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Nurse Edmund? - Edmund x Reader

Warnings: just fluff and mild swearing.

Characters: Edmund, Reader/(Y/N).

Summary: Requested by @imagineswithfandoms The reader has a stomach bug and Edmund takes care of her.

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Cocooned in blankets that were apple and citrus scented, I lay in an eternal cycle of pain and despair. Every single time I turned my head, a migraine would just explode and every trip to the bathroom was a trip to hell. And do you know what was to blame?

A stomach bug, a goddamn stomach bug. The middle of winter was the time of the flu and the spread of infections every time somebody coughs- oh wait, I had that too. Two in one. Great.

I peered around the living room I was hibernating in without turning my head too far, and saw the amazing mess. Antibiotics and cough medicines lay in every corner and table, every chair and beanbag. I had a couple of plastic bags just in case I needed to puke and I still smelt the cough syrup that I spilt on the floor yesterday at 12am. I was testing to see which cough medicine worked the most out I became a bit loopy after trying five things within 2 minutes.

Speaking of the floor, I adjusted my eyes down to Edmund, the back of his head faced towards me as he continued to watch Tom and Jerry with his head leaning back on the couch. Edmund refused to sleep in the bed last night because he didn’t want to leave me alone downstairs; cute, but stupid. He’s a cute dork.

I lifted up my hand and took it to the top of his head, lightly drumming the top of his head and running my hand through his slightly tangled morning hair. He jarred a bit and I leaned forward to see that he was asleep sitting up. His lips slightly pouted and his reading glasses slipped down to the tip of his nose. I smiled lightly.

In his lap was a thick, leather-bound book titled ‘The Art and Reverence of Law’. Highly expected, yes. Unnatural, no. Edmund’s law degree took a toll on him, causing him to sleep late at night and discuss the many lecture points he had to learn with himself.

I leaned forward cautiously to take a hold of the book and mark his page, but I grunted lightly at the pain in the centre of my stomach. The small sound stirred Edmund awake and he turned to me with half opened eyes. “(Y/N)…why aren’t you sleeping?”

His morning voice was the most appealing thing to me; the deep chuckles and soft, croaky voice was all he needed to get a cuddle with me.

“I was watching…” I replied tiredly.

Edmund took off his glasses and rubbed his left eye before standing up slowly. He took his book away from me, giving me a peck on the cheek in return before making his way toward the kitchen.

“Is there less pain?” My boyfriend asked as he placed his stuff down on a kitchen stool and stood behind the counter, turning on the kettle and preparing mugs.

“Yeah, a bit. Some of the medicines don’t work, though.”

Ed has been taking care of me for two days, giving me everything I needed whenever I needed it. He prepared steaming tea yesterday morning and heat packs within seconds.

"Ginger tea?” He asked, yawning.

"Spoon of honey,” I added before I began coughing hysterically, squeezing my eyes shut due to the exceeding pain in the pit of my stomach.

I heard the kettle’s whistle begin to grow louder and louder, it’s shrieking increasing my headache.

"Edmund!” I called out. “The kettle-”

Before I could finish my sentence, my throat strained and I gagged before grabbing a bag that flew onto the floor a while ago. My eyes teared up and I felt the vomit lead up to my throat before I gave way and puked.

The kettle, the TV and the pain became too much; I bursted into tears. I tried to call out for Edmund again but my throat wasn’t cooperating, instead more vomit projected from my mouth.

”(Y/N)!“ I heard Edmund yell over the kettle, along with a crash of glass. The sound startled me, causing me to let out more tears. His footsteps became louder and I saw a part of him through my blurry eyes.

I was only able to say, "Kettle…”

“Shit,” he muttered before he ran off, and in a matter of seconds the kettle was off the stove, the sound slowly fading out.

I shut my eyes again, the hot tears streaming down my face. I wiped my eyes with my fist and grabbed a bunch of tissues to wipe my mouth with. My stomach was feeling slightly better, but my headache got worse. Edmund approached me quickly with a glass of water in his hand.

“Thank you,” I whispered, taking a small sip and handing it back to Edmund before he placed it onto the table.

“Hey,” he stated as he embraced me, stroking my hair and kissing my forehead a bunch of times. “I’m sorry about the kettle, I’m so sorry. I won’t leave you again.”

“Ed?” I whispered, my voice breaking a bit. He turned to me and another tear rolled down my cheek.

“I’m sorry I’ve been making you run around and do shit for me, it makes me feel so useless.”

“Don’t ever say that,” he calmly said, his voice low and assuring. “You’re sick. It’s okay to get help.”

My eyes shrivelled up and I began to cry silently, the pain in my chest and stomach slowly releasing as Edmund held me. “I’m so useless, Ed.”

“Shh, shh…” he whispered, his long fingers moving from my hair to my shoulders blades and back, caressing me gently. “You aren’t useless. You’re brave, and wonderful, and I love you. I wouldn’t know what to do if you weren’t here.”

I sniffled and Edmund took his chin off my head to get another look at my flushed cheeks and cracked lips. I noticed how his soft lips were parted slightly as he breathed through his mouth and how his upturned nose that was dusted lightly with freckles, was tinged red at the tip from the cold.

