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Here are #39 gifs of the model Neelam Gill, all taken from her appearance on “Champions of Breakfast.” All of these gifs were made from scratch by me – feel free to use in any way you like, just don’t repost and claim as your own. All the gifs are 250x145, textless (save for the watermark), and HQ. Please like or reblog if this helped you!

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Put Another Coin in the Jukebox Baby (and dance with me)

Smutty Bartender!Killian AU.

Emma hates Valentine’s Day.

Has ever since she was a kid, always the new girl in school with the home haircut and the clothes that didn’t fit quite right and the chip on her shoulder. The other kids all trade the brightly coloured cards and candy hearts while she sits slumped in her seat and pretend that the few pity Valentines she gets (where her name was misspelled as Anna half the time) were from real friends who actually meant “Be mine” and “You stole my heart” and all the other pre-printed saccharine sayings and fairytale nonsense Hallmark packaged and sold in packs of five and ten.

But they never did.

Now she’s all grown up, long blonde hair in perfect curls and long legs in tight jeans that fit her very nicely indeed, but she still has a chip on her shoulder and hates this stupid fake holiday. She bypasses the romantic restaurants packed to the gills with doey-eyed couples and ignores the men selling sad-looking roses out of dirty buckets on the corner of every street and sits by herself on a stool in a dive bar, one with no prix-fixe three course menu or crepe-paper decorations, just cold beer served by a bartender with inky hair falling on his forehead and a large tattoo on the inside of his arm.

Well the tattoo is of a heart, but it’s pierced with a wicked-looking dagger and she gets the feeling that he’s probably not all that fond of Valentine’s Day either.

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JIM MAHFOOD (Tank Girl, Clerks) debuts his first new creator-owned work in years with the glorious return of GRRL SCOUTS! Join Gwen, Daphne, and Rita as they reunite for a pulse-pounding psychedelic adventure through the streets of Freak City. This first issue is stuffed to the gills with an action-packed story, bonus art, soundtrack, sketchbook, and a behind-the-scenes comic thingy. Plus, a variant cover by the one and only SKOTTIE YOUNG! Pure fun! Pure flavor!

it starts with an earthquake, pt 6

The world ends on a Thursday, comes crashing down in smoke and fire and ruin. And then it keeps going, and Vox Machina figures out how to make do in the aftermath. [ a post-apocalyptic au for cr ladies week ]

day six: pike 2.0 [previously: pike, vex, keyleth, allura, percy]


Percy visits them on the roof, sometimes.

He takes leave of the garage, folds his oil-stained towel on his workbench and climbs two flights of stairs to join them, shirt grimy and hair wild and fingers still dark with grease. He sits between them, between Vex (keeping watch on their surroundings) and Pike (keeping watch on Vex). Sometimes he greets them with a smile or a clever quip. Sometimes he sinks down between them and says little, allows Pike to wipe the stains from his fingers and curl their hands together. Often, Vex greets him with a kiss to the cheek. Sometimes they merely sit, all pressed together.

The details are unimportant. What matters is this: they sit there together, and for a little while the end of the world does not seem quite a terrible thing, not if this can come from it. Not if it means she gets them.

