After the events of the pacifist route, the remaining human souls didn’t just “disappear”. Their remaining Determination had nowhere to go. So they all collectively agreed to use their remaining Determination to give Asriel and Chara a second chance. Frisk led the way back to the entrance to the Underground and there they split the souls up evenly.
Asriel gained his body back and Chara gained their life back (though they still had to dig themselves out of the ground. For that, they were not happy). But with this new start comes a new story with new experiences and new trials. But that’s the fun of the matter, isn’t it?

Aaaaaaaaaaand I finished the Title Card for my AU :> I don’t think I’ll make a full comic, but just some shorts and little tidbits of comics here and there~ Hope you enjoy the future drawings for the AU

The souls colours all have a specific meaning.
Green: Kindness
Light Blue: Patience
Blue: Integrity
Red: Determination
Orange: Bravery
Yellow: Justice
Purple: Perseverance

   That hour spent in his room yesterday had literally just been spent sulking like some kind of big baby. It’s ridiculous, really. He is happy for his brother, ecstatic, even, and yet the idea of being so loved that he’s placed upon cloud nine like that, not necessarily even in a romantic way————

       He wonders what it must be like to be adored like that.

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THE SHOUT HAPPENED! AND SO MUCH MORE! I'm so happy that Mob looked so scary, it really shows how different his feelings towards violence become when loved ones are in danger. He had no problem excluding the situation from his "rule" because Ritsu was hurt. I mean, he went from 7% to 50+% in like 3 minutes once Ritsu was in trouble. I really love how this develops Mob's character; he's a pacifist, but his personality gets p dark in certain situations. (Also pls heal poor Mob he got Hecked Up)

I KNOWWW THIS EPISODE WAS SO INCREDIBLE AND HE WAS SO THREATENING… but yeah hes a pacifist except when you hurt his loved ones and then All Bets Are Off

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Well to put it simply, with McCree’s former gang status hanging over his head (a gang that dealt with dealing weapons, which most probably equates to violence) + being recruited into a unit that dealt with the more dirty sort of work, I can see Angela, a pacifist (who has in game dialogue having beef about Ana misusing her biotech), feeling she has reason to be suspicious and skeptical about McCree…..especially around the second-commander’s smol doter~
I mean OW probably won’t go in that direction, but it would be an interesting concept to think about c:

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Tiny question, why do you want UT the musical to be a Pacifist run?

One of the main messages of Undertale is that actions have consequences. I suppose the Neutral run illustrates that best, what with the fact that a lot of people who haven’t been spoiled accidentally kill Toriel, or any number of other monsters, and get called out for it.

The Pacifist run also shows that actions have consequences, in a way - that by choosing to be kind, no matter what, you make the world a better place. It’s also the most complete story, so for the sake of making the musical accessible to people who haven’t played Undertale, it was the obvious choice.

Why people want a musical about a kid killing everything and feeling unsatisfied because hey, this was your choice, and yes, being a mindless killer DOES make you an awful person, is anyone’s guess.

Felt like working with my resident pacifist, Chiro, today. I haven’t done much with him since I ponified him and it might help me out of a slump I’ve been in since a combination of allergies/minor cold knocked me on my butt. o3o

So… Anything for Mr. Interspecies-Peace-Talks horse? o:

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i was just wondering whether u know of overwatch bc a lot of the themes (sad background, found family, gr8 hair) are right up ur alley. its a video game but they made a bunch of animated shorts/char background vids on youtube. some of my favs: The Last Bastion-pacifist robot w ptsd who just wants to protect birbs, Alive-french assassin lesbian and brit bodyguard lesbian fightflirt, Hero-captain america ripoff who is the Most Intense Dad, Ana's origin story-60yo granny sniper. (1/2)

even if u dont play video games the stories behind the characters remind me a lot of ur fic (which thanks for fixing That Mess honestly ur fix its r 100% canon) so i hope u think its cool (2/2)

I am possibly slightly a little obsessed with Overwatch?? My brother got it for himself, let me play it, and now has to come steal it back on a regular basis. Tracer is so cute! And I really like Widowmaker, even if her backstory is ridiculously tragic. 

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have you read le guin's short "the word for world is forest"? it's part of the ansible universe but it's this like self-contained story of colonialism and what resistance might look like for a pacifist society. so so good.

I haven’t! I will seek it out