The Pack + Liam Dunbar - Teen Wolf (Imagine 472)

The Pack was sat around the table, you were next to Liam. Liam and your hands were linked under the table. No one seemed to notice until Scott asked, “Why are you two holding hands?” Everyone’s eyes landed on you.

Both of you dropped your hands. “We weren’t.” You both said, the pack obviously didn’t believe it. 

“Awe, Liam and Y/n,” Lydia smiled.

“Guys, you don’t need to hide young love,” Stiles said.

“Stiles,” Liam said.

“What?” Stiles asked.

“Shut up!” Liam growled, making the pack laugh.

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shelley hennig + madison beer/troye sivan

icons: twiwolfsx madisonbeericons twihybrids  troyedits twiwolfsx 

headers: madisonbeerstuff iconsactress madisonbeericons seriessnopsd baepacks


this pack contains 3.625 pngs/pics:

  • 45 hq balloons;
  • 217 base headers;
  • 105 bubble speech;
  • 31 Chinese letters;
  • 355 computer stuff;
  • 247 dialogues;
  • 4 sources for lyrics header;
  • 280 kawaii pngs;
  • 154 pixels;
  • 8 photobooths (hearts, birds…) for icons;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 png texts;
  • 40 textures;
  • 190 headers;
  • 260 ulzzang icons.

to get the pack you have to:

  • follow the tumblr (I’ll check);
  • like and reblog this post (I’ll check);
  • ask here RINNEGOU PACK” (I will not answer anonymous);
  • DON’T publish or repass the link of this pack.  

and again I want to thank you for everything, making icons and headers is my favorite hobby, is like a refuge for me and know that you guys like it is even better, so thank you for all the encouragement !!! ·̩̩⋆̩* ¿॰*✩ ✨

I hope u like it!! 


essa pack contém 3.625 pngs/pics:

  • 45 balões hq;
  • 217 bases para headers;
  • 105 bubble speech;
  • 31 frases/letras chinesas;
  • 355 computer stuff;
  • 247 diálogos;
  • 4 fontes para lyrics header;
  • 280 pngs kawaii;
  • 154 pixels;
  • 8 photobooths (corações, pássaros, etc ) para icons;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 textos em png;
  • 40 texturas;
  • 190 headers;
  • 260 icons de ulzzangs/site model.

para conseguir o pack, você precisará:

  • seguir o tumblr (vou conferir);
  • reblogar e dar like nesse post (vou conferir);
  • mandar “RINNEGOU PACK” na ask (não responderei anônimos);
  • NÃO publicar ou repassar o link da pack.

e de novo eu quero agradecer por tudo, fazer icons e headers para vocês é meu passatempo preferido, é como um refúgio para mim e saber que vocês gostam é melhor ainda, então muito obrigado por todo o incentivo e elogios, isso significa muito !!! ·̩̩⋆̩* ¿॰*✩ ✨ 

Espero que vocês gostem do pack!!