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Pack Mom 2

Pairings: Derek Hale X Y/n (romantic) Liam Dunbar X Y/n (mother/son)

Warnings: Cussing and arguing



It’s been a couple days since the night we (as in Derek and I) took in Liam. He has just been gold. He uses his manners, cleans up after himself, and controls his anger very nicely.

The reason Derek and I jumped at the opportunity to take him in was because I can’t have children. It was hard knowing we can’t conceive our own children. So, when I gained a mother-son relationship with Liam, I knew I had to take him in as my own. The best part is; it was mostly Derek’s idea.


Derek, Liam and I were watching a movie in the living room when my phone started to ring.

“Hey Scott!…yeah, we’ll come over… okay, I’ll get them ready in no time. I’ll see you later,” I hung up the phone.

“Scott wants us to come to the mall for a pack shopping day thingy,” I announce and move my arms in a quirky movement. “Do we have to go Y/n?” Derek asked in a whiny tone. “Of course we do! It’s for the pack, you lazy ass,” I responded cheerfully.

“Y/n…” Liam said quietly but loud enough for me to hear. “Yes sweetie?” I turn to him. “I-I-I umm… I uh, don’t have any clean or new clothes,” He stuttered out quietly with his head down. I walked over to him and brought him in a hug. “Don’t worry, I’ll put your stuff in the wash and Derek will let you borrow a t-shirt and you can wear the jeans you wore yesterday. They can’t be that dirty. And then when we get to the mall, we’ll most definitely getting you new clothes, yeah?” I pulled away to look at Derek for agreement which he reciprocated.

When all of that was said and done, we headed out of the loft and drove to the mall.

~skip car drive~

We met the pack in the food court and then split our separate ways. The first thing I did was drag Liam and Derek to a clothing store. I made Liam try on a whole bunch of clothes in which he liked many of. Except for the turtle neck that he looked so scrumptious in, I don’t understand why he didn’t like it. The world may never know.

We ended up walking out the store with a whole bunch of clothes but he still didn’t have shoes, so I bought him a pair or three.

“You really did not have to buy me all of this, Y/n,” Liam said very appreciative of what I have given him. “Oh, but I wanted to sweetie. You’re like a son to me and I’d do anything for my children,” I start to tear up knowing I can’t have any without adopting. There is nothing wrong with adopting, it’s just I want to feel what it’s like to go through the pregnancy process. “Y/n… why are you crying?” Liam asked with a look of concern. “I’m fine sweet cheeks. Where’s Derek?” I exclaimed to him so I don’t have to tell him in public. “I’m right here babe,” Derek announced his presence and hugged me.

Our moment was cut off by Liam’s whimpers. “Liam, sweetie, are you okay?” I asked but all he could do was point towards the two most awful people I have met.

“Well if it isn’t the little anger management case and two dumbest people I’ve ever met. I mean like, why would you take him in? He just brings problems, he worthless,” Liam’s “mom” told us with so much venom and evil coming out of her mouth. She had her husband behind her and he was hyping her up.

I got angry, real angry. “YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT MY SWEET LIAM LIKE THAT! HE IS AMAZING, HE DOES NOT BRING PROBLEMS, AND HE MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT WORTHLESS! BUT YOU- You are a worthless, trashy, abusive, manipulative, and hateful BITCH!” I yell at that witch, but calmed down towards the end to yell again. Derek had to hold me back, Liam was super upset and I hated seeing him like that. Once Derek got me under control, he turned to the horrific couple.

“If you even talk to, look at or even breathe the same way as MY family, I will personally rip your throats out with my teeth. Got it?” Derek growled at them making sure not to lose his control but he was close. He turned back to us and we left the mall not caring that we left the pack behind. We got in the car but I sat in the back with Liam to comfort him seeing as he had started crying. Once he calmed down, he was knocked out just like a light.

I looked at my gorgeous boys, perfectly content with my family and ready to take on any future problem as long as I have them with me.


Part 3??

