Imagine: The pack visiting you in the hospital after you get really sick. [x] [x]

Y/N: Stiles? Scott? Allison? *sees the rest of the pack walk in* Lydia! Malia! Issac! You guys came! *smiles*
Lydia: Of course we came, Y/N! 
Stiles: We weren’t going to let you have all the fun here.
Y/N: I’ll have you know, being stuck in this bed all day is more fun than you think, Stiles!
Scott: Sure it is. Has my mom been to visit you?
Y/N: A couple of times. She’s really great- you’re one lucky son. *laughs* Thank you all for visiting me.

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Confession #94

I really want a female alpha to throw all the guys off. I love how Adam’s pack adjusted to actual dominance, though I’m wondering whether or not other packs followed suit/similarly or if they were cut off before they could share that tidbit? And how Bran’s pack may adjust to that structure. Someone needs to put the boys in line. I’m sure all the old guys would throw lots of fits.