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I give a shit about Gamera! How does that crossover with Pacific Rim work?

Okay so in my head, the Precursors were said to have destroyed the dinosaurs, right? So how did they do that? It was the Gyaos. They sent a swarm of mass-produced kaiju to Earth in order to conquer it. But the Gyaos were made with self-reproducing abilities, and they overran the planet. So the Precursors created another kaiju who’s sole purpose is to kill the Gyaos: Gamera.
Gamera kills all of the Gyaos, then goes dormant while the Precursors waited out the development of planet Earth.
Today: the Jaeger program defeats the attempted invasion. The Precursors decide to re-try the Gyaos initiative and send a massive wave of the beasts to Earth. Thus, Gamera awakens to fulfill his programming. And humanity finds an unlikely ally :3

So there’s a post going around that’s gaining a lot of attention and notes, which equates the Doug flag (also sometimes known as the Cascadia flag) with neo nazis and white supremacy. In particular, it connects the Doug flag with the flag used by Northwest Front (NWF), primarily because the two look similar in design.

This scares me for a few reasons, but here’s the big one. While the original post claims to be spreading this information for the benefit of minorities who may be targeted by neo nazis, the Doug flag is often used by minorities and our allies at events such as protests and parades, to indicate our pride in the region in which we live, and the liberal values we hold. Spreading the misinformation that the Doug flag represents the exact opposite of the core values of the majority of those who carry it has the very real possibility of putting minorities’ lives in danger, should someone incorrectly recognize them as a neo nazi and decide to lash out.

So PLEASE, remember the difference between these two:

This is the Doug flag- it is the symbol of the region of Cascadia, and the vast majority of people who use this flag are NOT neo nazis. The flag since its creation in the early 90’s has always been a “symbol for the natural beauty and inspiration that the Pacific Northwest provides” and more broadly as a symbol for the liberal mindset of the PNW. While the original post said this “used to stand” for PNW pride and has been co-opted, this is incorrect.

THIS is the NWF flag, which is meant to represent the disgustingly racist rhyme, “The sky is blue, and the land is green. The white is for the people, in between.”  Even from their website, it’s made clear they do not equate the Doug flag with their own: “We deliberately do not include any seals in the plain white field, nothing that would be sectarian or cause controversy or dissension.” It’s possible that some neo nazis may don the Doug flag in an attempt to be “sneaky” or to co-opt a symbol that is not theirs, but that should not be one’s first assumption.

However, in the high strung atmosphere that is a protest, most people aren’t going to stop in the heat of the moment to ask someone they perceive as a threat, “are you a neo nazi?” before engaging with them to defend themselves. This kind of misinformation at best alienates people, and at worst gets people legitimately hurt or even killed. And this isn’t even a Confederate Flag type situation, where the racist implications are inseparably linked to its history- the comparisons between the NWF flag and the Doug flag have really only been covered within the past year and a half, whereas the Doug flag goes back more than 20 years. Rather, because two flags look similar, and because one may have been created in part to co-opt the other, we now have a rapidly growing post indicating that people who don a symbol of regional pride are by default, neo nazis.

Not good.