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sterekznhll  asked:

do you know any sterek fics (preferably long) where Stiles is pack mother and Isaac likes calling him mom and Derek dad?

these are some packmom!stiles fics but im not too sure about the isaac part.

From the Ashes by 2Lot (2/? | 1,594 | NR)

After hunters kill his pack Derek is running with kid Erica and Isaac, the last of his family, hiding in wolf form in a forest. After an attack, Stiles finds the two pups in the woods and takes them home to take care of them. Derek searches for them, first worried that Stiles is a threat, and then worried that Stiles might be something else altogether.

His Name Was Bay And He Came From The Sea… by orphan_account (1/1 | 2,055 | PG13)

Stiles and Derek become parents the way only they can…

By finding a hurt little merman on the beach and adopting him.

Bloody Red Riding Hood by DarkenedInnocence (4/? | 9,511 | NC17)

Stiles is tired of being the Human of the pack. The vulnrable one. The burden. The Outsider. So he goes behind the Pack’s backs to learn Martial Arts and Parkour. It would have worked too. Too bad the Pack’s Alpha gets the feeling that Stiles has been lying to him. Now if only he could get Stiles to open up to him, but how can he do that when he’s too busy being emotionally constipated? It really doesn’t help that Stiles has been acting like the King of pain and hurt, at least that’s how Derek sees it. And if Stiles finds out he’s magic on the way, well, bonus. He finds friends in his parkour group which is an Alphless pack. Wait, what? But they’re supposed to be human!

Teen Wolf: Bones by DarkenedInnocence (6/? | 12,944 | NC17)

When Stiles comes back from cataloging a Ceremonial Burial Site in the Cuban Islands, things have changed in Beacon HIlls. The FBI have opened a Supernatural division With Special Agent Alpha Derek Hale as lead. The pack have also accepted Derek Hale as their Alpha, but they still treat Stiles as though he was the Alpha too. Or the Alpha Mate. There’s no doubt that Stiles is the Pack Mom. Maybe Derek’s going to have to get to know this enigma, because he isn’t anything like what he expected. With the Supernatural activity increasing when Stiles comes back, he brings more questions than answers. Just how does Stiles know some of the most influencal creatures of the Supernatural community? What else has he been hiding from his pack? Why doeshe sound more animal then human when he threatens?

Hopeless Opus by Casspiration (1/1 | 11,162 | R)

Scott may or may not have angered a witch and gotten the entire pack turned into tiny toddlers bundling with energy and Derek is absolutely terrified of children.


The fic in which Stiles is good with kids and it makes Derek want to press him against every available surface.

Summer Skies and Homicide by spacenatural (6/? | 70,260 | R)

“So what you’re trying to tell me is-” Stiles hadn’t even begun and Isaac was whimpering, “-not only are dead bodies being dumped in the woods, the hunters renovating a warehouse into a gathering ground, and my arm already having a gaping bullet hole in it, but now I’m also being possessed by a goddamn dog?”

“'Haunted’ by a goddamn dog,” Deaton correctly smoothly through the phone.

Stiles flipped the table.

Puppy Pile Talks

Stiles and Derek have a discussion at 3 am about what pup likes what parent better.

On A03. On Fanfiction.

“Ugh, you wolves are so freaking hot. It’s like an oven in here,” Stiles complained. Almost all the wolves were in his and Derek’s bed and he was being cooked at 350. He had woken up at around 3:30 to find Malia, Jackson, Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Scott, Lydia and Liam knocked out in the bed. Stiles was currently trapped under Liam, who must have joined the pile last, seeing as how he was on top of everyone else too. He had Erica hugging his legs and Isaac hugging one of his arms. Being crushed into his mate’s chest probably had something to do with the heat too.

Craning his neck to look at the rest of the pile, he saw Lydia was back to back with Derek with Malia in front of her. Scott was somewhere near Isaac. Boyd was on one side Erica and Jackson was at the foot of the bed, curled in a ball.

