The nobility of violence

Today I responded to a viral image saying that only those who benefit from violence can practice nonviolence. I can criticize this in many ways, but I am going to focus on the implied value that isn’t even mentioned.

That violence is the instrument of liberty and peace. And that those who participate in it are noble people.

And here is my main objection: the idea is historically incorrect for the most part. For although some people have gained liberty through violence, violence is the main vehicle for subjugation and slavery..

If we tabulate into columns all the good that violence has done next to all of the horror that violence has done, violence's  evil overwhelmingly outweighs its good.

Let’s remember that slavery as an institution arises through violence and war: when cities were defeated the inhabitants that were not slaughtered were turned into slaves.

And that violence and violent repression of dissent is the main tool used by dictatorships.