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If the characters played Undertale, what playthrough would they choose?

Neutral: Mikasa, Annie, Connie, Historia, Erwin, Mike

Pacifist: Bertholdt, Marco, Sasha, Armin, Hanji, Levi, Nanaba, Moblit

Genocide: Reiner, Eren, Jean, Ymir

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Okaybutwhatif Ray confesses to all the senpais at once = One big cute poly relationship yay no agnst everyone eats pbj together

anon im a pacifist but this is shoujou we want DRAMA we want TROPES we are TERRIBLE PEOPLE

Lately I saw again that post saying something like “next time John moves too fast to Sherlock, Sherlock flinches”, and honestly, I’m never gonna believe that John Watson doesn’t get even a tiny bit worried that Sherlock could be internally damaged by what he did. I mean, his apology solely consists in saying “I hurt him bad” and telling Sherlock “you didn’t kill Mary”, he doesn’t really say “I am sorry I hurt you”. And the John Watson I know and love definitely would have apologized properly just like Sherlock did in the train in TEH. So you may say “but he didn’t apologized for hitting Sherlock in TEH”, but at the time it was because Sherlock lied to him, and not for something innocent. As a pacifist I disapprove any kind of violence, but let’s agree that John had a pretty good reason to be angry - though in TLD he had none. Sherlock was never responsible for Mary’s death, Sherlock didn’t forced Mary to come to the aquarium, and he didn’t forced her to sacrifice herself, John’s anger is misplaced this time, and way more violent. Sherlock had to stay in a hospital bed because of how hard John hit him, let’s not forget that.
This is so wrong and maddening that there is no resolution to that whatsoever, for fucks sake Sherlock deserved an apology and not that “I recognize you did nothing wrong”. It’s not enough. John basically acted like Mary this season, and this doesn’t feel right at all.
There is nothing acceptable with all of that anyway, and I demand an explanation as to what happened to my sweet child John.

Personal thoughts on the undertale fandom

I’ve been an asshole recently. I’m sorry. Hell, i didn’t want to make my own personal blog here, but people kept begging me to. I am my own person, and i have my own life. 

But that’s not the point.

I really do love the creativity i see in this fandom, and the devotion people have to it. Its amazing one small game i made has had such a huge effect on the world ( well, not that large ). It’s great that more people understand that fighting isn’t always the answer ( Though I didn’t even think the game would revolve around that when i started making the game ). I really do wish this blog could coexist apart from undertale, but if you really want to talk to me about it, sure, why not. You want to make NSFW art, sure. If you want to put unique spins on undertale, that’s also ok.

Stay determined everyone.



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