His moving and whispered complaints must have woken up his mate, who pulled him closer, “Shh…” Derek said, having a hard time finding Stiles’s mouth, trying to physically shush him. “Pups are sleeping. Daddy’s sleeping,” he whispered groggily.

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you-absolute-bagel asked #50 with pack mom so here it is!

“Not only moms cook, Scott,” Stiles snaps at him from the kitchen in response to Scott calling him the pack mom. “And does that make you the pack dad? Because I’m sure Allison and Isaac are more than capable of fulfilling your romantic and sexual needs.”

Scott blushes at that and ducks his head. “I just meant. You’re cooking for the whole pack, dude.”

“Yeah? Who else is gonna do it? Isaac?” Stiles points his wooden spoon at the werewolf who has been banned from the kitchen and can only get as close as sitting at the kitchen table, which is where he is. 

He looks up at Stiles guiltily with a scowl. “I burned the lasagna one time.”

“You almost burned down the Hale house,” Stiles chastises. “And really? Derek needs to go through that again? Over my dead body.”

“Pretty sure he wants to be over your live body,” Isaac snorts.

Stiles can’t even dignify that with a response honestly because it’s just ridiculous.

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Stiles Stilinski Evolution though Fandom

One thing I love about the teen wolf fandom is the fanon roles they give stiles.

First: Little Red Riding Hood

Second: Pack Mom

Third: Team Human

The funny thing about this is they only appear in one episode of a season. Not to mention are usually started by minor things.

Little Red Riding Hood- He wore a red jacket that episode

Pack Mom- Throw himself in front of Erica and Isaac

Team Human- The only exception consider that whole episode was about the non weres saving the werewolves.

But even though they only appear once and usually aren’t teen wolf canon. The fandom ship it to stiles anyways.

Why do they ship it? No one knows

Why is it so big in fanon? No one knows

Am I about done with my rant? About so

All I got left to say is keep fanoning fandom, cause I like to see were it goes.

Title: Force to be reckoned with 
Pairing: Derek/Stiles 

Genre: Romance, Friendship, Family
Rating: T

Notes: Mama!Stiles, Stiles is basically Pack Mom, which means he’s sort of the alpha, which makes Derek the dad, so Derek is a bit off character but not really, oh and the rest of the pack kind of act like children. 

Summary: Stiles and Derek come home to a mess.

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Sometimes I do think of Stiles as a pack parent of sorts. I know that a lot of people get really bothered by the “pack mom” Stiles that always ends up in fics, ya know that sweet, doting, cookie baking, OOC Stiles. But when I think of Pack Mom Stiles I always end up thinking of my own mother. Like back-handed compliments and passive aggressive post it notes around the Hale house. That thing that moms do when they refuse help but then complain that no one helps them. Vacuuming at the ass-crack  of dawn because “if I can’t sleep in than you shouldn’t either”. But oh dang if you hurt his pack there will be absolute HELL. Cuz only he can be a dick to his pack.

rachie-badger3x5  asked:

I love your blog and I loved the recs from my last request. This time I was just wondering if you could update the Wolf Courting tag and the Pack Mom!Stiles tag. Thanks so much!


How to Stalk a Werewolf by Guede (1/1 | 19,289 | NC17)

Stiles advertises for someone to help with sex magic. Derek answers. It goes downhill from there.

Prequel to How to Bag a Werewolf; you don’t need to have read that to follow this.

Enamor Me by crossroadswrite (1/1 | 1,552 | G)

In which Derek sneakily woos Stiles and doesn’t expect him to notice.
He keeps catching himself doing these little things and he doesn’t know why.

Except that’s a complete lie. He knows exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

He likes Stiles.

For whatever reason he likes him. Like, wants to be the best version of himself he possibly can because that’s what Stiles deserves likes him.

