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Okay, so imagine Unovan S/O going on vacation in Alola. They've literally never dated anyone before because they're looking for ~the one~ but then they meet Guzma and it's just like 'are you kidding me, there are literally billions of people in the world and I manage to catch feelings for the actual human embodiment of a trashcan fire, are you serious.' They have an Audino that's basically the designated Team Mom and she's kind of horrified at her trainer's choice of romantic partner.

Audino wants to fight guzma but they’re a pacifist

S/O is kept up late at night wondering why they had to fall for a walking dumpster man

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I'm kinda confused, don't remember if I asked this before. Why is frisk acting like they don't remember flowey? They said they already did multiple true pacifist runs, they should know the in's and out's of it.

You see, this is the heart of problem here.

Because you’re totally right - they should know the in’s and out’s of this.

So why is Frisk acting like that?

And what if they aren’t just acting?


some rando liberal “strict pacifist” man messaged me from his fucking porn blog to yell at me about a post where i openly endorsed violence against fascists 

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Bandage, Unisicle, Junk Food!!!

What is a scene from the game that really connected with you?

the end of the pacifist route was perfect ;A; but the scene that actually got me into the game was meeting sans and pap. after sans farted in my hand, and i hid behind the lamp that was shaped like me and i witnessed papyrus /// i… knew… that this game… was going .. to be tHE BEST GAME EVER Rr

Unisicle: What’s your favorite boss battle?


Have you played more than one run of the games? What routes have you taken?

:,) sweats. so…. i did my first run … the neutral path that turned into the pacifist since i didnt kill any monster dudes on my first go… i spent like 4 days on it… photoshop flowey fucked me up bad so maybe it was 5 days… i had to get tipsy to get past flowey because it was the most terrifying boss id ever seen in a game… bUT ANYWAY SO after i finished pacifist for the FIRST TIME and i was


i was content af… but … i knew there was another path… so i thought MAY ASWELL?
HUGE MISTAKEi had JUST finished the best story ive ever witnessed in a game… and now… i was GOING TO KILL EVERYONE I LOVED????? .///… i tried.i killed tori… the guilt started creeping inbut when i got to sans/..// and … frisk wasnt laughing at his jokes… and they werent hding behind the lamp… and they were hating on paps puzzles and IT WAS HURTING MY HEART SO MUCH I COULDNT GO ONso i quit and then my computer died

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May I ask what's the story of Gastertale? It sounds cool :D

Well, so far I’ve only thought of a few things. 

I guess it would start as Frisk finally finishing a pacifist run, they’ve gotta run around to greet everyone and stuff and it’s all fun-

But Frisk goes back to waterfall and somehow finds themself right in front of the door to where Gaster supposedly was in.

Now of course out of sheer curiosity and because they can’t just go back, the paths outside just bringing them back there in front of the door, they go inside the room and find the mystery man right there. 

In the glitch of the game, you kinda just click on him and he opens his eyes and disappear right? That’s not necessarily the case here. 

They do [z] on him, but the floor breaks apart like shattered glass and they fall.






Frisk finds themself on top of some lovely…white…flowers? …with holes…and fingers…oh these aren’t flowers are they..

They’d be really scared and surprised because they don’t land on those golden flowers. 

Rather, they land on many many hands of gaster, palms open as if to beg for help, to reach for light.

But they’re pretty harmless and unmoving.

then they go on and meet this guy.

apparently everything in this world is black and white. 

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Just curious: what makes for an ideal Cream portrayal, in your opinion?

Preferring to avoid combat but not hesitating to fight if she must AND can easily kick ass

I cannot stress this point enough! Yes, Cream is a pacifist, harbors a dislike for violence, and is the least experienced of the cast. But that does not mean at all that she can’t fight. Advance 2&3, Heroes, and especially Sonic Battle proves this notion very clearly, and I don’t think I need to remind everyone of Sonic X. Cream may prefer to avoid combat, but if violence breaks out anyway and her friends especially need help, Cream won’t hesitate to take part in the battle, and not just by tossing Cheese at foes!

Childish but reserved and possesses her own form of wisdom 

Cream may be young, but she’s not completely immature nor is she scatterbrained. She has plenty of common sense, being one of the more “down to earth” characters and functions as the voice of reason for Amy, and is quite knowledgeable in her own way. Particularly, Cream might as well be a walking encyclopedia for Chao, having managed to learn their dang language. This aspect is best seen in two of Cream quotes, coincidentally her most famous: “It’s when your heart hurts” and “A friend of a friend is always a friend”! The actual quotes she makes are simple, very much spoken from a childish point of view, but they are nonetheless profound explanations for the respective concepts; sadness is basically what happens when you’re mentally harmed and friends of your friend can also be your friends as well. I also like to personally headcanon that Cream is quite knowledgeable in the medical field, showcasing how much she cares about other people that she would learn to heal them AND opens up the possibility of Cream being “the medic” among the characters.