He used his thumb to wipe away my tears and eventually swipe my hair from my face. His enchanting brown eyes held their gaze as Edmund stared at me.

I briefly smiled, feeling slightly better. “I would kiss you right now, but you’d only taste what I ate three hours ago.”

My boyfriend smiled widely and drove his warm hand to the hem of my shirt. He exposed my skin to the cold only to placing his hand on my stomach. He rubbed his hand in circles and moved off the couch and onto the floor.

I focused my eyes on his actions as his warmth over came my body. He lifted up all the blankets and took his head and shoulders underneath mysteriously. I felt his lips and cold nose on my stomach, making me shiver a bit at the contact. He pecked my bare stomach slowly and repeatedly and asked with his muffled voice, "Better?”

I closed my eyes and took one of my hands underneath the blanket, running it through his soft hair as he rested his cheek on my belly.

“I should get up and finish that tea you were preparing. And whatever you broke needs to be cleaned up-”

“Shh…” I heard him mutter before he surprisingly blew a raspberry onto my stomach, making me flinch and giggle hysterically. He did this once more and I felt his teeth form a smile on my skin after I wiggled around again, having a small laughing fit.

He took his arms underneath me and around my waist, only to pull me gently to the floor with him. In one swift movement, I was half on top of Edmund with only one blanket covering us up, narrowly missing the edge of the table.

I rested my head on his shoulder, our legs and fingers intertwining instantaneously. He kept looking down at me and went down to kiss my nose and temple. “Go to sleep, love.”

“As you wish, your Highness.”

Headcanon Time!!


-Obviously, Victor has some pretty bad memory so it wouldn’t be surprising that he goes out and forgets his keys

-He makes plenty of spares and gives them to close friends and his coach in the event he forgets his

-He is the type to go out grocery shopping and gets completely distract with something else and comes home with 10 limes, a 6 pack of eggnog, and ginger bc ‘wow they were on sale I had to have it’

-Sometimes he realizes that he forgets things (but can’t remember what it was he was supposed to remember) but shrugs and rolls with it, it’ll come back to him later (maybe)

-He’s watched Harry Potter and wants the Remembrall


-He finds Yuuri’s collection of posters and whatnot and he scoffs at them but in reality

-His room is filled with Victor posters too

-He looks through them and finds pics from photoshoots he hasn’t seen before and asks Yuuri where they’re from they end up bonding and talking about what shoots were best and about Victor in general

-Yurio had a relationship once

-It was when he was 7 and lasted 2 weeks, they broke up over what was cooler, lions or bears

-He has a couple of animal printed boxers

-Although he likes animal print, he draws the line at zebra print


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Blueberry Swirl (or Operation Mope-patrol)

Just another Wildehopps drabble…

Summary: After Judy has a rough day, Nick provides the required ingredients for lifting spirits: ice cream and beer. But in the midst of it all, a misunderstanding brings the two closer together.

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Blueberry Swirl (or Operation Mope-patrol)

Her front door rattled with a barrage of knocks, playfully thumping out a silly tune. With a lazy smile on her muzzle, Judy slid off the couch to answer the assault on her door.

“Hellooo, Nick.” She mused as she undid the lock, rolling her eyes at his familiar childlike antics. “Can I help you?”


She was met with a pair of bright green eyes and a mischievous smile that spelled trouble. Her partner held up a grocery sack in one paw and a 6-pack of carrot-ginger beer in the other and all she could do was shake her head and sigh.

“Mope-patrol called-in a wallowing bunny, so I rushed over with beer and ice cream; the world’s best cure for patheticness.” He teased, pushing his way past and into her apartment.

“I am not wallowing.” She replied, closing and locking the door before spinning around with her arms crossed to regard her friend.

It had been less than an hour since their shift had ended and they had parted ways for the night, or so she had thought. He was dressed in a navy blue tee shirt and a pair of cargo shorts;  different civvies than the sweats he had changed into at the precinct, so apparently he had at least made a brief stop at his apartment before heading her way.  

Nick leaned down to meet her eyes, his ears pointed straight back and one eyebrow raised. “Did you, or did you not share your heartache today as a cry for help?”  

Throwing her arms up for dramatics, Judy narrowed her eyes at her friend and pointed at his chest. “You asked me if I had a date tonight. And I casually told you that Jeremy and I broke up. That’s it. There was no heartache.”

“See!” Nick blatantly ignored her words. “Such sadness!”

He tipped his muzzle down with a mock look of despair on his features and Judy couldn’t help but let out an exasperated chuckle as he continued on. “I mean just look at you! You’re wearing your ‘I’m too sad for real clothes’ frumpy t-shirt. It’s obvious you’re in pain.”

“Hey!” Judy looked down at her favorite old tee that she had stolen from one of her older brothers many years ago. Sure it was too big and threadbare, and between both it and the old yoga pants, they had seen better days, but she would describe the ensemble more as ‘comfy’ rather than ‘frumpy’.