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Dex the Cryptid
  • Will’s family didn’t seem off to him until he began going to grade school
  • That’s when he realized most people don’t eat by catching fish with their bare hands, and can only hold their breath for a few minutes tops, not hours like him
  • Normal humans also don’t eat the entire fish? Including the bones? He always thought that was the best part though. Likes the crunch.
  • When he turned 6 his parents finally clued him in on what was up, at a very basic level though. They were what the government and conspiracist theorists named “North Eastern Beach Biters.” (NEBBs for short)
    • Humanoid Cryptids
    • Usually inhabit ocean towns or forests in North Eastern America
    • Have been known to leave large sea animals half shredded and eaten on beaches (sharks, large fish, whales)
    • Short tempered, very dangerous
    • “Biters” comes from their teeth; very sharp, and a lot of them. Use them to shred their prey, or a human that got too close or pissed them off
    • Long tongues that loll out of their mouths when they’re getting ready to attack
    • Eyes that either glow or reflect light
      • This is debated mostly because some pictures only show their eyes “glowling” from the front, while other show them glowing from the side
    • Pale skin
    • Loners
    • Enhanced Sight, night vision
    • Incredibly fast and agile, especially in the water
    • Taller than your average human, usually ranges from 6-8 feet
    • Reports of gills on their neck exist as well
    • Some say they have webbed feet and hands and fingers that extend into claws (theorized that is what they use to shred their bigger prey)
      • (spoiler it’s still their teeth)
    • First encounter surviving incidents often come away with severe bite wounds that will become infected quickly, but survivors usually only have one bite. 
      • Sometimes this happens in the water, and it’s a conspiracy whether it’s a shark bite or a Beach Biter bite. Happens enough where they were named after it.
    • There haven’t been many fatalities attributed to them, but ones that have been often have teeth marks on their bones that forensics aren’t able to identify
  • Will’s parents explain that while some of it is true (the teeth, the eyes, the skin to an extent, that they and their kind reside in the north east, that they sometimes eat large sea animals) and some of it is false (their eyes both glow and reflect light, it depends on how much time they’ve spent int he ocean recently, their kin actually reach 9 feet but they tend to live solely in the ocean once they’re that tall (only the larger have gills), they are pack/group beings)
  • But the important lesson from it, other than knowing his own anatomy, is that they aren’t human, they never will be, but they are trying their best to live among/aside them
  • They don’t explain that all when he’s 6, not all of it. He learns more and more about it over the next few years, how to hide his abnormalities and blend in well enough with the other kids. 
  • They give him the option to either reject human civilization and live as a cryptid his entire life OR continue to live with his family, who are attempting to blend into society

Read more because this is gonna be LONG (which option will Dex choose ooooooo?????) ((Edit: so this is….. like…. over 4k just warning but theres angst and comfort so like, def worth it ;)))

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duckandorpenguin  asked:

Nope, that's true. Sharks are dangerous to them, obviously, and dolphins are smart, fast, and can be fucking ruthless. They kill sharks by swimming at them very fast (in packs) and hitting them in the gut or the gills with their snouts, causing internal injuries. Fortunately history suggests that dolphins are cool with most other mammals, even people (guess they're not that smart).

Fact of the day: Dolphins are badass.


the fountain of every nation by Eddy Alvarez
Via Flickr:
this is every single possible scene the show at the fountains of nations can produce. all stacked up and mixed into one shot. 45 14-bit RAW images (some repeats deleted) stacked into one smart layer and blended in so everything that would be different appears in one shot. I plan on making more use of this effort in future images..something like perhaps, show a shot of the castle. packed to the gills with trails of people. well, I can do that WITHOUT the use of photoshop. Twitter | Google Plus | Tumblr


Are you participating in National Novel Writing Month, or are you just looking for something to keep your writing more organized? This handbook is just what you’re looking for!

This handbook features augmented template pages based off my original Novel Writing Templates, and I’ve packed this handbook to the gills with new templates and tools. There will be a writing journal and a productivity schedule, plot and overall story trackers, and a word tracker designed to keep you on schedule!

If you pre-order now for $10, you will receive a few template pages available as digital downloads. Enjoy these sneak peeks! The full handbook will be released on Friday, September 19th and after that, the price of the handbook will go up to $12.50.

woahwhatislife  asked:

Ohhhh, can you come up with some prompts for a busy train station?

-Cheap flower stands selling wilting roses.

-A man in a green jacket bumping into you and apologizing profusely.

-A group of businessmen and women hurrying past you and muttering about your lack of manners under their breath.

-The screeching of the train as it stops, a drawn out sound followed by the pop of the doors opening.

-“Is there any room in here?”


-Someone sleeping on the plastic bench, half covered by a raggedy old blanket.

-A couple saying their romantic farewells, just like it’s a movie, except that one half of the pair is already eying someone else near them.

-Someone handing out crumpled, yellow flyers for their comedy show.

-Someone talking about something private loud enough for the entire station to hear it.

-A child, sitting dangerously close to the tracks.

-Bright signs with chipping paint that aggressively warn people not to step out in front of the train.

-A sketchy convenience store juts out of the back wall and sells nothing but batteries and old candy.

-Someone talking on a flip phone.

-You getting squished between two unhygienic people on the bench.

-Opera music blasting from someone without headphones.

-A violinist playing for coins in their case.

-A parent with their child on a leash.

-Someone sashaying across the station like it’s not packed to the gills with people and they’re not hitting everyone.

-A teen with glassy eyes and a slack jaw slumped against the wall.

-Gum, grime, and other remnants of the people that had been to the station over the years are stuck to the floors and every other surface imaginable.

