pack axe


everyone bonds over how bad joey is with his damn budget


5.11 Rush 72 Bushcraft/Bugout Bag, with Westen Bundeswehr Klappspaten (West German Army Folding Shovel), Council Tools Wood-Craft Pack Axe in Maxpedition Universal Baton/Flashlight Sheath.

Joseph: donnovan, meet me on my island at 5 o'clock. Pack my battle axe and my poetry and be prepared to abandon your religion




Craig: running is a fun way to clear up last nights bad choices! I had cheese cake!

robert: i wanna hit you in the face as hard as i can, i dont wanna do that

Hugo: principal morris, one of the second graders is on fire and i dont think he’s gunna make it this time.

The 102- Part 22: Look at That Meteor Shower

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Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Characters: Bellamy, the reader, Finn, Clarke, Monty, Jasper, mention of Octavia
Warnings: swearing, missing!octavia, angst
Summary: After firing Raven’s flares and hoping for the best, the camp encounters yet another obstacle: Octavia’s missing.
A/N: So tumblr deleted this and I had to rewrite it:/ which kind of sucks. 
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After the flares faded and then eventually died out in the sky, all that was left to do was wait. Everybody else went immediately to bed, being as they hadn’t slept since the rockets first started to be built. But even though you tried to retreat back to your tent and close your eyes, you never drifted off. For hours you lay there tossing and turning, and shivering under your thin blankets.

Eventually you decided it was no use, you weren’t going to fall asleep anytime soon, so you stalked out of your tent and approached the fire instead. For a few minutes you just sat there, staring into the crackling flames, until you felt a familiar hand on your shoulder.

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Olivia Holt Gif Pack [ AXS Patio Sessions ]

BELOW THE CUT, you will find #40 gifs of OLIVIA HOLT. Each gif was made by me, from start to finish. She’s most known for her roles in Kickin’ It and I Didn’t Do It, but she will soon be appearing in Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger. The psd used was created by me and is very plain. The gif sizes are 245x160. You may edit these into gif icons or crackships or whatever as long as you credit me. Please do not repost these. Give this a like/reblog if using or if you’ve found these helpful !

NOTE: Some gifs feature her singing, and some gifs have a very noticeable logo.


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Finished up the bench on our last trip. I posted the video of the trip on my Tumblr page. Please give it a watch and maybe a subscribe, I spent a very long time editing it, I’d like to see it get more views, thank you.

Into the Storm

Based on:

Disclaimer: The language in this is not suited for most. Really, brace your self.

“Is this a fucking joke?!” Your voice rang along the ceiling of the cave, your temper was at its limit, “Seriously, you fucking little shit-mouthed twat?! IS THIS FUCKING FUNNY?!”

You stormed across the shadows, the fire light flickering around you as the others looked towards you in surprise, some of them gripping their weapons in preparation. Everyone was around the fire but you, they could only wonder what you were on about. You took your sopping pack and threw it violently at the sharp rock wall.

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Next up is Dogamy and Dogaressa–also referred to as Dog Marriage!

Opening Battle Quote

* Two giant dogs block your path–and both seem to be out for your blood!
You notice that Dogamy seems disinterested in your presence.


Brash and tough–both of these dogs hold status and power over their fellow peers… but don’t actually abuse it as some might think.

Dogaressa, known as the alpha in the pack, is known to be more hostile and willing to set out to execute those in need of justice.

Dogamy, known as the second, quieter alpha, is the more calm of the two and appears to be against the idea of fighting at all… but that doesn’t mean he still won’t assist his wife in doing what they need to do.

Roles in Monofell

As the top two dogs in the Canine Unit, both have significant say in what happens to both themselves and their pack mates in terms of orders and routine.

It is their job to make sure everything is operating smoothly, and thus, they can be seen patrolling all around Snowdin at specific times of the day checking up on both its citizens and their fellow pack mates. 

Notable Differences

  • Their axes do not have decorations on them–it is thought to be because any that had been carved into the metal before had been worn off due to intense use.

  • If Papyrus is seen, these two are usually not far behind. They both respect the lieutenant enough to act as his personal bodyguards… in secret.

  • Dogaressa is clearly the leader between the two despite their shared respect for each other’s opinions and status–mainly because Dogamy just isn’t interested in taking the lead.