That said, though… 

Full of curiosity and naive about certain things 

Not everyone is perfect XD And indeed, though she is profound in a way, Cream still has much to learn about the world. She knows plenty about emotions and friendship, but I don’t expect her to manage math more complex than 2+2 or the meaning of certain words. She is a child after all, so while Cream is not dumb, she isn’t very smart. Which is okay, because an essential part of Cream’s character is her curiosity; she has been described as being very curious in most game description and, honestly, it works very well for her character. Cream’s curiosity could be THE explanation for why she would participate in adventures with Sonic, Amy, and co: she’s driven by her curiosity. Cream has had a sheltered upbringing and she seriously wants to learn more about the world, as well as experience it! 

Cream is 100% genuinely innocent, polite, and kind

I think this goes without saying, seeing how these are Cream’s most blatant traits XD But they still need to be reiterated: Cream is in no way, shape, or form a Bratty Half-Pint, an example of “Cute is Evil”, nor is she a Deliberately Cute Child. Vanilla’s strict yet benevolent raising of Cream has made this girl a legit angel with no bad bone in her body and is never rude or malicious. Cream is kind to everyone and would even plead with villains! In the rare event that Cream says something insensitive, offensive, or even rude, it’s a complete accident on her part and not intended to be an insult at all (which is yet another instance of Cream’s naivete). 

Always supportive of her friends, even if they’re being “exhausting”, and does her best to help them 

It also goes without saying that Cream is one of the friendliest if not the friendliest of all the characters and so, of course, she’s always showing support for her friends and helps them out on any of their endeavors, even if those endeavors can be exasperating (namely Amy’s attempts to woo a certain blue hedgehog). OF COURSE, that does not mean that Cream blindly does whatever her friends want: again, she is not an idiot. Cream is fully aware of what she gets herself into and goes through with them so long they don’t involve doing completely unethical things. And this, alongside curiosity, is Cream’s core reason for being a Sonic character and a valid explanation for why she get involved in adventures: Cream is VERY devoted to her friends and wants to help them out any way she can, even if it means going on world-wide, life threatening adventures. This trait is also one of the few times Cream would willingly fight; if her friends get into a fight, Cream feels she ought to fight to if simply to help them out and pull her own weight as a companion. 

Easily frightened and openly fearful, but full of courage 

Cream is a little child, after all, and one who had a sheltered upbringing. So of course she would be easily scared and doesn’t hide her fear; when walking through a spooky location, she will state aloud that she’s scared. But Cream is incredibly courageous and carries on despite her apparent “cowardice”. Because, remember, courage does NOT mean “fearless”, it means “ the ability to do something that frightens one.” So, by that (correct) definition, Cream is the queen of courage because she’s so easily frightened but she doesn’t let them get in the way of her goals or especially prevent her from helping her friends. 

Only angered when friends are harmed 

Of course, Cream is cheerful most of the time, with the only other common emotions being fear or sadness. But if any of Cream’s friends get harmed, she should be PISSED and indeed this provokes her into fighting. 

Overall a proactive adventurer 

Possibly the biggest reason Cream gets heat in this fanbase is because of her supposed “passiveness”, how she doesn’t look like she belongs in this franchise. The fact that she usually has to be dragged into adventures and doesn’t get many opportunities to adventure doesn’t help matters for Cream at all. So, it only makes sense that ideally Cream should be a proactive adventurer, showing that she’s belongs in this franchise despite her archetype and personality. 

And I guess that’s it ^_^ Gonna give a big shoutout to @crusherthedoctor for helping me organize things! Thanks so much man :D 

Of course, any other passionate Cream fans may share the things they feel makes for an ideal portrayal for our favorite rabbit :)

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honestly? I'm a pacifist frisk who's chara was also pacifist, but I'd just like to see more art where I'm evil and the cause of bad things, especially if chara is the nice once being forced to watch it all happen. I know people are gonna stop making "demon child" content but maybe they'd actually switch the subject away from chara for a while.

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“What is a scene from the game that really connected with you”

I’m a fucking sucker
For emotions

The scene that moved me most was the sunset at the end of true pacifist

I believe it was the only point in the game that o cried? I hear a lot of people cry during Asriel’s part

But, I think the feel of that last scene in combination with the ost (my favourite in the game) after that “long” journey kind of just
Rekt me ahaha


My little interpretation to the second video tape from the true lab. I’m still in training with animation, so it’s really not perfect… but I’ve never practiced it much before, so I guess…it’s okay for a beginner…?  (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Though… the true boss is the background!!! Gyaaah (」゜ロ゜)」

(Please don’t take this seriously, there are sure a lot of mistakes canonically except the subtitles (:3_ヽ)_ it is just fanart portrayed with my preferences.)

I had a really weird dream that I was replaying Undertale for the umpteenth time and Toby Fox updated it so that there was a new option other than “FIGHT” or “MERCY” and it was called “GUITAR” and it kinda looked like this:

And it kinda worked like the “Flee” option, but instead, Frisk would begin violently strumming an acoustic guitar as they slid out of the room. And unlike the “Flee” option it worked every. single. time. To the point where you could enter the Sans boss fight and violently guitar and slide your way past him. But HERE’S THE BEST PART.

It even worked on the final option when talking to Chara and it just looked like this:

So you just played your guitar to Chara and they nodded in approval and left you alone and the game ended like that.