-Mod Twilla

Dead Men Tell No Tales proves continuity still doesn't matter for the Pirates of the Caribbean films
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is the fifth entry in the swashbuckling film series, and like its four predecessors, it’s packed to the gills with pirates, sea monsters, action, adventure, Johnny Depp doing whatever it is Johnny Depp does, and an egregious disregard for the laws of physics. The film is billed as the “final adventure” of Captain Jack Sparrow, though co-director Joachim Rønning called it the “beginning of the finale,” and said there might be 10 sequels for all he knows. Read more
Cryptarch Recording // Artifacts:11X-3517

TYPE: Audio Recording


ASSOCIATIONS: Artifacts; Golden Age; Fallen; The Whirlwind; Dural, Gon; Devils, House of

Date: [unknown]

Speaker: [unknown]

[Begin Recording]

Gon and I dug the set out of a large-sized ruin near a pre-collapse capital. Had to clean out a warren to get to it; two captains and a fistful of vandals. Devils, even so far west. But Gon didn’t blink, so neither did I, and we put ‘em in the dirt.

Six pieces, all high-quality. Had a translucence to ‘em that Gon told me meant we’d found the good stuff. When you held it up to the light and looked through it you could just make out the shadow of the traveler, ‘cept where the flowers were traced. Like tattooed skin, maybe.

Weren’t much I could say, so I let him be. Not sure when he’d gotten so fascinated with the stuff. We’d left the Vanguard three days behind, so it was just us two on the wastes when we’d stumbled on the warren. And our ghosts, who I s’pose couldn’t make any more of Gon or his find than I could, based on the silence.

The look on his face when he found it - well, Gon was happier’n I’d seen him in a long time. But then, he was always better out on the wastes looking through what was left of the Golden Age than he was listening to faction mouthpieces or hopped-up Tower librarians. No offense meant to yourself, of course. Any case, he seemed real happy sitting out there in that ruin, so that’s what we did. Sat, and didn’t say much. Just admired what we’d found.

Then the skiffs came - two of them. Roiled in out of the wastes, packed to the gills with Devils. Looking back, I guess it was a compliment. So Gon took his time hiding his prize away, and we figured we’d do more of the Tower’s work, let the Vanguard see what they’d missed. They dropped captains on us, servitors too, and even a pack of those invisible bastards with the big knives. It weren’t too much for us, not at first. We filled ‘em full of Light and left their bodies where the Traveler could see.

More came. Walkers, too. Must have wanted that ruin pretty bad. Well-preserved place, so maybe they’ve got an interest in who we were. Y’know. Before.

Why didn’t we get on our sparrows and rendezvous with the Vanguard, clear out the Fallen together?

That’s what I suggested when the walkers fell. Gon agreed - we’d used up most of whatever luck we’d brought with us, and the day was getting on towards dark. We duck inside, ready to book it, and a rocket hits the ruin. Guess they didn’t want it that bad. There’s a crack. Gon looks over and sees his find lying under a pile of rubble. Like shattered bones. All of it - all six beautiful pieces - turned to dust, not a single one of the little flowers left.

There’s a look that comes over Gon’s face, then. You probably seen it once or twice if you’ve spent any time with the ‘slingers. His mouth goes real straight, real calm. He stares down at the shattered tea set and sighs. We hear the ugly roar of more skiffs overhead, and he picks up his hand cannon and walks out into the evening. The first wave drops, and the cannon coughs - six shots before they hit the ground, and six Fallen dead. One walker goes down with them, lit up as gold as the Tower itself. 

Then another skiff. And another. All the while I’m doing my best to put down the vandals that are swarming us from all sides, wondering when I’m going to run out of shotgun ammo, wondering if Gon and the devil in his hand even know I’m still there, or if he’s so far down The Way that he’s all Light and none of my friend’s left inside.

He took two swords to the chest - a Baroness, come down at the asking of some four-armed jackal. Took her along with him; left a hole where her face was. That was the last skiff. I took his cloak, wrapped up what I could and brought it back with me. Couple of fragments - you can’t even tell what it was, can you?

There it is. That’s what’s left of him.

Gon Dural died for a teapot. It’s almost funny.


