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Summary: Hey could you do a teen wolf imagine where it’s the summer of senior year and the reader goes to Scott’s house for a pack hang out and Isaac and Derek are there back from France and the road trip. Isaac was your best friend and Derek your brother figure, so when they come back you kind of get mad and snap at them. Theo comforts her even though she always fights with him despite the fact the pack is cool with him now. He realizes that she didn’t want to get hurt again, so she pushed him away.

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, McCall Pack, Theo Raeken

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 995

Requested: Anon


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reapergraves666 said:Could you do what dating Jane and Leah from Twilight would be like? Either one is fine if you can only do one

A/N: Heya lovely! Same as before, it’s gender nuetral! Here’s the Leah Clearwater would include! Thanks so much for your request! Please request as much as you would like! - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Leah Clearwater would include:

- Leah would be fiercely protective over you.

- Know that at first, Leah would be rather standoff-ish. She’ll be bitter and will refuse to let you get close to her.

- But after you do something sweet to her - after many failed attempts -, she will be much warmer in receiving your comfort and such.

- Leah would get annoyed if her little brother or any of the other pack member’s hovered about you, - or the pair of you, for that matter -.

- “Get lost!” Leah would bark - mind the pun -.

- “Why? So you can smoochie, smooch?” the pack would coo, making kissie faces.

- “(Y/N), you want some wolf pelts?” Leah would growl through gritted teeth and the pack would flee.

- Leah would totally forget all about Sam.

- Sam and Emily would be happy for Leah.

- Even when Leah leaves La Push, you stay loyal to her and refuse to be a toy for the Uley Pack to use against her, to get her and Seth to return home.

- You’d end up moving in with the Cullen’s, much to the dismay of Leah.

- Leah and you would prize casual nights in as dates and actually cook together. Not many people would know that about her, but she has the patience to cook, and she’s a great chef.

- The pair of you would tag team on roasting the entire pack, - even Sam -.

- You’d be close to Emily, much to the dismay of Leah.

- “Can’t you just spend all your time with me?” Leah would grumble.

“No! I have other people to see, but you’re always in my mind and heart.

- Seriously, she’ll knock a bitch out for looking at you or speaking to you in the wrong context.

- Bickering would be the norm for you too and even a way to horse around.

- “Sheesh! Can’t you old folks head somewhere else?” Paul would gripe.

- “Yeah, you’re like an old married couple.” Jacob would sigh.

- Practical jokes on the pack.

- The pack spilling embarrassing secrets about Leah to you.

- “I hate them!

- “Just calm down! I think it’s cute that you used to run around your front yard naked.

- “I think I’m starting to hate you too…

- Tickle fights.

- Campfires.

- Keeping you warm at the beach at night.

- Being the love of her life and improving her mood most of the time.

- Leah having many insecurities that you’ll leave her, but you always reassure her that you’re here to stay; and stay you do.

- Loving Leah to the moon and back, and vice versa.

- Movie nights.

- Tracing intricate circles upon the back of each other’s hands, on your hips, thighs, wherever you two can.

- Getting lost in each other’s everything.

- Being a power couple of La Push.

- Everyone’s OTP.

- Forreal, you two are made for one another!

- Every kiss feels like loving electric.

- Treating Leah and Leah treating you, too.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

Things that happened in our DnD campaign tonight:

- we installed a government in an abandoned town; named and elderly rat folk NPC as mayor, and a werewolf lieutenant NPC as sheriff
- Said Werewolf Lieutenant NPC reveals she has the hots for our gunslinger
- Said gunslinger finds several excuses to be without his shirt
- Our Druid (who is also king of the werewolves) rolled a nat 20 on bepis size
- It was revealed that our gentle-as-a-lamb, loves children, innocent Neutral Good half-Orc fighter has a 50,000 gold bounty on his head for burning down several orc villages one country over
- Said half-orc has no memory of this and is very distressed
- Our fey-tiefling assassin gets a surprise kiss from an NPC, and reacts poorly
- Said fey-tiefling assassin, who has a major crush on my inquisitor, asks if she’s waisting her time waiting for mine to fall in love with her
- My tiny half elf child inquisitor basically says yes, she is, and feels terrible
- Heavy drinking ensues on both sides
- Our dwarven warpriest of Torag installs an economy/stock market among the ratfolk
- Our recently won peace/alliance with the werewolf clans nearby is threatened by a nobleman who is very very good at hunting werewolves.
- Failing to lure the nobleman away from his hunt, (most of) the party’s plan is to kill him and make it look like bandits before he starts a werewolf war
- Our Fey-Tiefling assassin and Werewolf King Druid are happy to do so
- My inquisitor and our Fighter are more reluctant, our gunslinger is indifferent
- SEVERAL party members take an alignment shift down, for what was essentially cold blooded murder of a nobleman and his hired help
- My Inquisitor is more than a bit disturbed by our Assassins behavior during all this
- Party tension ensues as our Lawful Good cleric makes us remember that those hired mercenaries had family and we have to make it right
- Our werewolf Druid gets some moral advice from the bard-werewolf leader of another pack, and gets some smooches from him too

Whoooooooo dang was it a good session lol