pack draws stuff


listening to some love songs, and was suddenly overwhelmed by urge to doodle cherik. ;m; cherik, you will always be my otp


@gdipalomo thank u for this sweet prompt i died about 500 times drawing it just bc i love the idea of palomo being a big brother to junior :”)

anonymous asked:

im afraid the crisp nips ask killed you and that's why you haven't posted in awhile please loaf r u alive or is god dead and have we killed him?

im alive im just busy. dw im impervious to crisp nip damage at this point


The book keeps me awake…

It won’t stop…



“People change.

Either that… Or they die before they can.

He died just the way he was.”

[Had some time between packing stuff to draw this. I gave smol Orochimaru a bob cut based on how Kishi originally planned on giving one to Mitsuki. You can see the family resemblance much more now.]