[End Recording]

The final trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets shows an incredible sci-fi universe
The final trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is here, and like the two trailers that preceded it, it’s packed to the gills with wall to wall sci-fi action. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets stars Dane DeHaan as the titular Valerian, and Cara Delevingne as his partner, Laureline, who are tasked with saving Alpha — the aforementioned City of a Thousand Planets, an intergalactic melting pot of a metropolis — from a dark threat that could endanger both the city and the entire universe. Director Luc Besson also seems to be taking the “thousand planets” part of his title seriously, with the new footage showing off a wide array of environments and enough alien creatures to put franchises like Star Trek or Star Wars to shame. Read more

rattleyourgoddamnedhead-deactiv  asked:

What do you feel are the most important Black Metal albums to be released?

Venom - Welcome to Hell (1981)

How blindingly ironic is it that the very same Metal-Archive manatees that claim “Venom is just Rock ‘n’ Roll; they only invented ‘Black Metal’ as a term”… invariably consider the first Venom album to be their finest work? Particularly as all the ingredients of first-wave (and hell, even second wave) Black Metal are present and accounted for in early Venom! 

Tremolo guitar picking? Blast Beats? Guttural vocals? Satanic imagery?! 

All there. With a raw, melodic aggression even the elite modern Black Metal bands still aspire to. More than that? It’s catchy as merry fuck, with a track listing packed to the risers with classic after classic. Welcome to Hell invented extreme metal. 

Sodom - Under The Sign of Evil (1984)

FAR too often overlooked in the development of first-wave black Metal is Sodom’s inaugural outing. Marrying the nascent Speed Metal genre with the satanic onslaught of early Venom, Sodom’s earliest releases are mandatory listening for fans of ‘80s Black Metal. Perhaps the album - and the band’s - greatest contribution to Black Metal, however, is their repeated use of tremolo guitar picking, often featuring minor refrains and darksome chord progressions. Particularly on the opening track

Today, Sodom are like a much more talented, infinitely more consistent Slayer. In the ‘80s? They were eye-to-eye with Bathory and Hellhammer in spearheading the Black Metal barrage.

Bathory - The Return…… (1985)

While the inaugural Bathory record is noteworthy in its own right, and packed to the gills with unqualified classic… after unqualified classic… to me, the band’s finest hour - and possibly Black Metal’s, as well - came with ‘The Return’ in 1985.  The songs are faster, catchier, and more direct. The guitars sound like a chorus of chainsaws cleaving a Cessna clean the fuck in half. Quorthon are positively vomitous… as he croaks his way through eight tracks of prime ‘80s Black Metal. His vocals have never been more raw or demonic. 

People can cry about subpar production all they like - the fact is ‘The Return……’ is the only Bathory record to be recorded in a proper, professional recording studio. ‘Professional’ by Swedish standards, circa ‘85, but still. The result is a low-fi immensity that has never been duplicated. The low, tenebroud rumble of the guitars on insta-classic ‘The Rite of Darkness’ don’t cut through the mix. They loom. The glower. But even if it’s more fist-pumping, anthemic fare you’re after, nothing beats the hellfire headbanger, ‘Born for Burning’. for my money, the best thing Bathory ever recorded, and quite possibly the best Black Metal ever written. Which goes for the album itself, as well. 

Emperor - Emperor EP / Wrath of the Tyrant (1993/1992)

As for the modern day? As loathe as I am to admit it, considering Ihsahn’s boundless preening and pretense, not to mention the Prog-humping homogeny of their latter-year musical output… as far as the development of the genre as an art form goes… there may be no more important second-wave Black Metal band than Emperor. Their melding of keyboards with more aggressive arrangements - something contemporaries like Satyricon and Mayhem had only flirted with, to that point - had a profound influence (for bad or for worse) on the budding ‘Melodic Black Metal’ genre. Soon to mutate into ‘Symphonic’ and even ‘Gothic’ subgenres. 

But at its seminal stage? Emperor was all but without peer. Listen to that title track! The shrill vocals of Ihsahn pierce through the mix, drenched in spectral reverb. Samoth shreds away, throwing enough musical curveballs into the mix to dispel the omnipresent threat of predictability. Faust and Mortiis proffer savage rhythmic battery, and I’ve always felt that Faust’s own talents were sadly upstages by the precision and expertise of his successor, Trym, and even sometimes-fill-in, Hellhammer. They may have had the technique, but Faust had the groove and feel. 