Bonds of Blood, Bonds of Family, Bonds of Love by TyReed (10/10 | 40,003 | R)

After being beaten up by a door, werewolf Stiles Stilinksi finds himself bonded to Derek Hale, of the Hale Noble Bloodline. For a scrawny, wimpy, Tainted Bloodline werewolf, Stiles runs away, embarrassed and humiliated as he worries about bringing shame to the Hale Family, and even more shame to himself. Because the Nobles and Tainted just don’t mix, never have, never will.

Except, things aren’t exactly what they seem.

With the help of the (meddling) Hale family, his adoptive (meddling) human parents John and Claudia Stilinksi, and one very persistent Alpha Derek Hale, Stiles might come to see himself as more than just the blood that runs through his veins, and open his heart to find the happiness, friends, pack, and the family that he’d always wanted.

Ecosystem Engineering and the Werewolf by Guede (1/1 | 19,466 | NC17)

Stiles and his dad work for the U.S. Forest Service, which sends them to Beacon Hills. It’d be nice if Stiles could stop running into the Hales. He’s got bodies to get rid of.

Baby If You Love Me Won’t You Give Me A Smile by Loslote (1/1 | 2,818 | PG13)

Five times Scott sees Stiles and Derek fake a relationship and one time he realizes they actually were dating all along.

pack mom stiles:

Emperor’s New Clothes by A_Hero_In_Disguise (2/? | 3,178 | NR)

Sixteen years ago, a demon known only as ‘The Emperor’, the cruelest and vilest demon ever to live, was cast out of Hell by Lucifer himself and into a human form.
Now, going by the name Stiles Stilinski, he is desperate to keep his past as a demon a secret. But when a rumor arises in the supernatural community that The Emperor is residing in Beacon Hill’s, that may prove more difficult that it sounds.

Midnight Moon by crimson_eyed_rabbit (6/? | 19,408 | R)

After the incident with Jackson and Gerard Argent, Erica and Boyd left to find a new pack to join. But they were soon captured by the Alpha pack and brought back to Beacon Hills. No one knew about this except for Derek, Peter, and Isaac.

Within two weeks into the summer, Stiles has a dream about Erica and Boyd running for their lives, but were then captured. Derek goes to Stiles for his help in finding his two missing betas. As Stiles help Derek find his betas, he starts to develop feelings for the sourwolf, and finds out something about himself that he never knew.

Fat For You, Alpha Dear by nathanangel (1/1 | 1,202 | PG13)

“You were supposed to take care of him! Lydia said. Not fatten him up!”

Or where Stiles is found in Beacon Hill, Derek take care of him and makes him fatter. ALPHA/OMEGA DYNAMIC. Mpreg and weight gain. Don’t like don’t read!

Failwolf by Benaya (1/1 | 1,829 | NR)

Just an everyday at the Hale house.

Or as fanfics_a_must007 said

Stiles is pack mom and Derek is an adorable clumsy Alpha.

How the Sourwolf Stole Christmas by HWWHOC (1/1 | 2,157 | G)

A grumpy wolf plots to steal Christmas from the unsuspecting town of Beacon Hills.Or,Stiles tells the Pack a story that involves Derek being a Grinch.

The Person You’d Take a Bullet For (is Behind The Trigger) by SadieHerondale (1/1 | 5,820 | PG13)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but until he gets Derek back, Stiles’ actions are going to be worse than bad. And he will get Derek back, come hell or high water.

Crushed down by Benaya (1/1 | 2,231 | NR)

Stiles was a demon, what he wanted, what he had, did it really all matter now that things crushed down and Derek found out.

Sinking (Under the Crashing Tides) by The_full_moon_is_upon_us (1/1 | 7,398 | NR)

Stiles isn’t back yet and the pack is worried.
After Derek finds Stiles, almost dead, it’s up to him to save his mate’s life. 

Fandom racism and hypocrisy are really the same everywhere… like, they pretend to not like a character of colour because his personnality/origin story/storyline are boring, but then they go around and give their asshole white fave all of the characteristics of the aforementioned character of colour… like, what is the truth ?

