Being Part Of The Pack + Stiles’ Younger Supernatural Sibling!Reader Would Involve...

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Being part of the Pack + Stiles’ younger supernatural sibling!reader would involve:

  • Stiles would be protective all the time! (All the time!!) You can’t escape it sorry, but you’re his younger sibling. He can’t let anything happen to you! Never!
  • You’d get along well with Lydia from the get go, which would annoy Stiles, because how could Lydia like you more than him?? Like, seriously… But, he would appreciate Lydia hanging around with you because she makes you feel safe and happy.
  • Your brother would totally freak out when he found out you were supernatural. (“Seriously? You as well?! What’s wrong with being human?!” “Calm down, Stiles. It’s fine.” “Lydia, it is not fine!”)
  • You, Liam and Mason would totally be a mini squad within the pack as you’re all in the same year. And, Stiles would totally hate all three of you hanging around because you’d cause mischeif™. 
  • Scott would always tease Stiles, because you were more powerful than he is, but Stiles would just brush it off. (Most of the time.)
  • The pack would accept you right away because what harm could one more Stilinski do? (They find out soon enough..)
  • When the pack find out that you’re in a relationship/or that you have a crush, they want every detail. E V E R Y  D E T A I L
  • The first time you invite your S/O, the pack are so intimidating, you’re 99% that they are going to be freaked out permenantly. And, that they’re not going to want to see you again. (They do, but you ignore the pack completely for a whole week because you’re angry as hell.)
  • But, whatever happens, you love the pack and most of all you love your brother. even if he can be a jerk

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