Future Shock Zero is a monumental comix anthology focusing loosely around the watchwords of SCI FI ASTRO PLUS. It is packed to the gills with talent from the razor’s edge of the thunderground. Your eyes will be bathed in the soothing glow of full color for all 136 pages of the spectacle contained within. Enjoy! 
- Josh Burggraf, editor


136 color pages

The Young Punks of Disneyland

I’m standing in front of Space Mountain worrrying I won’t be able to find the Neverlanders Social Club. It’s an ordinary Sunday in Disneyland in November—sunny and beautiful in that Californian way and packed to the gills with tourists—and I’m concerned I’ll miss them in all the hubbub. They told me they’d be decked out in their Disney gear, but a lot of people here are wearing park-themed merchandise. Then I see them coming and realize there was no way I could have missed them.

There are more than 30 Neverlanders moving toward me as a pack, cutting a path through the crowd. They’re wearing handmade mouse ears and hats, and many of them are covered in tattoos—they look like one of the minor gangs from The Warriors, or some cult in a postapocalyptic wasteland where Mickey Mouse is worshiped as a deity. Each member has a patch of a character that represents his or her personality—the 30-something couple who founded the club, Angel and Cindy Mendoza, are Donald and Daisy Duck.

Everyone is staring as I walk with them to It’s a Small World, a boat ride at the tip of Fantasyland. As we round the Matterhorn Bobsleds, “regular” park-goers snap photos of the Neverlanders as if they’re celebrities. People point; parents tell their children to take note; jaws drop. Angel says with a shrug that they’re used to this commotion by now. When you’re the biggest Disneyland fans in the world and wear that love on your sleeve—literally—you’re bound to get some odd looks.


flyinghighandmighty-deactivated  asked:

How much does the production budget affect the writing of a particular episode? Do you guys let the actors know in advance what episodes they will be part of?

Great questions!

I’ll answer the second one first –>

Yes, we absolutely notify the actors in advance of what episodes they will be a part of. I mean, nobody wants to watch THIS scene:


Bellamy cleans his weapon.

BELLAMY: Hey, Clarke, pass me that ammo.

Long awkward pause. 

BELLAMY: ……..Clarke?

Bellamy looks around, confused. He is alone. The writer approaches, sheepishly.

WRITER: Um, yeah, we forgot to tell Clarke she was in this episode. 

So, yes, usually, we have a pretty good idea of which stories we are planning to tell (and which characters we will need to tell those stories). Sometimes, very rarely, a storyline gets moved from one episode to another, but we still have time to let people know.

Now, onto your second question, the budget and how it affects writing. Usually, we begin by writing the episode of The 100 that WE all want to see. Packed to the gills with good stuff. Containing every possible bell and whistle. It’s the Dream Draft, and we throw in everything and anything we can think of to make it the most exciting, dramatic, painful, moving, scary episode of television you have EVER SEEN!

However… as we get closer to production, we have to start discussing how we are going to actually film it, realistically

And that’s when tough decisions have to be made. Sometimes, we can keep our big (read: expensive) ideas but shrink them down to a more affordable size and shape… Sometimes, we simply can’t pull off certain scenes/ideas (due to a lack of money, or time, or usually a combo of both). Then we re-write the episode to reflect what we can pull off, realistically.

That said, we try not to let budget hamper the creative process in the beginning. We always start by reaching for the stars, and on The 100, we often come pretty damn close in the final product. It’s all part of the process. But if you don’t dream big, you’ll sell yourself short.

And we strive to aim higher and higher every single time.

NYE SQ Fluff - A Kiss to Beat Fate

Notes: No Hook, no Hood. Did they ever exist? Who knows/cares. Sometime in the probably not too distant future in Storybrooke on NYE. Fluff!



With less than a minute to go in the countdown, Granny’s erupts in hollers and shuffling as people push through the crowd to find their other halves, true loves, or their true loves for a night, before the clock strikes twelve. The room is packed to the gills with Storybrooke residents drinking champagne, eating countless trays of food, and celebrating the end of the year.

Regina and Emma, having been talking to one another when the countdown panic set in, roll their eyes at the absurdity of their fellow party goers pushing past them and yelling out for one another.



“Hey!” Emma groans out as she’s pushed forward and stumbles to stay on both feet. “Watch it.”

“This is absurd.” Regina says, also being knocked into several times.



Both women are bumped again and Emma reaches out a hand, placing it on Regina’s upper arm to steady them both as they are pushed into each other by a few rowdy, and likely drunk, townspeople.

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