“It’s okay Carrots, I’m here now.” Nick put on his best charming grin and continued with his charade. “I’ll have you cheered-up with some happy calories, in no time.”

Knowing it was quite pointless to continue her argument, Judy narrowed her sights on the sack he was still holding. “What kind of ice cream did you bring?”

“Blueberry Swirl; your favorite.” He winked and then made his way into her tiny kitchen.

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My Breast Reduction Story

okay so there are a ton of girls asking me questions about my procedure and a lot of them are the same / pretty general so i figured to save myself the trouble ill type up a simple explanation of my surgery and what to expect if you’re having it done, also i recommend youtube and realself .com for further information, but yes youtube has tons of “ breast reduction story” videos which helped me in my journey, if i don’t cover all of the questions , feel free to ask me anything.


So my surgery was yesterday , March 21 , 2016 i had this date set for almost a full year so yes waiting for the day was agonizing and felt like it would never come , but it did and I am more than happy. I am not going to lie and say this is a simple procedure , because for me it was super frustrating and tedious trying to get insurance to cover it. I had seen plenty of doctors who wrote me letters stating prominent health issues my breasts were causing me including skin irritation, migraines, shoulder indentations, neck and back pain on top of emotional pain and unwanted attention / harassment from men/boys and people in general. So even with these letters, my insurance ( united health care ) still turned down my case, which was obviously really upsetting , but it didn’t stop me i worked and saved as much money as possible and took the rest out in a care credit loan which i will now have to make monthly payments to ( same concept as a credit card ) finding my surgeon was easy , we did research and he is one of the top plastic surgeons in the state and my dads friend from work had also had a breast reduction from him and highly recommend him. ( Dr. Michael Nagy ) Okay so after we found the right surgeon we scheduled my consultation which is easy peasy that was back this past September 2015 upon examining me my dr. immediately told me i am a perfect candidate for the surgery and he showed me where my boobs should be sitting on my chest rather than sagging down to my tummy. then we took a bunch of photos and height and weight all that good stuff. from there we made my appointment and he is super busy and required us to book 3 months in advance and i also needed time to save the money so my appointment was scheduled for march 21. 


okay so again this was really a breeze i got to the surgery center at 11am and filled out a little bit of paper work and then they eventually called me back where a nurse brought me into the bathroom for a urine sample and then she told me to go to the pre op room down the hall so once i got into that room they had me take off all my clothes ( in privacy )  and put on a gown, hospital socks , and boxer brief type things ) then the nurse came back in to put compression stockings on and give me a heated blanket ,etc. shortly after that the anesthesiologist came in to ask me a billion questions do you smoke, drink , do you have these diseases , you know that type of bullshit and then he tied a rubber band around my arm and put the iv in which at first was just saline ( like water ) to keep me hydrated and then finally the doctor came in with a nurse and drew on my boobs all the markings which was funny lmao, but then they laid me back down on the stretcher and they added I’m guessing morphine or something to my iv, some type of drugs that made me insanely relaxed and basically amazing and then the rolled me out of the pre op room and into the room where the surgery was going to be completed and they rolled me onto another bed,  next thing you know a gas mask is being placed on my face and then i woke up in the recovery room apparently i was asleep for an hour. a nurse greeted me right away and asked my pain level which i said was a 7 , yes that sounds high , but it was bearable just very uncomfortable. so she gave me two packs of saltines , some ginger ale and a Percocet at this point i remember everything be so funny i was still in la la land and it took me thirty minutes to eat like one cracker. but slowly i started to come back to life and the nurse helped dress me like a big baby and put me in a wheel chair and i was rolled out like an old lady and put into the car to go home ! everyone was super nice, everything went perfectly and I’m super happy. i apologize for this story being all over the place and extremely grammatically incorrect, but i just wanted to hopefully answer everyones questions, message me if you want further details !! 

ALSO i highly recommend this surgery to any girls or guys even considering it it has like the highest success rate and everyone I’ve talked to online has had amazing results, ALSO prices vary surgeon to surgeon so that is something you’ll have to figure out on your own ALSO everyones pain tolerance is different but i personally feel like this is not too painful of a surgery and my cartilage piercing hurt more hehehe

modern-au Elizabeth of York and her pack of ginger kids. (x)

She grew up in a big family with brothers, sisters, half-brothers, so many cousins that she couldn’t be sure of their respective names… it was what she was used to and what she wanted -being a mother of many herself and living in a place filled with laughs and life, fairy tales and grazed knees, waffles and happiness. A family. A haven. Love.

Propinquity [Klaine, ND roadtrip] PG

 said: I see Blaine as one of those incurable sleep snugglers. If you are sitting next to him and he falls asleep you WILL turn into his personal teddy bear. This usually means Kurt or Sam – but no one is safe. The pic with Puck becomes legendary.

In which Kurt wants sleep and Untitled 3 becomes the next best blackmail.

~1,200 words

Also available on ffnet and AO3.

It’s been a long day in anyone’s book and Kurt is certain that he has a few extra gray hairs by the time they arrive in Minneapolis.

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