring the eerie dis-used train line of Takedao Hyogo…

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