In the Teen Wolf fandom people go on and on about how boring and uninteresting Scott (a brown latino) is, but in the vast majority of TW fics they give Stiles (your basic white asshole) Scott’s personality and journey. Suddenly Stiles becomes kind, generous, sweet, he’s the Real True Alpha, the glue that sticks the pack together - even though in canon these are Scott’s characteristics. And suddenly when these traits apply to Stiles it isn’t boring at all anymore. You wouldn’t believe the amount of Alpha!Stiles and “pack mom” Stiles (also kudos for forcing heteronormative gender roles on Stiles for the sake of your white ship) fanfics that exist out there.

And now it’s the same thing in the TFA fandom. Racists keep saying that Finn is boring, bland, uninteresting, meanwhile Kylo is tortured!! complex!! dark and gritty!! (even though Finn’s backstory is way darker and more tortured than Kylo’s) And now Kylo stans are starting to take Finn’s characteristics, backstory and journey away from him to give them to Kylo. “What if Kylo were taken from Han and Leia as a baby and raised as a stormtrooper ! And when years later he finds his parents he comes back to the light ! Because even though he was raised in a terrible environment he didn’t become a monster ! Can you imagine that ??”

………..Yes my dude, i can, there’s already a character like this and his name is Finn, but you hate him because you find him “boring”. Suddenly everything that makes Finn “boring” becomes interesting when it’s applied to a white man. Hmmmmm, what’s it called again ? oh yeah, RACISM.

Pack Mom by one_windiga

“Right, that’s it,” Stiles declared. Derek knew that look on his face, that stubbornly determined look.

That was Stiles ‘I’m going to do something stupid, but well intentioned, so nobody can say anything against me without looking like an asshole’ look.

Derek hated that look. He narrowed his eyes at Stiles,waiting for the shoe to drop.

“You’re all coming to my house.” And there it was.

“Are you crazy?”

“Oh, sure, I’m the crazy one for wanting to get a group of five injured friends home to heal! If you were human, you’d all be dead!”

Lowly, Derek responded, “We’re not human.”

“And thank God for that! You’d all be ground meat! I’d have to come up with a eulogy for you, and I’m not sure what I’d say.

'Here lies Derek. He scowled a lot. He was really good at throwing me against walls. Very poor sense of humor. Shall be missed.’”

jessluvsjuice  asked:

So what's your thoughts on pack mom stiles? I totally 100% think he'd be such a pack mom like he's stiles he takes care of everyone else anyways. He wouldn't even see it at first. And Isaac would so be the golden puppy

I AM 1000000000% HERE FOR THIS















anonymous asked:

OMG your rec's are amazing. Got any good Pack Mom!Stiles fic recs? Those are my favorite ^^. Please and thank you!

5 Times Derek Heard Stiles Sing & 1 Time Derek Sang Along (one shot | 5,483 | PG )

I just want to roll around in this fic and stay for a while. super fluffiness and pack. -insert content sigh here- 

Puppy Piles What Puppy Piles? (series WIP | 38,333 | R?)

Stiles can’t remember the exact moment he started calling the pack his pups, but he never does anything by the halves.

Stiles is the Supermom (one shot | 3,472 | NR )

Derek doesn’t realize how much Stiles actually does until Stiles isn’t there.  And then all hell breaks loose because - who he hell knew Stiles almost died every Saturday?

some nights (one shot | 5,089 | G )

Derek pisses Stiles off, and Stiles issues an “open-door policy” for the teenaged werewolves in his life. (Which is, really, more of an open-window policy, because seriously: werewolves) After that it is, like, all werewolf all the time.

But the Black Plague was a Classic (one shot | 1,665 | NR )

Stiles never missed pack meetings. Never.

Feels Like Belonging (one shot | 2,513 | PG )

Stiles isn’t sure why all these werewolves think they have access to his bed. The explanation is just. Weird.

here is the deepest secret nobody knows (one shot | 22,321 | PG-13)

“Derek,” Stiles groans. “You have me. You’ve always had me, you absolute moron, how many physically impossible feats of life-saving heroics do I have to perform before you get it?”